• Shredding Towers
    Shredding Towers At the heart of PCI's fuel blending service is a newly installed, automated drum processing tower
  • General Purpose Freeze Dryers
    General Purpose Freeze Dryers Virtis General Purpose Freeze Dryers are ideal for a variety of freeze drying applications and are available in a range of sizes.
  • Oil-skimming Pump The Desmi DOP-160 Submersible Screw Pump is designed to allow manual deployment of multiple units in an oil spill
  • Model 81i Mercury Calibrator
    Model 81i Mercury Calibrator

    The Thermo Scientific Model 81i calibrator utilizes a vapor generator that allows standard calibration and dynamic spiking into the extraction probe. A wide calibration range lets the user directly calibrate the analyzer at post-dilution concentrations. The calibrator is ideally suited for daily zero/span checks and routine converter efficiency and linearity testing.

  • Air Flotation System
    Air Flotation System The Cavitation Air Flotation System (CAF) is designed with a patented aerator to remove suspended solids, fats, oils,
  • Phase Three and Remediation Services S&S provides remediation services by a staff of experienced professionals that can develop and implement practical, cost-effective solutions to any contamination situation.
  • Solvent Recovery Units
    Solvent Recovery Units The solvent recovery units are said to have been improved to provide a 25% higher heat transfer efficiency
  • Chemiluminescence No<sub>x</sub> Analyzer, Model 951C
    Chemiluminescence Nox Analyzer, Model 951C Simplified operation and ease of maintenance are the key design features of Emerson's Rosemount Analytical Model 951C NOx Analyzer.
  • RCRA/CERCLA Investigations Shield's staff designs environmental management plans that include various prevention and remediation services
  • Lift Station Flowmeter
    Lift Station Flowmeter Marsh-McBirney, Inc.’s Station-Analyzer Sewage Lift Station Flowmeter was designed for customers that needed detailed information...
  • Baghouse Filter
    Baghouse Filter Ducon's UNI-FLO Bag Filters are state of the art, high efficiency, modular pulse-air filters designed to handle gas volumes from several hundred to several thousand cubic feet per minute
  • PM 2.5 Filters Environmental Express offers filters which adhere to the EPA's new PM 2.5 rule
  • Dissolved Air Flotation System The Redux dissolved air flotation system combines a clarifier with no moving parts and a DAF pump
  • Straight-Through Vacuum System
    Straight-Through Vacuum System Developed to eliminate fan jamming in vacuums, the MADVAC 61 straight-through suction system offers a two-stage dust filtration system that prevents litter from passing through the fan
  • Robotic Liquid Handling Systems
    Robotic Liquid Handling Systems Liquid transfers can be performed in an eight-tipped mode from any combination of laboratory containers for complete
  • Pipe-Bursting Process
    Pipe-Bursting Process The HydroBurst HB3038 and HB5058 are designed specifically
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps
    Progressing Cavity Pumps Progressing cavity pumps are used for applications requiring the transport of heavy sludges
  • Phase Two Testing Whether a Preliminary Phase Two or a full characterization survey S&S can provide cost effective, timely and accurate testing of soil, water, air and building materials.
  • COD Heater Block
    COD Heater Block Incorporating a temperature monitor and safety shield, the heater block for micro-COD test vials is designed to require less space than former models
  • Sieve Tray Used for recovery and concentration of acid gases or other soluble gaseous contaminants, this tray is designed to
  • Leopold FilterWorx&reg; Automatic Control System by Xylem
    Leopold FilterWorx® Automatic Control System by Xylem

    The FilterWorx® Automatic Control System by Leopold is a complete filter control package consisting of all instrumentation and control equipment for the automatic monitoring and control of municipal water filtration systems.

