• Landfill Pump The EZ Products' EZ Pump is a light-weight, down-hole air pump that was designed to be maintenance free...
  • Hydrogen Cyanide Monitor
    Hydrogen Cyanide Monitor A personal monitor that detects and measures potentially hazardous levels of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is available from MST Measurement Systems, Inc...
  • SubEcho - 40
    SubEcho - 40 The SubEcho-40 is a low frequency, portable lightweight antenna with very high penetration
  • Temperature/Level Sensor
    Temperature/Level Sensor Drexelbrook Engineering Co. has released a sensor that measures both temperature and level
  • Data Man Class
    Data Man Class This class covers a spectrum of topics from the theory of relational management of site data to practical suggestions about working with laboratories, in an effort to equip environmental professionals with the skills they need to effectively implement a data management system.
  • Landfill Gas Utilization Software The Energy-Project Landfill Gas Utilization Software has been designed to provide analysis of the economics and environmental benefits of a potential landfill gas-to-energy project
  • 1313
    1313 Fermentation Monitor 1313 is designed for monitoring fermentation processes. The 1313 simultaneosly measures the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons
  • Out of Stack Diluting Sampler With Inertial Filter
    Out of Stack Diluting Sampler With Inertial Filter This system provides continuous emission monitoring and gas analysis for severely contaminated stacks, ducts, and processes
  • Gas Dispersion Impeller
    Gas Dispersion Impeller Developed using advanced flow measurement techniques, the Bakker BT-6 Gas Dispersion Impeller blade geometry disperses gas in liquids at high flow rates
  • Indexing Traveling Bed Filter
    Indexing Traveling Bed Filter The Series 200-F automatic indexing travelling bed filter has been developed to remove submicron size particulate, aerosols and odors
  • Methane Specific The MDU420 dual-range methane monitor is a portable instrument designed for use at landfills.
  • Carbon Adsorber
    Carbon Adsorber Industrial activated carbon adsorbers eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odors from industrial, municipal and commercial process exhaust streams
  • WEFTEC 2000: Filtering Device This device is designed to remove a wide variety of wastewater effluents successfully and cost-effectively.
  • Ammonia Scrubbers
    Ammonia Scrubbers These ammonia scrubbers are designed to remove ammonia from gas samples,
  • Variable Speed Controls
    Variable Speed Controls Variable frequency drives are available in various enclosures and configurations
  • Membrane Filter Medium Coliscan-MF is for use with membrane filters and allows the use of larger samples
  • Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter
    Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flowmeter The Sono-Trak transit-time clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to be an easy solution to water measurement
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer (H<sub>2</sub>S)
    Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer (H2S)

    LGR’s Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer (H2S Analyzer) measures H2S in ambient air and in industrial processes with extremely high precision, sensitivity and accuracy. No longer do you have to wait a long time to measure hydrogen sulfide gas with high reliability – LGR’s H2S Analyzer provides measurements every second with extremely high precision. In addition, the H2S Analyzer can report measurements quickly over a very wide range of H2S mole fractions even in complex process flows.

  • Venturi Scrubber System Utilizing the kinetic energy of gas for the removal of fine particulate matter, the Venturi scrubber can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with chemical absorption packed tower scrubbers
  • Conductivity/pH Meter
    Conductivity/pH Meter The Model 4330 Conductivity/pH Meter features an enhanced LCD graphics display, which shows conductivity, pH and temperature readings simultaneously
  • Sludge Blanket/Clarity Measurement System
    Sludge Blanket/Clarity Measurement System A new Clarifier Control System, that provides continuous measurement of sludge blanket level and effluent clarity, has just been released...
  • FOX Constant Monitoring System (CMS)
    FOX Constant Monitoring System (CMS) This system is used for monitoring continually the flow of storm water. When and unacceptable level of soluble pollutant is recorded, the unit will go into alarm mode and divert.
  • Grease and Grit Removal System
    Grease and Grit Removal System Hi-Tech’s ProTechtor, traveling bridge grease and grit removal system, minimizes the risk of costly down time.
  • Model 5030i SHARP Monitor
    Model 5030i SHARP Monitor

    The Thermo Scientific Model 5030i SHARP Synchronized Hybrid Ambient Real-time Particulate Monitor combines the speed of light scattering nephelometry with the accuracy of beta attenuation technology for continuous PM-10 and PM-2.5 measurement.

