LSR's Core Separator System

Source: LSR Technologies, Inc.

The Core Separator® particulate removal system provides high removal efficiency of fine particles
The Core Separator® particulate removal system is the most innovative control technology introduced to the market in years. It provides high removal efficiency of fine particles at a cost/CFM that is substantially lower than bag filters or electrostatic precipitators. While being cost effective, the Core Separator offers high performance; achieving emissions levels typically 3-6 times lower than the best "high efficiency" cyclones. More than 60 units are now in service in the U.S. and Europe in capacities up to 150,000 ACFM in applications for particulate emission control and for product recovery. The Core Separator was developed through support from the U.S EPA, Department of Energy, and Electric Power Research Institute. It is patented in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

The Core Separator has the following advantages over conventional collectors:

  • High removal efficiency- even for 1.0 micron particles
  • Wide turndown range- many times better than cyclone collectors
  • High temperature operation- up to 1200°F
  • Flexible design- able to be easily retrofitted
    The Core Separator has been applied to emissions control on wood and coal-fired heating boilers and wood dryers as well as for product recovery applications, where it has provided a short payback period due to its high efficiency. In applications where high removal efficiencies are needed, the Core Separator may be the most cost-effective device. In addition to low capital cost, it has low operating costs, high reliability, no moving parts, and no liquid waste streams.

    The system includes one special component, a high efficiency separator and two conventional components, a cyclone collector for extracting solids and a fan for flow recirculation. The Core Separator is actually a multitude of cylindrical units. Each unit has a single inlet for the stream to be treated and two outlets, one for the cleaned gas stream and the other containing a highly concentrated recirculation stream. The dust-laden recirculation stream is fed to the cyclone and then returns again by means of the fan. The processes of separation and collection are accomplished separately and by different components. The Core Separator cleans the inlet stream and detains dust particles in the system. Since its efficiency is quite high, the dust particles cannot leave the system. They recirculate again and again until collected in the cyclone.

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