• The Met One Model 095 Pyranometer
    The Met One Model 095 Pyranometer The Model 095 Pyranometer incorporates a multi-junction differential thermopile and a precision ground optical glass hemisphere which is transparent to wavelengths 0.285 to 2.80 microns
  • SO2 Generator
    SO2 Generator The Aqua SO2 Generator burns 99.9% sulfur which is odorless , efficient and clean burning
  • 1312
    1312 Photoacoustic Multii-gas Monitor 1312 can measure almost any gas which absorbs infrared light. Detection limit is gas-dependent but typically in the ppb region
  • Low Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers
    Low Pressure Liquid Phase Carbon Adsorbers Carbonair's low pressure carbon adsorbers are typically used in gravity discharge or low pressure water treatment applications.
  • Software Add-on MSDSFile manages scanned images of MSDSs and indexes key data needed for reporting, including Tier II reports required for SARA Title III.
  • Sewer Management
    Sewer Management Inventory management for sanitary sewer components is standard on the Sanitary Sewer solution
  • DoverPac®
    DoverPac® The DoverPac® system was designed in collaboration with Eli Lilly to provide high levels of reliable containment during both charging and offloading operations. The system consists of a tough fabric outer restraint and a durable film liner.
  • Sundog
    Sundog Like a faithful friend Sundog will point the way
  • Mold and Allergen Test Kit
    Mold and Allergen Test Kit The IAQ Mold and Allergen Test Kit measures primary allergens in homes, schools, and buildings, and reports to you their levels and risk of producing symptoms to those exposed
  • Environmental Resource The web site offers free environmental, health and safety (EH&S) software packages, databases, and interactive information resources
  • Shredding Towers
    Shredding Towers At the heart of PCI's fuel blending service is a newly installed, automated drum processing tower
  • Transportable Emission Testing Systems These emission test trailers are customized, rugged and totally operational systems that satisfy a variety of
  • Flue-gas Analyzer Environmental Equipment, Inc.'s IMR 1400 P/PL portable, continuous-measuring, flue-gas analyzer comes housed in an aluminum case...
  • Enclosures
    Enclosures Carlon Circuit Safe NEMA 4X enclosures are designed for durability, structural integrity, easy modification, and
  • PAGEr Gold Precast Tris-Glycine Gels
    PAGEr Gold Precast Tris-Glycine Gels PAGEr Gold precast gels in Tris-Glycine buffer are polyacrylamide minigels for vertical protein electrophoresis
  • Pre-Cast Polymer Drain System This pre-cast polymer/concrete trench system specifically is designed for shop floor, parking lot, or wash-pad drains.
  • Sewer Repair System
    Sewer Repair System Snap-Lock is a localized, no-dig repair system that renovates the defective section of a sewer
  •  Century Manhole® Containment Cover
    Century Manhole® Containment Cover Hydrogen sulfide gas has devastating effects on concrete
  • Height Profile Sensor
    Height Profile Sensor The DMH Height Profile Sensor uses a two-dimensional receptor array made up of 32 x 32 pixel image components to evaluate data
  • Source and Ambient Testing Equipment
    Source and Ambient Testing Equipment Cherokee Instruments provides new and used equipment for sale or rent
  • Oil Remediation Chips
    Oil Remediation Chips Applied directly to oil spills to thicken light oils and solidify heavy oils, Viscochips are treated wood fibers that function as rheology modifiers for oil remediation
  • Open-channel Flowmeter The Model 1301 FLX, hand-held open-channel meter measures water flows from 4 to 1500 fpm, (or in units of m/s or cm/s).
  • Calibration Mix
    Calibration Mix Air Products is now offering a 42-component TO-14 Calibration Mix
  • Process Controller The USF820 data logging process controller is for integrated, cost-effective process control and monitoring
  • Slip Ring Hose End
    Slip Ring Hose End This Slip Ring Coupled Hose is a soft wall, light duty hose with a slip ring coupled connector for irrigation and
  • EnvironmentNOW News Service
    EnvironmentNOW News Service A quick, easy, and cost-effective way to keep abreast of important developments in the environmental business world, EnvironmentNOW News Service saves you hours of research time by giving you the most important news - DAILY - leaving you more time to do your job and concentrate on your business.
  • "Performance Parts and Service" This four-page, four-color announcement lays out the company's capacity to provide solutions...