  • MSDS Module
    MSDS Module The new Enviro-Office MSDS module provides the corporate or multi-facility customer with an efficient, flexible means
  • Hydrogen Fluoride Monitoring System
    Hydrogen Fluoride Monitoring System Consisting of a renewable, highly selective electrochemical sensor and companion transmitter linked to an optional control panel, the HF Monitoring System is available in a variety of configurations
  • TASK MASTER Scheduling Management
    TASK MASTER Scheduling Management To help environmental managers stay on top of all their commitments, MIRS offers the full-function TASK MASTER scheduling management for management of environmental activity and project schedules
  • Split Case Pumps
    Split Case Pumps A wide array of split case pumps are offered and provide an alternative for booster service
  • Rapid View Data Management System For Municipal Inspections
    Rapid View Data Management System For Municipal Inspections RapidView DMS is a complete data management software program custom developed for municipalities
  • Bilge Filter
    Bilge Filter Utilizing MYCELX chemistry to provide protection in the bilge, this system includes a MYCELX filter, filter housing and an oil remediation pad
  • Reconditioned RTO Equipment
    Reconditioned RTO Equipment Controlled Environment Equipment Reconditioned RTO Equipment
  • Solvent Recovery Units
    Solvent Recovery Units The solvent recovery units are said to have been improved to provide a 25% higher heat transfer efficiency
  • pH Meter
    pH Meter The IQ150 handheld non-glass pH meter accepts either stainless steel probes with silicon chip pH sensors or
  • Packaged Lift Stations
    Packaged Lift Stations Self-Primer Lift Stations...
  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor The Perfect Harmony line of medium voltage variable frequency drives uses a power circuit technology
  • Spectrophotometer and Sealed Ampoules Combine For Water Analysis Tasks
    Spectrophotometer and Sealed Ampoules Combine For Water Analysis Tasks The new Spectronic Instruments' SPECTRONIC 20 GENESYS spectrophotometer in combination with CHEMetrics Vacu-vials, which are self-filling ampoules...
  • Scrubber Systems
    Scrubber Systems Horizontal or tower, CEE will provide you with an effective, custom designed and fabricated packed bed scrubber system. We specialize in turnkey installations of environmental air pollution control systems
  • Positive Displacement Pump
    Positive Displacement Pump Hose Piston Diaphragm Pumps are positive displacement pumps used in industrial applications where low flows and high heads are required
  • Production Freeze Dryer
    Production Freeze Dryer Production Freeze Dryer - Freeze dryers, or lyophilizer, are used for the reliable preservation of a wide variety of heat sensitive products and demands the highest standards of reliability and control...
  • Open Bottom Diffuser
    Open Bottom Diffuser Incorporating an open bottom design and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, the SS series coarse bubble plenum chamber diffuser can be used in wastewater treatment facilities requiring high volumes of air per diffuser for the generation of coarse air bubbles
  • Detection Transmitter
    Detection Transmitter Bacharach Inc., offers the Sentinel infared combustible gas detection transmitter. It features a sensor...
  • Product Selection Guide
    Product Selection Guide Among the processing provisions presented in this eight-page, four-color guidebook are the company's (gas/vapor)...
  • Bioremediation Respirometer The O2/CO2/CH4/H2S/CO Respirometer measures oxygen uptake plus CO2 ,CH4 H2S, CO production...
  • Integrated System for Electrostatic Monitoring The Correflow ESM from Auburn International is the first integrated system to provide electrostatic monitoring
  • Built-in Steel Hose End
    Built-in Steel Hose End This is a machine faced flanged nipple built into the hose
  • Ground Water Contamination
    Ground Water Contamination Ground water contamination results in some of the most difficult and costly problems in hazardous waste management
  • Caribou Compliance Management System
    Caribou Compliance Management System Environmental managers cannot wait until a regulation’s legal compliance date before taking action
  • Cooling Towers
    Cooling Towers Pioneer Evap-Kool Aluminum housing and PVC fill Modular Cooling Towers offer the most cooling value for your capital investment
  • Mobile Treatment
    Mobile Treatment One of the unmistakable trends within the industry is the demand for mobile treatment services
  • Slip Ring Hose End
    Slip Ring Hose End This Slip Ring Coupled Hose is a soft wall, light duty hose with a slip ring coupled connector for irrigation and
  • Test Kit for Aromatics in Soil
    Test Kit for Aromatics in Soil A rugged, lightweight case with cutout foam inserts, fifteen ampoules (5ml) of extraction reagent...
  • Laminar Flow Workstations
    Laminar Flow Workstations The VLF-6 is a small, bench-mounted vertical laminar flow cabinet providing Class 100 clean air conditions
    STORAGE TANKS FOR FUELS AND CHEMICALS Sizes from small lube tanks to 50,000 gallon tanks
  • Environmental Pre-Acquisition Audits Shield's staff designs environmental management plans that include various prevention and remediation services
  • Baghouse Filter
    Baghouse Filter Ducon's UNI-FLO Bag Filters are state of the art, high efficiency, modular pulse-air filters designed to handle gas volumes from several hundred to several thousand cubic feet per minute
  • SPM-613D Beta Cauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor
    SPM-613D Beta Cauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor SPM-613D continuously measures fine particles (PM2.5), coarse particles PM10) and black carbon originating from diesel exhaust providing all of your particulate monitoring needs in just one instrument.
  • Parson Quick Plug
    Parson Quick Plug Parson Quick Plug is a hydraulic cement material used to stop active hydrostatic leaks
  • Ion Exchange: <b>Recoflo&reg; Water Softener</b>
    Ion Exchange: Recoflo® Water Softener Eliminate biological fouling and increase throughput. In just four easy cycle steps, the Recoflo® Water Softener outperforms other softeners with superior efficiency, reduced costs, half the brine, and twice the throughput.
  • Environmental Audits: EPA’s Policy and State Privilege Laws
    Environmental Audits: EPA’s Policy and State Privilege Laws The best way to determine and correct your facility's regulatory compliance and noncompliance is through environmental audits
  • Environmental Law Handbook
    Environmental Law Handbook The fourteenth Edition of the Environmental Law Handbook is now available from Government Institutes...
  • Software for Maintaining Air Data
    Software for Maintaining Air Data EnviroData Solutions provides the software you're looking for when it comes to maintaining Air data
  • Oxygen Systems for Ozone Generation
    Oxygen Systems for Ozone Generation PSA oxygen generators provide an onsite continuous supply of oxygen-rich gas for ozone generating systems.
  • Sampling Systems
    Sampling Systems Perma Pure Inc.’s GASS Gas Analysis Sampling Systems incorporate coalescing filter and Nafion Gas Dryer in a heated enclosure to...
  • Task Master Module
    Task Master Module Today’s environmental professionals have to cope with myriad compliance and operational activities and
  • Activated Carbon Adsorber Exchange Program
    Activated Carbon Adsorber Exchange Program