  • <b>ChromaPur™: Chromic Acid Recovery System</b>
    ChromaPur™: Chromic Acid Recovery System Increase product quality and production, Reduce chrome purchases, Reduce waste treatment costs, and reduce power costs! Eco-Tec's ChromaPur™ has the capabilities to strengthen your botton line!
  • Conveyor Belt Scales
    Conveyor Belt Scales Tecweigh offers their Conveyor Belt Scales
  • Ambient  Data Systems
    Ambient Data Systems Ambient systems by ESC are well known for their longevity and performance. Solid software and hardware systems, installed by fulltime, seasoned ESC professionals, operate reliably each year for our customers...
  • Water Level Sensors
    Water Level Sensors The KPSI Water Level sensors are intrinsically safe and can be installed in hazardous, environmental water and wastewater applications
  • TriboLink System Auburn International introduces the TriboLink system
  • Field Service & Emergency Repair
    Field Service & Emergency Repair When you need it you need it fast and, you want it done right the first time
  • Clean Air Modules
    Clean Air Modules Clean Air Modules
  • Submersible Level Transducer
    Submersible Level Transducer The all-titanium Series 700T Submersible Transducer is suitable for marine applications with saltwater or brackish water conditions, and other water/wastewater applications that require a corrosive resistant transducer
  • PP Lining-material Characteristics
    PP Lining-material Characteristics Everything you want to know about the physical properties of polypropylene lining material...
  • Pre-Packaged Pump Stations
    Pre-Packaged Pump Stations Most of the stations (with the exception of concrete) come completely pre-assembled
  • Mask Respirator
    Mask Respirator Moldex 8000 Series Respirator. Low maintenance & reusable
  • Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries
    Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries

    The Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries Air Samplers offer a robust, easy to use sampling system for single event or sequential sampling, as well as dichotomous configurations which give simultaneous measurements of PM-2.5, PM-Coarse, and PM-10 on 47mm filters.

  • Membrane Filter Medium Coliscan-MF is for use with membrane filters and allows the use of larger samples
  • MC - Drain & Septic Treatment
    MC - Drain & Septic Treatment MC - Drain & Septic Treatment
  • Enclosures
    Enclosures Carlon Circuit Safe NEMA 4X enclosures are designed for durability, structural integrity, easy modification, and
  • Rocket™ Evaporator
    Rocket™ Evaporator

    Developed largely as a consequence of users’ demands for an evaporator that could quickly process larger volumes of solvent in parallel and without supervision, the Rocket Evaporator is designed to dry or concentrate as many as six flasks, each containing up to 450mL of solvent.

