• Heated Gas Sample Probes - Model 273S
    Heated Gas Sample Probes - Model 273S R TO MODEL 270S WITH 9" LONG FILTER ELEMENT
  • Ground Water Contamination
    Ground Water Contamination Ground water contamination results in some of the most difficult and costly problems in hazardous waste management
  • WEC Series Toroidal Conductivity Controllers
    WEC Series Toroidal Conductivity Controllers The new low cost CPVC sensor is perfect for applications below 180°F
  • Anotec Blue toilet sanitising solution 90% market share Australian market 2-in-1 action sanitation and odour control
  • Safety Products Galore More than 1000 safety products, including most imaginable needs fill this four-color...
  • MacWrap
    MacWrap MacWrap, an external seal for pipe and manhole joints, is a strong, multi-layered, reinforced collar that is waterproof and flexible. It can be used with joints that have been damaged in handling, which may otherwise be rejected.
  • WCT300 Bleed and Feed Cooling Tower Controllers
    WCT300 Bleed and Feed Cooling Tower Controllers Controlling the total dissolved solids and maintaining an adequate concentration of scale or corrosion inhibitor is the minimum you should do to protect your cooling tower
  • Dust Control Agent
    Dust Control Agent Pennzsuppress D is a dust control agent for the treatment of road aggregate
  • Global Positioning System
    Global Positioning System Cartographic Associates, Inc. offers Global Positioning System location of all features throughout your municipality
  • Beta Data Software Announced The U.S. EPA announced in June the availability of a beta-test version of a software package that prioritizes chemicals...
  • Thermal Oxidizers
    Thermal Oxidizers Thermal oxidation is a means of destroying hazardous and
  • Bowl Cleaner
    Bowl Cleaner The Raymond Bowl Mill is used for simultaneously pulverizing, classifying and drying coal for cement plants, lime plants, power plants, the steel industry and other industrial process applications
  • Magnesium Hydroxide Powder Designed for water treatment applications including acid neutralization and heavy metal precipitation and stabilization in sludge, FloMag magnesium hydroxide powder (MHP) is a fine white powder processed from magnesium-rich brine
  • Multi-Basket Pipeline Strainer
    Multi-Basket Pipeline Strainer A sliding gate design permits the 570 multi-basket duplex pipeline strainer to be switched between either of the two straining chambers, allowing one chamber to remain on line while the other is cleaned
  • Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System
    Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System The A 4-30 W provides a fully integrated and weather station interlocked feeding and control system for the company's odor-neutralization program
  • Mining Dust Collectors
    Mining Dust Collectors Controlling dust at excavation sites, mill transfer points and similar locations is a difficult challenge. The EPA has strict limits on annual emission amounts. If emissions are too high, production schedules may be curtailed. That's why proper design and selection of dust collection equipment is such an important concern.
  • Audits (Self-Declaration/Certification) AUDITS (Self-Declaration/Certification)
  • Steam Hose Couplings These couplings are furnished with hex nuts
  • Robotic Liquid Handling System
    Robotic Liquid Handling System The EXpanded Robotic Liquid Handling System is a flexible instrument capable of automating applications utilized in molecular biology
  • Product Selection Guide
    Product Selection Guide Among the processing provisions presented in this eight-page, four-color guidebook are the company's (gas/vapor)...
  • Oil Spill Response Barge
    Oil Spill Response Barge Converted oil carrying barge outfitted with the dedicated skimming systems, ocean boom, deployment equipment, and communications facilities necessary to function as a fully certified offshore response vessel
  • Circulating Dry Scrubbers The EEC CDS® System utilizes a dry circulating fluid bed and an ESP or Fabric Filter for utility scale flue Gas Desulfurization.
  • Tablet Dissolution Software Dissolution Lab software automates the characterization of pharmaceutical dosage formulation kinetics, an application commonly known as tablet dissolution
  • Sealing Mixture AV-100 Chemical Grout is a mixture of three or more water- soluble chemicals that produce stiff gels from properly catalyzed solutions
  • Landfill Gas Analyzer
    Landfill Gas Analyzer Designed for monitoring landfill gas, the Ensight Gas Analyzer continuously monitors the concentrations of one or more of the following gases: oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide
  • Dust Collectors for Thermal/Flame Spray
    Dust Collectors for Thermal/Flame Spray The FARR Gold Series® dust and fume collectors provide a wide variety of configurations to operate safely and efficiently in thermal/flame spray operations. Explosion vents, sprinkler kits and fire retardant cartridges are some of the many options available to customize these systems.
  • Model 42i-D NOX Analyzer
    Model 42i-D NOX Analyzer

