• MODEL 54LT
    MODEL 54LT The Geoprobe Model 54LT. . .a rugged, compact probing machine designed for tight spaces and rough terrain
  • APCT Hydrocyclone Separator Systems
    APCT Hydrocyclone Separator Systems The APCT Hydrocyclone Separator System works on a very simple principle
  • Multiparameter Meter
    Multiparameter Meter This new waterproof multiparameter meter, model 6619-3524,
  • Digital Line Tracer The new TW-8800 multifrequency digital line tracer utilizes advanced digital signal processing for precision locating
  • Scale Dissolving Solution
    Scale Dissolving Solution RYDLYME liquid is designed to dissolve water scale, lime, mud, and rust deposits through a special proprietary compound which is fortified with wetting and penetrating agents
  • Protective Garments
    Protective Garments The company's Tyvek protective wear material incorporates a nonwoven structure to produce a breathable fabric
  • NF - Solid Stream Nozzle
    NF - Solid Stream Nozzle NF - Solid Stream Nozzle
  • Arsenic Removal
    Arsenic Removal Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical found in the earth’s crust, but can be dangerous to humans when released into drinking water supplies when rocks, minerals, and soil erode.
  • New Arm Advance Actuator
    New Arm Advance Actuator At the heart of the Arm Advance Sentry arm control is a heavy-duty electro-mechanical actuator
  • Ammonia Scrubbers
    Ammonia Scrubbers These ammonia scrubbers are designed to remove ammonia from gas samples,
  • Fume Coalescer
    Fume Coalescer In many industrial and chemical operations, sub-micron
  • FTIR
    FTIR Pace Analytical's Field Services Division has taken steps to utilize FTIR technology in the field to provide real-time, cost effective analytical results.
  • Software Support Services An ESS Software Support Subscription provides assistance for installation, data organization methods, implementation, and staying up to date with product revisions and upgrades
  • Ion Exchange Resins
    Ion Exchange Resins

    Resin is material (or resin beads) having ion exchange properties used in ion exchange systems for water treatment.