  • Thermoelectric Chilers
    Thermoelectric Chilers FM Approved Class 1, Division 2 Groups A,B,C,&D
  • New Small Compact Dust Collector
    New Small Compact Dust Collector
    The new Gold Series GS-Mini™ is a single-cartridge dust collector for sub 500 cfm applications where you want a dedicated dust collector for one process machine or as a bin vent on a silo.
  • Advanced Combustion Systems
    Advanced Combustion Systems ACS offers complete combustion engineering and manufacturing. Consulting, research and development, custom
  • Q-PAC
    Q-PAC A design this inspired belongs on a pedestal. Just as your clients will put you on a pedestal for saving them money reducing space requirements and maximizing efficiency
  • Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer, Model 51i
    Total Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer, Model 51i

    Introducing The Thermo Scientific Model 51i Total Hydrocarbon (THC) Analyzer. The Model 51i combines proven Flame Ionization Detector (FID) technology with the commonality of our i Series product line platform delivering unsurpassed reliablilty, simplicity, and ease of use.

  • Rubber Products Expansion joints, reducers, fittings, elbows, ductwork connections, vibration pipe and custom designs are all
  • Freezemobile Series Freeze Dryer
    Freezemobile Series Freeze Dryer VirTis Research Freeze Dryer is custom built to meet your specific needs. From the recognized world leader in freeze dryer technology, you can expect the best.
  • Lab Furniture
    Lab Furniture The company uses this eight-page, four-color brochure to deliver a message of rapid order...
  • P5 Particulate Monitor
    P5 Particulate Monitor ESC P5 Particulate Monitor technology provides continuous, nonextractive mass concentration measurements - simply and reliably - for a wide variety of applications...
  • PolyGuard Filtration Media PolyGuard is a high efficiency chemical absorbent for the removal of hydrocarbon contaminants from water and air
  • CSD Series AC Inverters
    CSD Series AC Inverters A new 4-color data sheet is now available from MOTORTRONICS
  • Pulse Metering Pump
    Pulse Metering Pump The new series PZ pulse metering pump is well suited for accurate, reliable injection of a wide range of liquid
  • Asbestos Survey and Hazard Assessment From multi-floor commercial high-rise buildings to single family dwellings, Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) are identified, sampled, categorized, and assessed.
  • Transmitter Software
    Transmitter Software The TRZ Intelligent PC Configuration is a single-window PC configuration program that allows a technician to select and download a complete calibration in less than one minute
  • Hot/Wet Tapping and Line Stopping System
    Hot/Wet Tapping and Line Stopping System IPSCO has developed a lightweight and durable wet tapping and line stopping system
  • MC-Parts
    MC-Parts MC-Parts
  • The Eco Badge Lesson Books (teacher guides) Each edition ( elementary school edition, middle school edition, high school edition and collegiate edition ) comes with: five badge holders (except the elementary edition which has one badge holder - for the teacher - and fifteen labels for children to make their own badges)
  • On-Line Research Library Service
    On-Line Research Library Service The internet-based research library of remediation strategies and techniques, the Remediation Information...
  • Reference Set
    Reference Set The new reference set, “2000 Edition Pump Standards”, contains the latest information on a full range of pump
  • EnVectra Advisor EnVectra Advisor ™, an Internet-based environmental management service, includes tools and applications to support compliance efforts of companies that handle hazardous waste and materials
  • Assembled Stack Gas Sample Conditioners
    Assembled Stack Gas Sample Conditioners Baldwin Environmental, Inc. offers a line of Assembled Stack Gas Sample Conditioning Systems
  • Regenerative Oxidizer with Dust Collection
    Regenerative Oxidizer with Dust Collection Twin Bed Regenerative oxidizers can destroy VOC’s , but not particulates.
  • Infrared Gas Monitor
    Infrared Gas Monitor The company’s Model 3800 infrared gas monitor family is designed to be a complete, flexible platform for monitoring toxic and combustible gases
  • Total Suspended Particulate Air Sampler
    Total Suspended Particulate Air Sampler The Total Suspended Particulate High Volume Air Sampler features an outdoor anodized aluminum shelter
  • NUCON NUSORB® NUCON offers NUSORB activated carbon products in a wide variety of applications. These NUSORB products include both activated carbons and impregnated carbons produced from a variety of raw materials.
