• Industrial Site Risk Assessment AES has had immense success in the application of risk assessment techniques for the closure of industrial sites
  • OS Series Packed Column Air Strippers The Carbonair OS series packed column air strippers are forced draft air stripping columns designed to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from contaminated water.
  • MODEL 5410 The Geoprobe Model 5410 probing machine has double the structural strength as its predecessor, the Model 5400, but weighs the same
  • Male Adapter/Female Thread Glass-filled Nylon. Chemical resistant to most acids. Stainless steel handles and locking pins. Interchangeable with other couplers and adapters. EPDM gaskets standard. Temperature range under normal conditions -30º F to 200º F.
  • Nuclear Utility Support The nuclear utility industry requires special capabilities and skills. Synterprise has the engineering expertise to provide best practices support to the nuclear utility industry
  • Gas Analyzers: 510 Series The 510 series of general-purpose gas analyzers provides continuous monitoring of concentrations of the specific sample gas. The analyzers can be operated from controls on the front panel or by commands from a remote computer.
  • Rotor/Stator Configurations These Ultra-Pro rotor/stator configurations for the company’s L-Frame, 1000 and 2000 progressing cavity pump
  • Technology Report A new report addresses technological solutions for
  • Combustible Gas Monitoring System The CT-5200 is a 'stand-alone' remote sensing device for combustible gases (Ex).
  • Fine Atomization, Fog Nozzles Fine Atomization, Fog Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • TrojanUV3000Plus — Wastewater Disinfection System

    The TrojanUV3000Plus® is one of the reasons why UV treatment is now a favored technology in wastewater treatment. Often touted as a flagship UV system, it has demonstrated effective and reliable performance around the world. In fact, over 2,000 municipalities rely on it to disinfect over 30 billion gallons of wastewater every day.

  • Formaldehyde Test Kit Easy to use, self-administered kit with return envelope...
  • NOx Converter The 4992 NOx converter is designed to convert NO2 to NO in a quick-chilled, extracted flue gas sample for analysis by an emissions analyzer
  • Variable Speed Controls Variable frequency drives are available in various enclosures and configurations
  • Lift Station Flowmeter Marsh-McBirney, Inc.’s Station-Analyzer Sewage Lift Station Flowmeter was designed for customers that needed detailed information...
  • The Eco Badge Kit A compact, easy to use method of measuring ozone, The Eco Badge gives two readings: a one hour and an eight hour in a range of 10 to 350 ppb (parts per billion).
  • Parson RPM Patching Material Rapid set, fiber reinforced patching material for manhole inverts and other structural repairs.
  • In Suti/Open-Path Advantages developed from almost 30 years experience and knowledge from a number of companies
  • OPAC 20/20-C Opacity Monitor Combiner The OPAC 20/20-C opacity combiner takes the inputs from two to four OPAC 20/20 opacity monitors and combines the readings to obtain a stack exit correlated, opacity reading
  • OptiFlo The AAF OptiFlo cartridge dust collector provides high-efficiency collection of dust and fume generated by metalworking, woodworking,
  • Turbodisc Tank Washers Turbodisc tank washers represent the highest level of cleaning technology available today
  • Facilities Located mid-cities for fast response throughout the Metroplex
  • Check-Well Water Well Level Monitor The Drexelbrook CheckWell water well level monitor provides automatic, continuous monitoring of level or drawdown in water wells up to 3000 feet
  • Assembled Stack Gas Sample Conditioners Baldwin Environmental, Inc. offers a line of Assembled Stack Gas Sample Conditioning Systems
  • TrojanUVPhox — Advanced Oxidation System

    Water resources are under stress due to increasing population, changing rainfall patterns, widespread pollution, and a variety of other factors. For this reason, water providers must strive to make the most of every available water source, even those that have been impacted by contamination. The TrojanUVPhox® uses the UV advanced oxidation process (UV AOP) to destroy a range of contaminants, even difficult-to-treat 1,4-dioxane and NDMA.

  • Model M30STD Baler When your needs are large but your space and budget are small, you need the M30STD Vertical
  • Portable Gas Analyzer: PG-250 The HORIBA PG-250 is a highly reliable and versatile gas analyzer for compliance testing of NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2, housed in a single lightweight and fully portable case.
  • Safety Sorb Fuel and Solvent Adsorbent Safety Sorb is a solution for spills of volatile hydrocarbons such as gasoline, racing fuel, airplane fuel, and other flammable solvents
  • Model 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator

    The Thermo Scientific Model 146i Dynamic Gas Calibrator supplies precise levels of ozone, carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide or other gases that a user may require

  • DryCal DC-Lite Primary Calibrator/ Piston Prover for Primary Flow Verification and Field Audits
  • Automated Water Quality Analyzer The Aqualab provides water quality managers with a cost effective, reliable alternative to all presently available methods of water analysis
  • Duplex Corrosion-Resistant Bag Filters A four-color technical sales information sheet details the company's all-plastic, corrosion-resistant duplex bag...
  • Fuel Additives Eliminate Sludge, Stratification & Corrosion
  • Environmental Services and Engineering RDG provides environmental and engineering services including remediation engineering, environmental sampling and monitoring, stormwater engineering, and wastewater treatment engineering
  • HP® Series ASME Code Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorption Systems

    Evoqua Water Technologies is the exclusive provider of Westates® activated carbon adsorbers.

