• Granular Activated Carbon Products For Treatment Of PFCs In Groundwater
    Granular Activated Carbon Products For Treatment Of PFCs In Groundwater

    Perfluoroalkyl Compounds: Perfluorooctane Sulfonic Acid (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) Treatment.

  • Environmental Awareness Video Series Coastal Training's Environmental Awareness Series covers EPA compliance in six videos including environmental awareness, criminal liability, small and large-quantity generators, and risk-management
    COMBUSTIBLE GAS DETECTION TRANSMITTER Bacharach Inc. manufactures the Sentinel Infrared Combustible Gas Detection Transmitter for use in hydrocarbon gas detection applications...
  • Out of stack system Dilution CEMS
    Out of stack system Dilution CEMS The EPM Out of Stack (OOS) Dilution System is designed for emission monitoring applications where in-stack installation of the well known EPM dilution probe system is impractical.
  • Optimize Your Process And Minimize Costs With Our Full Line Of Granular Activated Carbon Products
    Optimize Your Process And Minimize Costs With Our Full Line Of Granular Activated Carbon Products

    Evoqua features premium virgin activated and reactivated carbons made from high quality bituminous coal, coconut shell and anthracite coal for liquid and vapor phase applications.

    DRYCAL PRIMARY FLOW CALIBRATION The new and exciting DryCal DC-Lite is a revolutionary dry primary flow meter design that offers low cost, light weight and ultra-compact size.
  • Technology Report
    Technology Report A new report addresses technological solutions for
  • skim-pak&#153 Decanter Systems
    skim-pak™ Decanter Systems The Decanter solves these problems by a dual floating weir system which provides a consistent rate of water withdrawal
  • Critical Orifice Calibration Standards
    Critical Orifice Calibration Standards Perform pre-test and post-test dry gas meter calibrations immediately, on-site and at test conditions. Critical orifices may be used as
  • Tower Design Software
    Tower Design Software The Koch Tower Design and G-Rate packing rating software with documentation, are tools to assist customers in the specification of mass transfer equipment
  • <b>ChromaPur™: Chromic Acid Recovery System</b>
    ChromaPur™: Chromic Acid Recovery System Increase product quality and production, Reduce chrome purchases, Reduce waste treatment costs, and reduce power costs! Eco-Tec's ChromaPur™ has the capabilities to strengthen your botton line!
  • SPM-613D Beta Cauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor
    SPM-613D Beta Cauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor SPM-613D continuously measures fine particles (PM2.5), coarse particles PM10) and black carbon originating from diesel exhaust providing all of your particulate monitoring needs in just one instrument.
  • Strainer
    Strainer With the see-through, PVC Y strainer, users can see how much dirt and debris has been trapped by the strainer element
  • Environmental Protection Week
    Environmental Protection Week Environmental Protection Week is your one-stop source for accurate, timely reporting of new and proposed legislation on pollution control and environmental policies.
  • Sonic Cleaner The Infrafone sonic cleaning device utilizes low frequency sound energy as a medium for the cleaning of air preheaters, economizers, refinery CO boilers and other applications
  • Acid  Recovery And Reclamation Systems
    Acid Recovery And Reclamation Systems Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. provides engineering and design services for complete Acid Recovery Systems
  • 8576, P95 Particulate Respirator
    8576, P95 Particulate Respirator The 8576, P95 Particulate Respirator is designed to protect the worker against certain oil and non-oil based aerosol particles including those present with nuisance levels of acid gases
  • Dust Collection Explosion Vents
    Dust Collection Explosion Vents Prevent and safeguard against potentially lethal factory dust explosions with the Gold Series dust collector, now equipped with "X-vent", our newly designed dust collector explosion vent.
  • Air Monitoring & Reporting System (AMRS) AMRS was designed by WTC for ambient monitoring
  • Motor Driven Metering Pumps
    Motor Driven Metering Pumps These new hydraulic motor driven metering pumps, the Hydro/2 and Hydro/3, are designed to offer precise and
  • Nitrous Oxide Analyzer, Model 46i
    Nitrous Oxide Analyzer, Model 46i

    The Thermo Scientific Nitrous Oxide Analyzer, Model 46i utilizes gas filter correlation technology to measure ambient levels of Nitrous Oxide concentrations.

