• Econ-Nox Selective Catalytic NOx Reduction System
    Econ-Nox Selective Catalytic NOx Reduction System Huntington’s Econ-Nox uses selective catalytic reduction
  • Sewage Pump/Manhole Liner System
    Sewage Pump/Manhole Liner System The liner system rehabilitation is designed to rehabilitate sewage pumps/manholes
  • Clean Power Series AC Drives
    Clean Power Series AC Drives The Clean Power Series is a new generation of AC Drives
  • Specialty Products
    Specialty Products The manufacturer produces products from a variety of medium and high-density polyethylene resins for use in a diverse
  • Extra Large Spill Kits
    Extra Large Spill Kits Large and Extra Large polyethylene boxes are chemical and water resistant for use anywhere
  • Rental Columns
    Rental Columns Several rental column options are available for testing on site, including the Extraction Screening Unit (ESU), which
  • Gold Cone Filter Cartridge
    Gold Cone Filter Cartridge Farr Gold Series cartridges have an expanded capacity due to the patented inner Gold Cone. This inner cone increased media area and provides uniform dispersion of back-pulsed air. It also opens up more useable space for airflow in the filter house...
  • Spectrophotometers
    Spectrophotometers Models 6400 and 6405 Spectrophotometers offer a 5nm bandpass along with three scanning speeds
  • Detection Transmitter
    Detection Transmitter Bacharach Inc., offers the Sentinel infared combustible gas detection transmitter. It features a sensor...
  • Radar Level System
    Radar Level System The Radar Tracker, a microwave radar level control system, has a sanitary (two-in. NPT) quick-disconnect mounting
  • MERV 15/16 HemiPleat­™ Filter Technology
    MERV 15/16 HemiPleat­™ Filter Technology The HemiPleat™ patent pending cartridge design promises numerous and valuable benefits to end users of dust collection equipment. State-of-the-art pleating technology is the key to the HemiPleat’s superior performance...
  • Autoloading Systems
    Autoloading Systems Hull has supplied patented, highly efficient, totally automated vial handling systems for sterile product freeze drying...
  • Software Helps with Clean ups Environmental Software's key product, SitePro, is a Windows-based software package that lets users manage their scientific data...
  • DryCal NEXUS
    DryCal NEXUS Standardization, Data Logging, and Communication Module
  • Ultrasonic Level Monitor
    Ultrasonic Level Monitor Bindicator incorporated Echelon protocol from LonWorks into its MS-2000 Series ultrasonic level monitors to assist ininstallation...
  • Heated Head Stack Probe
    Heated Head Stack Probe The Model 30/40 Series Heated Stack Probes are used for filtering particulates from the stack or process gas
  • Model 49i Ozone Analyzer
    Model 49i Ozone Analyzer

    The industry’s new best-of-breed. Our customers told us exactly what they’re looking for in a gas monitoring solution: reliability, simplicity, ease of use. The new iSeries platform delivers on all counts – and then goes a step farther

  • LANCOM Premier Portable Multi-Function Flue Gas Analyzer
    LANCOM Premier Portable Multi-Function Flue Gas Analyzer The LANCOM Premier is the latest addition to the successful range of portable flue gas analysers from Land Combustion
  • Mobile PV® Series Trailer-Mounted Carbon Adsorption System
    Mobile PV® Series Trailer-Mounted Carbon Adsorption System

    The Mobile PV® Series Carbon Adsorption System is a trailer-mounted option which features our PV® Series liquid phase carbon adsorbers in a self-contained unit and is ideally suited for temporary or emergency events, or, to pilot test new technology -- all without the need of capital investment.

  • The  Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitors
    The Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitors The 1312 Photoacoustic Multi-gas Monitor is a highly accurate, reliable and stable quantitative gas monitoring system
  • Rubber Grinding Dust Collectors
    Rubber Grinding Dust Collectors Rubber grinding applications pose multiple challenges for industrial dust collectors. Oils in the rubber are typically the biggest problem. In horizontal cartridge collectors, the filters get saturated and the pleats fail. Heat is also an issue as hot pieces of materials can lay into the horizontal cartridges and burn the filter media.
  • General Purpose Ear Muffs
    General Purpose Ear Muffs General Purpose Ear Muffs 1435 feature large ear cups, a wide forked headband and soft sealing cushions while only weighing 7.5 oz.
  • Continuous Particulate Monitor, Model 5014i Beta
    Continuous Particulate Monitor, Model 5014i Beta

    The Thermo Scientific Model 5014i Beta is an automated, continuous, ambient particulate monitor.

