Three Point Samplers

Source: Environmental Supply Company, Inc.
Three Point Samplers
RATA-3 Samplers are designed to perform relative accuracy
RATA-3 Samplers are designed to perform relative accuracy test audits and are available in several models. The Valveless Simultaneous RATA-3 Sampler utilizes critical orifice flow control from the three extraction points to achieve uniform simultaneous 3-point sampling. Calibration gas is introduced in the orifice manifold where the three flow-regulated paths converge. The Manual 5-Way Valve Sampler and the Solenoid Actuated 5-Way Valve Sampler perform sequential, individual point sampling using a 5-way valve. The calibration gas inlet occupies the fourth position of the valve. All Samplers include a heated 2-in. probe sheath, heated sample box with tubular particulate filter and bulkhead fittings for sample line and cal gas hookups. The remotely actuated 5-way valve sampler includes a control module and cable up to 300' long to allow valve position control and monitoring from a distance.

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