• Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Designed to provide the features and performance of a four-wire transmitter, the 505-4200 series two-wire Universal Sonic level transmitter has a measuring range of 30 ft
  • CO2 Detector
    CO2 Detector Bacharach, Inc. introduces the new Bacharach C02 monitor detecting and warning device
  • Single Mode Vacuum Loader
    Single Mode Vacuum Loader The Guzzler 4816 is a single mode vacuum loader designed for safety and simplicity
  • Electrical Cabinets
    Electrical Cabinets Electrical Cabinets
  • X/Y Dispensing System
    X/Y Dispensing System Sheepscot Machine Works has the capability to integrate any of its meter/mix systems with commercially available xy motion systems from most manufacturers...
  • 1998 Government Requirements Catalog The "Government Institute Publications Catalog 1998" is comprised of 36, two-color pages, plus cover...
  • Amerisorb System
    Amerisorb System The Amerisorb process is specifically designed for the removal of organics from liquid waste streams
  • Pipe Inspection System The new 3-D digital video-based pipe inspection system is based on an instrument-controlled robot, the Radiax Vector
  • RETOX RTO With Scrubber For Halogenated VOC Abatement
    RETOX RTO With Scrubber For Halogenated VOC Abatement Adwest Technologies' RETOX Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) systems provides the chemical, hydrocarbon processing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and coatings markets with cost effective point source VOC abatement
  • Airborne Fiber Monitor
    Airborne Fiber Monitor The FM-7400 monitors airborne fibers such as asbestos, mineral wool,
  • Drain Inserts
    Drain Inserts The Drain Diaper is a simple device designed to fit most catch basins
  • Tank Warranties
    Tank Warranties Snyder-Crown Industrial Products have extended warranties on four of their tank offerings for the storage of sodium hypochlorite
  • Digital Ton Cylinder Scale
    Digital Ton Cylinder Scale Model 3001™ through Model 3006™ (6 models) Electronic (digital) TON Cylinder Scales with 4-20ma Standard....
  • Valve Box Inserts
    Valve Box Inserts Parson Valve Box Inserts are made of high density polyethylene and have been proven effective in reducing or preventing surface water inflow, dirt and debris that collects in a water valve box
  • Flame Retardants & Smoke Suppressants
    Flame Retardants & Smoke Suppressants MagShield magnesium hydroxide products are designed to provide non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-halogenated flame retardance and smoke suppression
  • Ammonia Sensor
    Ammonia Sensor A renewable electrochemical sensor for the detection and measurement of ammonia (NH3) is now available from...
  • Additional Reagents for Aromatics in Water Fifteen ampoules (10ml or 20ml) of extraction reagent, fifteen vials of color development reagent...
  • Service Plans In consideration of the payments provided in the quotation, ASOMA/WTC Engineering will supply for one year
  • Double Vortex Pump
    Double Vortex Pump Two distinct vortices are created within the pump to weave and pass any solids through the pump
  • Type STT04
    Type STT04 Bailey-Fischer & Porter introduces its latest handheld smart transmitter terminal, the Type STT04
  • Video Recording Device
    Video Recording Device Datavis is a four-channel paperless video recording device featuring an LCD display
  • Ashcroft Duragauge PLUS!
    Ashcroft Duragauge PLUS! The Ashcroft Duragauge PLUS! is for applications with high-vibration or pulsation applications, those who seek longer life gauges, and those who prefer not to use liquid-filled gauges
  • Heat Exchanger has Teflon Coated Housing
    Heat Exchanger has Teflon Coated Housing The housing of this heat exchanger is coated with Teflon, which is resistant to many corrosive chemicals
  • Washwater Recycling System
    Washwater Recycling System This six-page, 4-color gate foldout uses a spread to diagram the features--for example, multiple filters--of the Water Maze Delta self-contained washwater recycling systems.
  • Travel and Alignment Sensing System
    Travel and Alignment Sensing System FMC Corporation’s Travel and Alignment Sensing System (TAS) was designed to electronically monitor retangular sludge collector systems...
  • Horizontal Drilling Pump
    Horizontal Drilling Pump Blackhawk Environmental Company introduces its Anchor Piston pump designed for horizontal drilling applications
  • Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instrument Service Offerings
    Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instrument Service Offerings

    Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instruments provide world class monitoring instruments, systems and service. Tailored to meet our customer’s technical and budgetary needs, our expert service team can provide a wide range of services and support that will help our customers to maintain required up-time and data accuracy to meet federal, state and local air quality monitoring regulations.