  • Data Collection System Sutron Corporation recently announced its new GOES Digital Direct Readout Ground Station (DDRGS)
  • Multi Channel Controllers
    Multi Channel Controllers The CN-4000 System Controllers provide concentration display, alarm activation, and power supply functions for field mounted gas sensing devices
  • Duplex Strainer
    Duplex Strainer Model 50 duplex strainers, offered in pipeline sizes from ¾" to 8", are said to continuously remove dirt and debris from pipelines
  • Risk Management Guide
    Risk Management Guide “Risk Management Program Guidance for Wastewater Treatment Plants” is a new guide that is useful for facilities that
  • Asset Content Management Services Synterprise’s Asset Technical Content Management (ATCM) services allow complete equipment data visualization and economically addresses the widespread lack of actionable equipment information and documentation that is a major cause of low wrench times and full asset utilization
  • piD-TECH®eVx Photoionization Sensor
    piD-TECH®eVx Photoionization Sensor

    Introducing the new piD-TECH eVx sensors. Incorporating state of the art technology and upgrades that cannot be matched in the marketplace.

  • Rinse Water Recycling System
    Rinse Water Recycling System This system is designed for rinse water recycling with ion exchange,
  • ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive
    ID-CSI 456 Series Current Source Drive The ID-CSI 456 Series units are rugged Variable Frequency Drives known for high performance
  • Environmental Regulations Software Tool PlantWare® Audit is a new database system for determining and maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Sample Conditioner
    Sample Conditioner The Model 1900 Sample Conditioner is suitable for use with chemiluminescence, UV-flourescence, and other gas measurement technologies
  • Solid Waste Incineration Systems
    Solid Waste Incineration Systems Crawford Incineration Systems are available for Medical, Industrial, Commercial, Light Municipal and Marine Applications from 25lb / 11kg to 1000lb / 455kg per hour standard capacity configuration based on 10,000 BTU/lb average heat release waste.
  • Chemiluminescent NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer Model 6200
    Chemiluminescent NO/NO2/NOx Analyzer Model 6200 The Model 6200 uses the proven chemiluminescence detection principle, coupled with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology to provide the sensitivity, stability and ease of use needed for ambient or dilution CEM monitoring requirements.
  • Paper Scrap Dust Collectors
    Paper Scrap Dust Collectors The Gold Series dust collectors has proven itself to work very well in paper scrap applications, where horizontal cartridge collectors have failed because of fibrous dust and strands bridging between the cartridges. It is customized to accommodate the fibrous nature of dust. The vertical cartridge design works better and Farr APC is one of the few companies that can handle paper scrap well.
  • Lab Software Version 2.6 of Lab Data Checker Software allows environmental analytical labs to check many different electronic data
  • Element Analysis Software
    Element Analysis Software Finite Element Analysis is a tool that can predict deflection and stresses of general structures
  • Ethylene in Air Monitor
    Ethylene in Air Monitor The KAPPA-5/E-003 gas analysis system is ideally suited for direct determination of ppb to ppm levels of ethylene in
  • Recuperative Oxidizer Systems
    Recuperative Oxidizer Systems Recuperative oxidizer systems are designed with a combustion chamber that maintains 1400°F to 1500°F, depending on the design parameters, VOC constituents and odor control requirements
  • Pre-Packaged Pump Stations
    Pre-Packaged Pump Stations Most of the stations (with the exception of concrete) come completely pre-assembled
  •  Installation and Service
    Installation and Service Complete Project Installations
  • Austin Healthmate Air Purifiers
    Austin Healthmate Air Purifiers Austin Healthmate Air purifiers combine the highest air filtration efficiency in removing from the air dust
  • Air Sample Pump
    Air Sample Pump The AirChek HV30 environmental air sample pump is a high volume constant flow pump that provides flows from 10 to 30 L/min with automatic flow correction for increases in back pressure
  • Triboguard III Continuous Emissions Monitor Auburn International's Triboguard III Continuous Emissions Monitor
  • NUCON NUSORB® Selection Guide for Nuclear Applications NUCON has exceptional knowledge and experience in control of radioactive gas phase contaminants
  • Off-Site Heavy Metals Treatment The Service Exchange Program is a water/wastewater treatment system using ion exchange resin to collect heavy metals contained in discharge water
  • Landfill Remediation Services Landfill Remediation Services
  • 205 Multi-Gas Monitor
    205 Multi-Gas Monitor This accurate and affordable Multi-Gas Monitor is ideal for testing the Air Quality in offices, meeting rooms, schools or anywhere poor air quality may affect work performance
  • Fasflo Skimmer
    Fasflo Skimmer A weir skimmer designed for service in fast flowing currents and is capable of recovering 3,154 derated bbl/day
  • High Pressure Heat Exchanger
    High Pressure Heat Exchanger LC Series Heat Exchangers are designed specifically for cooling liquids or high pressure air with ambient air.
  • WEFTEC 2000: New General Bulletin
    WEFTEC 2000: New General Bulletin This new general bulletin reviews the company’s full line
  • RETOX Oxidizers
    RETOX Oxidizers Adwest's RETOX dual chamber regenerative RTO oxidizer design provides more than 98% VOC/Odor Control with 95% primary...
  • Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester: OX-TRAN® Model 2/21
    Oxygen Transmission Rate Tester: OX-TRAN® Model 2/21

