• Sludge Blanket/Clarity Measurement System A new Clarifier Control System, that provides continuous measurement of sludge blanket level and effluent clarity, has just been released...
  • Mask Respirator Moldex 8000 Series Respirator. Low maintenance & reusable
  • Ambient Air Pollution Analyzers HORIBA AP series analyzers are highly sensitive ambient air pollutions monitors that give precise, reliable measurements, and are surprisingly easy to maintain. Every model in this series meets rigorous quality and performance standards.
  • WEFTEC 2000: Disc Filter System The Hydrotech disc filter system will be featured in the
  • Stainless Heat Exchangers Stainless steel heat exchangers are available in both SP and HP series and in a size and performance efficiency to match your specific application... whether an oven, dryer, or indirect heater
  • Fume Scrubbers

    Tri-Mer’s Fan / Separator is an all-mechanical fume scrubber that operates with 20% less brake horsepower than conventional fume eliminators.

  • SafetyQuick Employee Newsletter Publish Your Own In-House Safety Newsletter in Just Minutes!
  • Transmitter Monitors The Strantrol 880 from Stranco, Inc. is a field-proven monitor and transmitter for municipal water and wastewater
  • CEMS & Gas Sample Conditioning Drawer The Compact Gas Sample Conditioning Drwaer Layout is designed to allow Easy Access
  • Chemistry Verification Software The Data Verification Module is a computer-aided chemistry verification software module
  • Energy Services This company’s Energy Services Division provides the specialized design, placement and service of insurance
  • Treatment Aide BEI-100's organic enzymes create an environment that will not support algae...
  • SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • RainWise WS-1000 Weather Station Engineered for precision and trouble-free operation, the WS-1000 Weather Station monitors seven different weather phenomena
  • MGB1000 Micro Gas Blender The MGB1000 Micro Gas Blender is a convenient device for generation of ppb to ppt blends in a diluent gas.
  • Storm Drain Filter The filter enhances sedimentation prior to passing storm water through absorbent media.
  • Heat Exchanger has Removable Conical Transition This heat exchanger incorporates Xchanger's new conical transition design
  • Mobile Treatment One of the unmistakable trends within the industry is the demand for mobile treatment services
  • OptiFlo The AAF OptiFlo cartridge dust collector provides high-efficiency collection of dust and fume generated by metalworking, woodworking,
  • Robotic Dredges This track mounted, remotely controlled, submersible, self propelled dredging unit is ideal for applications in hard to access tanks and pits
  • Grounding Rings The company introduced its series of exotic alloy grounding rings designed to improve mag meter accuracy
  • Dust Containment Systems for Tablet Presses Containment Systems for Pharmaceuticals. Dust Collector / Dust Collectors / Dust Collection. Hazardous contaminants generated by many of today's processes dictate the use of advanced filtration devices to protect equipment and people. FARR Gold Series® bag-in/bag-out dust collector housings ensure worker safety by creating a barrier that isolates personnel from hazardous materials throughout the filter changeout process. Ideal for process manufacturing environments.
  • WEFTEC 2000: Self-Cleaning Screen This company will present the Center-Flo/RP screen at
  • Midas® Odor Control Media

    Midas® OCM combines select active ingredients and premium quality bituminous coal to produce an odor control media unmatched in today’s market for the removal of H2S, HCl, SO2 and other volatile organic compounds (VOC).

  • Liquid Filtration Felts BWF has developed and installed many new concepts in liquid filter felts
  • Sulfur Emissions Report Generator (SERG) WTC Inc.’s Sulfur Emissions Report Generator consists of an Excel program, SERG.xls, which creates standard reports for sulfur emissions monitoring
  • AirPro MetaLite Personal Air Samplers AirPro MetaLite Personal Air Sampler for Indoor Air Quality and Personal Monitoring
  • Drain Inserts The Drain Diaper is a simple device designed to fit most catch basins
  • Advanced Combustion Systems ACS offers complete combustion engineering and manufacturing. Consulting, research and development, custom
  • Process Colorimeter GL Applied Research, Inc. introduced the EC-220 Process Colorimeter
  • Air Quality Management Services This company provides a full range of air quality
  • Spectrophotometers Models 6400 and 6405 Spectrophotometers offer a 5nm bandpass along with three scanning speeds
  • Mercury Recycling Program This program offers an environmentally friendly, safe
  • Wet Scrubber System The Ionizing Wet Scrubber (IWS) System is a technology for opacity reduction and the removal of problem pollutants
  • Dust Collection - Rotary Airlock The SDC rotary airlock is a fabricated flexible tip rotary airlock. The unit is designed to provide a flexible air seal, allowing larger particles to easily pass through the valve while maintaining its air seal.
  • Demineralization: Recoflo® TriFlo™ Demineralizer Eliminate the need for mixed bed polishers or electrodemineralization systems to provide high purity water with conductivity less than 0.1 ìS/cm.
  • Soil and Groundwater Services This company offers a full range of services for assessment, monitoring and remediation of soil and
  • Thermo Scientific, iSeries Gas Analyzers

    Thermo Scientific has been providing the most innovative and easy to use instruments for over 40 years. Today, we offer the industry's widest choice of air quality instruments and systems. Our solutions add flexibility and convenience to the detection of a broad range of targeted gaseous pollutants for both source and ambient air monitoring.

