• Bilge Skimmer The AbTech Bilge Skimmer is engineered and designed for the application of eliminating the petroleum hydrocarbon contamination, which occurs from the normal operations of the boat
    OIL WATER SEPARATORS Efficient, straight forward design eliminates
  • Chemiluminescence No<sub>x</sub> Analyzer, Model 951C
    Chemiluminescence Nox Analyzer, Model 951C Simplified operation and ease of maintenance are the key design features of Emerson's Rosemount Analytical Model 951C NOx Analyzer.
  • Mobile Horizontal Filter Trailer
    Mobile Horizontal Filter Trailer

    Evoqua Water Technologies' horizontal filtration trailer (HFT) is a high-capacity, trailer-mounted system designed to provide temporary water treatment in a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications.

  • Heated Gas Sample Probes - Model 270S-F-BT-FG
    Heated Gas Sample Probes - Model 270S-F-BT-FG INPUT POWER, 115/230 VAC,63 WATTS
  • Storm Drain Filtration
    Storm Drain Filtration Most storm water inlets are covered with a steel gate at street level.
  • Multiple Hearth, Fluid Bed Furnaces A four-color, eight-page brochure describes a line of multiple hearth and fluid bed furnaces
  • Management Consulting Management Consulting
  • 1066 Liquid Analytical Transmitter
    1066 Liquid Analytical Transmitter

    This loop-powered analytical unit serves industrial, commercial and municipal applications with the widest range of liquid measurement inputs available for a two-wire liquid transmitter.

  • SWS CID Inactivator
    SWS CID Inactivator The SWS CID incorporates ultraviolet-based technology designed specifically to inactivate Cryptosporidium and Giardia in drinking water
  • Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer Housed inside a rugged and sealed NEMA 4 enclosure, the HFID Model 3-400 is a compact wall mount heated total hydrocarbon analyzer
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
    Atomic Absorption Spectrometer SIMAA 6000 is a multielement analysis graphite furnace atomic absorption system that uses solid-state detection and Echelle polychromator optics
  • FGA 950 CO, NO, and , O<sub>2</sub> - Emissions Monitor
    FGA 950 CO, NO, and , O2 - Emissions Monitor The FGA 950 and FGA 950E analysers are designed for applications where Carbon Monoxide levels must be monitored as well as Nitric Oxide emissions
  • Controls  And Instrumentation
    Controls And Instrumentation Controls and instrumentation provide the link between employees and the complex electronically-controlled processes that are a part of your facility
  • Air-Cooled Liquid Coolers
    Air-Cooled Liquid Coolers The LC Series exchangers feature a TEFC 230/460 VAC, three-phase motor, heavy-duty cooling fan, and an OSHA approved fan guard
  • The Challenge OLR Respirometer
    The Challenge OLR Respirometer The Challenge OLR Respirometer is a true "on-line" respirometer which will give you oxygen uptake rates for your treatment plant operations
  • Orbital Shaker Platform
    Orbital Shaker Platform The Spindrive orbital shaker platform transforms magnetic
  • DANMARK Skimmers
    DANMARK Skimmers Oil Skimmers, Drum Skimmers, Disc Skimmers, Brush Skimmers, Belt Skimmers, Multi Skimmers We offer a wide range of skimmers from 15 GPM to 320 GPM
  • Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System
    Odor Neutralizing Feeding and Control System The A 4-30 W provides a fully integrated and weather station interlocked feeding and control system for the company's odor-neutralization program
  • Packaged Interel System
    Packaged Interel System Designed for processing small to medium gas flows, the MS MiniScrubber is used for lab hoods, vents, core machines,