    The OX-TRAN® Model 2/21 detects and measures extremely small amounts of oxygen as it passes through barrier materials such as plastics and composites used in all forms of packaging...

  • Electrostatic Probe The new Correstat from Auburn International monitors conditions
  • Multiple Hearth, Fluid Bed Furnaces A four-color, eight-page brochure describes a line of multiple hearth and fluid bed furnaces
  • Remediation Management Book
    Remediation Management Book The new second edition of “Hazardous Waste Site Remediation Management” is a resource guide for developing a
  • Tank Adapters
    Tank Adapters New Safe-T-Loc bulkhead fittings with Viton® seals offer
  • Freezemobile Shell Baths
    Freezemobile Shell Baths Shell freezing is the classic method for preparing samples for freeze drying.
  • Dust Containment Systems for Tablet Coating
    Dust Containment Systems for Tablet Coating Containment Systems for Pharmaceuticals. Dust Collector / Dust Collectors / Dust Collection. Hazardous contaminants generated by many of today's processes dictate the use of advanced filtration devices to protect equipment and people. FARR Gold Series® bag-in/bag-out dust collector housings ensure worker safety by creating a barrier that isolates personnel from hazardous materials throughout the filter changeout process. Ideal for process manufacturing environments.
  • RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers For Large Flow VOC Processes
    RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers For Large Flow VOC Processes Adwest Technologies' RETOX® LFC Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Systems provide cost effective VOC abatement for large flow capacity (LFC) VOC laden processes from 60,000 to 80,000 cfm flowrates
  • Oil Contaminant Screening Tool
    Oil Contaminant Screening Tool Designed for use in a plant, the Navigator is a compact and lightweight oil contaminant screening tool
  • FGA 950 CO, NO, and , O<sub>2</sub> - Emissions Monitor
    FGA 950 CO, NO, and , O2 - Emissions Monitor The FGA 950 and FGA 950E analysers are designed for applications where Carbon Monoxide levels must be monitored as well as Nitric Oxide emissions
  • Wastewater Recovery And Recycling
    Wastewater Recovery And Recycling Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. has expertise in solving industrial wastewater problems from many major industries with the focus on rinse water and wastewater recovery and recycling projects
  • Custom Chemical Feed Systems
    Custom Chemical Feed Systems These chemical feed systems are designed to customers’
  • Software for Maintaining Air Data
    Software for Maintaining Air Data EnviroData Solutions provides the software you're looking for when it comes to maintaining Air data
  • Personal Monitor The BodyGuard personal monitor is a safe device with a backlit LCD display
  • Self-Sealing Submersible Cable
    Self-Sealing Submersible Cable Designed for use with the company’s line of submersible water level sensors, the KPSI self-sealing cable prevents damage as a result of water incursion
  • Insertion Flow Monitor
    Insertion Flow Monitor The Insertion Flow Monitor is a rugged instrument for monitoring and totaling flows in full pipes of two-in. to 30-in. diameters
  • Ozone Analyzers
    Ozone Analyzers The manufacturer offers a complete line of O3 ozone analyzers, ozone monitors, ozone instruments, ozone
  • GreenLight® 930- Live Aerobic Bacteria Load Calculator (High-Throughput)
    GreenLight® 930- Live Aerobic Bacteria Load Calculator (High-Throughput)

    The GreenLight® 930 is capable of calculating live aerobic bacteria loads of 24 different samples in as little as 45 minutes.

