• Reference Set
    Reference Set The new reference set, “2000 Edition Pump Standards”, contains the latest information on a full range of pump
  • Carbon Dioxide Delivery System for Wastewater pH Control
    Carbon Dioxide Delivery System for Wastewater pH Control ERI supplies systems that control the delivery of carbon dioxide to wastewater pH control systems
  • A-21ZX Shirtpocket  Size Ozone Sensor
    A-21ZX Shirtpocket Size Ozone Sensor The model A-21ZX portable ozone sensor provides a reliable and inexpensive way of checking generators, valves, piping and general environments for ozone leaks and for estimating ozone levels
  • Fuel Blending
    Fuel Blending An extension of PCI's state-of-the-art fuel blending system is our twenty-one tank, 241,662 gallon bulk liquid tank farm, including storage capabilities for over 3500 drums
  • Gas Flowmeter
    Gas Flowmeter Engineered for gas flowmeter applications, the FlexMASSter ST98 flowmeter series is available in integral and remote configurations
  • Hydrogen Cyanide Monitor
    Hydrogen Cyanide Monitor A personal monitor that detects and measures potentially hazardous levels of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is available from MST Measurement Systems, Inc...
  • Occupational Health Dust Monitor
    Occupational Health Dust Monitor The Grimm Model 1.105 Dust Monitor consists of an omnidirectional sampling head, a sample inlet tube connected to a volume-controlled pump, and a PTF filter
  • Thermocouple Assemblies
    Thermocouple Assemblies Thermocouple Technology, Inc. introduces their new Kwik-Ship Thermowell Assemblies
  • The Eco Badge Test Card Pack This convenient pack contains thirty (30) packaged in the same way as your original kit.
  • TH - Right Angle, Hollow Cone Nozzles
    TH - Right Angle, Hollow Cone Nozzles These right angle, hollow cone nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle feature large free passage, clog-resistance, and one-piece casting
  • Sewage Pump/Manhole Liner System
    Sewage Pump/Manhole Liner System The liner system rehabilitation is designed to rehabilitate sewage pumps/manholes
  • Servo Tank Gauge
    Servo Tank Gauge For use in the oil and gas industry, the servo-activated Model 770 STG servo tank gauge is a level transmitter that measures tank-based product
  • Oil Recovery System
    Oil Recovery System The BOB Bottom of the Bottle Oil Recovery System drains
  • Turbidimeter
    Turbidimeter The Model 670 Dual Beam Forward Scatter Turbidimeter consists of a transmitter and an inline sensor
  • Electrostatic Dust Monitor
    Electrostatic Dust Monitor Using the triboelectric principle, the Model 201 electrostatic dust monitor includes an intrinsically safe five in. stainless steel probe (up to 1550°F) and a NEMA 4 control unit
  • N-Viro Accelerates Biosolids Treatment Process N-Viro International Corp. has attenuated the drying time of its system for producing organic soil amendments from sludge.
  • Side Scan Sonar Product Line The EdgeTech Side Scan Sonar product line incudes the Model 560D Side Scan Sonar Processor and the DF-1000 Digital Control Interface
  •  Installation and Service
    Installation and Service Complete Project Installations
  • Catalytic Oxidation System
    Catalytic Oxidation System The Twinkleen catalytic oxidizers operate with low energy requirements and are designed to produce low levels of NOx, CO and CO2
  • IBC Tote Bin Scale
    IBC Tote Bin Scale The Model 4040 IBC ™ Tote Bin Scale is ruggedly designed, specifically for frequent on and off loading. The load being weighed may be placed anywhere on the platform, without affecting the accuracy of the scale. The platform scale combines solid-state operation with a highly functional design. The platform has sturdy four point support and is built ruggedly for use in harsh environments. The scale base is made of corrosion resistant dry powder coated steel. A 1/2" thick PVC deck on top of a steel frame provides added protection from corrosion.
  • Aerobic Bioreactors
    Aerobic Bioreactors Aerobic Bioreactors
  • Polyethylene Pipe Brochure "Plexco ® " is a six-page, four-color portfolio of polyethylene products designed for piping ...