  • Microwave Stirrer With this new Scienceware microwave stirrer, liquids can be
  • Commercial Test Kit Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) now offers a screening tool to assist you in evaluating the quality of your building's indoor environment
  • F-8290 Opacity / Dust Monitor The F-8290 operates according to the principle of autocollimation (double-pass), meaning the light beam crosses the measuring path twice. The system measures and evaluates the attenuation of the light beam caused by the dust in the measuring path.
  • Methane/Ethane Analyzer (CH4, C2H6)

    LGR’s new Fast Methane/Ethane Analyzer (FMEA) reports measurements of methane and ethane, the two major components of natural gas, simultaneously in a package that is compact, crushproof and travels anywhere. Small enough to be carried on-board aircraft (TSA approved size) or vehicles, and requiring only 70 W, the FMEA offers new opportunities to quickly and accurately measure and unambiguously find natural gas leaks anywhere.

  • Ceramic Gas Diffusers Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. has a line of ceramic gas diffusers designed specifically for supplying superior
  • Catalytic Filter Systems For Boiler MACT Compliance

    Boiler MACT Compliance for glass furnaces is assured with Tri-Mer’sUltraCat Catalytic Filter System.

  • UltraCat for Glass Furnace Emissions

    The majority of U.S. facilities seeking control of glass furnace emissions have chosen Tri-Mer UltraCat Catalytic Filter Systems.

  • Virtual Laboratory Tour Software This CD-ROM program offers a virtual tour that allows you to experience the
  • Single And Multiparameter Water Quality Sensors Multiparameter Sensors

    Greenspan Technology manufacture a wide range of Multi-parameter sensors that can be used in various applications. Below is a brief description of sensors currently available. If you require more detailed information, please click on the sensor name.<

  • Dust Collector The new TubeJet dust collector handles carbon black, titanium dioxide and other fine powders vented from mixers.
  • Fiberbed for Mist Removal When extremely small particles are present, the energy required for scrubbing will increase tremendously. If the particles are oil, acid mist, or a soluble salt, a Fiberbed may be the best answer.
  • Field Mount P/I Transmitter This field mount transmitter performs pressure-to-current (P/I) conversions in the field
  • OPAC 20/20-C Opacity Monitor Combiner The OPAC 20/20-C opacity combiner takes the inputs from two to four OPAC 20/20 opacity monitors and combines the readings to obtain a stack exit correlated, opacity reading
  • PRO*RCO-Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation (RCO) Catalyst PRO*RCO is a saddle supported precious metal based catalyst designed for packed bed type RCO systems, either as new equipment or perfect for RTO-RCO retrofits
  • Flow Regulators Sanitary and combined wastewater systems use IHV and HHV lines of regulators for flow management
  • Mobile Separation Trailer

    Evoqua Water Technologies' mobile membrane separation trailers (MST) feature a self-contained, trailer-mounted system configured with up to four skid-mounted reverse osmosis (RO) modules that provide temporary mobile RO water.

  • Drum Crusher & In-Drum Compactor The Model D-60 Drum Crusher & In-Drum Compactor crushes drums up to 85 gallons in size
  • Alarm Notification System DiaLog Elite, an automatic field upgradable alarm dialer, can monitor up to 48 analog and/or digital inputs providing
  • F-8021 In-Situ Oxygen Analyzer The Forney F-8021 In-Situ Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer has been designed to measure excess oxygen in a wide variety of combustion processes. It is an outstanding unit for monitoring oxygen concentrations in combustion gas of large or small boilers, industrial furnaces and combustion processes or for the control of low percent oxygen combustion.
  • Electric Hammer Driven System The depth penetration of the Rotary Hefty System is
  • Wastewater Systems These wastewater treatment systems range in capacity from 5,000 gpd to 1>Mgd and are ideal for small
  • Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System The A 4-30 W provides a fully integrated and weather station interlocked feeding and control system for the company's odor-neutralization program
  • Gas Flowmeter Engineered for gas flowmeter applications, the FlexMASSter ST98 flowmeter series is available in integral and remote configurations
  • Audits (Self-Declaration/Certification) AUDITS (Self-Declaration/Certification)
  • Q-PAC A design this inspired belongs on a pedestal. Just as your clients will put you on a pedestal for saving them money reducing space requirements and maximizing efficiency
  • Air Diffuser Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. offers its line of fiberglass enclosures for use on blower/motor packages
  • Inorganic Nitrogen Reducer Munox DN Hungry Bacteria helps reduce inorganic nitrogen such as ammonia...
  • Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation System Huntington’s Complete Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation System (RCOs) offers the most reliable, cost-effective VOC/HAP control in the industry.
  • Magnetostrictive Probe Offering precise level measurement in a variety of storage vessels, the Model 1002 MSP magnetostrictive probe is designed for applications with clean and finished products
  • PFU 1600/40 The PFU1600/40 is a self-contained trailer mounted unit with a 1600 gallon storage tank.
  • Benefit-Cost Analysis of Air-Pollution Control, Halvorson and Ruby This book describes the use of benefit-cost analysis to evaluate alternative air pollution control policies.
  • Floor Mounted Chlorinator A modular, floor-mounted design offers front access to the V2000 Floor Mounted Chlorinator
  • Safety Sorb Fuel and Solvent Adsorbent Safety Sorb is a solution for spills of volatile hydrocarbons such as gasoline, racing fuel, airplane fuel, and other flammable solvents
  • Toxic Vapor Analyzer, TVA1000B

