• ATT: OEMs - Gas Sampling Optical Benches
    ATT: OEMs - Gas Sampling Optical Benches Optical benches are available for gas sampling in the mid-infrared region from 2 to 15 µm. They utilize a pulsed source and a dual wavelength detector and have no moving parts.
  • Type Cat
    Type Cat Ducon Chemical Absorption Towers are custom designed to absorb and remove gaseous pollutants, odors, fumes and other toxic components.
  • Rotameter Quik Ship Program Bailey-Fischer & Porter, a unit of Elsag Bailey Process Automation, has launched a new customer service
  • U-50 Series Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters
    U-50 Series Multi-parameter Water Quality Meters Measure and display all parameters simultaneously with innovative features, a newly designed control unit, and sensor technology. Intuitive software assures ease of use and operation efficiency.
  • Pump Parts
    Pump Parts Composite pump parts yield better corrosion resistance, are less subject to stress cracks, and have comparable strength values to metal parts
  • Communitors
    Communitors Comminutors can be supplied with direct drive or shaft driven motors as well as hydraulic driven units
  • Lab Software Version 2.6 of Lab Data Checker Software allows environmental analytical labs to check many different electronic data
  • Multi-Client Market Reports Market Assessment of Needled Felts Foremost for Dry Filtration in the Asian Pacific Region
  • 15" Stainless Steel Air Cleaners
    15" Stainless Steel Air Cleaners TRUCKING AIR CLEANERS
  • Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants
    Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants Operating on an aerobic principle of biological treatment, the package wastewater treatment plant offers an entire biological wastewater treatment system in a single vessel
  • Static Mixer
    Static Mixer The Kenics HEV high-efficiency static mixer is said to provide pressure drops of up to 75% lower than standard mixers
  • Production Freeze Dryer
    Production Freeze Dryer Production Freeze Dryer - Freeze dryers, or lyophilizer, are used for the reliable preservation of a wide variety of heat sensitive products and demands the highest standards of reliability and control...
  • Environmental Compliance Tool Kit In one source, this practical service provides ready-to-use forms, procedures and tools you need to achieve — and demonstrate — compliance with today's wide range of environmental rules
  • Automatic Centrifuge
    Automatic Centrifuge The Turbo Separator T18-2 is an automatic solids discharging centrifuge...
  • Coalescer/Separator
    Coalescer/Separator The 35L-CLC Coalescer/Separator is a two-stage, vertical separation vessel designed to separate liquid from gas or vapor
  • Fury 400 Tank Washers
    Fury 400 Tank Washers The Fury 400 tank washer is for cleaning food grade tanks. Constructed of stainless steel
  • TF - Full And Hollow Cone Spiral Nozzles
    TF - Full And Hollow Cone Spiral Nozzles Features of the TF Series include high-energy efficiency, high discharge velocity, and clog-resistant performance
  • Training How to Implement EMS & ISO 14001 Standard Requirements Using the 3 Step Process
  • Lead Survey and Hazard Assessment Due to recently enacted Federal HUD regulations and the much-documented litigation regarding lead containing materials in the Multi-Family and Residential Real Estate Markets...
  • Polymer Process EnChem is a proprietary polymer process enabling selective filtration of both dissolved and suspended contaminants
  • Sealing Mixture AV-100 Chemical Grout is a mixture of three or more water- soluble chemicals that produce stiff gels from properly catalyzed solutions
  • Model 14 System
    Model 14 System The Model 14 System is designed for light duty use without electricity
  • MicroWhirl - Atomizing Fogging Nozzles
    MicroWhirl - Atomizing Fogging Nozzles MicroWhirl - Atomizing Fogging Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Oil-Slick Cleanup Spray The Oil-Slick Eliminator cleanup spray improves the appearance and cleanliness of water sites by biodegrading petroleum based residues
  • Calibrator Certification Service
    Calibrator Certification Service

