Infrared Thermometers for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Source: Testo, Inc.
You can choose from 2 infrared measuring instruments for non-contact temperature measurement
You can choose from 2 infrared thermometers for non-contact temperature measurement.

Quicktemp 850-1

Optical LED sighting at short distance from the object to be measured
Small spot with a 0.1" diameter at a distance of 1.2"

Quicktemp 850-2

Optical laser sighting at long distance from the object to be measured
Measuring spot with a 2.8" diameter at a distance of 39.4"


  • User-friendly operation, no calibration and no focusing required
  • Freely selectable emissivity for higher accuracies
  • Hold function
  • Max. and min. values can be recalled
  • Selectable limit value
  • Alarm function
  • Compact, practical design

    Advanced sighting technology simplifies non-contact temperature measurement.

  • Spot checks on refrigeration counters and chambers
  • Measurements on electronic components
  • Check on compressors, engines, and bearings
  • Measurements on live objects, (i.e. in a control cabinet or a transformer)
  • Measurements on rotating and moving parts
  • Monitoring lacquering process (i.e. car production)
  • Measurement during mixing (i.e. paste, rubber, pastry)
  • Steam traps

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