  • MSDS Management Software
    MSDS Management Software MIRS easy-to-use MSDS software maintains and prints inbound/outbound MSDSs in OSHA and ANSI formats
  • Jet Venturi Scrubber
    Jet Venturi Scrubber The Jet Venturi Scrubber utilizes a liquid motivated ejector design to entrain contaminated gases, generally without the need for a blower
  • Interface Meter Geotech manufactures the OS Interface Probe, which measures depths to hydrocarbons and water in monitoring wells and tanks
  • Software for Remote Pollution Monitoring over the Internet Windmill Remote software lets users monitor conditions at a distance, and view live data over the internet
  • Xentra 4900C Continuous Emissions Analyzer
    Xentra 4900C Continuous Emissions Analyzer The new Xentra 4900C continuous emissions analyzer is capable of continuously monitoring carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen in a flue gas stream with just one 19” 3U rack-mounted instrument
  • HORIZON Environmental LIMS The HORIZON Environmental LIMS is used by a diverse customer base ranging from labs in Fortune 100 companies to full service commercial labs, smaller municipal water quality labs, highly specialized chemical and biological warfare disarmament labs (some include continuous monitoring capabilities), and the Korean Food and Drug Administration.
  • Laboratory Services
    Laboratory Services Analytical results must be reliable and of known and documented quality. Industry, government, and consultants need to rely on high-quality analytical data to accurately assess the cost implications associated with regulatory requirements, human health concerns, and process control needs. Finding a laboratory responsive to your needs, both now and for the future, can be difficult in today's competitive, unstable market
  • Electrostatic Dust Monitor
    Electrostatic Dust Monitor Using the triboelectric principle, the Model 201 electrostatic dust monitor includes an intrinsically safe five in. stainless steel probe (up to 1550°F) and a NEMA 4 control unit
  • Safe-T-Sump Portable Spill Containment Sumps
    Safe-T-Sump Portable Spill Containment Sumps Relocatable Safe-T-Sumps are available in unlimited sizes for the convenient storage of totes, 55-gallon drums, or
  • Technical Treatments for Felts BWF’s chemical treatments for felts are the factor which differentiates a commodity felt from a technically conceived and scientifically recommended felt
  • Microwave Level Control System
    Microwave Level Control System The RADAR TRACKER uses microwave technology to provide accurate readings, regardless of changing material
  • XR Sample Cooler -- Controlled Temperature Air Stream Delivery Devices
    XR Sample Cooler -- Controlled Temperature Air Stream Delivery Devices Precise temperature control, Temperatures from -80°C to +100°C, ± 0.1°C temperature stability, Choice of two delivery line lengths...
  • Waste Water Treatment with Ozone
    Waste Water Treatment with Ozone Air Products has developed it’s CHEMOXTM ozone technology for the treatment of such contaminants and by utilising a unique, patented reactor design
  • Portable Activity/Toxicity Meter
    Portable Activity/Toxicity Meter A portable BOD meter is programmed to evaluate biomass activity and waste-stream toxicity ...
  • Dual Chamber RTO Oxidizers
    Dual Chamber RTO Oxidizers Adwest’s RETOX dual chamber RTO regenerative oxidizer designs provide up to 99%+ VOC/Odor Control with 95% primary heat recovery as described in a new 6 page brochure...
  • SPM-613D Beta Cauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor
    SPM-613D Beta Cauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor SPM-613D continuously measures fine particles (PM2.5), coarse particles PM10) and black carbon originating from diesel exhaust providing all of your particulate monitoring needs in just one instrument.
  • Canister Sampler
    Canister Sampler The TE-323 Canister Sampler meets all requirements of EPA Compendium Method TO-14
  • Pollution Control and Solvent Recovery for the Pharmaceutical Industry
    Pollution Control and Solvent Recovery for the Pharmaceutical Industry The NUCON Brayton Cycle Solvent Recovery Technology provides the BEST and LATEST methods to eliminate air pollution emissions (VOC's) and recovery of process chemicals for reuse.
  • Type STT04
    Type STT04 Bailey-Fischer & Porter introduces its latest handheld smart transmitter terminal, the Type STT04
  • F-1000-DG Model F Aerosol Generator
    F-1000-DG Model F Aerosol Generator For In-Place Aerosol Leak Testing of HEPA Filtration Systems
  • SurSeal
    SurSeal SurSeal is an External Manhole Frame/Chimney Seal which provides a permanent, flexible, watertight seal between the manhole casting and the concrete cone. It combines the advantages of a mechanical seal with the added assurance of a pliable gasket.