    The Thermo Scientific Calibrator Certification Service compares and validates the Thermo Scientific Model 81i Mercury Calibrator to a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable Vendor Prime or Field Reference Generator. The calibration method is based on the Interim Draft Traceability Protocol as set forth by NIST and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Copperhead Snake and General Purpose Sock
    Copperhead Snake and General Purpose Sock General Purpose Socks are designed to absorb oils and hydrocarbons...
  • Performance Validation SoftCard
    Performance Validation SoftCard Spectronic Instruments, Inc.'s performance validation softcard for the Spectronic genesys 2 and genesys 5 spectrophotmeters enables...
  • Multielement Analysis Spectrometer
    Multielement Analysis Spectrometer The Model 4110 ZL is an automated, sequential, multielement analysis system using THGA technology
  • LANCOM Premier Portable Multi-Function Flue Gas Analyzer
    LANCOM Premier Portable Multi-Function Flue Gas Analyzer The LANCOM Premier is the latest addition to the successful range of portable flue gas analysers from Land Combustion
  • Coliform Test
    Coliform Test The Colilert-18 test is an USEPA-approved method for detecting total coliforms and E. coli in water
  • Video Inspection System
    Video Inspection System The QuickView digital video stick allows the user to view inside manholes and related wastewater and storm water lines
  • Power Control Systems
    Power Control Systems Power control and switchgear systems in low and medium voltage ratings for single- and multi-unit on-site power generators
    STORAGE TANKS FOR FUELS AND CHEMICALS Sizes from small lube tanks to 50,000 gallon tanks
  • Chart Recorders
    Chart Recorders Bailey-Fischer and Porter, a unit of Elsag Bailey, is now offering the LineMaster and PointMaster 200, two German-made, Hartmann and Braun microprocessor-based
  • NSC-200-40 Self-Contained Compactor
    NSC-200-40 Self-Contained Compactor Features 1/4" Steel Plate Sides with 4" x 2" x 1/4" Structural Steel Tubing with 6" Channel
  • 21,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank
    21,000 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank Stainless Steel construction from 304L stainless stell, totally enclosed, permanently attached axles for maximum maneuverability
  • SubEcho - 40
    SubEcho - 40 The SubEcho-40 is a low frequency, portable lightweight antenna with very high penetration
  • AC Drive
    AC Drive Motortronics’ CSD Series AC Inverter is available in ratings from 1/2 to 5 HP. The CSD Series features front panel keypad and display...
  •  Century Manhole® Containment Cover
    Century Manhole® Containment Cover Hydrogen sulfide gas has devastating effects on concrete
  • Catalyst Sales & Testing Services
    Catalyst Sales & Testing Services Routine testing of the catalyst is a cost-effective way to ensure uninterrupted operation of your oxidizer and to document its performance.
  • Millennium Series Blowers and Exhausters
    Millennium Series Blowers and Exhausters National Turbine Corporation's highly acclaimed MILLENNIUM series of multi stage blower and exhausters are a unique blend of construction technologies that provide high
  • Waste-management Module This Executrax waste-management software features the following attributes: system warning (to prevent violation and expirations...
  • Aerosol Mass Monitor
    Aerosol Mass Monitor At last a mass monitor that presents data according to PM standards, mass concentration for PM 1, PM 2.5, PM 7 and PM 10 at the same time
  • Disc System The Disk Integrated Solvent Concentrator System (DISC) destroys volatile organic compounds and...
  • Spill Kit 3
    Spill Kit 3 SPILLS HAPPEN. PLAN AHEAD. ChemSpill.com offers an infinite variety of spill kits, absorbents, pads, booms, socks
  • Air Pollution Control Brochure
    Air Pollution Control Brochure This four-color, eight-page brochure describes the company's custom equipment for abating air pollution
  • CerOx Systems
    CerOx Systems CerOx systems are skid mounted, self contained fully automatic systems. The systems are delivered to the customer’s site, and after initial set-up,are ready for connection to utilities and start-up.
  • Shredders
    Shredders Without a paper shredder, your confidential documents probably wind up in the trash
  • LANPAC column packing
    LANPAC column packing LANPAC’s unique patented geometry makes it measurably more efficient in both mass transfer capabilities and energy consumption rates
  • Flow Regulators
    Flow Regulators Sanitary and combined wastewater systems use IHV and HHV lines of regulators for flow management
  • Parson Quick Plug
    Parson Quick Plug Parson Quick Plug is a hydraulic cement material used to stop active hydrostatic leaks
  • Water and Waste Control System
    Water and Waste Control System The Pump Station Director variable speed pump control system combines touch screen technology with PLC systems
  • Metallic And Non-Metallic Gaskets And Laminated Or Solid Shims
    Metallic And Non-Metallic Gaskets And Laminated Or Solid Shims Metallic and non-metallic gaskets and laminated or solid shims will be custom-made to meet your requirements. An
  • Conduit Piping System Perma-pipe's Multi-Therm 500 is the prefabricated, preinsulated piping system that combines steel and the corrosion resistance of fiberglass...
  • Sonic Cleaner The Infrafone sonic cleaning device utilizes low frequency sound energy as a medium for the cleaning of air preheaters, economizers, refinery CO boilers and other applications
  • Pollution Prevention Services
    Pollution Prevention Services The company provides a number of pollution prevention and waste minimization services
  • Microwave Solids Flow Indicator
    Microwave Solids Flow Indicator Monitor Technolgies' Model SFI is a Microwave Solids Flow Indicator which provides non-contact, non-intrusive mass flow indication of powders or granular solids
  • TWIN-PAK filter design
    TWIN-PAK filter design The TWIN-PAK filter design from CECO Filters, Inc. offers a solution to aerosol mist emission
  • Refrigeration Leak Software Leak Manager walks the user through a series of questions about leaking industrial process refrigeration equipment
  • Mighty Mini Oil Skimmers For Parts Washers And CNC Machines
    Mighty Mini Oil Skimmers For Parts Washers And CNC Machines The Abanaki Mighty Mini SST Oil Skimmer can remove 1 to 2 gallons of medium weight oil per hour. Its stainless steel construction enables it to operate in harsh chemicals and heat while its integrated timer lets it run only when needed
  • Drum Scales
    Drum Scales Model 4020™ Electronic (digital) DRUM Scale with 4-20ma standard. NEMA 4X indicator box and solid PVC base...
  • New Drive Technology This new technology allows Robicon’s series-cell multi-
  • Clean Air Permits: Manager's Guide To The 1990 Clean Air Act To help lead you through the maze of overlapping state and federal regulations, Clean Air Permits is packed with insightful reporting on how the latest actions by EPA and your own state affect you
  • Environmental Manager's Compliance Advisor
    Environmental Manager's Compliance Advisor Five news services in one
  • Detection Transmitter
    Detection Transmitter Bacharach Inc., offers the Sentinel infared combustible gas detection transmitter. It features a sensor...
  • Ground Water Contamination
    Ground Water Contamination Ground water contamination results in some of the most difficult and costly problems in hazardous waste management
  • High Pressure Heat Exchanger
    High Pressure Heat Exchanger LC Series Heat Exchangers are designed specifically for cooling liquids or high pressure air with ambient air.
  • Filter Press and Dewatering System
    Filter Press and Dewatering System This press and dewatering system is mainly used in the wastewater industry for
  • VARI-CANT® Jet Aeration Systems
    VARI-CANT® Jet Aeration Systems