    Using chemiluminescence technology, the Model 42i-D measures the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from sub-ppb levels up to 100ppm. The Model 42i-D is a single chamber, single photomultiplier tube design that measures NOx only

  • TS-IR Infrared Camera Series
    TS-IR Infrared Camera Series

    The TS-IR Infrared Camera Series is IP67 rated and optimized to provide the most accurate and sensitive thermal images.

  • Solid-waste Test Methods--Plus A CD-ROM offers the official U.S. EPA physical/chemical methods for evaluating solid waste...
  • Turbine Vane Pump
    Turbine Vane Pump The MPT Series Regenerative Turbine Vane Pump is designed for small flows at medium to high heads
  • Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems
    Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems CECO Filters, Inc. introduces two complete Pilot Plant Fiber-Bed Filter Emission Control Systems
  • Model 200-Weather Stations-21
    Model 200-Weather Stations-21 The WeatherPort Model WS-21 is a microprocessor-based
    wind alarm system
  • TrojanUVPhox™ — Environmental Contaminant Treatment System
    TrojanUVPhox™ — Environmental Contaminant Treatment System

    The TrojanUVPhox™ was designed to maximize efficiency - using 50%-90% less energy than other similarly sized UV reactors. Through the extensive use of computational fluid dynamics models and other computer simulation tools, it has been optically and hydraulically optimized to provide extremely efficient and cost-effective UV treatment. Its unique design allows for the use of multiple reactors in series.

  • Ash Drag Conveyors
    Ash Drag Conveyors Ehrsam Submerged Ash Drag Conveyors (SDC's) collect, cool, convey and de-water hot bottom ash from industrial, circulating fluidized-bed and utility boilers and incinerators
  • Plant Performance Software Optimax Performance software is a high-fidelity system that executes real-time performance calculations on all plant components
  • Rocket™ Evaporator
    Rocket™ Evaporator

    Developed largely as a consequence of users’ demands for an evaporator that could quickly process larger volumes of solvent in parallel and without supervision, the Rocket Evaporator is designed to dry or concentrate as many as six flasks, each containing up to 450mL of solvent.

  • MC - Drain & Septic Treatment
    MC - Drain & Septic Treatment MC - Drain & Septic Treatment
  • Green Pages Directory The Pennsylvania Green Pages directory is a guide to Pennsylvania businesses that produce environmental technologies and services...
  • Absorption Analyzer The Pastel-UV, a portable ultraviolet absorption analyzer, is for measuring water quality in raw sewage, treated,
  • Particulate Respirator 8511
    Particulate Respirator 8511 This Particulate Respirator 8511, N95 is uniquely designed to help provide comfortable, reliable worker protection.
  • Rotor/Stator Configurations
    Rotor/Stator Configurations These Ultra-Pro rotor/stator configurations for the company’s L-Frame, 1000 and 2000 progressing cavity pump
  • Round Duct
    Round Duct For air-system use, K&B fabricates round duct, either galvanized or black steel, welded or brazed, from 4" through 48" diameter, and gauges from 20 to 10 depending upon diameter requirements
  • Double Port Regulator
    Double Port Regulator Model 180/181 double port regulators provide sensitive control needed by vapor recovery systems operating at atmospheric pressure
  • Out of Stack Diluting Sampler With Inertial Filter
    Out of Stack Diluting Sampler With Inertial Filter This system provides continuous emission monitoring and gas analysis for severely contaminated stacks, ducts, and processes
  • Bulk Containers
    Bulk Containers Ultratainer's unique cylindrical inner tank design eliminates the corners, ribs, and seams
  • Electrical Cabinets
    Electrical Cabinets Electrical Cabinets
  • Oil/Water Separator-100
    Oil/Water Separator-100 The OWS100 is a parallel corrugated plate gravity displacement type separator designed
  • Membrane Separation
    Membrane Separation Where required, PIONEER offers Membrane Separation systems for separating undesirable substances e.g. treatment of Natural Gas or Landfill Gas (CO2 Removal).
  • Model 49i PS Ozone Analyzer
    Model 49i PS Ozone Analyzer