  • BRACYCLE<sup>®</sup>
    BRACYCLE® When solvent concentrations are relatively high, or the exhaust air stream is low volume, direct condensation is the preferred recovery method.
  • Vanaire: Serving the Plating Industry Vanaire describes itself as an industry leading in the design, manufacture, and installation of ventilation and air-scrubber equipment
  • Environmental Consulting
    Environmental Consulting AMEC offers full-service environmental consulting support to our industrial, commercial, government, legal and financial clients.
  • Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment Although each risk assessment project is unique, AES has developed an overall approach
  • Inside Environmental Inspections
    Inside Environmental Inspections This comprehensive interview with EPA Region 2 Head John Kushwara takes a look at inspector training requirements, EPA field inspections, requirements, and priorities, and how to determine major versus minor violations
  • Waterproof Meters
    Waterproof Meters The HI 98140 and HI 98150 Waterproof pH/ORP/°C Meters feature “intelligent” electrodes and log-on-demand...
  • Referral Services
    Referral Services Members of this organization are offered a range of services for environmental products and services
  • EDR Radius Map Report
    EDR Radius Map Report This map-based report identifies sites with real or potential environmental issues.
  • Tank Adapters
    Tank Adapters New Safe-T-Loc bulkhead fittings with Viton® seals offer
  • Centrifuge
    Centrifuge The three-phase centrifuge can be fed three different materials – a solid and two liquids with two different gravities – and separate them into three distinct streams
  • Scrub-It®
    Scrub-It® Scrub-It® products are designed specifically for pretreatment and removal of H2S and odors in potable water systems
  • Alarm Notification System
    Alarm Notification System DiaLog Elite, an automatic field upgradable alarm dialer, can monitor up to 48 analog and/or digital inputs providing
  • Pollutant Recycling Equipment Hitachi Zosen began introduced their new their equipment that converts the pollutant in
  • Quality/Compliance Software Manager
    Quality/Compliance Software Manager The company’s e-PQC is web-enabled, application software designed to replace paper quality forms, collect and store quality data
  • Actuator Control Station
    Actuator Control Station The series LS electric actuator control station helps eliminate custom-fabricating switching controls for
  • SDT Series - Downdraft Table
    SDT Series - Downdraft Table Designed to increase workers’ productivity and ensure a cleaner working environment by providing an efficient dust collection system that is ergonomically designed for operator comfort.
  • Heat Recovery Systems
    Heat Recovery Systems CEE offers packaged or custom air-to-air heat recovery units for heating building makeup air or providing heat for other processes
  • Temperature Transmitters
    Temperature Transmitters The universal TRX and TRY PC-Programmable and TRZ temperature transmitters operate using Intelligent Configuration Software
  • Extra Large Spill Kits
    Extra Large Spill Kits Large and Extra Large polyethylene boxes are chemical and water resistant for use anywhere
  • H2S Analyzer H 2 S Analyzer An enhanced model of the Jerome 631-XII hydrogen sulfide analyzer, ...
  • Dust Collector - FC Series - Fume Collector
    Dust Collector - FC Series - Fume Collector The model FC Fume Collector from Scientific Dust Collectors is a completely self-contained heavy-duty cartridge collector ideally suited for fine and light dust applications up to 9000 CFM.
  • FB Series Carbon Adsorber
    FB Series Carbon Adsorber