    Our VARI-CANT® jet aeration systems utilize proven principles of jet aeration, combined with state-of-the-art design and materials, resulting in a system with superior performance, efficiency and trouble-free operation.

  • Series 7000 Gas Analyzers
    Series 7000 Gas Analyzers ESC's Series 7000 Gas analyzers offer state-of-the-art SO2, H2S, NOx, CO, and O3 analyzers from API with each CEM or Ambient system...
  • Pilot Plant
    Pilot Plant This company’s pilot plant, which is dedicated to the mass transfer processes of distillation and liquid-liquid extraction
  • Batch Controller
    Batch Controller The Model 2499 FloSite batch controller is an automatic batching and blending controller for liquid applications
  • Deck Machinery and Steering Systems
    Deck Machinery and Steering Systems Hyde is a supplier of equipment and services to the Marine
  • Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System
    Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System
  • Dual-Laminate Process Vessels
    Dual-Laminate Process Vessels Viatec's Dual-Laminate process vessels were designed to solve industries corrosion and process problems...
  • SDT-Xfi In-Circuit Emulator The SDT-Xfi's sophisticated hardware breakpoint system allows a wide range of target system bus conditions to be monitored
  • Municipal & Solid Waste Incinerators HiTemp Technology (HTT) has designed a concept utilizing modified shipping containers stacked to form modular systems of 50 Tons per day capacity
  • Closed Loop System
    Closed Loop System The company's selective monitoring system is capable of producing deionized quality water
  • Dry Fog Dust Suppression
    Dry Fog Dust Suppression The Dry Fog Dust Suppression system controls virtually all types of respirable and larger airborne dust and mists
  • Thermo Scientific, iSeries Gas Analyzers
    Thermo Scientific, iSeries Gas Analyzers

    Thermo Scientific has been providing the most innovative and easy to use instruments for over 40 years. Today, we offer the industry's widest choice of air quality instruments and systems. Our solutions add flexibility and convenience to the detection of a broad range of targeted gaseous pollutants for both source and ambient air monitoring.