    The industry’s new best-of-breed. Our customers told us exactly what they’re looking for in a gas monitoring solution: reliability, simplicity, ease of use. The new iSeries platform delivers on all counts - and then goes a step farther

  • Mantle Clock / Business Card Holder
    Mantle Clock / Business Card Holder This unique timepiece holds approximately 75 standard-sized business cards
  • TRI / Form R Reporting
    TRI / Form R Reporting TRI / Form R Reporting
  • Activated Sludge Process
    Activated Sludge Process Offering the benefits of sequencing aeration with continuous clarification, the SEQUOX activated sludge process is designed to provide high effluent quality with total nitrogen levels as low as 3 mg/L and phosphorus levels as low as 1 mg/L or less
  • MetaPhor agarose The high resolution agarose that challenges polyacrylamide
  • SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle
    SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor
    PDM3700 Personal Dust Monitor

    Real-time, respirable dust monitor for use in United States based mining applications

  • Sewage Pump/Manhole Liner System
    Sewage Pump/Manhole Liner System The liner system rehabilitation is designed to rehabilitate sewage pumps/manholes
  • 1313
    1313 Fermentation Monitor 1313 is designed for monitoring fermentation processes. The 1313 simultaneosly measures the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons
  • Horizontal Access Door The re-designed J-AL horizontal access door, available in single or double leaf design, is well-suited to provide
  • Extractive Analyzers & Systems - GME 60 family
    Extractive Analyzers & Systems - GME 60 family The GME 60 with dual beam technology provides highly selective measurements of all infrared-absorbing gases and is thus ideal for detecting extremely low concentrations
  • Telemetry Interface Units Teldata's telemetry interface units (TIUs) have been modified
  • Autoloading Systems
    Autoloading Systems Hull has supplied patented, highly efficient, totally automated vial handling systems for sterile product freeze drying...
  • Drilled Shaft & Borehole Caliper Services
    Drilled Shaft & Borehole Caliper Services The New Industry Standard For Submerged Bores
  • Environmental Assessments and Real Estate Transactions This new book covers the entire spectrum of phase ones or environmental site assessments, and much else
  • Portable Gas Detector
    Portable Gas Detector The PhD Plus portable gas detector monitors up to four
  • Noise Narrower The Eckoustic functional panels (EFP) can be installed in existing structures...
  • Multi-Channel Bed Scrubber
    Multi-Channel Bed Scrubber The Multi-Channel Bed Scrubber (MCBS) is designed to collect particles above 2 microns with 99.9% efficiency
  • Air speed monitors
    Air speed monitors The air speed 100 palm kit offers the user a sleek and very compact airspeed instrument, which will simultaneously measure, display and data log airspeed (ft/min or m/sec) , Temperature, and Volume flow (CFM)
  • Caribou EMIS
    Caribou EMIS Caribou 2000 EIMS is a revolutionary product that allows organizations to manage, project, and disseminate critical environmental information
  • Insertion Housing
    Insertion Housing Featuring a through reactor head-plate, the InFit 762/763 insertion housing is designed for vertical installation in tanks and production facilities
  • Liquid Biocide A single-feed, stable, bromine-based, liquid biocide, the STABROM 909 can be used for disinfecting
  • New FDC Dust Collector Controller
    New FDC Dust Collector Controller User-friendly and reliable pulse cleaning control for all types of cartridge and baghouse dust collection systems.
  • Parson Quick Plug
    Parson Quick Plug Parson Quick Plug is a hydraulic cement material used to stop active hydrostatic leaks
  • Single and Dual Gas Analyzer
    Single and Dual Gas Analyzer The Single and Dual Gas Analyzer offers a totally enclosed sample path that is not affected by ambient conditions
  • Total Suspended Particulate Air Sampler
    Total Suspended Particulate Air Sampler The Total Suspended Particulate High Volume Air Sampler features an outdoor anodized aluminum shelter
  • Air Modeling Software RunAve for Windows is a Windows post-processor that implements New Jersey, Utah and similar air modeling guidance for performing running average calculations
  • Portable Flow Meter
    Portable Flow Meter Incorporating a simple, built-in three-key calibration system to enter pipe diameter, the PDFM-IV Portable Doppler Flow Meter can display, totalize and data log
  • Fume Incineration Systems
    Fume Incineration Systems We offer both thermal and catalytic type fume incineration systems
  • Renewed Equipment
    Renewed Equipment Remanufacturing can greatly extend the operating life of your equipment. As an original equipment manufacturer, Hull has the necessary in-house resources to re-engineer, upgrade and remanufacture freeze dryers, freezers, sterilizers, and vacuum and pressure vessels...
  • Drain Inserts
    Drain Inserts The Drain Diaper is a simple device designed to fit most catch basins
  • NOx Converter
    NOx Converter The 4992 NOx converter is designed to convert NO2 to NO in a quick-chilled, extracted flue gas sample for analysis by an emissions analyzer
  • Secondary Treatment Systems
    Secondary Treatment Systems Monarch's Secondary System technology consists of an Induced Gas Flotation (IGF), Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), or a combined CPI/IGF Treatment System
  • TrojanUVSigna™ — Wastewater Disinfection System
    TrojanUVSigna™ — Wastewater Disinfection System

