• Static Dissipating Filter Media BWF offers several options in filter media with static dissipating designs
  • Heat Exchanger with Phenolic Coated Core has Removable Headers
    Heat Exchanger with Phenolic Coated Core has Removable Headers This air cooled heat exchanger has an epoxy phenolic coated core
  • Waste Week
    Waste Week You can count on Waste Week to bring you all of the information you need for managing waste to stay in compliance to federal and state regulations and guidelines!
  • Stainless Heat Exchangers
    Stainless Heat Exchangers Stainless steel heat exchangers are available in both SP and HP series and in a size and performance efficiency to match your specific application... whether an oven, dryer, or indirect heater
  • Environmental Site Assessment
    Environmental Site Assessment Applied Earth Sciences, Inc. (AES) performs environmental site assessments for a variety of industrial
  • Material Processing
    Material Processing EVACTHERM mixing system carries out mixing, reacting, drying, heating, cooling, stripping, plasticizing and
  • Hospital Professional Liability/Medical Malpractice The Hospital Professional Liability/Medical Malpractice unit of this company specializes in the design, placement
  • Analyzer Averaging and Setup Host Providing the dual functionality of analyzer averaging and centralized setup and diagnostics, the Series 2000 Host allows the user to operate and calibrate multiple sensors without leaving the control room
  • piD-TECH®eVx Photoionization Sensor
    piD-TECH®eVx Photoionization Sensor

    Introducing the new piD-TECH eVx sensors. Incorporating state of the art technology and upgrades that cannot be matched in the marketplace.

  • 6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter
    6888 In Situ Flue Gas Oxygen Transmitter

    The 6888 in situ O2 transmitter provides accurate measurement of the oxygen remaining in the flue gases coming from any combustion process.

