Brochure | December 3, 2018

Tri-Mer Odor Control Scrubbers Brochure

Source: Tri-Mer Corporation

Industrial and municipal odors are often detectable below 1 ppm, so Tri-Mer odor control scrubbers are engineered to function at 98-99% efficiencies and higher for true, “zero odor” performance.

Tri-Mer scrubbers are ideal for continuous, automatic odor control. Gas volume is not limited, but generally ranges from 35 cfm to 150,000 cfm. Where the gas stream contains corrosives, Tri-Mer provides a single scrubber for scrubbingcorrosives and odors. This multi-stage technology neutralizes corrosive fumes while using minimal water and energy and yielding a clean stack. Tri-Mer odor control systems operate in the 99%+ efficiency range and are effective for a broad range of contaminants.

Depending on odor composition, Tri-Mer scrubbers have 2-3 independent stages. Mercaptins and amines are best handled with wet scrubber sections. Sulphur and other compositions may require consecutive treatment stages, including acid, caustic and oxidation stages.