    No longer should large wastewater facilities feel limited to chlorine disinfection. Now – with the TrojanUVSigna™ – those facilities can confidently choose UV and benefit from its inherent safety features, cost-saving advantages and disinfection performance.

  • Rinse Tanks
    Rinse Tanks The floor-standing rinse tanks provide a space where larger parts (up to 35 in. wide) can be immersed
  • Extraction Packings
    Extraction Packings The SMV/SMVP structured extraction packings, with their intersecting channel geometry, are designed to ensure stable
  • Mobile PV® Series Trailer-Mounted Carbon Adsorption System
    Mobile PV® Series Trailer-Mounted Carbon Adsorption System

    The Mobile PV® Series Carbon Adsorption System is a trailer-mounted option which features our PV® Series liquid phase carbon adsorbers in a self-contained unit and is ideally suited for temporary or emergency events, or, to pilot test new technology -- all without the need of capital investment.

    PHOENIX S.A.V.E CONTROLLER Provides automated autonomous control of complete remediation system
  • Slurry Pumps
    Slurry Pumps These hard metal slurry pumps are designed for industrial slurries such as fly ash, coal slurries, and bottom ash
  • Personal Monitor The BodyGuard personal monitor is a safe device with a backlit LCD display
  • Parson RPM Patching Material Rapid set, fiber reinforced patching material for manhole inverts and other structural repairs.
  • GPC Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    GPC Series Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorbers These standard vessels have up to 13,600 pound carbon capacity...
  • New CD
    New CD This new CD provides comprehensive product and application information on the manufacturer’s full line of alarm
  • NC - Narrow Angle, High Velocity Nozzles
    NC - Narrow Angle, High Velocity Nozzles Narrow Angle, High Velocity Nozzles - BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Electric Pump Blackhawk Environmental Company announces its new electric Anchor Piston Pump for deep set well recovery
  • Model 102 Snap on PID
    Model 102 Snap on PID Easy to interchange modules for 9.5, 10.2, or 11.7 lamps just snap on to the Docking Module...
  • Condensing WESPTM
    Condensing WESPTM Croll-Reynolds’ patented CONDENSING WESPTM
  • Environmental Compliance Tool Kit In one source, this practical service provides ready-to-use forms, procedures and tools you need to achieve — and demonstrate — compliance with today's wide range of environmental rules
  • Copperhead Snake and General Purpose Sock
    Copperhead Snake and General Purpose Sock General Purpose Socks are designed to absorb oils and hydrocarbons...
  • Transducer for Corrosive Material Applications A new Teflon1 facing option makes the Milltronics Echomax XRS-5 transducer suitable for level measurement in applications involving corrosive materials...
  • Air Heaters
    Air Heaters Process Combustion Corporation's air heaters and gas reheaters provide heat releases from 4 to 100 MM BTU/hr
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