• Single-Source Solutions
    Single-Source Solutions Viatec's concentration of resources provides single-source solutions to process equipment, industrial corrosion...
  • Multi-Story Chute Fed Compactor
    Multi-Story Chute Fed Compactor All of our Stationary Compactors are built from prime high quality steel plate and structural
  • Liner
    Liner DURA PLATE 100 Liner is an environmentally safe alternative
  • New FDC Dust Collector Controller
    New FDC Dust Collector Controller User-friendly and reliable pulse cleaning control for all types of cartridge and baghouse dust collection systems.
  • PERMIT tracking module
    PERMIT tracking module PERMIT tracking module
  • Dual Material Oil Remediation Composition Incorporating a dual material composition and a chemical infusion designed to make products more oil absorbent and water-resistant, Terregaurd can be used for the protection of bird estuaries, environmentally sensitive wetlands and shorelines
  • Software Support Services An ESS Software Support Subscription provides assistance for installation, data organization methods, implementation, and staying up to date with product revisions and upgrades
  • Syringeless Filters
    Syringeless Filters Mini-UniPrep Syringeless replace syringe-coupled filtration services and autosampler vials with single, disposable units. Each filter has a capacity of approximately 0.5 mL and consists of two parts, a chamber and a plunger
  • Wastewater Treatment System
    Wastewater Treatment System The innovative, economical and fully integrated Mini CAF 2000 is a “plug in and operate” system designed to handle
  • PFU 400/25
    PFU 400/25 The PFU400/25 is a self-contained unit with liquid tank, diesel engine, compressor and chemical pump on a road trailer.
  • Leopold FilterWorx® Automatic Control System by Xylem
    Leopold FilterWorx® Automatic Control System by Xylem

    The FilterWorx® Automatic Control System by Leopold is a complete filter control package consisting of all instrumentation and control equipment for the automatic monitoring and control of municipal water filtration systems.

  • Portable Hoists and Winches
    Portable Hoists and Winches A wide variety of power cranes, winches, and portable davits for plant use are available
  • ISO 14000 Audit
    ISO 14000 Audit GreenWare’s ISO 14000 Audit software is a powerful and comprehensive audit tool, providing auditors with a complete set of audit working papers
  • Gas Diffuser Brochure
    Gas Diffuser Brochure This new full color, eight-page brochure gives an overview of the manufacturer’s complete line of gas diffusers
  • Circulating Dry Scrubbers The EEC CDS® System utilizes a dry circulating fluid bed and an ESP or Fabric Filter for utility scale flue Gas Desulfurization.
    NEW X-CEL 9091 SEPTIC SEAL The A•LOK X-CEL Pipe to Tank Connector is a flexible connector specifically engineered to produce a positive watertight seal between a pipe entering a precast concrete septic tank and the tank itself
  • Packed Bed Scrubbers
    Packed Bed Scrubbers

    Tri-Mer packed bed scrubbers are ideal for the efficient removal of inorganic gases, odors, and fumes.

  • RCRA/CERCLA Investigations Shield's staff designs environmental management plans that include various prevention and remediation services
  • NOx Burners
    NOx Burners High-intensity multifuel low NOx burners from Process Combustion Corporation are available in a range of standard sizes or can be custom-engineered
  • Vacuum Evaporators
    Vacuum Evaporators Mech-Chem Associates, Inc.'s single effect vacuum evaporators use conventional climbing film evaporative principles
  • N<sub>2</sub>O/CO Analyzer (Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide)
    N2O/CO Analyzer (Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide)

    LGR's N2O/CO Analyzer (Nitrous Oxide and Carbon Monoxide Analyzer) is the first instrument capable of continuously measuring ambient levels of nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide (with precision better than 0.1 ppb in 1 second) in real time (data rates to 10 Hz with optional external pump). Users can set up the instrument in minutes. Since CO is an excellent tracer of anthropogenic emissions, simultaneous measurements of CO and N2O can allow scientists to correlate the sources of N2O emissions.  TheN2O/CO Analyzer now also simultaneously measures water vapor  mole fraction. As a result, the instrument reports N2O and CO on a dry mol basis (accurately corrects for water vapor dilution and absorption line broadening effects) without the need for sample drying or empirical corrections.   (For simultaneous high precision measurements of CO and CO2, please refer to LGR's CO/CO2 Analyzer.)

