MetaPhor agarose

The high resolution agarose that challenges polyacrylamide
The high resolution agarose that challenges polyacrylamide.

MetaPhor is an intermediate melting temperature agarose with twice the resolution capabilities of the finest sieving agarose products. You can resolve PCR products and DNA fragments, differing in size by 2%, in the range of 200 bp to 800 bp, by submarine gel electrophoresis. For example, a 200 bp DNA fragment can be separated from a 204 bp fragment. With newly developed fast running protocols, DNA differing in size by 1% can be resolved in as little as 1.5 hours in a 20 cm long horizontal or vertical gel format. MetaPhor agarose gels (2% to 4%) approximate the resolution of polyacrylamide gels (4% to 8%). These agarose gels are ideal for separating AMPFLPs, STRs, and tri- and tetranucleotide repeats.

MetaPhor agarose is easy to cast and forms easy-to-handle gels. It is tested to verify consistent, fine DNA resolution from lot to lot. Protocols

Analytical Specifications
Gelling temp. (3%): <35° C
Melting temp. (3%): <75° C
Moisture: <10%
EEO (-mr): <0.05
Gel strength (3%): >300 g/cm2

Quality and Performance Tests
DNase and RNase activity: None detected.

DNA resolution: 4 bp resolution of DNA fragments at 200 bp and 16 bp resolution at 800 bp in TBE buffer.

Gel background: Gel exhibits low background fluorescence after ethidium bromide staining.

DNA binding: None detected.

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