  • In-Situ NOx/O2 Monitor: INM-700
    In-Situ NOx/O2 Monitor: INM-700 HORIBA's INM-700 in-situ gas analyzer is designed to meet the requirements of coal-fired power generation plants for cost-effective, low maintenance NOX monitoring.
  • Sampling Systems
    Sampling Systems Perma Pure Inc.’s GASS Gas Analysis Sampling Systems incorporate coalescing filter and Nafion Gas Dryer in a heated enclosure to...
  • Conductivity Monitor
    Conductivity Monitor The TecnoLine LF 171 conductivity monitor features exclusive EMC lightning protection circuitry, dual
  • Personal Monitor The BodyGuard personal monitor is a safe device with a backlit LCD display
  • Rotary Calciners
    Rotary Calciners Bartlett-Snow Rotary Calciners are manufactured for the continuous processing of material at high temperatures in an oxidizing, inert or reducing atmosphere
  • Granular Activated Carbon and Systems GET will supply both liquid and vapor phase carbon and systems and competitive prices
  • EnVectra Shipper EnVectra Shipper™ is a comprehensive service for the management, transport, and disposal of hazardous waste
  • Dynacalibrators
    Dynacalibrators VICI Metronics Dynacalibrators allow you to verify the accuracy of analytical data from air pollution monitoring, industrial hygiene surveys, odor surveys, and other instruments measuring gas concentration
  • EH&S Products
    EH&S Products EH&S Products reaches every major influence in the environmental, health and safety marketplace.
  • Interconnected Pads/Booms
    Interconnected Pads/Booms Featuring interconnected pads that span 12 ft by 22 in., the Superbuoyant RD is designed to remediate heavy oils and asphalt spills, and can also be used in applications where the device is exposed primarily to water
  • In-Line Infrared Sensors
    In-Line Infrared Sensors The "Wilks IR Plug," is an in-line, mid-infrared sensor that continually monitors infrared absorption at any selected wavelength between 2 and 14 mm
  • AW-2k-C Analyzer The AW-2K-C was created to meet the specific needs of coal-fired industrial sites
  • Series 9000 H Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Series 9000 H Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    The Baseline® Series 9000 H is a high-temperature member of the extraordinary Series 9000 family of gas analyzers. The Series 9000 is the candidate of choice whenever accurate, reliable hydrocarbon analysis is required.

  • Sulfur Emissions Report Generator (SERG)
    Sulfur Emissions Report Generator (SERG) WTC Inc.’s Sulfur Emissions Report Generator consists of an Excel program, SERG.xls, which creates standard reports for sulfur emissions monitoring
  • ACR Jr. Info Logger - Electronic Data Logger
    ACR Jr. Info Logger - Electronic Data Logger ACR Jr. Info Logger is the easiest to use electronic data logger available. With its precision calibrated internal temperature sensor, all you have to do is place the logger in the field an leave it. Once you have gathered the desired information, simply plug the logger into a PC's serial port and view the logged information. That's it!
  • Wet Electrostatic Precipitator
    Wet Electrostatic Precipitator The self-cleaning wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) is designed to harness electrostatic forces and temperature differential to affect particle movement
  • Springs and Wire Forms
    Springs and Wire Forms We supply compression, extension and torsion springs in wire diameter from 0.010 “ to 0.625 “and larger on special orders
  • Carbon Monoxide Analyzer (CO, H<sub>2</sub>O)
    Carbon Monoxide Analyzer (CO, H2O)

    LGR's CO Analyzer (Carbon Monoxide Analyzer) measures ambient levels of carbon monoxide with a precision better than 0.1 ppb in 1 second. The instrument may be set up in minutes and does not require cryogens. In addition, the CO Analyzer simultaneously measures water vapor mixing ratios with high precision. As a result, the instrument also reports CO on a dry mole basis accurately, in real time, without the need for sample drying, empirical corrections, or any post processing.