  • Ambient Air Monitor
    Ambient Air Monitor The TE-6000 PM-10 High Volume Air Sampler runs on either 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz
  • Leak Detection Brochure
    Leak Detection Brochure

    This full-color brochure explains how fluorescent leak

  • Environmental and Safety Inspections—Making the Most of a Bad Situation
    Environmental and Safety Inspections—Making the Most of a Bad Situation This 46-page BLR special report lets you look at environmental and safety inspections
  • N - Fire Protection Nozzles
    N - Fire Protection Nozzles N - Fire Protection Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Pilot Plant
    Pilot Plant This company’s pilot plant, which is dedicated to the mass transfer processes of distillation and liquid-liquid extraction
  • Automated Skimming System
    Automated Skimming System The Smart Skimmer 8500-AS is a comprehensive oil removal solution. Computerized and adaptable...
  • Spectrophotometer
    Spectrophotometer Spectronic Instruments, Inc. announces the GENESYS 5 Spectrophotometer
  • Strain Gauge Transducer Amplifier
    Strain Gauge Transducer Amplifier The Model DV-05 In-line Amplifier for strain gauge transducers are housed in a plastic enclosure
  • SpiralAir: High-Flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles
    SpiralAir: High-Flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles SpiralAir: High-Flow Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • HH-250 Power Pump
    HH-250 Power Pump Solids handling capabilities to 3" diameter maximum
  • Transducer for Corrosive Material Applications A new Teflon1 facing option makes the Milltronics Echomax XRS-5 transducer suitable for level measurement in applications involving corrosive materials...
  • Chlorine/Chorine Dioxide Monitor Paragon Research Inc. showed its Model 911 chlorine/chorine dioxide monitor
  • Ultra-Cool® Recirculating Chiller
    Ultra-Cool® Recirculating Chiller Chillers - The widest, precision-controlled temperature range available...
    DSM2 OPACITY MONITOR Monitoring of continuous sources of smoke, haze and dust in smoke stacks
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
    Scheduled Preventive Maintenance This program provides you with regular maintenance and the peace of mind your equipment is properly cared for
  • Gas Monitoring Device
    Gas Monitoring Device Weighing in at just 16 oz, the Bodyguard 4 personal gas monitoring device from Bacharach is a compact,
  • Plastic Manhole Step Insert
    Plastic Manhole Step Insert A polypropylene insert for the purpose of securing steps in the wall of a pre-cast concrete manhole, or other concrete
  • Optional Equipment The Heat Recovery System (HRS) is not an integral part of the system
  • MFC-PM10
    MFC-PM10 High Volume PM 10 Mass Flow Controlled (MFC) Monitor In Ambient Air
  • Controlled-Rate Freezer
    Controlled-Rate Freezer

    Bio-Cool Controlled-Rate Freezers feature temperatures to -40ºC or -80ºC, eliminate the use, handling, and storage of expendable high-pressure refrigerants (LN2), and Enable in-house cryopreservation capabilities to save time and money.

  • Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants
    Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants Operating on an aerobic principle of biological treatment, the package wastewater treatment plant offers an entire biological wastewater treatment system in a single vessel
  • Gas Monitoring
    Gas Monitoring We have a variety of different Gas Monitoring materials
  • AM-Cutter System
    AM-Cutter System The AM-Cutter performs a dual function. It reopens laterals in lined pipes...
  • Closed Loop System
    Closed Loop System The company's selective monitoring system is capable of producing deionized quality water
  • High Alumina Media
    High Alumina Media HPC High Alumina products, in various random and structured
  • ISO 9000 ISO 9000 Standards were created to promote consistent quality practices across international borders and to
  • Life Support Systems Division
    Life Support Systems Division GEOMET's Life Support Systems Division provides comprehensive support in the development of personal protective systems
  • Groundwater Sampler
    Groundwater Sampler This groundwater sampler is designed to allow for the quick gathering of liquid samples in recovery wells, storage tanks
  • Multielement Analysis Spectrometer
    Multielement Analysis Spectrometer The Model 4110 ZL is an automated, sequential, multielement analysis system using THGA technology
  • Guide to Selecting Metering Pumps
    Guide to Selecting Metering Pumps This new guide helps users plan a chemical feed installation and specify the right chemical metering pump
  • Recycling
    Recycling PCI shows continued support to its customers and the environment through responsible recycling
  • Cogeneration Systems
    Cogeneration Systems This company provides its clients with a complete package of power and services
  • M60STD 60
    M60STD 60 Powerful 6" cylinder with heavy duty 4" rod for extra long life
  • Take the Guesswork out of pH Control
    Take the Guesswork out of pH Control Collect the data that you need to design pH control systems -- AUTOMATICALLY
  • Aerobic Bioreactors
    Aerobic Bioreactors Aerobic Bioreactors
  • Metal-Filled Epoxies Plastic Steel metal-filled epoxies are designed for use in
  • Magnesium-Based Absorbent
    Magnesium-Based Absorbent Designed for wastewater treatment, flow through and filtration applications involving moderate pH adjustment, the FloMag G is a granular magnesium-based filter media and absorbent
  • 21,000 Gallon Bi-Level Tank
    21,000 Gallon Bi-Level Tank WORKSAFE Bi-Level steel tanks are available with or without an epoxy coated interior
  • Waterproof Meters
    Waterproof Meters The HI 98140 and HI 98150 Waterproof pH/ORP/°C Meters feature “intelligent” electrodes and log-on-demand...
  • TrojanUV3000Plus&trade; &mdash; Wastewater Disinfection System
    TrojanUV3000Plus™ — Wastewater Disinfection System

