• WS-2000 Computer Interface with WeatherView32 The Computer Interface consists of a small microcontroller with a WS-2000 radio receiver, data storage RAM, and a serial port for communication with a host PC
  • Dual Material Oil Remediation Composition Incorporating a dual material composition and a chemical infusion designed to make products more oil absorbent and water-resistant, Terregaurd can be used for the protection of bird estuaries, environmentally sensitive wetlands and shorelines
  • Bath Purification System
    Bath Purification System Kinetico’s Pure-Chrome VI closed-loop hexavalent chrome bath purification system combines bath recycling and resin regeneration technologies...
  • Gate Box Lid Lifter
    Gate Box Lid Lifter The General Engineering Company introduces the Gate Box Lid Lifter
  • CEMplicity Monitoring System
    CEMplicity Monitoring System Forney introduces a low cost solution for your process monitoring and CEMS needs using proven technology. The CEMplicity provides the same cost savings as in-situ type systems without some of the drawbacks associated with “ in process” monitors.
  • Electric Pump Blackhawk Environmental Company announces its new electric Anchor Piston Pump for deep set well recovery
  • 20 GenesysTM Spectrophotometer Brochure This brochure details the capabilities of the unit's up-to-date electronics and optical components.
  • Ethylene in Air Monitor
    Ethylene in Air Monitor The KAPPA-5/E-003 gas analysis system is ideally suited for direct determination of ppb to ppm levels of ethylene in
  • ERI is a Corporate Sponsor of Biosphere 2
    ERI is a Corporate Sponsor of Biosphere 2 Biosphere 2 is the unique environmental simulation laboratory operated by Columbia University in Oracle, Arizona
  • Shredders
    Shredders Without a paper shredder, your confidential documents probably wind up in the trash
  • Tank Lining
    Tank Lining This high-performance polyamide epoxy contains 70% solids by volume, and is within the EPA’s VOC guidelines
  • Tank Warranties
    Tank Warranties Snyder-Crown Industrial Products have extended warranties on four of their tank offerings for the storage of sodium hypochlorite
  • Calibrator Brochure
    Calibrator Brochure Extech Instruments Corporation introduces a new brochure featuring calibrators
  • Spectrophotometer Software Offered for No Charge
    Spectrophotometer Software Offered for No Charge Spectronic Instruments is making available for no charge a demonstration disk of the company's new software for use with its spectrophotometers...
  • Round Duct
    Round Duct For air-system use, K&B fabricates round duct, either galvanized or black steel, welded or brazed, from 4" through 48" diameter, and gauges from 20 to 10 depending upon diameter requirements
  • Tablet Dissolution Software Dissolution Lab software automates the characterization of pharmaceutical dosage formulation kinetics, an application commonly known as tablet dissolution
  • Econ-Abator Thermal and Recuperative Catalytic Oxidation Systems
    Econ-Abator Thermal and Recuperative Catalytic Oxidation Systems Huntington’s Econ-Abator Thermal and Recuperative Catalytic Oxidation Systems use the only proven technology for combined chlorinated/non-chlorinated VOC and HAP emission control.
  • Industrial Filter Crusher The Model P-300 is ideal for crushing large, industrial or heavy equipment filters
  • F-8200 Ultrasonic Volume Flow Meter
    F-8200 Ultrasonic Volume Flow Meter The Forney F-8200 Ultrasonic Volume Flow Meter uses state-of-the-art technology to measure volumetric flow in flue gas exhausts. The ultrasonic method measures lower velocity ranges than differential pressure methods.
  • Flow Switch Monitor
    Flow Switch Monitor The 12-64 is a durable flow switch monitor that provides wide flow detection capability and
  • Product Selection Guide
    Product Selection Guide Among the processing provisions presented in this eight-page, four-color guidebook are the company's (gas/vapor)...
  • Ozone Depleter Compliance Guide Ozone Depleter Compliance Guide provides vital guidance on how federally mandated CFC replacement affects everything from air conditioning and manufacturing processes to container and product labeling, and the viability of entire product lines
  • Concentrated Flocculant The liquid polymer concentrate provides clarification of pond and lagoon water
    GEOPROBE 66 SERIES The Geoprobe 66 series soil probing machines are taking direct push capabilities to new depths
  • WRS Water Recycle Systems
