1. Wet Dust Collection for Airborne Dust

    Whirl Wet provides High Efficiency Wet Dust Collection for Erickson Cosmetics.

  2. Dry Dust Collector for Abrasive Blasting

    A manufacturer of abrasive blasting booths selected Tri-Flow technology to provide dust collection for the turnkey systems they market worldwide.

  3. Wet Dust Collection for Chemical Powders

    Industrial Dust Collector Systems capture chemical powders.

  4. Wet Dust Collection for Sticky Overspray

    Whirl Wet Dust Collectors preferred for pill coating operation.

  5. Industrial Blowers

    Tri-Mer offers industrial blowers for every task and environment.

  6. Stainless Steel Tanks

    Tri-Mer designs and manufactures stainless steel tanks and process vessels in the widest range of sizes.

  7. Mercury Removal

    Tri-Mer’s UltraCat ceramic filter system is compatible with standard mercury removal techniques. Control of mercury is notoriously difficult: each instance is analyzed individually and customized solutions are engineered. A few general observations can be offered, however.

  8. Particulate Emissions Control

    Tri-Mer Ceramic Filter Systems are 99%+ efficient for the collection of submicron particulates. The typical level of PM emissions control at the outlet of Tri-Mer ceramic filters is 0.001 grains/dscf (2.0 mg/Nm3).

  9. Chemical Storage Tank Scrubbers

    Tri-Mer Chemical Storage Tank Scrubbers (aka "CST scrubbers" or venting scrubbers) are packed towers that reduce emissions of hazardous or corrosive vapors.  The systems use Tri-Packs tower packing, which provides maximum surface contact between gas and scrubbing liquid. This optimizes scrubbing efficiency, and minimizes the depth of packing depth needed for effective operation.

  10. Odor Scrubber System for Food Processing

    StockPot, a Campbell's Soup subsidiary, makes premium soups, sauces, chilies and marinades for the foodservice industry.