  • Aroma & Off-Odor Analysis Services
    Aroma & Off-Odor Analysis Services MOCON has served a number of industries over the past 10 years with expert analytical services related to aroma and off-odor. We have a full analytical services lab and have over a 90% success ratio in helping resolve aroma and malodor issues in a wide range of materials
  • Lead Survey and Hazard Assessment Due to recently enacted Federal HUD regulations and the much-documented litigation regarding lead containing materials in the Multi-Family and Residential Real Estate Markets...
  • Three-Tier Client/Server Architecture Software The GP MaTe Version 4 maintenance-and-material management software for manufacturers incorporates...
  • Personal Monitors
    Personal Monitors Personal Monitors are designed for measuring low ppm levels of Organic Vapors in full-shift (8 hour) sampling or for monitoring OSHA Short Term Exposure Limit (15 minutes)...
  • Single and Dual Gas Analyzer
    Single and Dual Gas Analyzer The Single and Dual Gas Analyzer offers a totally enclosed sample path that is not affected by ambient conditions
  • ecoGrease Interceptor
    ecoGrease Interceptor ecoGrease interceptors are designed in accordance with the new European Standard for grease separation pr-EN1825-1
  • Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies
    Harmony Series: AC & DC Power Supplies Since Robicon’s inception, we have designed and manufactured equipment utilizing the latest available device technology
  • High Pressure Water Pipe
    High Pressure Water Pipe The C900 water pipe is immune to most internal and external
  • Air Flotation System
    Air Flotation System The Cavitation Air Flotation System (CAF) is designed with a patented aerator to remove suspended solids, fats, oils,
  • Indexing Traveling Bed Filter
    Indexing Traveling Bed Filter The Series 200-F automatic indexing travelling bed filter has been developed to remove submicron size particulate, aerosols and odors
  • Conveyor Belt Scales
    Conveyor Belt Scales Tecweigh offers their Conveyor Belt Scales
  • Aqueous Cleaner Recycle System
    Aqueous Cleaner Recycle System The SILVERBACK system uses advanced ceramic membrane microfiltration/ultrafiltration technology to purify
  • Book on HIV in Wastewater
    Book on HIV in Wastewater The book "HIV in Wastewater: Presence, Survivability and Risk to Wastewater Treatment Plant Workers", provides
  • 1440C Gas Analyzer
    1440C Gas Analyzer The 1440C is a cost effective, high performance solution for a variety of environmental, industrial and laboratory applications.
  • Turbine Vane Pump
    Turbine Vane Pump The MPT Series Regenerative Turbine Vane Pump is designed for small flows at medium to high heads
  • Water Utility Survey Results
    Water Utility Survey Results An independent survey of water utility companies across the United States and Canada has concluded that the cost of operations and maintenance (O&M) for concrete pressure pipe are low.
  • Chemical Process Safety Report This unique guide is a valuable resource for effective management of highly hazardous chemical operations under OSHA's PSM standard
  • Packaged Interel System
    Packaged Interel System Designed for processing small to medium gas flows, the MS MiniScrubber is used for lab hoods, vents, core machines,
  • Universal Flowmeter
    Universal Flowmeter The Magnum universal flowmeter measures the flow of conductive liquids in filled pipes
  • Resin Trap Screens U.S. Filter/Johnson Screens resin trap screens were designed to act as a safeguard without disrupting process flow...
  • VIS/NIR Analyzer
    VIS/NIR Analyzer The Model 680 VIS/NIR Analyzer with the AF20 Inline Sensor Series measures the spectral absorbance of liquids
  • In-Line Infrared Sensors
    In-Line Infrared Sensors The "Wilks IR Plug," is an in-line, mid-infrared sensor that continually monitors infrared absorption at any selected wavelength between 2 and 14 mm
  • Flow Regulators
    Flow Regulators Sanitary and combined wastewater systems use IHV and HHV lines of regulators for flow management
  • Water Pump
    Water Pump Blackhawk Environmental Company introduces the Anchor Piston Pump
  • Telemetry Interface Units Teldata's telemetry interface units (TIUs) have been modified
  • Flange Insulation Kits
    Flange Insulation Kits Flange insulation is said to be the most widely used form
  • Acid  Recovery And Reclamation Systems
    Acid Recovery And Reclamation Systems Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. provides engineering and design services for complete Acid Recovery Systems
  • Toxic Gas Detector
    Toxic Gas Detector Bacharach's Autostep Plus from GMD Systems is available with a demand sampling option, taking the place of gas levels on
  • Advanced Controllers for Dust Collectors
    Advanced Controllers for Dust Collectors The Farr APC Determinator dust collector interface brings dust and fume control into the 21st century. This highly advanced electronic system remotely oversees up to 100 dust collectors in your plant, continuously monitoring their performance and accurately troubleshooting any problems that might occur.

    Imagine being able to sit at your desk and receive an alarm from your computer at the first sign of a malfunction or service alert. You can quickly determine whether a hopper needs to be emptied or filter elements require changeout. With a keystroke, you can adjust the operational pressure drop of a dust collector or alter the emissions point at which a broken bag detector sounds an alarm. The Determinator does all this, and more

  • Low Current Metering Pump
    Low Current Metering Pump The model QBG Metering Pump is designed for high accuracy
  • Thermo Scientific, iSeries Gas Analyzers
    Thermo Scientific, iSeries Gas Analyzers

    Thermo Scientific has been providing the most innovative and easy to use instruments for over 40 years. Today, we offer the industry's widest choice of air quality instruments and systems. Our solutions add flexibility and convenience to the detection of a broad range of targeted gaseous pollutants for both source and ambient air monitoring.

  • Energy Services This company’s Energy Services Division provides the specialized design, placement and service of insurance
  • Field Calibration Kits, Calibration Orifices, Calibration Services
    Field Calibration Kits, Calibration Orifices, Calibration Services Ideal for either field audits or initial calibrations, the kits are sturdy, compact, and portable
  • Brochure on Oxygen Generators Air Sep Corporation released a new brochure on the AS-12 PSA Oxygen Generator
  • Anotec 0307 Odour Neutralising Agent
    Anotec 0307 Odour Neutralising Agent A non toxic odour neutralising agent for a broad range of malodor solutions
  • TEOM Series 1405: Ambient Particulate Monitoring
    TEOM Series 1405: Ambient Particulate Monitoring

    The Thermo Scientific Continuous Particulate TEOM Monitor, Model 1405-DF has been awarded US EPA PM-Coarse FEM designation: EQPM-0609-182. The TEOM® Series 1405, for ambient particulate monitoring, features modernized electronics and a touch-screen user interface, packaged into a single cabinet

