• Shaker Felts The shaker felt concept works because specially designed felts outperform old technology wovens and knits at every filtration measurement point
  • Laser Particle Counter
    Laser Particle Counter This new unit identifies particle quantity and size from 0.5um to 100um and operates with both flowing and in-situ liquids
  • Rotary Hefty System
    Rotary Hefty System The Rotary Hefty System is the most rugged electric hammer driven system available
  • Safe-T-Sump Portable Spill Containment Sumps
    Safe-T-Sump Portable Spill Containment Sumps Relocatable Safe-T-Sumps are available in unlimited sizes for the convenient storage of totes, 55-gallon drums, or
  • Automotive & Light Duty Filter Crusher The Model P-100WM crushes multiple automotive filters simultaneously
  • The Met One Model 50.5 Sonic Wind Sensor
    The Met One Model 50.5 Sonic Wind Sensor The Model 50.5 Solid State Wind Sensor is the newest addition to the 50 series product line
  • Filter System
    Filter System The CECO Group’s combination Catenary Grid scrubber/CECO Site Pak coalescing filter system were designed to control emissions...
  • Infrared Gas Monitor
    Infrared Gas Monitor The company’s Model 3800 infrared gas monitor family is designed to be a complete, flexible platform for monitoring toxic and combustible gases
  • Model 501NK-1 Engine Protection Module
    Model 501NK-1 Engine Protection Module The Model 501NK-1 is an Engine Protection Module, which has been designed to control the engine via an externally fitted switch provided by the OEM
  • VaporPure
    VaporPure VaporPure is Tipaz's new system for treating flows as low as 10 cfm or less
  • Dust Collector - SL Series & SL-HR Series - Horizontal Cartridge Collector
    Dust Collector - SL Series & SL-HR Series - Horizontal Cartridge Collector Both of these collectors are heavy duty, all welded, reverse pulse jet cartridge collectors that are used in a wide range of applications and are ideally suited for industrial powder and other submicron dusts due to their high efficiencies.
  • Chart Recorders
    Chart Recorders Bailey-Fischer and Porter, a unit of Elsag Bailey, is now offering the LineMaster and PointMaster 200, two German-made, Hartmann and Braun microprocessor-based
  • Hydrogen Fluoride Monitoring System
    Hydrogen Fluoride Monitoring System Consisting of a renewable, highly selective electrochemical sensor and companion transmitter linked to an optional control panel, the HF Monitoring System is available in a variety of configurations
  • Pipe Inspection System The new 3-D digital video-based pipe inspection system is based on an instrument-controlled robot, the Radiax Vector
  • MODEL 540U
    MODEL 540U Complete with the ruggedness and power of a standard Geoprobe unit but transferable from one carrier to another
  • Copperhead Snake and General Purpose Sock
    Copperhead Snake and General Purpose Sock General Purpose Socks are designed to absorb oils and hydrocarbons...
  • Hydrocarbon Analyzer The Model 502 utilizes a flame ionization detection technique for the continuous measurement of total hydrocarbons, as equivalent methane
  • Comprehensive Controls
    Comprehensive Controls Comprehensive Controls comprises in-house electrical engineers, programmers, technicians and process control instrumentation experts with many years of experience.
  • Model 5020i Sulfate Particulate Analyzer
    Model 5020i Sulfate Particulate Analyzer

    The Thermo Scientific 5020i SPA analyzer ensures accurate sampling and complete data capture of particulate laden flow.

  • Fuel Blending
    Fuel Blending An extension of PCI's state-of-the-art fuel blending system is our twenty-one tank, 241,662 gallon bulk liquid tank farm, including storage capabilities for over 3500 drums
  • HAZWOPER 8 Hour Refresher Course The National Environmental Trainers and Engineers are offering a HAZWOPER 8-hour annual refresher course on-line...
  • Underdrain
    Underdrain The Triton underdrain features slot screens which filter media directly
  • Explosion-Proof Gas Monitor
    Explosion-Proof Gas Monitor PureAire Monitoring Systems offers an explosion-proof monitoring system for the detection and measurement of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen (H2), ethylene oxide (EtO), and other hazardous gases.
  • Production Lyophilizers
    Production Lyophilizers Hull designs, manufactures, installs, and services cGMP vacuum freeze drying equipment (lyophilizers) for the reliable preservation of a wide range of pharmaceutical and fine chemical products.
