• Rubber Products Expansion joints, reducers, fittings, elbows, ductwork connections, vibration pipe and custom designs are all
  • Material Handling Hose
    Material Handling Hose Special reinforcing fabric cord lay-up assembly makes the Soft Wall Material Handling Hose a flexible hose for positive pressure applications
  • Solids Concentration Monitor
    Solids Concentration Monitor The Model 610 Solids Concentration Monitor is an instrument used for the measurement of suspended solids
  • PathFinder
    PathFinder Utility Mapping System
  • Trash Pumps
    Trash Pumps Trash pumps are available in centrifugal, diaphragm, and submersible configurations
  • Servo Tank Gauge
    Servo Tank Gauge For use in the oil and gas industry, the servo-activated Model 770 STG servo tank gauge is a level transmitter that measures tank-based product
  • Polyethylene Pipe Brochure "Plexco ® " is a six-page, four-color portfolio of polyethylene products designed for piping ...
  • Activated Carbon Performance Modeling
    Activated Carbon Performance Modeling

    Evoqua Water Technologies has developed computer modeling to make granular activated carbon (GAC) usage estimates quick, easy and reliable. The proper sizing of carbon adsorber beds requires an estimation of GAC usage rates.

  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Liquid Measurement
    Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Liquid Measurement Designed to measure liquids in pipe sizes from 2 to 100 in., the Sono-Trak clamp-on transit time ultrasonic
  • Model 20/2 Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Model 20/2 Hydrocarbon Analyzer The VIG Industries, Inc. Model 20/2 is a microprocessor based, oven heated total hydrocarbon analyzer for high accuracy, sensitivity and stability
  • Membrane Separations
    Membrane Separations Users of membrane separation processes, including reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration,
  • Thermo Scientific Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
    Thermo Scientific Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems

    We have devoted nearly forty years to perfecting the design and execution of demanding operational and environmental monitoring systems. Our state of the art technologies, along with long term distinguished industry performance, are qualities incorporated with each delivered system.

  • Ceramic Monolith Catalysts-VOC & CO Oxidation Catalysts
    Ceramic Monolith Catalysts-VOC & CO Oxidation Catalysts The PRO*VOC Series of custom made and off the shelf ceramic monolith catalysts are designed for the oxidation of VOC's
  • Control Valve
    Control Valve Capable of handling working pressures up to 25 bars, the C-Valve is engineered to provide stable and accurate regulation over flow rates
  • Cast Iron Exhaust Heads
    Cast Iron Exhaust Heads The Wright-Austin type 40EHC exhaust head is designed for long service life with body, cover, and separating element
  • Bulk Containers
    Bulk Containers Ultratainer's unique cylindrical inner tank design eliminates the corners, ribs, and seams
  • TITAN-OL Gas Analysis System
    TITAN-OL Gas Analysis System The Titan-OL is a turnkey, process-ready gas analysis system. The analyzer and sample handling hardware can be wall or frame mounted in a NEMA enclosure suitable for use in production environments, including Class I, Div. 1...
  • Wastewater Services
    Wastewater Services Stormwater Permits, Pretreatment Compliance Audits, NPDES: Permit Applications etc...
  • PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor
    PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor

    Real-time, respirable dust monitor for use in United States based mining applications

  • Copperhead Snake and General Purpose Sock
    Copperhead Snake and General Purpose Sock General Purpose Socks are designed to absorb oils and hydrocarbons...
  • XL2020 Ultrasonic Programmable Processor
    XL2020 Ultrasonic Programmable Processor The Misonix XL2020 sonicator features a wide range of convenient accessories for cutomizable solutions in a variety of industries.
  • Heat Recovery Systems
    Heat Recovery Systems MEGTEC can provide heat sources (direct, indirect or semi-indirect), heater boxes or plenums to satisfy your process heating needs
  • Swivel Joints
    Swivel Joints Swivel Joints by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Take the Guesswork out of pH Control
    Take the Guesswork out of pH Control Collect the data that you need to design pH control systems -- AUTOMATICALLY
  • Ambient Air Pollution Analyzers
    Ambient Air Pollution Analyzers HORIBA AP series analyzers are highly sensitive ambient air pollutions monitors that give precise, reliable measurements, and are surprisingly easy to maintain. Every model in this series meets rigorous quality and performance standards.
  • Travel and Alignment Sensing System
    Travel and Alignment Sensing System FMC Corporation’s Travel and Alignment Sensing System (TAS) was designed to electronically monitor retangular sludge collector systems...
  • Mercury Removal
    Mercury Removal

    Tri-Mer’s UltraCat ceramic filter system is compatible with standard mercury removal techniques. Control of mercury is notoriously difficult: each instance is analyzed individually and customized solutions are engineered. A few general observations can be offered, however.