  • Economy Chemical Splash Goggles
    Economy Chemical Splash Goggles Economy Chemical Splash Goggles
  • Mini-Aerosol Spectrometer
    Mini-Aerosol Spectrometer The Grimm Model 1.108 Spectrometer/Dust Monitor provides particulate measurement by 90-degree laser light scattering
  • Springs and Wire Forms
    Springs and Wire Forms We supply compression, extension and torsion springs in wire diameter from 0.010 “ to 0.625 “and larger on special orders
  • Element Analysis Software
    Element Analysis Software Finite Element Analysis is a tool that can predict deflection and stresses of general structures
  • Enviro Data Starter Package We have an easy way for you to try the state-of-the-art Enviro Data product, a program for storing, displaying and reporting environmental site data, with minimal risk.
  • Mercury Recycling Program This program offers an environmentally friendly, safe
  • Bandit Industries Model 3680 Recyclerm Bandit Industries will feature its Model 3680 Beast Recyclerm at Waste Expo'97.
  • Total Suspended Particulate Air Sampler
    Total Suspended Particulate Air Sampler The Total Suspended Particulate High Volume Air Sampler features an outdoor anodized aluminum shelter
  • The Mercury Freedom System
    The Mercury Freedom System

    Ensure complete regulatory compliance with unattended, true continuous monitoring. The Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom System integrated mercury emissions monitoring systems measures elemental, ionic and total mercury in exhaust stacks from coal-fired boilers, waste incinerators, cement kilns and other industrial combustion sources.

  • UST Site Risk Assessment
    UST Site Risk Assessment AES is an industry leader in the application of RBCA (Risk-Based Corrective Action) to UST sites
  • Animal Cremator
    Animal Cremator The CleanAire is engineered to be an environmentally safe system for the cremation animal carcasses
  • Industrial and Water System Solutions
    Industrial and Water System Solutions Our skimmer systems disappear in a tank or function unattended for long periods
  • Granular Magnesium Oxide The company has engineered the FloMag PWT granular magnesium oxide for potable water treatment
  • Model B Series Gearpump Metering System
    Model B Series Gearpump Metering System SINGLE AND PLURAL COMPONENT
  • Illuminator FTIR Module
    Illuminator FTIR Module The MIDAC M4500 series is an ideal solution for dedicated instrumentation and custom sampling configurations. Adapting a conventional laboratory FTIR loaded with instrument features you simply don't use is costly, difficult, and complicated for novice and expert alike.
  • DryCal NEXUS
    DryCal NEXUS Standardization, Data Logging, and Communication Module
  • <b>Sewage Pump Station</b>
    Sewage Pump Station Pre Packaged sewage Pump stations in a wide variety of configurations to meet the customers exact demands are available.
  • Module Software
    Module Software FingerPrint is a modular, rules-based software system designed to meet the needs of companies that use, generate, transport, treat, dispose, or recycle hazardous materials
  • Model 81i Mercury Calibrator
    Model 81i Mercury Calibrator

    The Thermo Scientific Model 81i calibrator utilizes a vapor generator that allows standard calibration and dynamic spiking into the extraction probe. A wide calibration range lets the user directly calibrate the analyzer at post-dilution concentrations. The calibrator is ideally suited for daily zero/span checks and routine converter efficiency and linearity testing.

  • SOLVAir® Select 300 Sodium Bicarbonate
    SOLVAir® Select 300 Sodium Bicarbonate

    SOLVAir sodium bicarbonate is manufactured at Solvay Chemicals’ Green River, Wyoming plant. For many years, sodium bicarbonate has been used to reduce acid gas stack emissions in industries including coal-fired power plants and waste incinerators. SOLVAir Select 300 sodium bicarbonate provides an alternative approach for dry sorbent injection applications. It reacts very rapidly with acid gases and is able to achieve very high levels of removal of these pollutants when used in a properly designed DSI system.