    WRS Water Recycle Systems The WRS Recycle Systems are designed to solve your washwater disposal problems
  • Petro Xtractor Oil Skimmers
    Petro Xtractor Oil Skimmers The Abanaki PetroXtractor Oil Skimmer is a dependable and cost effective means of removing oil, fuel, and other floating hydrocarbons from water where access to the fluid surface is limited.
  • Mulitmeter
    Mulitmeter The Omegaette HHM90 Series multimeters are supplied with test leads, rubber boot and a 9-volt battery
  • Ion Analyzer
    Ion Analyzer OI Analytical's Alpkem Flow Solution 3000 offers analytical methods that are USEPA and DIN approved
  • Chemical Absorption Scrubber System The chemical absorption scrubber collects exhaust gases from the process via ductwork and passes them through a high efficiency packing system
  • Enlarged Hose End
    Enlarged Hose End This product is similar to a soft cuff hose
  • Sewage Pump/Manhole Liner System
    Sewage Pump/Manhole Liner System The liner system rehabilitation is designed to rehabilitate sewage pumps/manholes
  • Submersible Level Transducer
    Submersible Level Transducer The all-titanium Series 700T Submersible Transducer is suitable for marine applications with saltwater or brackish water conditions, and other water/wastewater applications that require a corrosive resistant transducer
  • Vehicle Washing System
    Vehicle Washing System Engineered for cleaning trucks and heavy equipment, the automated Powerwash vehicle wheel and undercarriage washing system operates in a range of site situations
  • Infrared Gas Analyzer
  • Animal Cremator
    Animal Cremator The CleanAire is engineered to be an environmentally safe system for the cremation animal carcasses
  • Ion Test Strips Test strips for nickel, cyanide, copper, zinc, and chlorine are among the more than 20 recently introduced...
  • MiniVol Portable Air Sampler
    MiniVol Portable Air Sampler The MiniVol Portable Air Sampler samples ambient air at 5 liters/minute for particulate matter (TSP, PM10, PM2.5) and/or non-reactive gases (CO, NOx).
  • Petroleum Data Service Simplicity PDS is a remote monitoring and data collection service
  • Coliform Test
    Coliform Test The Colilert-18 test is an USEPA-approved method for detecting total coliforms and E. coli in water
  • Quenches Ceilcote offers a variety of specially designed quench
  • Gas Analyzers: 510 Series
    Gas Analyzers: 510 Series The 510 series of general-purpose gas analyzers provides continuous monitoring of concentrations of the specific sample gas. The analyzers can be operated from controls on the front panel or by commands from a remote computer.
  • Office Software Suite
    Office Software Suite Enviro-Office is the enterprise-wide system for
  • Variable Speed Controls
    Variable Speed Controls Variable frequency drives are available in various enclosures and configurations
  • Model 9450 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System
    Model 9450 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System Designed for production dispensing of two part reactive resin formulations with abrasive fillers which settle out of suspension...
  • WEFTEC 2000: Stepping Irons These safety yellow colored steps are thoughtfully engineered, encapsulating a solid metal core with
  • VOC Monitor
    VOC Monitor This handheld VOC monitor is capable of detecting low loevel pressure and volatile organic compounds in the parts-per-billion range
  • HH-250 Power Pump
    HH-250 Power Pump Solids handling capabilities to 3" diameter maximum
  • Solids Movers
    Solids Movers "The Experience to Handle It Right" gate-fold brochure pictorially punctuates the fabrications...
  • Clean Power Series AC Drives
    Clean Power Series AC Drives The Clean Power Series is a new generation of AC Drives
  • TriboLink System Auburn International introduces the TriboLink system
  • Environmental and Safety Inspections—Making the Most of a Bad Situation
    Environmental and Safety Inspections—Making the Most of a Bad Situation This 46-page BLR special report lets you look at environmental and safety inspections
  • Lifting System for Precast Structures
    Lifting System for Precast Structures The KEY•LOK lifting system is designed to provide a safe,
  • 25 Yard Roll-Off Container Filter
    25 Yard Roll-Off Container Filter Front floor sections fold up for easy cleaning
  • TrojanUVPhox™ — Environmental Contaminant Treatment System
    TrojanUVPhox™ — Environmental Contaminant Treatment System