  • Structured Packings
    Structured Packings FLEXIPAC and GEMPAK packing elements make use of a constant configuration of geometrically arranged, corrugated sheets throughout a tower
  • PERMIT tracking module
    PERMIT tracking module PERMIT tracking module
  • The Met One Model 50.5 Sonic Wind Sensor
    The Met One Model 50.5 Sonic Wind Sensor The Model 50.5 Solid State Wind Sensor is the newest addition to the 50 series product line
  • EDR City Directory Abstract
    EDR City Directory Abstract The EDR City Directory Abstract, prepared by EDR research professionals located throughout the United States, provides detailed historical city directory information for a property and its surrounding area at five year intervals.
  • New Hose End
    New Hose End A split ring, rotatable flange fits over and locks onto a
  • High Pressure Water Pipe
    High Pressure Water Pipe The C900 water pipe is immune to most internal and external
  • Stachybotrys Test Kit
    Stachybotrys Test Kit Easy to use, self-administered kit with return envelope
  • Restaurant Services The Restaurant Division of this company specializes in the design, development, and implementation of commercial
  • Drain Plug
    Drain Plug Spills happen but don't let it get into the storm drain. Three sizes to fit 2", 3" and 4" round floor drains
  • Moisture Analyzer The A2000 moisture analyzer incorporates a number of technical advances to provide accurate data for most moisture parameters.
  • Pneumatic Pump This PVC pneumatic pump is engineered for use explosive conditions, and offers flow rates from one to 10-gpm
  • Heated Sample Probes
    Heated Sample Probes Heated Sample filters designed to filter and minimize the cooling of the sample in order to avoid condensation
  • Multiparameter Sensors
    Multiparameter Sensors The CTD350 conductivity/temperature/pressure sensor and CTDP300 conductivity/temperature/pressure/pH sensor provide
  • Combustion Technology Product Kits
    Combustion Technology Product Kits To better serve utility and industrial plants needing to meet federal and state NOx emissions regulations with their
  • Environmental Consulting
    Environmental Consulting AMEC offers full-service environmental consulting support to our industrial, commercial, government, legal and financial clients.
  • Bioreactor Landfill Services
    Bioreactor Landfill Services EMCON/OWT, Inc. helps clients take advantage of the growing interest in the bioreactor landfill concept, an emerging technology that relies on controlled liquid addition and temperature management to achieve rapid waste stabilization. Our team can help implement an aerobic, semi-aerobic, or anaerobic bioreactor system, whichever best fits a client’s facility.
  • Swivel Joints
    Swivel Joints Swivel Joints by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Filter System
    Filter System The CECO Group’s combination Catenary Grid scrubber/CECO Site Pak coalescing filter system were designed to control emissions...
  • Jet Venturi Scrubber
    Jet Venturi Scrubber The Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a liquid motivated ejector design to entrain contaminated gases, generally without the need for a blower
  • Motion Sensing Probe The new Milltronics XPP-5 motion sensing probe offers reliable process protection for virtually all types of rotating or moving machinery....
  • 'Tell Us' Form
    'Tell Us' Form May we assist you in solving your dust problems?
  • Self-cleaning Portable Fume and Dust Collectors
    Self-cleaning Portable Fume and Dust Collectors The FARR APC Zephyr II is a portable air cleaner for capturing welding fumes, grinding dusts, dry dusts, soldering fumes, and other airborne particles. It is ideal for industrial process contamination, source capture, and for plants requiring periodic dust collection at various locations...
  • Aeration Systems This full-color, comprehensive brochure features a line of aeration systems providing detailed information...
  • Landfill Gas Analyzer
    Landfill Gas Analyzer Designed for monitoring landfill gas, the Ensight Gas Analyzer continuously monitors the concentrations of one or more of the following gases: oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide
  • Custom Engineered Building Systems
    Custom Engineered Building Systems A manufacturer of silicone spray conveys filled canisters of product from their main manufacturing building into a
  • Tedlar Bags
    Tedlar Bags Airmetrics manufactures Tedlar bags, both for the MiniVol Portable Air Sampler and for other types of air sampling equipment
  • Design M FabriPulse
    Design M FabriPulse This pulsejet fabric dust collector is a unique baghouse which provides collection efficiencies of 99+%.