    Evoqua's carbon adsorber exchange service provides a safe, simple and cost effective method for removal and replacement of spent carbon contained in non-hard piped activated carbon adsorber vessels

  • Petroleum Sorbent Spill Response Pack
    Petroleum Sorbent Spill Response Pack The Petroleum Sorbent Spill Response Pack SRP-Petro will "sorb" hydrocarbon based liquids and repel aqueous based liquids.
  • Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps
    Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps The new ProStorm DS3 series of cast iron sprinklers are
  • ISO 9000 ISO 9000 Standards were created to promote consistent quality practices across international borders and to
  • Micron Solids Removal System (MSR)
    Micron Solids Removal System (MSR) The Micron Solids Removal System (MSR) is manufactured with 100% long lasting and durable yet economical Polyethylene
  • Parsonpoxy SEL-80 Parsonpoxy SEL-80 is a 100% solids, two-component modified epoxy coating which provides excellent protection to concrete and steel sewage structures such as manholes, digesters, clarifiers, settling tank troughs, sluiceways, filter beds, concrete tile and weirs.
  • Multi-Gas Monitors
    Multi-Gas Monitors Standard features of the Personal Surveyor Series multi-gas monitors include one button operation, electronic zero and high contrast digital display
  • Standard Pump
    Standard Pump The standard pump includes a lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump and hoses with nonreversible quick-connect connections
  • Clamp-On Flowmeter
    Clamp-On Flowmeter The field programmable 190N Spectra Fourier flowmeter offers non-intrusive flow detection
  • Chemical Filters
    Chemical Filters Ducon supplies custom engineered chemical srtippers to remove benzene, ammonia, volatile organic compunds and other inorganic chemicals and gases from water and waste water streams
  • PE-pipe/-coupling Connectors RG(r) connectors butt-fuse onto ends of polyethylene pipe fittings allowing their mechanical joining...
  • Solvent Recovery System
    Solvent Recovery System SOLVENT.RICA is designed for adsorption of organic solvents and malodorous, harmful materials using its built-in units
  • Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    The Series 9000 is the candidate of choice whenever accurate, reliable total hydrocarbon analysis is required. Series 9000 analyzer provides unparalleled flexibility and offers continuous, fully automated gas analysis over a broad range of concentrations