    The TrojanUVPhox™ was designed to maximize efficiency - using 50%-90% less energy than other similarly sized UV reactors. Through the extensive use of computational fluid dynamics models and other computer simulation tools, it has been optically and hydraulically optimized to provide extremely efficient and cost-effective UV treatment. Its unique design allows for the use of multiple reactors in series.

  • TrashCat&#153 Trash Skimmers
    TrashCat™ Trash Skimmers Three (3) Models of Marine Trash Skimmers
  • NEPACheck
    NEPACheck NEPACheck provides information which may be used to help determine whether a site will have the potential to cause environmental impact, as defined by NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act).
  • Portable Gas Detector
    Portable Gas Detector The PhD Plus portable gas detector monitors up to four
  • Travel and Alignment Sensing System
    Travel and Alignment Sensing System FMC Corporation’s Travel and Alignment Sensing System (TAS) was designed to electronically monitor retangular sludge collector systems...
  • PFU 1600/40
    PFU 1600/40 The PFU1600/40 is a self-contained trailer mounted unit with a 1600 gallon storage tank.
  • The  Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitors
    The Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitors The 1312 Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitor is a highly accurate, reliable and stable quantitative gas monitoring system
  • Wastewater Evaporator
    Wastewater Evaporator Lakeview Engineered Products, Inc. announces the E-750 wastewater evaporator
  • Model 4500MkII Dust and Opacity Compliance Monitor
    Model 4500MkII Dust and Opacity Compliance Monitor The Model 4500MkII uses a unique new approach which offers a reliable and effective solution to the problem of dust measurement in industrial flue gases
  • The NUCON F-1000-BBD
    The NUCON F-1000-BBD Production line testing of charcoal filters
  • Liquid Scintillation Analyzers
    Liquid Scintillation Analyzers The liquid scintillation analyzers feature QuantaSmart Windows NT software
  • Pop-Top  Filter Bags & Cages
    Pop-Top Filter Bags & Cages The Pop-Top is an innovative bag and cage system that installs in seconds, drastically cutting changeout time, and in many cases costing no more than a conventional bag and cage.
  • Standard Tower Packing
    Standard Tower Packing The open structure of Raflux rings ensures a regular flow through the packed bed resulting in a minimal pressure
  • FOX Spill Control System
    FOX Spill Control System FOX Spill Control System detects, diverts and notifies minor or major spills of fuels, oils or other free floating hydrocarbons. The chosen options for diverting and containing a spill
  • Waste Week
    Waste Week You can count on Waste Week to bring you all of the information you need for managing waste to stay in compliance to federal and state regulations and guidelines!
  • WEFTEC 2000: Filtering Device This device is designed to remove a wide variety of wastewater effluents successfully and cost-effectively.
  • Environmental Protection Week
    Environmental Protection Week Environmental Protection Week is your one-stop source for accurate, timely reporting of new and proposed legislation on pollution control and environmental policies.
  • Gas Diffuser
    Gas Diffuser Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. introduced a new line of ceramic gas diffusers
  • Vacuum Potting System
    Vacuum Potting System Sheepscot Machine Works offers a line of vacuum potting systems in response to an increasing demand for dispensing environments that are free of air. Applications include potting/encapsulating of connectors, coils and other electronic components...
  • 9100 Series Gas Chromatograph
    9100 Series Gas Chromatograph

    The Series 9100 is a multi-purpose gas chromatograph designed to continuously monitor single or multiple gas components in a wide range of applications. The analyzer is microprocessor based and contains powerful embedded firmware and software. This makes it an online instrument with GC technology that is virtually transparent to the end user.

  • DeNOx, Ammonia (NH3) Slip & SO2 Measurement Solutions
    DeNOx, Ammonia (NH3) Slip & SO2 Measurement Solutions Since the advent of "Deregulation" in the Power Utility Industry a search for a reliable monitoring and control instrument has ensued
  • Macho System
    Macho System The Macho System is identical to the Model 14 System with the exception that it is driven by an electric hammer. This provides easier field installation and greater depth penetration
  • DANMARK Skimmers
    DANMARK Skimmers Oil Skimmers, Drum Skimmers, Disc Skimmers, Brush Skimmers, Belt Skimmers, Multi Skimmers We offer a wide range of skimmers from 15 GPM to 320 GPM
  • Aw-2k CEMS
    Aw-2k CEMS The AW-2K is the first of its kind to use micro-technology, compact PLC's, and PC's to achieve low cost, accurate, and reliable stack gas analyzing system. AW-2K uses the latest technology such as thermoelectric coolers and chillers, miniature infrared, and electrochemical analyzers to build a system for the new millennium.
  • Wastewater and Leachate Disposal
    Wastewater and Leachate Disposal The BioStripper Treatment system uses a combination of activated sludge, trickling filtration and forced air stripping to accomplish organic containment reduction
  • Membrane Recycling System
    Membrane Recycling System This recycling system uses both reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration to
  • Curlex Blankets
    Curlex Blankets American Excelsior Company is the inventor of biodegradable erosion control blankets. Developed in the
  • Submersible Level Transmitter
    Submersible Level Transmitter Designed specifically for applications in greasy and/or high-solids wet well environments, the KPSI submersible level transmitter resists fouling due to its 2 5/8-in. wide, smooth elastomeric diaphragm design
  • Single And Multiparameter Water Quality Sensors
    Single And Multiparameter Water Quality Sensors Multiparameter Sensors