  • Aqua Pure
    Aqua Pure AquaPure strips and destroys more than 99% of VOCs from water
  • Econ-Nox Selective Catalytic NOx Reduction System
    Econ-Nox Selective Catalytic NOx Reduction System Huntington’s Econ-Nox uses selective catalytic reduction
  • Model 2000 Trace Oxygen Analyzer
    Model 2000 Trace Oxygen Analyzer A compact, lightweight, rugged analyzer incorporating a cell block that ensures extremely accurate and fast analysis of oxygen levels in a sample gas.
  • Spill Kit 3
    Spill Kit 3 SPILLS HAPPEN. PLAN AHEAD. ChemSpill.com offers an infinite variety of spill kits, absorbents, pads, booms, socks
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidation
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidation Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers from MEGTEC provide greater efficiency and effective VOC control for a wide range of processes.
  • Electromechanical Membrane Pump
    Electromechanical Membrane Pump The electromechanical (EM) membrane pump has a capacity of up to 286 GPM and operates in continuous service
  • Fume Incineration Systems
    Fume Incineration Systems We offer both thermal and catalytic type fume incineration systems
  • UST Site Risk Assessment
    UST Site Risk Assessment AES is an industry leader in the application of RBCA (Risk-Based Corrective Action) to UST sites
  • New Arm Advance Control
    New Arm Advance Control Innovative Arm Advance Sentry arm control greatly reduces the need for operator adjustments
  • Rapid View Data Management System For Municipal Inspections
    Rapid View Data Management System For Municipal Inspections RapidView DMS is a complete data management software program custom developed for municipalities
  • Micro and Ultra Filtration
    Micro and Ultra Filtration Micro and Ultra filtration systems are capable of separating many types and sizes of suspended material from liquids
  • Sight Flow Indicators
    Sight Flow Indicators Sight flow indicators provide visualization of the process flow stream
  • Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Equipment
    Hot Tapping and Line Stopping Equipment IPSCO manufactures a complete line of hot tapping and line stopping equipment from ½ in.
  • Career Pages - Air Quality Web
    Career Pages - Air Quality Web The Air Quality Web Career Pages are a resource for the air pollution control professional to find the best and most comprehensive job listings in the industry.
  • Waterproof Headlamp
    Waterproof Headlamp This high-intensity Krypton waterproof headlamp can be hard-hat or forehead mounted.
  • Check-Well Water Well Level Monitor The Drexelbrook CheckWell water well level monitor provides automatic, continuous monitoring of level or drawdown in water wells up to 3000 feet
  • Loss-In-Weight Feeders
    Loss-In-Weight Feeders Tecweigh's Loss-In-Weight Feeders offer a custom-engineered feeder
  • Multielement Analysis Spectrometer
    Multielement Analysis Spectrometer The Model 4110 ZL is an automated, sequential, multielement analysis system using THGA technology
  • Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System
    Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System The A 4-30 W provides a fully integrated and weather station interlocked feeding and control system for the company's odor-neutralization program
  • Model 7700 Dynamic Calibrators
    Model 7700 Dynamic Calibrators ESC's Model 7700 Dynamic Calibrators provide desired concentrations of any bottled gas at stable, accurate and repeatable concentrations in ratios of 10:1 to 50,000:1...
  • Radwaste and Dept. of Energy Products
    Radwaste and Dept. of Energy Products UltraTech engineers and develops products that meet the challenges the DOE faces in short-term and long-term storage, transportation and disposal of waste material.
  • Parson PermaSeal PARSON PERMA SEAL is a nonflammable, V.O.C. compliant polyurethane injection resin designed to control water and seal moving non-structural cracks in concrete. PARSON PERMA SEAL is a standard viscosity hydrophilic resin which, after coming into contact with water, expands quickly and cures to a flexible closed-cell foam.
  • Model 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator
    Model 146i Multi-Gas Calibrator

    The Thermo Scientific Model 146i Dynamic Gas Calibrator supplies precise levels of ozone, carbon monoxide, non-methane hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide or other gases that a user may require

  • Electrically Actuated 5-Way Valve Sampler
    Electrically Actuated 5-Way Valve Sampler The Environmental Supply Company RATA-3.5 electrically actuated 5-way valve sampler performs sequential 3-point sampling
  • Infused Filters
    Infused Filters Designed to remove hydrocarbons - ranging from oil to gasoline - from water, the MYCELX infused filters are effective in a single pass
  • Midas® Odor Control Media
    Midas® Odor Control Media

    Midas® OCM combines select active ingredients and premium quality bituminous coal to produce an odor control media unmatched in today’s market for the removal of H2S, HCl, SO2 and other volatile organic compounds (VOC).