  • IAQ Building Investigations
    IAQ Building Investigations Buildings are complex systems that require expertise and experience in the area of microbiology, chemistry, and building dynamics...
  • Airborne Platform For Hyperspectral Imaging
    Airborne Platform For Hyperspectral Imaging

    New to the Hyper-Cam accessories, the Airborne Platform allows the Hyper-Cam to be mounted in an airplane for advanced infrared hyperspectral mapping.

  • Liquid Combustor
    Liquid Combustor Designed to be an environmentally safe system, the Liqui-Tec can be used for on-site combustion of flammable liquids
  • Dust Collectors for Laser and Plasma Cutting
    Dust Collectors for Laser and Plasma Cutting CNC laser and plasma cutters produce molten metal and smoke that is pulled down through the grate. The sparks and molten metal settle out below the grate, while the smoke is efficiently filtered through the FARR Gold Series® dust and fume collector.
  • U-50 Series Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters
    U-50 Series Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters Measure and display all parameters simultaneously with innovative features, a newly designed control unit, and sensor technology. Intuitive software assures ease of use and operation efficiency.
  • Leopold® Performance Filter by Xylem
    Leopold® Performance Filter by Xylem

    The Leopold® performance filter is a rapid gravity flow granular bed filter designed and engineered to achieve specific performance requirements of individual municipal and industrial water treatment plants.

  • Mobile Analytical Laboratories Mobile laboratory services are provided through our Minnesota, Charlotte, Long Beach, and Houston laboratories to clients nationwide. These services can range from screening techniques to full EPA method compliant data packages with full QA/QC and electronic deliverables.
  • AW-2k-C Analyzer The AW-2K-C was created to meet the specific needs of coal-fired industrial sites
  • Emissions Location Software
    Emissions Location Software PinPoint software uses a new patented technology to locate
  • Model 7700 Dynamic Calibrators
    Model 7700 Dynamic Calibrators ESC's Model 7700 Dynamic Calibrators provide desired concentrations of any bottled gas at stable, accurate and repeatable concentrations in ratios of 10:1 to 50,000:1...
  • Line Skimmer The OARS Line Skimmer Serie is designed to absorb and encapsulate hydrocarbons in non-confined water flows
  • WEFTEC 2000: Chemical Process Controller
    WEFTEC 2000: Chemical Process Controller The model 1099 chemical process controller has recently
  • Module Software
    Module Software FingerPrint is a modular, rules-based software system designed to meet the needs of companies that use, generate, transport, treat, dispose, or recycle hazardous materials
    NEW X-CEL 9091 SEPTIC SEAL The A•LOK X-CEL Pipe to Tank Connector is a flexible connector specifically engineered to produce a positive watertight seal between a pipe entering a precast concrete septic tank and the tank itself
  • Coalescer/Separator
    Coalescer/Separator The 35L-CLC Coalescer/Separator is a two-stage, vertical separation vessel designed to separate liquid from gas or vapor
  • Catalyst System The PTX diesel oxidation catalyst system helps reduce emissions from mining and materials handling equipment
  • PAC CHECK® Model 325 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
    PAC CHECK® Model 325 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer The PAC CHECK Model 325 is a single-handed Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyzer for checking modified atmospheres inside packages
  • At-cost Videos The National Water Research Institute (NWRI) recently issued its third and fourth videos as a two-part program...
  • Aura Ductless Fume Enclosure
    Aura Ductless Fume Enclosure The Misonix Aura Ductless Fume Enclosures offer the highest level of operator protection from fumes, odors, and particulates.
  • Spray on Elastomer As described in a four-page, four-color brochure, Geothane(r) is a 100 percent solids, VOC compliant,...
  • ta7000 Gas Purity Monitor
    ta7000 Gas Purity Monitor A strategic approach to performing QC/QA on purified gas should include the capability to detect early break through components immediately following each UHP gas purifier.
  • Out of stack system Dilution CEMS
    Out of stack system Dilution CEMS The EPM Out of Stack (OOS) Dilution System is designed for emission monitoring applications where in-stack installation of the well known EPM dilution probe system is impractical.