  • Protective Eyewear The uvex genesis eyewear line features an ergonomic design
  • Environmental Services and Engineering
    Environmental Services and Engineering RDG provides environmental and engineering services including remediation engineering, environmental sampling and monitoring, stormwater engineering, and wastewater treatment engineering
  • General Purpose Ear Muffs
    General Purpose Ear Muffs General Purpose Ear Muffs 1435 feature large ear cups, a wide forked headband and soft sealing cushions while only weighing 7.5 oz.
  • Boot Connectors
    Boot Connectors The manufacturer makes four different styles of
  • Underground Storage Tanks The Fibre-Shield tank is designed to eliminate corrosion-protection monitoring by providing secured underground storage.
  • Environmental and Safety Inspections—Making the Most of a Bad Situation
    Environmental and Safety Inspections—Making the Most of a Bad Situation This 46-page BLR special report lets you look at environmental and safety inspections
  • Model B Series Gearpump Metering System
    Model B Series Gearpump Metering System SINGLE AND PLURAL COMPONENT
  • Polyurea Coating
    Polyurea Coating Iraseal 200 is a 100% solids, sprayable polyurea coating system that provides hydrolytic stability in long-
  • Interconnected Pads/Booms
    Interconnected Pads/Booms Featuring interconnected pads that span 12 ft by 22 in., the Superbuoyant RD is designed to remediate heavy oils and asphalt spills, and can also be used in applications where the device is exposed primarily to water
  • Pilot Extraction Columns
    Pilot Extraction Columns A broad range of laboratory and pilot plant liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) equipment is available to assist
  • Stack Sampling Control Units
    Stack Sampling Control Units Baldwin Environmental Model 32 Sample Control Unit utilizes a two-stage vacuum pump permiting isokinetic sampling rates even with high stack-gas flow rates and heavy filter loading.
  • Opacity/Dust Monitor
    Opacity/Dust Monitor The Model 550 opacity/dust monitor features an electronically modulated solid state LED to ensure stable operation
  • Combination ORP Electrode
    Combination ORP Electrode This flat surface self-cleaning ORP electrode has no moving
  • In-Stack Cyclones
    In-Stack Cyclones Designed to EPA specifications, the PM25 and PM10 in-stack cyclones perform aerodynamic
  • Industrial pH/ORP Housing
    Industrial pH/ORP Housing Engineered for industrial wastewater, the InFit 764 industrial pH/ORP housing offers individual matching to the process
  • Current-to-Pressure Transducer
    Current-to-Pressure Transducer The IPH Field-Mount Current-to-Pressure Transmitter is designed for I/P conversion in field conditions
  • Industrial-pollution Course on CD-ROM Serac's CD-ROM education course work was designed to be an instructional tool for management personnel with little or no environmental experience...
  • Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
    Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter Bailey-Fischer & Porter recently unveiled the Elsag Bailey Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
  • Spent Carbon Reactivation And Recycling
    Spent Carbon Reactivation And Recycling

    Evoqua Water Technologies operates three regional state-of-the-art reactivation and recycling facilities to handle RCRA hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and vapor phase spent carbon.

  • XAAD - Pressure-Fed, Internal Mix Air Atomizing Nozzles
    XAAD - Pressure-Fed, Internal Mix Air Atomizing Nozzles BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles.
  • Robotic Liquid Handling System
    Robotic Liquid Handling System The EXpanded Robotic Liquid Handling System is a flexible instrument capable of automating applications utilized in molecular biology
  • Hyper-Cam Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
    Hyper-Cam Hyperspectral Imaging Camera

    This lightweight and compact hyperspectral-imaging sensor uses Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) technology. It provides unparalleled spatial and spectral information about the IR targets under measurement. 