    The Thermo Scientific Toxic Vapor Analyzer, model TVA1000B, is the only over-the-shoulder portable vapor analyzer that offers both PID (Photo Ionization Detection) and FID (Flame Ionization Detection) in a single, easy-to-use instrument.

  • EnVectra Launches Next Version of Its On-line Hazardous Waste Management Resource Center EnVectra announces the release of its updated Hazardous Waste Management Resource Center
  • Top Mount Magnetic Gage The new Multiview Top Mount Magnetic Gage offers visual level indication when side-mounted level monitoring is not an option
  • Groundwater Sampler This groundwater sampler is designed to allow for the quick gathering of liquid samples in recovery wells, storage tanks
  • Incubation Tray The new Scienceware stackable petri dish incubation tray
  • Power Generator The Model 330, a member of the MicroTurbine system, is a compact, low emission, power generator providing electrical power up to 30kW...
  • Concentrated Flocculant The liquid polymer concentrate provides clarification of pond and lagoon water
  • Acid Recovery And Reclamation Systems Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. provides engineering and design services for complete Acid Recovery Systems
  • Gas Scrubbers

    Tri-Mer high-velocity spray venturi scrubbers are a preferred method for removing fine dusts from industrial air streams.

  • Radwaste and Dept. of Energy Products UltraTech engineers and develops products that meet the challenges the DOE faces in short-term and long-term storage, transportation and disposal of waste material.
  • Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers and Exhausters National Turbine can provide a wide variety of PD blower and exhauster packages to meet your system requirements
  • Scale Dissolving Solution RYDLYME liquid is designed to dissolve water scale, lime, mud, and rust deposits through a special proprietary compound which is fortified with wetting and penetrating agents
  • CLUMP - Tank Cleaning Nozzle Each nozzle in the stationary cluster is a BETE clog-resistant spiral nozzle of the TF series
  • Refrigeration Leak Software Leak Manager walks the user through a series of questions about leaking industrial process refrigeration equipment
  • Specialty Fabrications

    Tri-Mer manufactures custom plastic fabrications using polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and PVDF.

  • In-Channel Screen The Aqua-Screen is an in-channel screen that can be customized to fit virtually any existing channel
  • GLASS FILLED TEFLON CONNECTORS AND ADAPTERS Glass fiber fillers have been used with virgin TFE resins to significantly improve certain mechanical properties of our Teflon adapters to provide the following benefits...
  • Removal For SOx, SO2, SO3, HCl, HF

    UltraCat Catalytic Filter Systems have an option for dry sorbent injection of calcium or sodium-based sorbents (hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, trona) to control SO2, SO3, HCI and HF.

  • Submerged Pipeline Sonar Inspection R&R Visual is very proud to be one of the only companies in North America offering sonar pipeline inspections
  • Filter System The CECO Group’s combination Catenary Grid scrubber/CECO Site Pak coalescing filter system were designed to control emissions...
  • Grease and Grit Removal System Hi-Tech’s ProTechtor, traveling bridge grease and grit removal system, minimizes the risk of costly down time.
  • Bath Purification System Kinetico’s Pure-Chrome VI closed-loop hexavalent chrome bath purification system combines bath recycling and resin regeneration technologies...
  • Gas Blender The MGB1000 micro gas blender is a convenient device for
  • Air Cooled Blower Aftercoolers AA Series exchangers cool low-pressure gas streams with ambient air.
  • Indexing Traveling Bed Filter The Series 200-F automatic indexing travelling bed filter has been developed to remove submicron size particulate, aerosols and odors
  • Mulitmeter The Omegaette HHM90 Series multimeters are supplied with test leads, rubber boot and a 9-volt battery
  • Hot Gas Filtration

    The hot gas filtration units in the Tri-Mer UltraCat system are unique.

  • Mender Mender: Hose Barb to Hose Barb Fast installation, long lasting. Chemical resistant. Normal operating conditions 30º F to 200º F. Pressure to 150 psi at 70º F.