  • DoverPac® SF

    The DoverPac® SF replaces the rigid polybottle for split butterfly valve powder transfer applications.

  • Downdraft Grinding Tables

    Tri-Mer’s Wet Station Downdraft Grinding Tables feature a grated work surface and a height-adjustable workstation.

  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System Huntington’s Complete Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System (RTOs) offers the most reliable
  • Hydrogen Fluoride Monitoring System Consisting of a renewable, highly selective electrochemical sensor and companion transmitter linked to an optional control panel, the HF Monitoring System is available in a variety of configurations
  • Water Filtration System HydroPress Wastewater Management introduced the Step Screen L, a screen for separating sold particles from wastewater
  • Steel Drum Crusher Offering massive extra heavy-duty construction, the steel drum crush is designed to crush standard 18 gauge 55 gallon steel drums
  • MFC-PM10 High Volume PM 10 Mass Flow Controlled (MFC) Monitor In Ambient Air
  • EM Features Software Special Air & Waste Management's July 1997 issue of EM contains the 1997 "Guide to
  • VOC Emission Control System Emission controls for heat set web offset presses by condensation and filtration are proven at more than 100 installations
  • Solids Dewatering System The Solids Dewatering System provides a method of management for systems producing less than 250 lb dry solids per day
  • Particulate Dryer Maintenance

    The Thermo Scientific&trade Particulate Dryer Maintenance Program provides flexible options for the maintenance of Thermo Scientific™ TEOM™ Series and Thermo Scientific™ Model 8500-C particulate dryers.

  • Polyurea Coating Iraseal 200 is a 100% solids, sprayable polyurea coating system that provides hydrolytic stability in long-
  • Gas Filter Correlation CO Analyzer Model 6300 The Model 6300 measures low ranges of carbon monoxide by comparing infrared energy absorbed by a sample to that absorbed by a reference according to the Beer-Lambert law.
  • Multi-Story Chute Fed Compactor All of our Stationary Compactors are built from prime high quality steel plate and structural
  • Sampling System Models 1.170 and 1.106 The Envirocheck Model 1.107 Environmental Dust Monitoring System measures particulates via 90-degree laser-light scattering...
  • Personal Combustible Gas Alarm The PT-1000 is an intrinsically safe, Class 1, Division 1, battery powered, rechargeable, Personal Combustible Gas Alarm
  • Custom Chemical Feed Systems These chemical feed systems are designed to customers’
  • Sealed Flow System A comprehensive rehabilitation system available for correcting problems associated with sanitary structures
  • Natural Sodium Sesquicarbonate T-200 removes acid gas from a variety of industries.
  • ISO 14000 Implementation GreenWare’s ISO 14000 Implementation software includes a series of comprehensive implementation worksheets and procedures
  • GLASS FILLED TEFLON CONNECTORS AND ADAPTERS Glass fiber fillers have been used with virgin TFE resins to significantly improve certain mechanical properties of our Teflon adapters to provide the following benefits...
  • Liquid Handling The MiniTrak is the compact liquid handling model in the
  • Plastic Manhole Step Insert A polypropylene insert for the purpose of securing steps in the wall of a pre-cast concrete manhole, or other concrete
  • Transportable Treatment Units K2M can mobilize its fleet of transportable treatment units anywhere in the world and operate these systems completely self-supported, if necessary
  • Sonabox Acoustic Enclosure The Sonabox is an acoustic enclosure designed for the use of all Misonix sonicators.
  • Fury 400 Tank Washers The Fury 400 tank washer is for cleaning food grade tanks. Constructed of stainless steel
  • Precision Thermocouple Data Logger This new version of the Spectrum 1700 series thermocouple data loggers offers increased temperature measurement
  • Commercial Bakery Pollution Control The company’s engineering services, equipment, and experience enable it to serve as a single source for all phases of compliance for bakeries
  • The Met One Model 300 Series Rain Gauge The accurate measurement of rain and snow precipitation remains one of the most basic elements of meteorology
  • Model 340 The Model 340 adds a front panel mode control switch to select among zero, span, or remote calibration modes
  • Soil Water Sampler Model 1900 soil water samplers are large-volume samplers designed for near-surface installation at depths from 6 in.
  • Model 770 Zero Air Generators The Model 770 Zero Air Generators are fully self-cotained systems that provide continuous instrument quality air at a rate of 10 liters per minute at a minimum pressure of 15 psig...
  • Service Plans In consideration of the payments provided in the quotation, ASOMA/WTC Engineering will supply for one year
  • KVA C-Sparger Solvent Removal System The C-Sparger System is designed specifically for removal of dissolved degreasing solvents such as PCE, TCE and DCE from contaminated groundwater and soils
  • Software Application The manufacturer offers this ProMAX 3D system either in the
  • Mixing/Diluting Polymers The Polymaster dilutes, mixes and thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers including
  • BREEZE MOBILE5 BREEZE MOBILE5 for Windows is an easy-to-use, companion product for BREEZE ROADS
  • Activated Sludge Process Offering the benefits of sequencing aeration with continuous clarification, the SEQUOX activated sludge process is designed to provide high effluent quality with total nitrogen levels as low as 3 mg/L and phosphorus levels as low as 1 mg/L or less
  • WTZ - Full Cone Nozzle WTZ - Full Cone Nozzle by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • SWS CID Inactivator The SWS CID incorporates ultraviolet-based technology designed specifically to inactivate Cryptosporidium and Giardia in drinking water
  • DryTec® IC5 Feeder