  • STAT Low Profile Air Strippers
    STAT Low Profile Air Strippers Carbonair's patented STAT series of low profile air strippers combine high performance (99.99% or greater removal efficiency of VOCs), flexibility, and design simplicity.
  • EDR Radius Map Report
    EDR Radius Map Report This map-based report identifies sites with real or potential environmental issues.
  • Modular Cover System
    Modular Cover System The LemTecTM Modular Cover System blocks sunlight from reaching the water surface, thus eliminating algae
  • Crown Press<SUP><FONT SIZE=2>TM</FONT></SUP> Belt Press Simulator
    Crown PressTM Belt Press Simulator Now you can accurately simulate a full-size belt press, duplicating the actual dewatering process...
  • Wastewater Recovery And Recycling
    Wastewater Recovery And Recycling Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. has expertise in solving industrial wastewater problems from many major industries with the focus on rinse water and wastewater recovery and recycling projects
  • Stationary Engine Emission Catalyst
    Stationary Engine Emission Catalyst Prototech Company manufactures catalyst parts that are sometimes referred to as "Catalyst Inserts"
    MFC-TSP High Volume Total Suspended Particulate (TSP) In Ambient Air
  • WS-2000 Computer Interface with WeatherView32 The Computer Interface consists of a small microcontroller with a WS-2000 radio receiver, data storage RAM, and a serial port for communication with a host PC
  • Textured Geomembrane for Enhanced Welding A textured, high-density polyethylene geomembrane liner reportedly permits increased welding rates...
  • Travelling Bed Filter System
    Travelling Bed Filter System The Series 200-F automatic indexing travelling bed filter removes submicron size particulate, aerosols and odors
  • Vanaire: Serving the Plating Industry Vanaire describes itself as an industry leading in the design, manufacture, and installation of ventilation and air-scrubber equipment
  • Video Recorder/Controller
    Video Recorder/Controller The VRX 150 provides an integrated process solution with recording, control, profiling and archiving functions in a
  • Conductivity Monitor
    Conductivity Monitor The TecnoLine LF 171 conductivity monitor features exclusive EMC lightning protection circuitry, dual
  • Model 1401 Dilution Probe Controller
    Model 1401 Dilution Probe Controller The Model 1401 Dilution Probe Controller is designed for use in CEM systems in conjunction with a diluted stack sample probe (EPM or equal)...
  • Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps
    Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps The new ProStorm DS3 series of cast iron sprinklers are
  • ta7000 Gas Purity Monitor
    ta7000 Gas Purity Monitor A strategic approach to performing QC/QA on purified gas should include the capability to detect early break through components immediately following each UHP gas purifier.
  • Turbidimeter
    Turbidimeter The Model 670 Dual Beam Forward Scatter Turbidimeter consists of a transmitter and an inline sensor
  • Environmental Instrument The YSI 6600 is a member of the 6-Series Environmental Products, which are the industry standard for profiling, logging, and long-term monitoring applications...
  • Leopold FilterWorx&reg; Automatic Control System by Xylem
    Leopold FilterWorx® Automatic Control System by Xylem

    The FilterWorx® Automatic Control System by Leopold is a complete filter control package consisting of all instrumentation and control equipment for the automatic monitoring and control of municipal water filtration systems.

  • Three Point Samplers
    Three Point Samplers RATA-3 Samplers are designed to perform relative accuracy
  • OdorPure OdorPure utilizes Zetron electron beam destruction of odorous emissions in conjunction with packed tower and other scrubber technology
  • Organic Vapor Monitor
    Organic Vapor Monitor The Organic Vapor Monitor uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
  • Parsonpoxy FP
    Parsonpoxy FP PARSONPOXY FP is a two component, flexible 100% solids polyamine epoxy. It is a high strength, corrosion resistant, waterproof epoxy that will bond to properly prepared concrete, metal, wood, or Fiberglass.
  • Anotec Blue toilet sanitising solution 90% market share Australian market 2-in-1 action sanitation and odour control
  • HH-250 Power Pump
    HH-250 Power Pump Solids handling capabilities to 3" diameter maximum
  • LP - Solid Stream Nozzle
    LP - Solid Stream Nozzle LP - Solid Stream Nozzle
  • Lung Sampling System
    Lung Sampling System The Method 18 lung sampling system consists of a clear Plexiglas Tedlar bag sampling vessel, a portable