  • Pipe Locator
    Pipe Locator The General Engineering Company introduces the Magnetomatic Pipe Locator
  • Chlorine Valve Emergency System
    Chlorine Valve Emergency System The chlorine valve emergency system offers automatic shut-off for chlorine cylinder and ton container valves
  • LSR’s Core Separator System The Core Separator® particulate removal system provides high removal efficiency of fine particles
  • Infused Filters
    Infused Filters Designed to remove hydrocarbons - ranging from oil to gasoline - from water, the MYCELX infused filters are effective in a single pass
  • Two-Way Water Valve
    Two-Way Water Valve This new two-way valve (type 6228) provides an ON/OFF flow control solution, especially when combined with Burkert’s
  • Distance Measurement Sensors
    Distance Measurement Sensors The DME 2000 and DME 3000 offer long range, high resolution distance measuring in a self-contained, compact package
  • Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom
    Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom The Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom will "sorb" most non-aggressive liquids and is used in maintenance applications.
  • Chemical and Environmental Engineering Testing Services  for the Process Industries
    Chemical and Environmental Engineering Testing Services for the Process Industries Engineering Resource, Inc. provides testing services to take the guesswork out of PLANNING, DESIGN and PERFORMANCE
  • Landfill Gas Utilization Software The Energy-Project Landfill Gas Utilization Software has been designed to provide analysis of the economics and environmental benefits of a potential landfill gas-to-energy project
  • Personal Gas Alarm
    Personal Gas Alarm Continuous monitoring of an atmosphere for potentially hazardous levels of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide or Oxygen is provided by the GasBadge personal gas alarm
  • Leachate Evaporator (E-Vap)
    Leachate Evaporator (E-Vap) EMCON/OWT’s patented leachate evaporation system (E-Vap) uses renewable landfill gas energy to evaporate leachate. The innovative E-Vap provides long-term control of both these regulated landfill byproducts in one reliable and proven process that saves money and reduces liabilities from off-site leachate transfer. Our existing operations have resulted in 20% or greater savings. E-Vap facilities are also eligible for tax credits.
  • Circulating Dry Scrubbers The EEC CDS® System utilizes a dry circulating fluid bed and an ESP or Fabric Filter for utility scale flue Gas Desulfurization.
  • Heated Gas Sample Probes - Model 270S-F
    Heated Gas Sample Probes - Model 270S-F INPUT POWER, 115/230 VAC, 63 WATTS
  • Quarter-Turn Pinch Valve
    Quarter-Turn Pinch Valve A quarter-turn pinch valve combines the operation of a quarter-turn valve with a pinch valve's features for slurries, abrasives and corrosives
  • SPN - High Impact, Narrow Fan Spray Nozzles
    SPN - High Impact, Narrow Fan Spray Nozzles SPN - High Impact, Narrow Fan Spray Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Double Vortex Pump
    Double Vortex Pump Two distinct vortices are created within the pump to weave and pass any solids through the pump
  • Site Characterization
    Site Characterization RDG geologists, scientists, and engineers specialize in characterization of geologic and hydrologic conditions for environmental, construction, and water resources investigations
  • Product Publication
    Product Publication This new 24-page product announcement contains a wide range
    FCC CYCLONES FOR REFINERIES Available in several design configurations, Ducon Cyclones, (Duclones)meet a broad range of industrial applications.
  • Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers and Exhausters
    Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers and Exhausters National Turbine can provide a wide variety of PD blower and exhauster packages to meet your system requirements
  • MSDS Module
    MSDS Module The new Enviro-Office MSDS module provides the corporate or multi-facility customer with an efficient, flexible means
  • Magnetic Drive Pump
    Magnetic Drive Pump The Texel MET-80 series consists of sealless magnetic drive pumps
  • Model 14 System
    Model 14 System The Model 14 System is designed for light duty use without electricity
  • Parson MH Liner Parson MH Liner is a structural lining to restore deteriorated sewage structures with moderate corrosion
  • Metering Consoles
    Metering Consoles The metering consoles are full-feature, compact units.
  • Clean Power Series AC Drives
    Clean Power Series AC Drives The Clean Power Series is a new generation of AC Drives
  • Glycol and Catalyst Recovery Service
    Glycol and Catalyst Recovery Service Mobile ethylene glycol and catalyst recovery service is available for PET plastic manufacturing facilities using catalyst recovery from wastewater and process streams
  • N - Fire Protection Nozzles
    N - Fire Protection Nozzles N - Fire Protection Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • SoniCool Evaporative Gas Cooling and Conditioning
    SoniCool Evaporative Gas Cooling and Conditioning SoniCool provides accurate temperature and humidity control to condition flue gases and particulate
  • 6000 Series In-Situ Process IR Analyzer This is a non-sampling system, eliminating the cost and maintenance of a sampling system.
  • Level-indicating Transmitter with Non-contacting Sensor The LIT25 level-indicating transmitter uses an ultrasonic sensor to measure tank levels in chemical ...
  • Resource Recovery
    Resource Recovery The manufacturer has been involved in the design of systems
  • Oil Recovery System
    Oil Recovery System The BOB Bottom of the Bottle Oil Recovery System drains
  • WEFTEC 2000: Intelligent Valve
    WEFTEC 2000: Intelligent Valve The type 8630/31 fully integrated Top Control head unit is designed for decentralized intelligent process control.
  • Model B Series Gearpump Metering System
    Model B Series Gearpump Metering System SINGLE AND PLURAL COMPONENT
  • Portable Flow Meter
    Portable Flow Meter Incorporating a simple, built-in three-key calibration system to enter pipe diameter, the PDFM-IV Portable Doppler Flow Meter can display, totalize and data log
  • Gas Absorption Scrubber System
    Gas Absorption Scrubber System The IC Scrubber is designed to process small gas flows, high concentrations of gas emissions, and/or very high
  • 3M™ Low-Profile Ear Muffs 1425 & Three-Position Ear Muffs 1427
    3M™ Low-Profile Ear Muffs 1425 & Three-Position Ear Muffs 1427 Play the 3M Ear Muff Game and you could win a TV or a CD System! ...
  • 3100 Series Portable/Wall Mountable Gas Sample Conditioner
    3100 Series Portable/Wall Mountable Gas Sample Conditioner Universal Analyzers Inc. offers a new 24"x 20"x 12" (HWD) Weatherproof
  • Pipe Stress Analysis Software
    Pipe Stress Analysis Software The CAESAR II software for pipe stress analysis and design has been approved by Transco's Stress Analysis Workgroup for use on projects requiring the IGE/TD/12 piping code
  • EDR Aerial Photo Decade Package
    EDR Aerial Photo Decade Package EDR has one of the nation’s largest collections of historical aerial photography.
  • Static Shaft Sleeves
    Static Shaft Sleeves Shaft sleeves from FMC Corporation are molded from polyurethane in specialized tooling
  • Lab Software Version 2.6 of Lab Data Checker Software allows environmental analytical labs to check many different electronic data
  • Amaircare Car Air Purifiers
    Amaircare Car Air Purifiers Protect yourself from a highly polluted air in your car with true HEPA and activated carbon car air purifiers from Amaircare
  • Protective Eyewear The uvex genesis eyewear line features an ergonomic design
  • Single-Source Solutions
    Single-Source Solutions Viatec's concentration of resources provides single-source solutions to process equipment, industrial corrosion...
  • Hand Valves
    Hand Valves The line of Magnum hand valves are designed to control media ranging from gases to particulate-laden liquids
  • Low Pressure Pipe System
    Low Pressure Pipe System Weholite is a low-pressure pipe system made in accordance with strict manufacturing specifications from high-
  • Synthesis Monitoring System The Synthesis Monitoring System analyzer uses fourier transform-infrared (FT-IR) based technology to give spectra
  • Nox Analyzer, Model NGA 2000
    Nox Analyzer, Model NGA 2000

    Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical NGA 2000 CLD NO/NOx analyzer module was the industry’s first modular chemiluminescence analyzer.

  • 23” (584mm) Diameter Continuous Liner System
    23” (584mm) Diameter Continuous Liner System DoverPac® Continuous Liner is used for offloading powders from vessels. The DoverPac® Continuous Liner System also provides the advantage of replacing follow-on packs without breaking powder containment for continuous production.
  • Filter System
    Filter System The CECO Group’s combination Catenary Grid scrubber/CECO Site Pak coalescing filter system were designed to control emissions...
    PIT HOG 7MAU SERIES DREDGES This dredge was designed and built for powerful, easy to control, effective dredging
  • Pollutant Recycling Equipment Hitachi Zosen began introduced their new their equipment that converts the pollutant in
  • Everest VIT Field Services When an emergency strikes, or if trained, qualified assistance is needed during a planned outage, power plants can call on Everest VIT to assist in their remote visual inspection and foreign material retrieval needs.
  • FOX Spill Control System
    FOX Spill Control System FOX Spill Control System detects, diverts and notifies minor or major spills of fuels, oils or other free floating hydrocarbons. The chosen options for diverting and containing a spill
  • Electrostatic Probe The Correstat electrostatic probe by Auburn International monitors conditions with gas phase polymerization reactors and other electrostatically impacted processes...
  • Data Man Class
    Data Man Class This class covers a spectrum of topics from the theory of relational management of site data to practical suggestions about working with laboratories, in an effort to equip environmental professionals with the skills they need to effectively implement a data management system.
  • Incubation Tray
    Incubation Tray The new Scienceware stackable petri dish incubation tray
  • NuSieve 3:1 agarose Easy-to-handle gels for PCR product separation and blotting
  • Mold Test Kit
    Mold Test Kit Results will indicate whether or not mold is present and to what degree