  • Internet-Ready Software LabVIEW 6i with Internet-ready capabilities is designed to
  • The Bilge Bud-e™
    The Bilge Bud-e™ The boater's best friend for absorbing fuel and oil leaks inside the bilge. For boats up to 35 feet.
  • Oil Grabber® Model MB Skims Up To 200 Gallons Of Oil Per Hour
    Oil Grabber® Model MB Skims Up To 200 Gallons Of Oil Per Hour The Abanaki Model MB Oil Grabber is a dependable and effective means of removing oil from water and water-base solutions
  • Membrane Filter Medium Coliscan-MF is for use with membrane filters and allows the use of larger samples
  • Wastewater Monitor
    Wastewater Monitor The Greenspan Wastewater Monitor provides waste treatment plant operators and water quality managers with a compact
  • Methane Analyzer (CH<sub>4</sub>, H<sub>2</sub>O)
    Methane Analyzer (CH4, H2O)

    LGR's Fast Methane Analyzer (FMA) provides continuous measurements methane (CH4) at speeds up to 20 Hz. The analyzer is simple to use, low power and rugged which makes it ideal for a wide variety of field studies that involve measurements of these greenhouse gases. The ability of LGR analyzers to make true measurements at data rates of 20 Hz makes them excellent choices for eddy covariance flux measurements and for mobile leak (e.g., natural gas, coal seam gas, coal bed methane) detection.

  • Modular Solenoid Valves
    Modular Solenoid Valves This new line of servo-assisted modular valves is for low-
  • P - Fine Atomization Misting Nozzles
    P - Fine Atomization Misting Nozzles P - Fine Atomization Misting Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Clean Air Modules
    Clean Air Modules Clean Air Modules
  • Electrically Insulative Epoxy Resin
    Electrically Insulative Epoxy Resin System EP51AO is a two component, ceramic filled, thermally conductive, electrically insulative epoxy resin compound
  • Virtual Laboratory Tour Software This CD-ROM program offers a virtual tour that allows you to experience the
  • WEFTEC 2000: New General Bulletin
    WEFTEC 2000: New General Bulletin This new general bulletin reviews the company’s full line
  • Funnels and Accessories
    Funnels and Accessories Rugged, steel Ultra-Funnels meet new EPA Closed Container Regulation 40 CFR 264.173.
  • Odor Neutralizer The company offers the 1853 liquid formulation specifically designed to neutralize odor molecules
  • CEMS & Gas Sample Conditioning Drawer
    CEMS & Gas Sample Conditioning Drawer The Compact Gas Sample Conditioning Drwaer Layout is designed to allow Easy Access
  • HACCP & HACCP-9000 Registrations NSF International offers unmatched food safety and quality
  • Filter Media Consulting Services FILTER MEDIA CONSULTING has published close to 100 single-client market assessment reports during the last 20 years
  • Industrial Exhaust Hoods
    Industrial Exhaust Hoods

    Tri-Mer industrial exhaust hoods are ideally suited for corrosive or volatile exhausts: mists, vapors, gases, aerosols and fine particulate.

  • SmoKey
    SmoKey SmoKey is a modified and re programmed Texas Instruments TI-85 calculator that is used to enter opacity data in the field with a single keystroke
  • Sweep Automation Brush System
    Sweep Automation Brush System This patented stainless steel Algae Sweep Automation brush system controls algae and debris build-up
  • Refrigerant Transition Software The Refrigerant Transition Manager is a tool to help justify containment, conversion and replacement projects for common chillers
  • Universal Multiloop Controller
    Universal Multiloop Controller This UMC Universal Multiloop Controller offers an integrated solution that cost effectively performs loop and
  • Commonly Asked Questions about Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers Viatec offers a reprint of 9 commonly asked questions about its THERME2America Solefm PVDF fluoropolymer heat exchangers...
  • Storage and Transportation Tank
    Storage and Transportation Tank The 550-gallon Megatainer is engineered to transport bulk chemical shipments
  • Electrochemical Sensor
    Electrochemical Sensor The PureAire TX 250 XP Detector is used for monitoring methane in H2S scrubbing processes and pipelines.
  • Avoid Downtime with Mobile PV ® Series Trailer-Mounted Carbon Adsorption Systems
    Avoid Downtime with Mobile PV ® Series Trailer-Mounted Carbon Adsorption Systems

    The Mobile PV® Series Carbon Adsorption System is a trailer-mounted option which features our PV® Series liquid phase carbon adsorbers in a self-contained unit and is ideally suited for temporary or emergency events, or, to pilot test new technology -- all without the need of capital investment.

