NuSieve 3:1 agarose

Easy-to-handle gels for PCR product separation and blotting
Easy-to-handle gels for PCR product separation and blotting.

NuSieve 3:1 is a standard melting temperature agarose. This molecular biology grade agarose yields strong gels for fine resolution of small DNA, RNA, and PCR* products < 1 kb. These easy-to-handle gels enhance the speed of gel processing and blotting.

Performance testing of NuSieve 3:1 agarose ensures fine resolution of DNA fragments up to 1,000 bp, though this agarose is capable of finely resolving DNA fragments ranging from 10 bp up to 1,500 bp on one gel.

NuSieve 3:1 agarose is designed for analytical electrophoresis. If you prefer using a low melting temperature agarose, BioWhittaker Molecular Applications recommends NuSieve GTG agarose, which is certified for applications requiring complete compatibility with enzymes used in cloning.

Analytical Specifications
Gelling temp. (4%): 32.5°-38° C
Melting temp. (4%): <90° C
Moisture: <10%
Sulfate: <0.15%
EEO (-mr): <0.13
Gel strength (4%): >1,400 g/cm2

Quality and Performance Tests
DNase and RNase activity: None detected.

Resolution: DNA fragments <1,000 bp are finely resolved after electrophoresis.

Gel background: Gel exhibits low background fluorescence after ethidium bromide staining.

DNA binding: None detected.

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