Source: Air Instruments & Measurements, Inc.
AIM designs and manufactures World Class gas analyzers and complete systems for environmental monitoring
AIM designs and manufactures World Class gas analyzers and complete systems for environmental monitoring, and represents an extensive line of portable and fixed systems for flammable and toxic gas detection.

Measuring: NH3, NO, NO2, NOx, N2O, N2O4, SO2, SO3, H2SO4, H2S, CS2, COS, CO, CO2, H2, Cl2, ClO2, HCl, HF, HCN, PH3, COCl2, AsH3, SiH4, THC, R11,12,13, R124A, CH4, CHOH, BTX, Amines, Phenols, Aldehydes, Ethylene oxide, H20, H2O2, Dust, O2, O3, flow, T, P, etc....

Gas Detectors:
 Electrochemical, Fuel Cell, Solid State
and Catalytic Bead
 Toxic and Flammable Gases

 AIM - IR, Vis, or UV absorption spectroscopy [GFC, DOAS, dispersive];
 Plus... FTIR, GC, solid state, etc.

 Process... from 10 ppm full-scale to % levels,
 Ambient/Toxic gases... ppb levels to % LEL.

 In-Situ and extractive sampling,
 Multiple analytes with one analyzer,
 Unique or difficult applications, &
 Custom sensor developments.

 Process Control,
 Environmental Monitoring,
 Scrubber Control,
 De-NOx Control,
 Combustion Optimization,
 Vehicle Emissions Monitoring,
 Open-Path/Remote Monitoring,
 Ambient Air Monitoring,
 Toxic gas Monitoring.

 Liquid or Gaseous Samples,
 Extractive - heated, or cooled,
 In-situ - direct or fiber-coupled,
 Open-Path measurements,
 Remote sensing.

Industrial Processes:
 Industrial boilers,
 Utility boilers,
 Recovery boilers,
 Turbines/cogeneration,
 Furnaces,
 Process heaters,
 Municipal waste incinerators,
 Hospital waste incinerators,
 Hazardous waste incinerators,
 Acid Plants, Fertilizer plants,
 Smelters,
 Dryers,
 Kilns,
 BOFs, etc.

Hardware Configurations:
 On-stream Analyzers,
 Bench-top Analyzers,
 Complete Monitoring Systems,
 Ambient Air Stations,
 Transportable Systems,
 Van/Truck-mounted Systems,
 Remote Sensors - Fenceline
 Remote Sensors - Vehicle Exhaust.

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