    Next generation feeder featuring proprietary erosion technology.

  • Series 9000 H Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    The Baseline® Series 9000 H is a high-temperature member of the extraordinary Series 9000 family of gas analyzers. The Series 9000 is the candidate of choice whenever accurate, reliable hydrocarbon analysis is required.

  • VirTis Freeze Drying Glassware VirTis keeps coming up with ways to simplify research freeze-drying.
  • Mobile Horizontal Filter Trailer

    Evoqua Water Technologies' horizontal filtration trailer (HFT) is a high-capacity, trailer-mounted system designed to provide temporary water treatment in a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications.

  • Diode Laser The LasIR is a field-portable instrument that can provide real-time measurements of selected gases
  • First Aid Station A complete first aid station is available for company’s safety concerns
  • Water Cooled Heat Exchangers C Series heat exchangers heat and cool low-pressure gas streams.
  • High Pressure Pump Operating up to 170 GPM and 2,300 psi, the high pressure pump has been specially developed for high pressure cleaning and reverse osmosis
  • Sample Extractor Constructed of type 316 stainless steel, the zero head space extractor (ZHE +) has a capacity of 560ml
  • Oil Spill Response Barge Converted oil carrying barge outfitted with the dedicated skimming systems, ocean boom, deployment equipment, and communications facilities necessary to function as a fully certified offshore response vessel
  • Additional Reagents for Aromatics in Soil Fifteen ampoules (10ml or 20ml) of extraction reagent, fifteen vials of color development reagent...
  • Line Skimmer The OARS Line Skimmer Serie is designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons in non-confined water flows
  • Mechanically Refrigerated Bath Mechanically Refrigerated Bath by SP Industries, Inc.
  • Chemical Metering Pump Featuring continuous stroke length adjustment measured and displayed in percent, the ProMinent Gamma/L is a diaphragm-type, microprocessor-based solenoid driven chemical metering pump
  • Continuous Particulate Monitor, Model 5014i Beta

    The Thermo Scientific Model 5014i Beta is an automated, continuous, ambient particulate monitor.

  • Baghouse Filter Ducon's UNI-FLO Bag Filters are state of the art, high efficiency, modular pulse-air filters designed to handle gas volumes from several hundred to several thousand cubic feet per minute
  • Advanced Control Systems ACS offers total capabilities by manufacturing Process Control Systems In-House. The ACS Engineering Department
  • Soil Gas Probe System The Model 14 System is designed for light duty use without
  • In Situ Analyzers - GM 31 Family The GM 31, SICK’s newest, fully EPA-compliant, onsite measurement system, helps you make sense of the information available in flue gases, exhaust gases and technical gas/solid mixtures
  • Model 1450 Double Acting Piston Metering Systems Designed for intermittent/continuous dispensing of two component epoxies, urethanes, silicones, polysulfides, and polyesters...
  • Odor Test Kit Information to determine source of odor or complaint so that problem can be solved
  • Disc Pump The disc pump uses a non-impingement device, known as the discpac, to pump product based on the principle of boundary layer/viscous drag
  • Reusable Intermediate Bulk Containers Valu-Pak offers shippers and users flexible options to meet specific application requirements
  • F-8021 In-Situ Oxygen Analyzer The Forney F-8021 In-Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer has been designed to measure excess oxygen in a wide variety of combustion processes. It is an outstanding unit for monitoring oxygen concentrations in combustion gas of large or small boilers, industrial furnaces and combustion processes or for the control of low percent oxygen combustion.
  • Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 48i Series

    The Thermo Scientific Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 48i Series is a gas filter correlation analyzer with paramagnetic sensor technology.