  • Product Information Piece
    Product Information Piece This heavy-stock, six-page, gatefold sales brochure for the SP-23 solvent purification system uses...
  • Radiological Clean-Up
    Radiological Clean-Up Sampling and waste profiles for mixed wastes leading to disposal.
  • Parson Hi Build Parson Hi-Build is a non-shrink, non-ferrous grout used to rebuild to grade level where large holes, voids or missing mortar are evident. This product is ideally suited for a wide range of applications requiring strength and durability.
  • MaxiPass: Maximum Free Passage Full Cone Nozzles
    MaxiPass: Maximum Free Passage Full Cone Nozzles MaxiPass: Maximum Free Passage Full Cone Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Browser-Based Applications Engineered for the water and wastewater industry, iDB Applications focus on sharing data related to the operation of a utility and its users
  • Belt Press
    Belt Press The HP Series Belt Press adapts to current operating systems
  • Safe-T-Pallet Portable Spill Containment Pallets
    Safe-T-Pallet Portable Spill Containment Pallets Easily relocatable steel Safe-T-Pallets provide secondary containment for 55-gallon drums. Available in
  • Rotary Kilns The HTT rotary units will burn all types of sludges, pathological, and other solid waste materials. The MSW stepped hearth system will not burn sludges
  • MODEL 54LT
    MODEL 54LT The Geoprobe Model 54LT. . .a rugged, compact probing machine designed for tight spaces and rough terrain
  • Ultra-Frac Technology
    Ultra-Frac Technology Ultra-Frac trays from Koch-Glitsch provide phenomenal capacity advantages over conventional trays
  • Environmental Instrument The YSI 6600 is a member of the 6-Series Environmental Products, which are the industry standard for profiling, logging, and long-term monitoring applications...
  • Cloning Discs
    Cloning Discs The sterile cloning disc features a paper disc designed to transfer cells quickly to 24-well plates for growth
  • The Apex Instruments 3-D Console (MC-3D52)
    The Apex Instruments 3-D Console (MC-3D52) The 3-D Console is used in conjunction with the 3-D Probe to determine velocity pressure and the yaw and pitch angles of the flow velocity vector in a stack or duct according...
  • Leak Detection Brochure
    Leak Detection Brochure This full-color brochure explains how fluorescent leak
  • Pollution Prevention Technologies in Enforcement Settlements The U.S. EPA has published, "Identification of Pollution Prevention Technologies for Possible Inclusion in Enforcement Agreements ...
  • Railroad Spill Control
    Railroad Spill Control Designed to provide spill containment at industrial rail sidings and locomotive maintenance facilities.
  • Asbestos Survey and Hazard Assessment From multi-floor commercial high-rise buildings to single family dwellings, Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) are identified, sampled, categorized, and assessed.
  • Two-Wire Level Transmitter
    Two-Wire Level Transmitter Flowline announced the LU20 Echotouch loop-powered, two-wire level transmitter in both general purpose and intrinsically safe configurations...
  • HydroWhirl RB - Rotary Ball Tank Washing Nozzles
    HydroWhirl RB - Rotary Ball Tank Washing Nozzles The HydroWhirl™ RB nozzle directs the cleaning water through a set of concentric tubes over a reactionary turbine and then into a rotating head at the tip of the spray assembly. The spray pattern from the HydroWhirl RB is especially effective at quickly removing loose contaminants. Rotating spray balls are ideal for applications that require both washing and rinsing.
  • Trenchless Replacement System
    Trenchless Replacement System The IMPIPE system crushes existing clay, non-reinforced concrete or cast iron pipe and replaces it with high density polyethylene pipe of the same or larger diameter
  • Adjustable Speed Drives
    Adjustable Speed Drives Featuring easy operation, pre-loaded parameters and a range of horsepower ratings, the AF-300 G11 and the AF-300 P11 are adjustable speed variable torque drives
  • Stationary Engine Emission Catalyst
    Stationary Engine Emission Catalyst Prototech Company manufactures catalyst parts that are sometimes referred to as "Catalyst Inserts"
  • Self Regulating Heat Traced Sample Lines
    Self Regulating Heat Traced Sample Lines The Apex Instruments Self Regulating Heated Sample Line features a core of Teflon tubing and self regulating heating cable.