  • Pipeline Inspection
    Pipeline Inspection The P455 TwinView digital color camera features a dual view sensor, auto-upright picture and 1 lux digital color
  • Wet Scrubber Monitoring System
    Wet Scrubber Monitoring System An in-situ gas detection-and-measurement system, designed for wet-scrubber emissions, provides detection in environments ...
  • Latitude Precast Agarose Gels
    Latitude Precast Agarose Gels Latitude precast midigels eliminate your gel prep time. Simply place the gel on the chamber, weight the gel with the supplied gel anchor
  • Model 1900 Sampler Conditioner
    Model 1900 Sampler Conditioner This system accurately delivers diluted sample to a wide range of analyzers
  • WEFTEC 2000: Self-Cleaning Screen
    WEFTEC 2000: Self-Cleaning Screen This company will present the Center-Flo/RP screen at
  • Life Support Systems Division
    Life Support Systems Division GEOMET's Life Support Systems Division provides comprehensive support in the development of personal protective systems
  • Secondary Treatment Systems
    Secondary Treatment Systems Monarch's Secondary System technology consists of an Induced Gas Flotation (IGF), Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), or a combined CPI/IGF Treatment System
  • Electrostatic Probe The Correstat electrostatic probe by Auburn International monitors conditions with gas phase polymerization reactors and other electrostatically impacted processes...
  • Mobile Pretreatment Trailer
    Mobile Pretreatment Trailer

    Evoqua Water Technologies' mobile pretreatment trailers are self-contained, trailer-mounted systems ideally suited for temporary multimedia filtration, iron filtration, activated carbon, or softening.

  • PAGEr Gold Precast Tris-Glycine Gels
    PAGEr Gold Precast Tris-Glycine Gels PAGEr Gold precast gels in Tris-Glycine buffer are polyacrylamide minigels for vertical protein electrophoresis
  • Parson CA Liner 100 Parson CA Liner 100 is a structural, corrosion resistant lining to restore deteriorated sewage structures.
  • SonicKleen WESP
    SonicKleen WESP The SonicKleen Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) removes submicron particulate, heavy metals, dioxins and furans, mists, and fumes from process gas streams.
  • Waste to Energy Services
    Waste to Energy Services We provide waste-to-energy services for product returns and off-spec production, taking care of profiling, transport and recycling at the plants
  • Open Lead Rings
    Open Lead Rings The open lead rings fit around tubing and fittings already in place in a fluid handling setup
  • Mercury Analyzer
    Mercury Analyzer The 6500 Mercury Analyzer uses atomic absorption spectroscopy to provide accurate and dependable measurements of mercury. The 6500 Mercury Analyzer is an instrument that truly provides real-time data collection, online verification and data logging.
  • 25 Yard Roll-Off Container Filter
    25 Yard Roll-Off Container Filter Front floor sections fold up for easy cleaning
  • TrojanUVPhox&trade; &mdash; Environmental Contaminant Treatment System
    TrojanUVPhox™ — Environmental Contaminant Treatment System

    The TrojanUVPhox™ was designed to maximize efficiency - using 50%-90% less energy than other similarly sized UV reactors. Through the extensive use of computational fluid dynamics models and other computer simulation tools, it has been optically and hydraulically optimized to provide extremely efficient and cost-effective UV treatment. Its unique design allows for the use of multiple reactors in series.

  • Model 102 Snap on PID
    Model 102 Snap on PID Easy to interchange modules for 9.5, 10.2, or 11.7 lamps just snap on to the Docking Module...
  • Market Research Report “The environmental Industry: Market Forces, Strategies and Tactics Through 2000” is a market research report which
  • Remedial System Design/Build
    Remedial System Design/Build The Remedial Technologies Division has designed and constructed a number of integrated systems configured to meet site-specific cleanup criteria while satisfying air and/or water quality discharge standards
  • Custom Engineered Building Systems
    Custom Engineered Building Systems A manufacturer of silicone spray conveys filled canisters of product from their main manufacturing building into a
  • Process Oxygen Analyzers
    Process Oxygen Analyzers Simple to install and operate, the 1800/1900 process oxygen
  • Deionization &mdash; Demineralization: <b>Recoflo&reg; Demineralizer</b>
    Deionization — Demineralization: Recoflo® Demineralizer Reduce costs, reduce space requirements, and produce high purity water with innovative Recoflo® technology. Eco-Tec’s Recoflo® Demineralizer offers proven efficiency, reduced waste generation, and low operating costs without the need for a mixed-bed polisher.
  • Product Recovery System
    Product Recovery System The Keck Product Recovery System incorporates a stainless steel pump that has a field-replaceable bladder
  • Environmental Monitors
    Environmental Monitors SICK’s Environmental Monitors division provides dust concentration monitors to record emissions from oil and coal-fired power stations, cement works, coal mill outlets and waste incineration plants