New Drive Technology

Source: Robicon
This new technology allows Robicon's series-cell multi-
This new technology allows Robicon's series-cell multi-level drives to be used with synchronous motors. It eliminates the need for synchronous motor users to rely on load commutated inverters (LCIs), allowing them to take advantage of the improved harmonics and clean power input of Robicon's medium voltage variable frequency drives (VFD).

While synchronous motors offers efficiency and reliability benefits, their functionality has been limited by the need for current-fed LCIs in their design. LCIs create a number of drawbacks when used with synchronous motors such as difficulty starting, high input and output harmonic distortion, and poor power factor.

With the introduction of this technology, synchronous motors can now be controlled with Robicon's Prefect Harmony medium voltage drives, which use modern semiconductor switching devices to overcome the limitations of LCIs. The Harmony drives involve a distributed power architecture topology, providing clean power input and near perfect sinusoidal output. These modern medium voltage drives overcome power quality problems such as harmonic distortions, motor degradation, and allow for the use of standard synchronous motors that will reduce initial purchase costs. Existing synchronous motors can also be retrofitted using the Perfect Harmony medium voltage drives.

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