  • Aqueous Cleaner Recycle System
    Aqueous Cleaner Recycle System The SILVERBACK system uses advanced ceramic membrane microfiltration/ultrafiltration technology to purify
  • VOCarb&reg; Activated Carbons For Gas Phase Applications
    VOCarb® Activated Carbons For Gas Phase Applications

    Evoqua Water Technologies offers an extensive range of activated carbons for the adsorption of volatile organic compounds (VOC), odor and organic compounds for municipal, industrial and remedial vapor treatment.

  • Class 100 Clean Air Station The new Misonix Clean Air Station combines laminar flow protection and UV lighting to prevent nucleic acid sample contamination due to airborne particulate as well as previous experiments.
  • Thermal Conductivity Hydrogen Analyzer: TCA-300
    Thermal Conductivity Hydrogen Analyzer: TCA-300 Linear output is obtainable across the full range from low to high concentrations with optional linearizer.
  • Series 9000 H Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Series 9000 H Heated Hydrocarbon Analyzer

    The Baseline® Series 9000 H is a high-temperature member of the extraordinary Series 9000 family of gas analyzers. The Series 9000 is the candidate of choice whenever accurate, reliable hydrocarbon analysis is required.

  • Material  Handling Systems
    Material Handling Systems Material handling systems provide the link between your raw material storage and the manufacturing process
  • Fume Incineration Systems
    Fume Incineration Systems We offer both thermal and catalytic type fume incineration systems
  • Scrubber Systems
    Scrubber Systems Horizontal or tower, CEE will provide you with an effective, custom designed and fabricated packed bed scrubber system. We specialize in turnkey installations of environmental air pollution control systems
  • 'Tell Us' Form
    'Tell Us' Form May we assist you in solving your dust problems?
  • Equipment Rentals
    Equipment Rentals Carbonair has an extensive fleet of equipment available for short-term and long-term rental...
  • Community Right-To-Know Manual A comprehensive, two-volume guide, our Manual helps you interpret the constantly changing requirements of EPCRA (SARA Title III) and remain in compliance
  • Pipe Inspection System The new 3-D digital video-based pipe inspection system is based on an instrument-controlled robot, the Radiax Vector
  • Travel and Alignment Sensing System
    Travel and Alignment Sensing System FMC Corporation’s Travel and Alignment Sensing System (TAS) was designed to electronically monitor retangular sludge collector systems...
  • Construction and Bonding This company’s Construction and Bonding Division specializes in servicing a large book of contractors and
  • Codes And Regulations In the environmental, health and safety field, there are four major concerns
  • Material Digestion System
    Material Digestion System The Hot Block materials digestion system from Environmental Express is made of graphite and other non-metallic materials that eliminate corrosion...
  • In Shop Overhaul & Rebuild
    In Shop Overhaul & Rebuild Rotary screw air ends, positive displacement and centrifugal blowers
  • Millennium Series Blowers and Exhausters
    Millennium Series Blowers and Exhausters National Turbine Corporation's highly acclaimed MILLENNIUM series of multi stage blower and exhausters are a unique blend of construction technologies that provide high
  • Drum Storage Rack
    Drum Storage Rack Compatible with most lift trucks, each Stack-n-Go unit includes four drum trays with 7½-in. fork pockets.
  • Submersible Level Transmitter
    Submersible Level Transmitter Designed specifically for applications in greasy and/or high-solids wet well environments, the KPSI submersible level transmitter resists fouling due to its 2 5/8-in. wide, smooth elastomeric diaphragm design
  • Dust Collector - SPJ Series - Baghouse Collectors
    Dust Collector - SPJ Series - Baghouse Collectors The model SPJ Scientific Dust Collector is a heavy duty reverse pulse-jet dust collector that operates continuously without requiring the process to be shut down for cleaning.
  • Closed-Loop Air System
    Closed-Loop Air System The Regenerative Air Sweeper uses a controlled blast of air to dislodge debris from the surface
  • Air Cooled Blower Aftercoolers
    Air Cooled Blower Aftercoolers AA Series exchangers cool low-pressure gas streams with ambient air.
  • Model 90 GEOFLO
    Model 90 GEOFLO The Model 90 GEOFLO Borehole Groundwater Flowmeter is an easy-to-use portable instrument, capable of direct measurement of water flow rates in rock boreholes
  • Electrostatic Probe The new Correstat from Auburn International monitors conditions
  • Ambient  Data Systems
    Ambient Data Systems Ambient systems by ESC are well known for their longevity and performance. Solid software and hardware systems, installed by fulltime, seasoned ESC professionals, operate reliably each year for our customers...
  • Lateral Sealing System
    Lateral Sealing System The TOP HAT system offers a permanent lateral sealing in relined pipelines. The system uses a Polyester impregnated corrosion resistant fiberglass...
  • Calibrator Brochure
    Calibrator Brochure Extech Instruments Corporation introduces a new brochure featuring calibrators
  • Mobile Separation Trailer
    Mobile Separation Trailer

    Evoqua Water Technologies' mobile membrane separation trailers (MST) feature a self-contained, trailer-mounted system configured with up to four skid-mounted reverse osmosis (RO) modules that provide temporary mobile RO water.