  • Electric Pump Blackhawk Environmental Company announces its new electric Anchor Piston Pump for deep set well recovery
  • Tramp Oil Solutions
    Tramp Oil Solutions This portable compact separator system, combined with skim-pak™ technology, simplifies your coolant purification process
  • NOx Removal Branch Environmental can provide several different technologies for removing oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from air or flue gas. The best treatment method for your application will depend on the conditions of operation.
  • Positive Displacement Pump
    Positive Displacement Pump Hose Piston Diaphragm Pumps are positive displacement pumps used in industrial applications where low flows and high heads are required
  • PH Sensor Systems
    PH Sensor Systems A line of four pH meters and ten pH probes based on rugged ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) sensor technology has been released
  • Particulate Dryer Maintenance
    Particulate Dryer Maintenance

    The Thermo Scientific&trade Particulate Dryer Maintenance Program provides flexible options for the maintenance of Thermo Scientific™ TEOM™ Series and Thermo Scientific™ Model 8500-C particulate dryers.

  • Chemical Filters
    Chemical Filters Ducon supplies custom engineered chemical srtippers to remove benzene, ammonia, volatile organic compunds and other inorganic chemicals and gases from water and waste water streams
  • Standard Tower Packing
    Standard Tower Packing The open structure of Raflux rings ensures a regular flow through the packed bed resulting in a minimal pressure
  • Greenhouse Gas Software To assist businesses in meeting the commitments made by their governments under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce their
  • Fine Atomization, Fog Nozzles
    Fine Atomization, Fog Nozzles Fine Atomization, Fog Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Lab Software Version 2.6 of Lab Data Checker Software allows environmental analytical labs to check many different electronic data
  • Pocket-Size Gas Monitor
    Pocket-Size Gas Monitor A single gas monitor with digital display, the Gas Baron Series is a pocket-size gas monitor with a rugged, weatherproof, RF shielded housing
  • Vacuum Cleaner
    Vacuum Cleaner The Competition Series trailer-mounted vacuum machine can be used to collect or reclaim materials,...
  • Model 190:Basic model
    Model 190:Basic model The Model 190 is our basic model, offering all the standard features and configurations
  • VIS/NIR Analyzer
    VIS/NIR Analyzer The Model 680 VIS/NIR Analyzer with the AF20 Inline Sensor Series measures the spectral absorbance of liquids
  • Underground Storage Tank Guide It contains a full range of workable, practical, cost-effective solutions for tough environmental issues related to underground storage tanks
  • Instruments for the Lab
    Instruments for the Lab "Environmental Lab...Plus!" contains 28 color pages displaying lab-analysis equipment...
  • Model E-6000 Series Analyzer Description A 40w, 24 vdc modified SIC source, chopped at 900Hz with a 360 rpm MIL spec., synchronous motor
  • All-weather Compliance Stack Analyzer, Testo 360
    All-weather Compliance Stack Analyzer, Testo 360 The testo 360 is a lap-top operated portable emission analyzer that uses menudriven Windows software
  • Spill Kit 3
    Spill Kit 3 SPILLS HAPPEN. PLAN AHEAD. ChemSpill.com offers an infinite variety of spill kits, absorbents, pads, booms, socks
  • Software Add-on MSDSFile manages scanned images of MSDSs and indexes key data needed for reporting, including Tier II reports required for SARA Title III.
  • Testo Introduces Five NEW Pocket-sized Meters
    Testo Introduces Five NEW Pocket-sized Meters Testo, Inc., is releasing their revolutionary new STICKS specifically designed for the HVAC industry
  • Soft Start AC Motor Control
    Soft Start AC Motor Control The LC5 Series soft start control is designed for installation between an existing electromechanical starter or contactor and the motor
  • Safety Meetings Library on CD-ROM
    Safety Meetings Library on CD-ROM This revolutionary new reference tool is guaranteed to make safety training easier
  • Guide to Selecting Metering Pumps
    Guide to Selecting Metering Pumps This new guide helps users plan a chemical feed installation and specify the right chemical metering pump
  • SIR System-10H The SIR System-10H is a digital system designed for high-speed data acquisition
  • Virtual Laboratory Tour Software This CD-ROM program offers a virtual tour that allows you to experience the
  • Flow Sensor/Switch
    Flow Sensor/Switch The new Type 8032 sensor/switch series is designed to switch a valve, relay or pump and establish an ON/OFF
  • WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management
    WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management FLUMP can be used to clean ponds or lagoons of biosolids, lime and alum sludges, residuals, and to keep water intake
  • Two-Way Water Valve
    Two-Way Water Valve This new two-way valve (type 6228) provides an ON/OFF flow control solution, especially when combined with Burkert’s
  • NEPACheck
    NEPACheck NEPACheck provides information which may be used to help determine whether a site will have the potential to cause environmental impact, as defined by NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act).
  • Smart Valve Positioner
    Smart Valve Positioner Compact, rugged and lightweight, the SVP3000 Alphaplus is a fully automatic, high accuracy smart valve positioner
  • Centrifugal Molding
    Centrifugal Molding Centrifugal molding machines are commonly used in the filtration industry to make the paper-to-housing seal on various types of filter products, including HEPA and respirator filters...
  • Model 49i Ozone Analyzer
    Model 49i Ozone Analyzer