    The proven infrastructure of the TrojanUV3000Plus™ has been continuously refined to enhance friendly operation. The result is more dependable performance, simplified maintenance and maximized UV lamp output at end-of-lamp life. The TrojanUV3000Plus also incorporates innovative features to further reduce operation and maintenance costs, such as variable output electronic ballasts and our revolutionary ActiClean™ automatic chemical/mechanical sleeve wiping system.

  • Documentation EMS Manual Composition
  • Storm Drain Filtration
    Storm Drain Filtration Most storm water inlets are covered with a steel gate at street level.
  • Model 49i PS Ozone Analyzer
    Model 49i PS Ozone Analyzer

    The industry’s new best-of-breed. Our customers told us exactly what they’re looking for in a gas monitoring solution: reliability, simplicity, ease of use. The new iSeries platform delivers on all counts - and then goes a step farther

  • Gypsum Soil Injection System
    Gypsum Soil Injection System Aqua SO2 Gypsum Irrigation Injection System is a versatile system used with irrigation water sources
  • Parson PermaSeal PARSON PERMA SEAL is a nonflammable, V.O.C. compliant polyurethane injection resin designed to control water and seal moving non-structural cracks in concrete. PARSON PERMA SEAL is a standard viscosity hydrophilic resin which, after coming into contact with water, expands quickly and cures to a flexible closed-cell foam.
  • The SSR Z Series
    The SSR Z Series These compact controllers provide space savings
  • Type N RotoClone
    Type N RotoClone Combining high-efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, low water usage and flexibility in one rugged, well proven piece of equipment.
  • Wastewater Systems
    Wastewater Systems These wastewater treatment systems range in capacity from 5,000 gpd to 1>Mgd and are ideal for small
  • PetroGuard - Hyper Immobilizing Oil & Chemical Spill Control PetroGuard is a dry, white granular powder consisting of a proprietary blend of organic materials
  • Refrigeration Leak Software Leak Manager walks the user through a series of questions about leaking industrial process refrigeration equipment
  • ecoStop Spill Control System
    ecoStop Spill Control System ecoStop is a petroleum spill control system for any facility or site
  • Membrane Separation Systems
    Membrane Separation Systems Reverse osmosis is a membrane separation process used to remove dissolved salts from liquid streams
  • Biomatrix Gold™
    Biomatrix Gold™ Biomatrix Gold™ is a natural absorbent made from sphagnum moss... a made to order natural solution for environmental spills
  • Carbon Monoxide Analyzer (CO, H<sub>2</sub>O)
    Carbon Monoxide Analyzer (CO, H2O)

    LGR's CO Analyzer (Carbon Monoxide Analyzer) measures ambient levels of carbon monoxide with a precision better than 0.1 ppb in 1 second. The instrument may be set up in minutes and does not require cryogens. In addition, the CO Analyzer simultaneously measures water vapor mixing ratios with high precision. As a result, the instrument also reports CO on a dry mole basis accurately, in real time, without the need for sample drying, empirical corrections, or any post processing.