  • Coatings Line
    Coatings Line Futura Coatings introduced FUTURA-THANE abrasion resistant coatings
  • Tower Design Software
    Tower Design Software The Koch Tower Design and G-Rate packing rating software with documentation, are tools to assist customers in the specification of mass transfer equipment
  • Microwave-based Analytical Instruments A manufacturer of instrumentation for process industries offers a brochure ...
  • Quenches Ceilcote offers a variety of specially designed quench
  • Mixing/Diluting Polymers
    Mixing/Diluting Polymers The Polymaster dilutes, mixes and thoroughly activates emulsion, dispersion and solution polymers including
  • Application I and Application II SoftCards
    Application I and Application II SoftCards Spectronic Instruments, Inc., offers the Application I and Application II SoftCards for the Genesys 2 and Genesys 5 spectrophotometers...
  • Turbidimeter
    Turbidimeter The Model 670 Dual Beam Forward Scatter Turbidimeter consists of a transmitter and an inline sensor
  • TWIN-PAK filter design
    TWIN-PAK filter design The TWIN-PAK filter design from CECO Filters, Inc. offers a solution to aerosol mist emission
  • Internet Monitoring Package (IMP)
    Internet Monitoring Package (IMP) Internet Monitoring Package incorporates wireless communications technology and allows monitoring where it may not have been possible due to geography, or cost-prohibitive due to the high cost of land line installation.
  • Combustion Emissions Monitoring System
    Combustion Emissions Monitoring System Telegan introduces the Tempest 100, a combustion emissions monitor.
  • China Environmental Business Guidebook This updated environmental guidebook serves for successfully conducting business in China Beijing, China.
  • Single Microplate Stacker
    Single Microplate Stacker The single microplate stacker is designed to speed the integration of microplate scintillation and luminescence counters with robotic laboratory systems
  • Powerflow System 240-01-00LBC
    Powerflow System 240-01-00LBC The Powerflow System 240-01-00LBC is lightweight and compact. The visor meets impact and penetration requirements of ANSI Z87.1-1989.
  • Pressure Sensor
    Pressure Sensor The series 48 pressure sensor isolates and protects instrumentation and features a full-port opening that does
  • Indoor Air Testing Services
    Indoor Air Testing Services Now more than ever, manufacturers are required to demonstrate product performance and validation of efficiency claims
  • Enviro Stats
    Enviro Stats Enviro Stats is a full-featured statistics, spreadsheet and graphics program. It is designed to provide project personnel with increased capabilities to analyze and interpret environmental data.
  • Dust Collector Filters
    Dust Collector Filters The seamless tube Beane Bags are circular knit fabrics consisting of a “loop pile” surface
  • Computerized Stack Sample Control Unit
    Computerized Stack Sample Control Unit The Model 31C-200 Computerized Stack Sampling Control Unit is designed to be used in sampling systems for collecting data for various Isokinetic EPA Reference Methods
  • Ambient Air Monitor
    Ambient Air Monitor The TE-6000 PM-10 High Volume Air Sampler runs on either 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz
  • Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX) Services
    Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX) Services

    Wastewater Ion Exchange (WWIX) Service utilizes ion exchange resin canisters for the removal of dissolved heavy metals from a variety of rinse water and wastewater streams.

  • Conductivity Monitor
    Conductivity Monitor The TecnoLine LF 171 conductivity monitor features exclusive EMC lightning protection circuitry, dual
  • Radwaste and Dept. of Energy Products
    Radwaste and Dept. of Energy Products UltraTech engineers and develops products that meet the challenges the DOE faces in short-term and long-term storage, transportation and disposal of waste material.
  • Type "S" Vortex Air Cleaner
    Type "S" Vortex Air Cleaner OIL BATH AIR CLEANERS
  • Plastic Manhole Step Insert
    Plastic Manhole Step Insert A polypropylene insert for the purpose of securing steps in the wall of a pre-cast concrete manhole, or other concrete
  • XAAD - Pressure-Fed, Internal Mix Air Atomizing Nozzles
    XAAD - Pressure-Fed, Internal Mix Air Atomizing Nozzles BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc., one of the world's leading nozzle manufacturers, designs and manufactures the highest quality Industrial Spray Nozzles.
