"Filter-check" SubMicron Aerosol Spectrometer/Filter Efficiency Monitor

Source: GRIMM Technologies, Inc.
"Filter-check" SubMicron Aerosol Spectrometer/Filter Efficiency Monitor
The requirement for filter efficiency measurement (contamination control) has been outlined for years
The requirement for filter efficiency measurement contamination control) has been outlined for years by ASHRAE 52.1 as a classical gravimetric method. Since the concentration of smaller particulate in ambient air is dramatically increasing, new methods need to be developed for air cleaning devices to study the removal efficiency by particle size. The new ASHREA standard 52.2 soon will be in effect. GRIMM's new Portable Fine Dust Particle Size Distribution Analyzer, Version 7.309, is designed to fulfill US ASHREA 52.2 five-category/twenty subgroups. It is also useful for the European nine-category Method Eurovent 4/9 for testing coarse material and/or
  • General Ventilation Filters, Germany DIN 24185
  • Air filters of fractional efficiency and the Euro-standard EN 779
  • Respiratory Protective devices, Europe, EN 143
  • Half Mask Testing requirements, Europe, EN 149
  • Engine and Compressor Filters, Europe, EN 1822
  • Many more standards for specific applications.
Key Features
  • Measurement Range: 0.01 to 100,000µg/m3, or 1-2,000,000 Particles/liter, without range change.
  • Useful for most dust masses or dust types (even DOP, DEHS, etc...).
  • Constant precision over entire measurement range.
  • Automatic control of the laser- and airflow.
  • Digital output as RS 232 of all attached sensors and the two spectrometers.
  • Data Storage on removable memory cards
  • LEDstatus display for counts/or mass, sensors, data, time, etc...
  • Display of error functions, battery power, etc.
  • Complete remote control via laptop/PC.
  • Portable, battery driven, complete unit weighing only 6 lbs. (2.8 kg)
  • Stainless steel Isokinetic sampling , with automatic flow control system
  • Real-time particle size distribution in 12 ranges from 0.25 to 3 microns
  • Built-in pressure differential sensor to be connected to the filter
  • Attachable wind speed sensor, so variable air flow can be recorded
  • Temperature and humidity sensor for aerosol study attached
  • Measured dust is sampled on removable PTFE filter for analysis
  • Comes in solid carrying case, easy installation in the field.
  • Can be connected to a laptop to read results in real time.
  • Possible wind velocity changes and associated mass distribution changes can be displayed
  • Filter Efficiency change in relation to particle sizes can be displayed (Most Penetrating size).
  • Pressure change in relation to the dust load and particle size can be demonstrated.
  • Recovery time of filters after clean up can be determined.
  • The influence to temperature and humidity changes of aerosols can be demonstrated.
  • Gravimetric or chemical analysis after measurement of removable filter possible.
  • Easy installation of the system in existing ventilation/ wind tunnels, since only two one-inch openings needed.

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