    The FB Series vapor phase carbon adsorption systems utilize a rectangular vessel design to provide cost effective removal of VOC’s from low to moderate flow air streams and other emission control applications. The rectangular-style adsorber results in a low pressure drop and effective utilization of activated carbon.

  • Fourier-Transform Infrared System
    Fourier-Transform Infrared System The Spectrum One fourier-infrared system features touch screens, atmospheric correction, and question/answer wizards
  • Combustion Emissions Monitering System
    Combustion Emissions Monitering System The Tempest 100 portable combustion emissions monitoring system measures Oxygen percent, Carbon Dioxide ppm, and Nitris Oxide ppm
  • 8246 R95 Respirator
    8246 R95 Respirator The 8246 R95 Respirator provides reliable worker protection against certain oil and non-oil based aerosol particles including those present with nuisance levels of acid gases..
  • WEFTEC 2000: Stepping Irons These safety yellow colored steps are thoughtfully engineered, encapsulating a solid metal core with
  • Hazardous Gas Monitoring System
    Hazardous Gas Monitoring System Designed to keep up to eight or more individual locations under continuous surveillance, this compact multipoint
  • LWT Pit Hog Rail Tank Car AGitator Model JBB3 Working inside diameter of tank car 93” to 111”
  • Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom
    Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom The Maintenance Sorbent Mini-Boom will "sorb" most non-aggressive liquids and is used in maintenance applications.
  • Disc Pump
    Disc Pump The disc pump uses a non-impingement device, known as the discpac, to pump product based on the principle of boundary layer/viscous drag
  • Waterproof Headlamp
    Waterproof Headlamp This high-intensity Krypton waterproof headlamp can be hard-hat or forehead mounted.
  • Environmental Monitors
    Environmental Monitors SICK’s Environmental Monitors division provides dust concentration monitors to record emissions from oil and coal-fired power stations, cement works, coal mill outlets and waste incineration plants
  • MC-Parts
    MC-Parts MC-Parts
  • Industrial Water Treatment System
    Industrial Water Treatment System The GRD2000 is a new way of designing, specifying and
  • Quarter-Turn Pinch Valve
    Quarter-Turn Pinch Valve A quarter-turn pinch valve combines the operation of a quarter-turn valve with a pinch valve's features for slurries, abrasives and corrosives
  • TurboMix&trade; - Eductor Mixing Nozzles
    TurboMix™ - Eductor Mixing Nozzles TurboMix™ - Eductor Mixing Nozzles by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Deionization &mdash; Demineralization: <b>Recoflo&reg; Demineralizer</b>
    Deionization — Demineralization: Recoflo® Demineralizer Reduce costs, reduce space requirements, and produce high purity water with innovative Recoflo® technology. Eco-Tec’s Recoflo® Demineralizer offers proven efficiency, reduced waste generation, and low operating costs without the need for a mixed-bed polisher.
  • DRM Rotary Lobe Pumps The DRM Enviro-Lobeflo rotary lobe pumps now incorporate specially designed seals to cope with the most demanding
  • Boom Handling and Skimmer Support Vessel
    Boom Handling and Skimmer Support Vessel Vessel design characteristics provide crew a safe work area and platform for inshore and offshore operations
  • Monitoring and Process Software Lookout process control software runs on a standard PC and is a user-programmable, object-oriented remote monitoring
    COMBUSTIBLE GAS DETECTION TRANSMITTER Bacharach Inc. manufactures the Sentinel Infrared Combustible Gas Detection Transmitter for use in hydrocarbon gas detection applications...
  • CLUMP - Tank Cleaning Nozzle
    CLUMP - Tank Cleaning Nozzle Each nozzle in the stationary cluster is a BETE clog-resistant spiral nozzle of the TF series
  • Emissions Control The patented CerOx technology treats hazardous dioxin wastes in a commercial system, transforming the dioxins
  • Ion Analyzer
    Ion Analyzer OI Analytical's Alpkem Flow Solution 3000 offers analytical methods that are USEPA and DIN approved
  • Secura Laboratory Balance
    Secura Laboratory Balance

    The new Secura is a laboratory balance that does far more than set new standards in metrological specifications. Beyond its technical specs, Secura also gives you the security and serenity of knowing that you have done everything right according to best practices to ensure the quality of your measurement results, compliance with regulatory requirements and your efficiency as well.

  • Refrigerant Management Program
    Refrigerant Management Program Refrigerant Journal Software is a Windows-based refrigerant management program designed for smaller facilities and contractors
  • Turbidimeter
    Turbidimeter The Model 670 Dual Beam Forward Scatter Turbidimeter consists of a transmitter and an inline sensor
  • Large Diameter Check Valve
    Large Diameter Check Valve The Tideflex Series 39F is one of the larger inline check
  • Biotoxicity Measurement Tools The portable EZ-BOD meter measures the immediate oxygen uptake associated with the introduction...
  • Automatic Centrifuge
    Automatic Centrifuge The Turbo Separator T18-2 is an automatic solids discharging centrifuge...
  • Tramp Oil Solutions
    Tramp Oil Solutions This portable compact separator system, combined with skim-pak™ technology, simplifies your coolant purification process
  • EDR Aerial Photo Decade Package
    EDR Aerial Photo Decade Package EDR has one of the nation’s largest collections of historical aerial photography.
  • EDR Sanborn Maps
    EDR Sanborn Maps EDR owns the largest and most complete collection of fire insurance maps in the United States.
  • A-21ZX Shirtpocket  Size Ozone Sensor
    A-21ZX Shirtpocket Size Ozone Sensor The model A-21ZX portable ozone sensor provides a reliable and inexpensive way of checking generators, valves, piping and general environments for ozone leaks and for estimating ozone levels
  • Personal DataRAM Series
    Personal DataRAM Series

    The pDR Series of nephelometers provide a wide measurement range and unsurpassed precision in a portable, light-weight, user-friendly package for either active or passive sampling. The world's smallest and most versatile direct-reading, personal, aerosol monitors were designed to provide accurate, real-time measurement of airborne particulate concentrations for numerous applications.

