Emissions Location Software

Source: Sensible Technologies, Inc.
Emissions Location Software
PinPoint software uses a new patented technology to locate
PinPoint software uses a new patented technology to locate unknown emission sources. The software analyzes wind and air quality monitoring concentration data and produces a map that identifies the locations of on- and off-site emissions sources. Many times sites already have a wind and concentration database. Low-level concentration data in these databases are often ignored. However, the software can use this data to locate an unknown source before it becomes a problem.

With the software, users can zoom in on an area of interest for closer scrutiny. As the quality and quantity of the concentration data increases, so does the definition and ability to look at smaller areas with higher confidence. Both near and distant off-site emission sources can be located. A near source within three diameters of the monitored site usually appears as a discrete source. The software is routinely used to monitor remediation activity and to locate subsurface sources of emissions. It has proven to be very useful in identifying both on-site and off-site sources. Applications include:

•Chemical and industrial facilities
•Transportation facilities including terminals, seaports and traffic areas
•Gas and chemical pipelines
•Dust and odor complaints and problems
•Hazardous waste and Superfund sites
•Municipal sites
•Military sites (for example, locating chemical warfare agents)
•Exploration (gas and oil)
•Law enforcement (for example, locating drug labs)
•Legal defense

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