  • Environmental Compliance in [Your State]
    Environmental Compliance in [Your State] Here is the easy, inexpensive way to stay on top of compliance with environmental laws--both federal and in YOUR state
  • Low Pressure Pipe System
    Low Pressure Pipe System Weholite is a low-pressure pipe system made in accordance with strict manufacturing specifications from high-
  • WEFTEC 2000: Wireless Internet Monitoring Solutions
    WEFTEC 2000: Wireless Internet Monitoring Solutions Xsilogy provides real-time industrial process monitoring
  • Thermo Scientific Model 410i Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
    Thermo Scientific Model 410i Carbon Dioxide Analyzer

    The Thermo Scientific Model 410i Carbon Dioxide Analyzer utilizes advanced NDIR optical filter technology to measure the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in stack gas levels. Reporting capabilities are user-selectable for either of the accepted industry standards, straight extractive or dilution sampling methods.

  • NOx Reduction Technology
    NOx Reduction Technology Green Diesel Technology is a new technology that utilizes the benefits of a catalyzed particulate filter and low-
  • Reverse Plus Fabric Filter
    Reverse Plus Fabric Filter The Airotech Enivornment reverse pulse fabric filter is available in a wide range of sizes and designs for efficient space saving configurations
  • 7800 Series Full Facepiece
    7800 Series Full Facepiece The 3M 7800 Full Facepiece respirator is an excellent choice for protection against a wide variety of gas and vapor applications...
  • Solvent Recoverers
    Solvent Recoverers The center fold of this four-page product literature provides a process flow chart, ...
  • The Eco Badge Lesson Books (teacher guides) Each edition ( elementary school edition, middle school edition, high school edition and collegiate edition ) comes with: five badge holders (except the elementary edition which has one badge holder - for the teacher - and fifteen labels for children to make their own badges)
  • Power Generator The Model 330, a member of the MicroTurbine system, is a compact, low emission, power generator providing electrical power up to 30kW...
  • 2000 Edition Condensed Manual and Handbook Filter Media and Fabric Filter Aspects More than 75 headlines and also 80+ topics on fabric filtration are discussed on 170+ pages
  • Occupational Health Dust Monitor
    Occupational Health Dust Monitor The Grimm Model 1.105 Dust Monitor consists of an omnidirectional sampling head, a sample inlet tube connected to a volume-controlled pump, and a PTF filter
  • Ambient Air Sampling & Stack Testing
    Ambient Air Sampling & Stack Testing Pace Analytical's Air Sampling Services were developed to assist industrial and public sector clients meet the increasing level of regulations covering air emissions.
  • Freezemobile Shell Baths
    Freezemobile Shell Baths Shell freezing is the classic method for preparing samples for freeze drying.
  • Design And  Engineering Services For Industrial Manufacturing Process
    Design And Engineering Services For Industrial Manufacturing Process Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. is a full-service engineering firm specializing in the design, engineering, and construction for manufacturing facilities
  • Combustion Analyzer The CA 40H Hand-Held Combustion Analyzer allows the user to monitor,
  • SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle
    SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • TRI / Form R Reporting
    TRI / Form R Reporting TRI / Form R Reporting
  • Material  Handling Systems
    Material Handling Systems Material handling systems provide the link between your raw material storage and the manufacturing process
  • <b>Agitator Pumps</b>
    Agitator Pumps Agitator pumps are used for heavy sludges, ash removal, coal handling and similar applications
  • School Test Kit
    School Test Kit Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) now offers a screening tool to assist you in evaluating the quality of your school’s indoor environment
  • Syringe Filters
    Syringe Filters Puradisc syringe filters feature rugged construction, autoclavability, integrity testable (bubble point method)
  • Specialized Systems
    Specialized Systems These systems are designed for use in a variety of combustion, heat transfer and waste disposal applications.
  • Industrial-pollution Course on CD-ROM Serac's CD-ROM education course work was designed to be an instructional tool for management personnel with little or no environmental experience...
  • Loss-In-Weight Feeders
    Loss-In-Weight Feeders Tecweigh's Loss-In-Weight Feeders offer a custom-engineered feeder
  • 15" Stainless Steel Air Cleaners
    15" Stainless Steel Air Cleaners TRUCKING AIR CLEANERS
  • Deep Block Spiral Flame
    Deep Block Spiral Flame Eclipse Spiral Flame Burners are nozzle-mixing burners designed to produce a rapidly spinning flame
  • Curlex HD Blankets
    Curlex HD Blankets Curlex Blankets, for long-term protection against wind and water erosion. They are a natural choice in place of stone or riprap in swales, ditch bottoms, and long steep slopes.