  • EZ Series Pumps
    EZ Series Pumps EZ Series pumps offer precise chemical injection at a low cost
  • Subsea Motor Pump Systems In support of the Petrobras' SBMS-500 Subsea multiphase pumping system, Westinghouse will provide the Subsea motor-pump subsystem, including a 6.9kv, 1700hp submerged motor
  • Single Microplate Stacker
    Single Microplate Stacker The single microplate stacker is designed to speed the integration of microplate scintillation and luminescence counters with robotic laboratory systems
  • Specialized Systems
    Specialized Systems These systems are designed for use in a variety of combustion, heat transfer and waste disposal applications.
  • Single and Dual Gas Analyzer
    Single and Dual Gas Analyzer The Single and Dual Gas Analyzer offers a totally enclosed sample path that is not affected by ambient conditions
  • Automated Skimming System
    Automated Skimming System The Smart Skimmer 8500-AS is a comprehensive oil removal solution. Computerized and adaptable...
  • Biosolids Processing
    Biosolids Processing The Roediger regent high solids tower press is designed to
  • ta7000 Gas Purity Monitor
    ta7000 Gas Purity Monitor A strategic approach to performing QC/QA on purified gas should include the capability to detect early break through components immediately following each UHP gas purifier.
  • Voltage Motor Starters
    Voltage Motor Starters The voltage motor starters range from 1 to 7500HP with rating from 208V to 6900V
  • PFU 400/25
    PFU 400/25 The PFU400/25 is a self-contained unit with liquid tank, diesel engine, compressor and chemical pump on a road trailer.
  • Agitated Column
    Agitated Column Suited for applications that require a significant number of theoretical stages or where headroom is limited, the Sheibel Column
  • Oil Spill Technology
    Oil Spill Technology RO-CLEAN DESMI is a supplier of high-quality oil spill
  • Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System
    Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System
  • New Push Button Cutter & Conveyor Chain Oiling
    New Push Button Cutter & Conveyor Chain Oiling Easily accomplish regular chain lubrication with the optional Hydra-Force H.P. oil spray system
  • Community Right-To-Know Manual A comprehensive, two-volume guide, our Manual helps you interpret the constantly changing requirements of EPCRA (SARA Title III) and remain in compliance
  • Dust Collectors for Pharmaceutical Applications
    Dust Collectors for Pharmaceutical Applications Containment Systems for Pharmaceuticals. Dust Collector / Dust Collectors / Dust Collection. Hazardous contaminants generated by many of today's processes dictate the use of advanced filtration devices to protect equipment and people. FARR Gold Series® bag-in/bag-out dust collector housings ensure worker safety by creating a barrier that isolates personnel from hazardous materials throughout the filter changeout process. Ideal for process manufacturing environments.
  • Centrifugal Particulate Separators
    Centrifugal Particulate Separators These high efficiency cyclones are frequently used as product receivers, as precleaners to high efficiency fabric-type dust collectors, or as independent collectors for coarse dusts.
  • Three-Tier Client/Server Architecture Software The GP MaTe Version 4 maintenance-and-material management software for manufacturers incorporates...
  • Integrated Coolant Recovery System
    Integrated Coolant Recovery System Through-the-panel processing control is now included in the Integrated Fluid Recovery (IFR) Systems for reduced coolant waste
  • MIRAN SapphIRe
    MIRAN SapphIRe

    Use of infrared spectroscopy provides the MIRAN SapphIRe Analyzers with the unique ability to specifically and accurately measure many gases with a single unit.

  • Oil Spill Response
    Oil Spill Response This company offers equipment, complete system design and packaging, oil spill response equipment experience, and
  • Industrial Dust Collectors
    Industrial Dust Collectors The Gold Series Industrial Dust Collectors have been applied to thousands of pollution control and product recovery applications.
  • Underdrain
    Underdrain The Triton underdrain features slot screens which filter media directly
  • Wet Scrubber Monitoring System
    Wet Scrubber Monitoring System An in-situ gas detection-and-measurement system, designed for wet-scrubber emissions, provides detection in environments ...