  • Solvent Removal System
    Solvent Removal System The C-Sparger System is designed specifically for removal of dissolved degreasing solvents
  • Holmes Air Purifiers
    Holmes Air Purifiers Holmes Air purifiers are affordable air cleaning devices with the highest efficiency HEPA and activated carbon air filtration system
  • Access Covers
    Access Covers Halliday Products' access covers are of all aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System
    Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System The A 4-30 W provides a fully integrated and weather station interlocked feeding and control system for the company's odor-neutralization program
  • Task Master Module
    Task Master Module Today’s environmental professionals have to cope with myriad compliance and operational activities and
  • TEOM Series 1405: Ambient Particulate Monitoring
    TEOM Series 1405: Ambient Particulate Monitoring

    The Thermo Scientific Continuous Particulate TEOM Monitor, Model 1405-DF has been awarded US EPA PM-Coarse FEM designation: EQPM-0609-182. The TEOM® Series 1405, for ambient particulate monitoring, features modernized electronics and a touch-screen user interface, packaged into a single cabinet

  • Submergible Pump
    Submergible Pump The new model 893-09 or -10 pump is equipped with a
  • ICIS Hardware WTC Integrated Control Instrumentation System (ICIS) connects to a standard IBM compatible PC via RS 232, RS 485, dialed modem, spread spectrum modem or other serial device
  • Wastewater-treatment Systems Flyer This single-page, 4-color flyer describes the company's wastewater-treatment capabilities. These include the manufacture of ...
  • Acidic Wastes Neutralized Economically with Lime Lime (calcium hydroxide) is an economical alternative for neutralization of acids in wastewater streams
  • Air Quality Consultation
    Air Quality Consultation Air Testing & Environment & Assessment
  • High Performance Package Plant High Performance Package Plant Manufacturer's literature describes how a ...
  • Portable Drilling Equipment The company's latest product-line entry, Earthprobe 200, gets first mention in a four-page announcement...
  • Multiple Frequency Electromagnetic Profiler - GEM-300 The revolutionary design of the GEM-300 allows this frequency domain, electromagnetic profiling system to be configured to simultaneously measure up to 16 user-defined frequencies between 330 Hz and 20,000 Hz with fixed coil separation
  • Model 110-Weather Stations-16
    Model 110-Weather Stations-16 The Model 110-WS-16 Modular Weather Station is a computer-based meteorological system designed as a "user friendly" solution for data storage
  • Parson PermaSeal PARSON PERMA SEAL is a nonflammable, V.O.C. compliant polyurethane injection resin designed to control water and seal moving non-structural cracks in concrete. PARSON PERMA SEAL is a standard viscosity hydrophilic resin which, after coming into contact with water, expands quickly and cures to a flexible closed-cell foam.
  • IntraFlow® Low-Profile Inside Drop System
    IntraFlow® Low-Profile Inside Drop System Conventional inside drops take up too much manhole space. They make maintenance accessibility difficult and compromise worker safety
  • Model 1900 Sampler Conditioner
    Model 1900 Sampler Conditioner This system accurately delivers diluted sample to a wide range of analyzers
  • Electrochemical Sensor
    Electrochemical Sensor The TX-261FMD Detector is a highly sensitive and selective electrochemical sensor...
  • Mulitmeter
    Mulitmeter The Omegaette HHM90 Series multimeters are supplied with test leads, rubber boot and a 9-volt battery
  • Site Characterization
    Site Characterization RDG geologists, scientists, and engineers specialize in characterization of geologic and hydrologic conditions for environmental, construction, and water resources investigations
  • Dynacalibrators
    Dynacalibrators VICI Metronics Dynacalibrators allow you to verify the accuracy of analytical data from air pollution monitoring, industrial hygiene surveys, odor surveys, and other instruments measuring gas concentration
  • Magmeter and Diaphragm Valve Combination The Type 8045 insertion magmeter, together with Type 2031 diaphragm valve, offers a practical solution for continuous flow measurement and batch control of nearly all liquids (neutral and aggressive) with or without solids
  • Dust Mite Kit
    Dust Mite Kit Results will indicate whether or not dust mite allergens are present
  • Commonly Asked Questions about Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers Viatec offers a reprint of 9 commonly asked questions about its THERME2America Solefm PVDF fluoropolymer heat exchangers...
  • High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    High Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers Carbonair's high pressure liquid phase carbon vessels are designed and manufactured in accordance with engineering standards set forth by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Dust Suppressant EnviroKleen is a dust suppressant that is odorless and colorless and said to be safe for human, animal and plant life
  • Quik-Dry™ Flasks
    Quik-Dry™ Flasks When a product is frozen in a thin layer on the inner wall surface of a large-diameter flask using a shell freezer, the overall sublimation rate significantly increases as compared to the product frozen as a plug in the bottom of a similar flask...
  • TrashCat&#153 Trash Skimmers
    TrashCat™ Trash Skimmers Three (3) Models of Marine Trash Skimmers
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