  • VOC Adsorption Software A software program calculates activated-carbon loading capacity from the air concentration...
  • Advanced Controllers for Dust Collectors
    Advanced Controllers for Dust Collectors The Farr APC Determinator dust collector interface brings dust and fume control into the 21st century. This highly advanced electronic system remotely oversees up to 100 dust collectors in your plant, continuously monitoring their performance and accurately troubleshooting any problems that might occur.

    Imagine being able to sit at your desk and receive an alarm from your computer at the first sign of a malfunction or service alert. You can quickly determine whether a hopper needs to be emptied or filter elements require changeout. With a keystroke, you can adjust the operational pressure drop of a dust collector or alter the emissions point at which a broken bag detector sounds an alarm. The Determinator does all this, and more

  • Screenbowl and Solid Bowl Centrifuges
    Screenbowl and Solid Bowl Centrifuges The screenbowl and solid bowl centrifuges are both driven by planetary gear boxes which have input and output shafts
  • CleanSwitch® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer
    CleanSwitch® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer The CleanSwitch® modular oxidizer from MEGTEC is the first RTO to guarantee 99+% VOC removal without a flush system.
  • Model 311 Portable GC
    Model 311 Portable GC Process-Analyzers - HNU brings the lab to the field with on-site analysis in one compact field portable instrument...
  • Multi-Gas Monitors
    Multi-Gas Monitors Standard features of the Personal Surveyor Series multi-gas monitors include one button operation, electronic zero and high contrast digital display
  • Centrifuge
    Centrifuge The three-phase centrifuge can be fed three different materials – a solid and two liquids with two different gravities – and separate them into three distinct streams
  • GelStar nucleic acid gel stain
    GelStar nucleic acid gel stain The high sensitivity fluorescent stain for all types of nucleic acids
  • Bilge Filter
    Bilge Filter Utilizing MYCELX chemistry to provide protection in the bilge, this system includes a MYCELX filter, filter housing and an oil remediation pad
  • Remediation Management Book
    Remediation Management Book The new second edition of “Hazardous Waste Site Remediation Management” is a resource guide for developing a
  • New Explosion Vent Offered with Gold Series Dust Collectors
    New Explosion Vent Offered with Gold Series Dust Collectors Farr Air Pollution Control is now offering its popular “GOLD SERIES®” dust collector with a new high performance explosion vent for applications involving the capture of explosive dusts. The new “X-vent” is NFPA approved and CE and ATEX certified for European use. The multi-ribbed vent delivers a very high negative static operating pressure rating of -80” WC for enhanced performance, and is designed to open up at +1 psi (30” WC).
  • Brochure on Oxygen Generators Air Sep Corporation released a new brochure on the AS-12 PSA Oxygen Generator
  • Hazardous Material Storage Buildings
    Hazardous Material Storage Buildings Hazardous material storage buildings that are engineered to offer safety, security, segregation, and secondary containment storage are available for hazardous materials, chemicals and waste
  • Custom Chemical Feed Systems
    Custom Chemical Feed Systems These chemical feed systems are designed to customers’
  • Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container
    Crown Vacuum 25 Yard Roll-Off Container The Crown Vacuum Tight Roll Off storage containers offer a cost effective way to store and transport liquids and sludges for disposal
  • Traceable Radio-Signal Remote Hygrometer/Thermometer
    Traceable Radio-Signal Remote Hygrometer/Thermometer Hygrometer/Thermometer and Remote Sensor Module monitors temperature and humidity from up to three remote wireless sensors
  • Condensing WESP
    Condensing WESP The self-cleaning condensing WESP achieves increased removal efficiency and reduced maintenance and operating costs by harnessing electrostatic forces and temperature differential to affect particle movement
  • Upright Storage Tanks These tanks are available in crosslinked polyethylene in
    OIL WATER SEPARATORS Efficient, straight forward design eliminates
  • Combustible Gas Detector
    Combustible Gas Detector The ExPlus single sensor gas detector is designed to continuously monitor explosive range (0 – 100% LEL)
  • RTD Thermometer
    RTD Thermometer Extech's RTD Thermometer offers a range of measurements from -199.99 degrees to 1472 degrees with...
  • Three-Phase Centrifuge
    Three-Phase Centrifuge The three-phase centrifuge is most commonly used for cleaning up oil spills at refinery and mining sites.
  • Acid Recovery System This acid recovery system uses primary resins to recover spent acid...