  • Portable Crane
    Portable Crane The 5124 Series Portable Davit Crane features a ratchet-style screw-jack which operates manually to adjust boom angle
  • Ozone Analyzer
    Ozone Analyzer The 9810 Ozone Analyzer is a UV photometer which measures ozone concentrations in ambient air
  • Data Monitoring & Control System (DMCS) The WTC Data Monitoring and Control System (DMCS) provides the configuration of the WTC Integrated Control Instrumentation System (ICIS
  • Latitude Precast Agarose Gels
    Latitude Precast Agarose Gels Latitude precast midigels eliminate your gel prep time. Simply place the gel on the chamber, weight the gel with the supplied gel anchor
  • "Y" Fittings
    "Y" Fittings K&B "Y" fittings are designed to join branches to the main at an angle of 30° or 45°
  • MC - Hand Cleaner
    MC - Hand Cleaner MC - Hand Cleaner
  • Regenerative Oxidizer with Dust Collection
    Regenerative Oxidizer with Dust Collection Twin Bed Regenerative oxidizers can destroy VOC’s , but not particulates.
  • <b>Sewage Pump Station</b>
    Sewage Pump Station Pre Packaged sewage Pump stations in a wide variety of configurations to meet the customers exact demands are available.
  • Environmental Protection
    Environmental Protection The industry trade publication for information on air, waste, and water pollution and prevention issues for the environmental professionals and lawyers.
  • Liquid Filtration Felts BWF has developed and installed many new concepts in liquid filter felts
  • LSR’s Core Separator System The Core Separator® particulate removal system provides high removal efficiency of fine particles
  • HORIZON Environmental LIMS The HORIZON Environmental LIMS is used by a diverse customer base ranging from labs in Fortune 100 companies to full service commercial labs, smaller municipal water quality labs, highly specialized chemical and biological warfare disarmament labs (some include continuous monitoring capabilities), and the Korean Food and Drug Administration.
  • Odor Test Kit
    Odor Test Kit Information to determine source of odor or complaint so that problem can be solved
  • Cast Iron Exhaust Heads
    Cast Iron Exhaust Heads The Wright-Austin type 40EHC exhaust head is designed for long service life with body, cover, and separating element
  • Multispectral Infrared Camera: MS-IR
    Multispectral Infrared Camera: MS-IR

    The MS-IR uses a high-speed filter wheel to perform 8-channel multispectral target signature analysis. Its user adjustable rotating speed can go up to 100 Hz, meaning it can support an up to 800 fps frame rate. The camera’s high dynamic range ensures the highest possible contrast and accuracy in the images it captures.

  • Groundwater Sampler
    Groundwater Sampler This groundwater sampler is designed to allow for the quick gathering of liquid samples in recovery wells, storage tanks
  • Emission Master 'Emission Master' - for use with all types of Diesel and Petrol engines
  • Probind Asphalt Flux ProBind is comprised in large part of the concentrated additives inherent within used oil and therefore has numerous valuable performance enhancing properties.
  • FINZ Large - Air Nozzle
    FINZ Large - Air Nozzle FINZ Large - Air Nozzle by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Level-indicating Transmitter with Non-contacting Sensor The LIT25 level-indicating transmitter uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure tank levels in chemical ...
  • Protective Eyewear The uvex genesis eyewear line features an ergonomic design
  • Sample Preparation System
    Sample Preparation System The PurCon is a system that has been specially developed for continuous sample preparation from the aeration stage
  • Super-Reg® Environmental Compliance in [Your State]
    Super-Reg® Environmental Compliance in [Your State] Now, with the push of a few computer keys you can understand and comply with YOUR state and national environmental regulations with complete confidence
  • Laboratory Spectrometers
    Laboratory Spectrometers M Series spectrometers provide a full range of resolution, from 2cm -1 for routine analysis up to 0.5cm -1 for high resolution work such as gas and multicomponent analysis.
  • Samplers
    Samplers Designed to collect fine particulate matter and gases, the MASS400 Speciation PM 2.5 Sampler and MASS450 Speciation PM2.5 Sampler for Organics use annular denuders, 47mm filters and PUF samplers at a flow rate of 16.67 actual Lpm