    Greenspan Technology manufacture a wide range of Multi-parameter sensors that can be used in various applications. Below is a brief description of sensors currently available. If you require more detailed information, please click on the sensor name.<

  • Oil Spill Response Vessel
    Oil Spill Response Vessel 110 foot Oil Spill Response Vessel designed to provide highly manueverable, offshore response capability
  • Model 61i Multi-Gas Calibrator
    Model 61i Multi-Gas Calibrator

    A critical component of the factory designed iMEGA Continuous Emissions Monitoring System, the Multi-Gas Calibrator, Model 61i accepts up to five calibration gases plus zero air and controls the calibration of gas concentrations for total accuracy assurance.

  • Ceramic Heat Transfer Media
    Ceramic Heat Transfer Media The Flexeramic structured heat transfer media is designed to offer a large capacity with no increase in pressure drop in regenerative thermal oxidizers
  • Underground Storage Tanks The Fibre-Shield tank is designed to eliminate corrosion-protection monitoring by providing secured underground storage.
  • Millennium Series Blowers and Exhausters
    Millennium Series Blowers and Exhausters National Turbine Corporation's highly acclaimed MILLENNIUM series of multi stage blower and exhausters are a unique blend of construction technologies that provide high
  • Aqua Scrub&trade; Low Pressure Liquid Phase Adsorbers
    Aqua Scrub™ Low Pressure Liquid Phase Adsorbers

    The Aqua-Scrub™ series carbon adsorbers are designed for use as a temporary or permanent treatment step in a variety of low flow and low pressure water treatment applications.

  • Drum Scales The Model EDS400 electronic and MDS400 mechanical drum scales have a 400-lb rated capacity.
  • Servo Tank Gauge
    Servo Tank Gauge For use in the oil and gas industry, the servo-activated Model 770 STG servo tank gauge is a level transmitter that measures tank-based product
  • LWT Pit Hog Lagoon Pumpers
    LWT Pit Hog Lagoon Pumpers The basic system controls the pump from shore
  • Single Gas Monitor
    Single Gas Monitor The multi-Sense system offers a single gas monitor that can also accommodate multiple sensors on one unit for common or discrete relay control
  • Crown Press<SUP><FONT SIZE=2>TM</FONT></SUP> Belt Press Simulator
    Crown PressTM Belt Press Simulator Now you can accurately simulate a full-size belt press, duplicating the actual dewatering process...
  • Multi-Basket Pipeline Strainer
    Multi-Basket Pipeline Strainer A sliding gate design permits the 570 multi-basket duplex pipeline strainer to be switched between either of the two straining chambers, allowing one chamber to remain on line while the other is cleaned
  • Tank Adapters
    Tank Adapters New Safe-T-Loc bulkhead fittings with Viton® seals offer
  • Disc Pump
    Disc Pump The disc pump uses a non-impingement device, known as the discpac, to pump product based on the principle of boundary layer/viscous drag
  • Supported Liquid Membrane System (SliMS) Supported Liquid Membrane System (SliMS)i sused for metal purification/minerals processing
  • Mining Dust Collectors
    Mining Dust Collectors Controlling dust at excavation sites, mill transfer points and similar locations is a difficult challenge. The EPA has strict limits on annual emission amounts. If emissions are too high, production schedules may be curtailed. That's why proper design and selection of dust collection equipment is such an important concern.
  • PGC5007B Total Sulfur Analyzer
    PGC5007B Total Sulfur Analyzer

    Performs a total sulfur analysis for a range of streams, liquid and vapor, from natural gas to gasoline and diesel.

  • ta7000 Gas Purity Monitor
    ta7000 Gas Purity Monitor A strategic approach to performing QC/QA on purified gas should include the capability to detect early break through components immediately following each UHP gas purifier.