  • Model F-1000-DD Aerosol Detector
    Model F-1000-DD Aerosol Detector The NUCON Model F is a truly portable portable detection instrument combining current solid-state photodiode technology with
  • Filter Cartridges
    Filter Cartridges Menardi offers a full range of cartridges for virtually all sizes and makes of cartridge filter collectors.
  • Distillation Towers
    Distillation Towers Safety, quality, and schedule performance make us industry leaders in this important specialty business
  • Tablet Dissolution Software Dissolution Lab software automates the characterization of pharmaceutical dosage formulation kinetics, an application commonly known as tablet dissolution
  • Clean Air Modules
    Clean Air Modules Clean Air Modules
  • Fiber Spot Repair
    Fiber Spot Repair This corrosion resistant fiberglass (Owens Corning Advantex) sectional Lining System is produced by SAERTEX. It uniquely...
  • 7800 Series Full Facepiece
    7800 Series Full Facepiece The 3M 7800 Full Facepiece respirator is an excellent choice for protection against a wide variety of gas and vapor applications...
  • ISO 14000 Assessment
    ISO 14000 Assessment GreenWare’s ISO 14000 Assessment software is designed to navigate users through the ISO 14001 standard to determine the status of
  • Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer, Model 51i
    Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer, Model 51i

    Introducing The Thermo Scientific Model 51i Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Analyzer. The Model 51i combines proven Flame Ionization Detector (FID) technology with the commonality of our i Series product line platform delivering unsurpassed reliablilty, simplicity, and ease of use.

  • Advanced Air Dispersion Modeling
    Advanced Air Dispersion Modeling ISC-AERMOD View is a complete and powerful Windows air dispersion modeling system designed to incorporate three U.S. EPA models into one interface
  • Ultra-Frac Technology
    Ultra-Frac Technology Ultra-Frac trays from Koch-Glitsch provide phenomenal capacity advantages over conventional trays
  • Single Gas Monitor
    Single Gas Monitor The multi-Sense system offers a single gas monitor that can also accommodate multiple sensors on one unit for common or discrete relay control
  • Advanced Control Systems
    Advanced Control Systems ACS offers total capabilities by manufacturing Process Control Systems In-House. The ACS Engineering Department
  • Our Comprehensive Services Includes Custom Environmental Services Ltd.-Our Comprehensive Services Includes
  • WTA 24 Distance Measurement Sensor
    WTA 24 Distance Measurement Sensor The WTA 24 uses an infrared light source and patented system of parabolic mirrors to produce highly accurate, repeatable analog readings
  • Green Pages Directory The Pennsylvania Green Pages directory is a guide to Pennsylvania businesses that produce environmental technologies and services...
  • Infrared Gas Analyzer
  • Residual Chlorine Monitor
    Residual Chlorine Monitor The model A15/79 monitor measures total residual chlorine using a gas phase measurement method that helps eliminate
  • Liquid Scintillation Analyzers
    Liquid Scintillation Analyzers The liquid scintillation analyzers feature QuantaSmart Windows NT software
  • GreenLight 910- Live Aerobic Bacteria Load Calculator
    GreenLight 910- Live Aerobic Bacteria Load Calculator

    The GreenLight 910 can calculate live aerobic bacteria loads in as little as 45 minutes making it possible to perform real time operational changes to processes and automatically record results.

  • PERMIT tracking module
    PERMIT tracking module PERMIT tracking module
  • Environmental Regulations Software Tool PlantWare® Audit is a new database system for determining and maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • STAT Low Profile Air Strippers
    STAT Low Profile Air Strippers Carbonair's patented STAT series of low profile air strippers combine high performance (99.99% or greater removal efficiency of VOCs), flexibility, and design simplicity.
  • The Met One Model 083D Temperature/RH Probe
    The Met One Model 083D Temperature/RH Probe The Model 083D sensor probe represents sensitivity, accuracy, linearity and stability not encountered with conventional relative humidity sensors.
  • Moving Bed System
    Moving Bed System Purac Engineering, Inc.'s 4-page brochure describes how the Kaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor System (MBBR) handles loads...
  • Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries
    Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries

    The Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries Air Samplers offer a robust, easy to use sampling system for single event or sequential sampling, as well as dichotomous configurations which give simultaneous measurements of PM-2.5, PM-Coarse, and PM-10 on 47mm filters.