  • Carwash Recycling Systems
    Carwash Recycling Systems This system is designed to consistently provide clean, odorless, under 5 micron recycled water year after year
  • GreenWare Perform
    GreenWare Perform GreenWare Perform software is designed to assist companies in the analysis, improvement and presentation of their environmental performance information
    PHOENIX S.A.V.E CONTROLLER Provides automated autonomous control of complete remediation system
  • Environmental Training Library on CD-Rom
    Environmental Training Library on CD-Rom From asbestos handling to wastewater treatment, this one-stop resource delivers the ready-to-use PowerPoint® training materials to give hazwaste, EPA, DOT, and OSHA’s required training--all on one CD-Rom
  • Here are some of the more common potential uses Assessing biodegradation characteristics of specific chemicals or chemical mixtures
  • Shredders
    Shredders Without a paper shredder, your confidential documents probably wind up in the trash
  • Industrial Burners
    Industrial Burners These industrial burners exhibit short, intense flames for
  • Turbidimeter
    Turbidimeter The Model 670 Dual Beam Forward Scatter Turbidimeter consists of a transmitter and an inline sensor
  • Remote Inventory Monitoring System
    Remote Inventory Monitoring System The Remote Inventory Monitoring System lets suppliers and end users supervise multiple vessels with an off-site PC.
  • GeoCheck
    GeoCheck EDR’s GeoCheck Physical Setting Source Addendum was developed to assist you with the collection of physical setting source information required in Section 7.2.3 of ASTM 1527-97.
  • PAC CHECK® Model 325 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer
    PAC CHECK® Model 325 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyzer The PAC CHECK Model 325 is a single-handed Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide analyzer for checking modified atmospheres inside packages
  • Three-Tier Client/Server Architecture Software The GP MaTe Version 4 maintenance-and-material management software for manufacturers incorporates...
  • Electronic Report Filing System
    Electronic Report Filing System ERS is an electronic report filing system that allows generators to electronically file their waste reports with state regulators, and allows state regulators to electronically file with the EPA
  • Air Discharge Shield's staff designs environmental management plans that include various prevention and remediation services
  • PaveScan Ground Penetrating Radar System to nondestructively map the thickness and structure of roads and bridges
  • The Challenge OLR Respirometer
    The Challenge OLR Respirometer The Challenge OLR Respirometer is a true "on-line" respirometer which will give you oxygen uptake rates for your treatment plant operations
  • HACCP & HACCP-9000 Registrations NSF International offers unmatched food safety and quality
  • Facilities
    Facilities Located mid-cities for fast response throughout the Metroplex
  • Water Velocity Monitoring
    Water Velocity Monitoring The new, high resolution Global Flow Probe is an accurate water velocity instrument for measuring flows...
  • NOx Removal Branch Environmental can provide several different technologies for removing oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from air or flue gas. The best treatment method for your application will depend on the conditions of operation.
  • Gypsum Soil Injection System
    Gypsum Soil Injection System Aqua SO2 Gypsum Irrigation Injection System is a versatile system used with irrigation water sources
  • Flow Transmitter
    Flow Transmitter The XMT868 ultrasonic flow transmitter combines state-of-the-art flow measurement capability with a transmitter
  • Tank Adapters
    Tank Adapters New Safe-T-Loc bulkhead fittings with Viton® seals offer
  • Type N RotoClone
    Type N RotoClone Combining high-efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, low water usage and flexibility in one rugged, well proven piece of equipment.
  • The Eco Badge Lesson Books (teacher guides) Each edition ( elementary school edition, middle school edition, high school edition and collegiate edition ) comes with: five badge holders (except the elementary edition which has one badge holder - for the teacher - and fifteen labels for children to make their own badges)
  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
    Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Designed to provide the features and performance of a four-wire transmitter, the 505-4200 series two-wire Universal Sonic level transmitter has a measuring range of 30 ft
  • ecoStorm Stormwater Treatment System
    ecoStorm Stormwater Treatment System The ecoStorm™ is a technology intended for the separation of floating pollutants, litter and contaminated settling solids from stormwater drainage.