  • XA sf - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle
    XA sf - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle XA sf - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Combustible Gas Monitor
    Combustible Gas Monitor Designed for safety monitoring for boilers and combustion processes where dangerous combustibles levels are possible, the Model 308IS combustibles analyzer is a microprocessor-based, platinum catalytic bead sensor system
  • Energy Services This company’s Energy Services Division provides the specialized design, placement and service of insurance
  • Slurry Pumps
    Slurry Pumps These hard metal slurry pumps are designed for industrial slurries such as fly ash, coal slurries, and bottom ash
  • Deep Block Spiral Flame
    Deep Block Spiral Flame Eclipse Spiral Flame Burners are nozzle-mixing burners designed to produce a rapidly spinning flame
  • MobileDataforce PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0
    MobileDataforce PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0 PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0 is for rapid mobile application development. The PointSync Mobility Platform 4.0 is MobileDataforce's latest version of the PointSync® Mobility Platform, the next generation of the company’s award-winning rapid application development solution for mobile environments.
  • Stack Monitor The CLD 70 S, the company's newest analyzer, measures from 0-5000 ppm and offers four user-defined ranges ...
  • Storage Platforms and Pallets
    Storage Platforms and Pallets The HAZ-STOR relocatable storage platforms can be used to avoid cleanup and remediation costs resulting from soil and groundwater contamination when drums of hazardous chemicals spill or leak
  • Air Sample Pump
    Air Sample Pump The AirChek HV30 environmental air sample pump is a high volume constant flow pump that provides flows from 10 to 30 L/min with automatic flow correction for increases in back pressure
  • Samplers
    Samplers Designed to collect fine particulate matter and gases, the MASS400 Speciation PM 2.5 Sampler and MASS450 Speciation PM2.5 Sampler for Organics use annular denuders, 47mm filters and PUF samplers at a flow rate of 16.67 actual Lpm
  • Industrial-use Water Recycling System The electrolytic-technology systemcomes in two models: one, processing 6900 liters of water per hour; the other, 13,800 liters.
  • Trash Pumps
    Trash Pumps Trash pumps are available in centrifugal, diaphragm, and submersible configurations
  • OptiFlo DustCatcher
    OptiFlo DustCatcher A powerful, compact, self-contained dust and fume collector,
  • Gas Velocity Monitors - FLOWSIC 100 Family
    Gas Velocity Monitors - FLOWSIC 100 Family The FLOWSIC 100 series of gas velocity monitors from SICK, Inc. are ideal for emission monitoring and process applications
  • Air Generator
    Air Generator The Model 3500 Zero Air Generator uses a catalyst to help improve performance and dependability of the system
  • Polishing Reactor
    Polishing Reactor The Lemna Polishing Reactor (LPR) by Lemna USA, Inc. was designed for supplemental BOD and ammonia-nitrogen polishing...
  • In Suti/Open-Path Advantages developed from almost 30 years experience and knowledge from a number of companies
  • Sprint 2000
    Sprint 2000 The new Sprint 2000 has responded to the demands on gas safety and energy efficiency with versatile performance, ease of operation and low cost of ownership
  • Task Master Module
    Task Master Module Today’s environmental professionals have to cope with myriad compliance and operational activities and
  • Conduit Piping System Perma-pipe's Multi-Therm 500 is the prefabricated, preinsulated piping system that combines steel and the corrosion resistance of fiberglass...
  • Infused Filters
    Infused Filters Designed to remove hydrocarbons - ranging from oil to gasoline - from water, the MYCELX infused filters are effective in a single pass
  • Methane/Ethane Analyzer (CH<sub>4</sub>, C<sub>2</sub>H<sub>6</sub>)
    Methane/Ethane Analyzer (CH4, C2H6)

    LGR’s new Fast Methane/Ethane Analyzer (FMEA) reports measurements of methane and ethane, the two major components of natural gas, simultaneously in a package that is compact, crushproof and travels anywhere. Small enough to be carried on-board aircraft (TSA approved size) or vehicles, and requiring only 70 W, the FMEA offers new opportunities to quickly and accurately measure and unambiguously find natural gas leaks anywhere.

  • WCT300 Bleed and Feed Cooling Tower Controllers
    WCT300 Bleed and Feed Cooling Tower Controllers Controlling the total dissolved solids and maintaining an adequate concentration of scale or corrosion inhibitor is the minimum you should do to protect your cooling tower
  • Sediment Logs
    Sediment Logs Curlex Sediment Logs use excelsior fibers to reduce hydraulic energy & filter sediment-laden run-off. Tired of
  • Vent Scrub&reg; Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    Vent Scrub® Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers

    Evoqua Water Technologies is the exclusive provider of Westates® brand activated carbon adsorbers. Vent-Scrub® vapor phase adsorbers are ready-to-use systems for treating VOC emissions and other malodorous problems. This series is ideally suited for VOC control and other similar waste and process water vent applications.