  • "ENVIRO-check" Mini Environmental Dust Monitor
    "ENVIRO-check" Mini Environmental Dust Monitor The Grimm 1.107 monitor performs particulate size measurements by 90-degree laser light scattering
  • Danmark Containment Boom
    Danmark Containment Boom Danmark Containment Boom is manufactured in conformance to ASTM, USCG, and EPA standards and guidelines
  • Vehicle Management System
    Vehicle Management System Allowing the operator to monitor vehicles and drivers, the on-board computer and corresponding software is designed to be a comprehensive vehicle management system
  • Gas Velocity Monitors - FLOWSIC 100 Family
    Gas Velocity Monitors - FLOWSIC 100 Family The FLOWSIC 100 series of gas velocity monitors from SICK, Inc. are ideal for emission monitoring and process applications
  • Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation System
    Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation System Huntington’s Complete Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation System (RCOs) offers the most reliable, cost-effective VOC/HAP control in the industry.
  • Vanaire: Serving the Plating Industry Vanaire describes itself as an industry leading in the design, manufacture, and installation of ventilation and air-scrubber equipment
  • GeoPure GeoPure combines the Zetron electron beam destruction process with existing soil vapor extraction processes
  • CEM Systems - Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
    CEM Systems - Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems Land Combustion has unrivalled experience in providing total solution systems to meet exact customer requirements
  • End Suction Pumps
    End Suction Pumps End suction pumps are used for light, medium or heavy-duty service
  • Laboratory Services
    Laboratory Services Analytical results must be reliable and of known and documented quality. Industry, government, and consultants need to rely on high-quality analytical data to accurately assess the cost implications associated with regulatory requirements, human health concerns, and process control needs. Finding a laboratory responsive to your needs, both now and for the future, can be difficult in today's competitive, unstable market
  • Model 42i TL Trace Level NOX Analyzer
    Model 42i TL Trace Level NOX Analyzer

    Using chemiluminescence technology, the Model 42i-TL measures the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from sub-ppb levels up to 1000ppb. The Model 42i-TL is a single chamber, single photomultiplier tube design that cycles between the NO, NOx and Zero modes

  • Ground Water Contamination
    Ground Water Contamination Ground water contamination results in some of the most difficult and costly problems in hazardous waste management
  • NoRise pH Stabilized Activated Carbon
    NoRise pH Stabilized Activated Carbon

    A patented technique to pre-treat activated carbon with a weakly adsorbed organic acid for pH sensitive applications involving treatment of potable drinking water, industrial process water, and groundwater remediation.

  • Industrial PosiCharge
    Industrial PosiCharge The Industrial PosiCharge is a fast charge system for electric lift trucks and airport ground support equipment
  • Environmental Drilling and KLEENWELL®
    Environmental Drilling and KLEENWELL® EMCON/OWT, Inc.'s Environmental Drilling Division focuses exclusively on landfill drilling. We have the equipment, personnel and know-how to complete landfill gas/leachate drilling projects in even the most difficult conditions.
  • Multi-Parameter Water Quality Probe MP-TROLL 9000 uses the most current sensor and electronics technology
  • COD Reactor
    COD Reactor Bioscience, Inc. offers an expanded 30-tube reactor for those laboratories completing a large number of...
  • Fine Particulate Agglomerator Environmental Elements Corporation’s Fine Particulate Agglomerator™ (FPA) provides a new way to control sub-micron sized particulate emissions from utility and industrial stack discharges.
  • Portable Compass
    Portable Compass Ready to guide you wherever you go, this reliable, high quality liquid compass includes a velcro backing
  • CO Analyzer
    CO Analyzer Bacharach, Inc. introduces the new Snifit Analyzer Series for the measurement of levels of CO between 0 and 1999 PPM
  • Autoloading Systems
    Autoloading Systems Hull has supplied patented, highly efficient, totally automated vial handling systems for sterile product freeze drying...
  • Motor Driven Metering Pumps
    Motor Driven Metering Pumps These new hydraulic motor driven metering pumps, the Hydro/2 and Hydro/3, are designed to offer precise and
  • Model 5030i SHARP Monitor
    Model 5030i SHARP Monitor

    The Thermo Scientific Model 5030i SHARP Synchronized Hybrid Ambient Real-time Particulate Monitor combines the speed of light scattering nephelometry with the accuracy of beta attenuation technology for continuous PM-10 and PM-2.5 measurement.

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