    The industry’s new best-of-breed. Our customers told us exactly what they’re looking for in a gas monitoring solution: reliability, simplicity, ease of use. The new iSeries platform delivers on all counts – and then goes a step farther

  • Distillation Towers
    Distillation Towers Safety, quality, and schedule performance make us industry leaders in this important specialty business
  • Gas Filter Correlation CO Analyzer Model 6300
    Gas Filter Correlation CO Analyzer Model 6300 The Model 6300 measures low ranges of carbon monoxide by comparing infrared energy absorbed by a sample to that absorbed by a reference according to the Beer-Lambert law.
  • COMBUSTROL FACT Flue Gas Conditioning System
    COMBUSTROL FACT Flue Gas Conditioning System The Wheelabrator COMBUSTROL FACT Flue Gas Conditioning System is an efficient, flexible and cost-effective option
  • Nitrous Oxide Analyzer, Model 46i
    Nitrous Oxide Analyzer, Model 46i

    The Thermo Scientific Nitrous Oxide Analyzer, Model 46i utilizes gas filter correlation technology to measure ambient levels of Nitrous Oxide concentrations.

  • School Test Kit
    School Test Kit Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) now offers a screening tool to assist you in evaluating the quality of your school’s indoor environment
  • Ultrasonic Level and Flow Monitor
    Ultrasonic Level and Flow Monitor Featuring a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor, the SLT32 level and flow monitor can be used as a level transmitter for tank inventory applications
  • Environmental Instrument The YSI 6600 is a member of the 6-Series Environmental Products, which are the industry standard for profiling, logging, and long-term monitoring applications...
  • Flange Insulation Kits
    Flange Insulation Kits Flange insulation is said to be the most widely used form
  • Hydrocarbon Clean Up
    Hydrocarbon Clean Up Principal areas of AES services for the detection, investigation, and cleanup of underground storage tank release
  • Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 48i Series
    Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 48i Series

    The Thermo Scientific Oxygen Sensor Module, Model 48i Series is a gas filter correlation analyzer with paramagnetic sensor technology.

  • Mobile Horizontal Filter Trailer
    Mobile Horizontal Filter Trailer

    Evoqua Water Technologies' horizontal filtration trailer (HFT) is a high-capacity, trailer-mounted system designed to provide temporary water treatment in a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications.

  • Oil Detector A dual monochromator/fluorescence detector is equipped with a preparative flow cell (10-mm ID) that allows...
  • Barnes SEV 412 Series
    Barnes SEV 412 Series Submersible sewage ejector pumps for a wide variety of relatively light through heavy-duty wastewater services.
  • Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems
    Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems CECO Filters, Inc. introduces two complete Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems
  • Model CID-2S and CID-4S
    Model CID-2S and CID-4S The SWS CID Inactivates Cryptosporidium oocysts and Giardia cysts without chemical addition, filtrate disposal or production of harmful by-products
  • Knife Gate
    Knife Gate The Flexgate slurry knife gate from Red Valve is now available in an open bottom, “slotted” configuration.
  • Solvent Removal System
    Solvent Removal System The C-Sparger System is designed specifically for removal of dissolved degreasing solvents
  • Advanced Combustion Systems
    Advanced Combustion Systems ACS offers complete combustion engineering and manufacturing. Consulting, research and development, custom
  • The It Group Announces $42 Million In Commercial Project Awards Including Strategically Important Watershed Restoration Projects The It Group Announces $42 Million In Commercial Project Awards Including Strategically Important Watershed Restoration Projects
  • 1100 Series Vortex Sample Chiller
    1100 Series Vortex Sample Chiller Universal Analyzers Inc. offers a Gas Sample Chiller that conforms to NEC Hazardous Location Class 1
  • Polyad System
    Polyad System Polyad is a unique patented process for control of VOC in high volume air stream applications such as paint booth off-gas capture