  • Conductivity/pH Meter
    Conductivity/pH Meter The Model 4330 Conductivity/pH Meter features an enhanced LCD graphics display, which shows conductivity, pH and temperature readings simultaneously
  • WTA 24 Distance Measurement Sensor
    WTA 24 Distance Measurement Sensor The WTA 24 uses an infrared light source and patented system of parabolic mirrors to produce highly accurate, repeatable analog readings
  • DryCal DC-1 and DC-2
    DryCal DC-1 and DC-2 Primary Flow Meters
  • Oxygen Systems for Ozone Generation
    Oxygen Systems for Ozone Generation PSA oxygen generators provide an onsite continuous supply of oxygen-rich gas for ozone generating systems.
  • The Met One Model 095 Pyranometer
    The Met One Model 095 Pyranometer The Model 095 Pyranometer incorporates a multi-junction differential thermopile and a precision ground optical glass hemisphere which is transparent to wavelengths 0.285 to 2.80 microns
  • WEFTEC 2000: Filtering Device This device is designed to remove a wide variety of wastewater effluents successfully and cost-effectively.
  • Environmental Resource The web site offers free environmental, health and safety (EH&S) software packages, databases, and interactive information resources
  • External Low Flow Dilution Probe
    External Low Flow Dilution Probe Engineered for extractive CEMS, the external low flow dilution probe consists of a passive barrel inserted in the process and a sampling enclosure located outside the process
  • Liquid Scintillation Analyzers
    Liquid Scintillation Analyzers The liquid scintillation analyzers feature QuantaSmart Windows NT software
  • Conventional Waste Treatment System
    Conventional Waste Treatment System This waste treatment system removes and reclaims heavy metals
  • SPM-613D Beta Cauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor
    SPM-613D Beta Cauge Method PM2.5/PM10/OBC Dichotomous Monitor SPM-613D continuously measures fine particles (PM2.5), coarse particles PM10) and black carbon originating from diesel exhaust providing all of your particulate monitoring needs in just one instrument.
  • Air speed monitors
    Air speed monitors The air speed 100 palm kit offers the user a sleek and very compact airspeed instrument, which will simultaneously measure, display and data log airspeed (ft/min or m/sec) , Temperature, and Volume flow (CFM)
  • The Eco Badge Smog Patrol Kit The Eco Badge Smog Patrol Kit
  • Disc Pump
    Disc Pump The disc pump uses a non-impingement device, known as the discpac, to pump product based on the principle of boundary layer/viscous drag
  • WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management
    WEFTEC 2000: Dredge for Biosolids and Residuals Management FLUMP can be used to clean ponds or lagoons of biosolids, lime and alum sludges, residuals, and to keep water intake
  • Custom Fabrication/Welding
    Custom Fabrication/Welding General Welding & Design, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Clean Harbors, Inc., is a full service welding shop
  • Refrigeration Leak Software Leak Manager walks the user through a series of questions about leaking industrial process refrigeration equipment
  • Biocatalysts
    Biocatalysts Biocatalysts are combination of enzymes, mineral nutrients, biosurfactants and fatty acids which enhance both aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation of organics. Enzymes are critical to the biodegradation pathway, facilitating the transfer of organic contaminants into the cell through the cell walls, and promoting the breakdown of the carbon backbone in the chemical structure of the contaminant.
  • Field Mount P/I Transmitter
    Field Mount P/I Transmitter This field mount transmitter performs pressure-to-current (P/I) conversions in the field
  • ProPower Diesel Fuel The sulfur content of ProPower precludes its use in very low sulfur over-the-road diesel applications, but it is highly attractive as an off-road diesel
  • RF/Admittance Open Channel Flowmeter The 305-300 Series of open channel flowmeters provides proven, reliable and cost-effective measurements for municipal and industrial water and wastewater applications
  • Activated Carbon Absorber
    Activated Carbon Absorber Activated Carbon Absorber
  • Ion Test Strips Test strips for nickel, cyanide, copper, zinc, and chlorine are among the more than 20 recently introduced...
  • Toxicity Screening Reagent Designed for use with both the DeltaTox and the Microtox Model 500 Analyzers, Microtox SOLO provides a convenient method for rapid toxicity screening
  • Model 6100 Gas Flow Monitor
    Model 6100 Gas Flow Monitor ESC's Model 6100 Gas Flow Monitor measures gas flow, as well as, temperature and static pressure in a stack or duct...
  • Model 200 GEOFLO
    Model 200 GEOFLO The Model 200 GEOFLO Groundwater Flowmeter is an easy-to-use portable instrument, capable of simultaneous direct measurement of horizontal groundwater
  • FTIR
    FTIR Pace Analytical's Field Services Division has taken steps to utilize FTIR technology in the field to provide real-time, cost effective analytical results.
    GENERATOR MODULE Produces up to 25 KW per module
  • Air Toxics
    Air Toxics Pace Analytical provides clients with analytical support for ambient air monitoring programs, source emission monitoring, landfill gas monitoring, soil gas characterization, as well as analytical measurements to satisfy requirements under state and federal government air monitoring programs.
  • <b>Grinder Pumps</b>
    Grinder Pumps Grinder pumps can be provided as individual units or in pre-packaged systems
  • Toxic Gas Detector
    Toxic Gas Detector Bacharach's Autostep Plus from GMD Systems is available with a demand sampling option, taking the place of gas levels on
  • AS9000 Registration In 1997, the US aerospace industry issued a new, cooperative quality standard for their suppliers: AS9000.
  • Phase One and Environmental Site Assessments S&S produces one of the most efficient and imitated Phase One Reports for Real Estate Purposes on the market.
  • Slip Ring Hose End
    Slip Ring Hose End This Slip Ring Coupled Hose is a soft wall, light duty hose with a slip ring coupled connector for irrigation and
  • Automatic Tank Gauge
    Automatic Tank Gauge The Model 2500 Automatic Tank Gauge, with 4 mm level gauging accuracy per SIRA Report E1588583, provides continuous liquid level measurement of products stored in above- and below-ground vessels
  • OPAC 20/20-C Opacity Monitor Combiner The OPAC 20/20-C opacity combiner takes the inputs from two to four OPAC 20/20 opacity monitors and combines the readings to obtain a stack exit correlated, opacity reading
  • Ambient Air Sampler The PQ200 is a new method in ambient air sampling for collecting 24 hours ambient "Fine Particulate"
  • Wastewater and Leachate Disposal
    Wastewater and Leachate Disposal The BioStripper Treatment system uses a combination of activated sludge, trickling filtration and forced air stripping to accomplish organic containment reduction
  • Software Add-on MSDSFile manages scanned images of MSDSs and indexes key data needed for reporting, including Tier II reports required for SARA Title III.
  • Solvent Safety Database The Solvent Safety Database, distributed on CD-ROM, covers more than 4,300 solvents and solvent-containing compounds from chemical manufacturers
  • NUCON NUSORB® NUCON offers NUSORB activated carbon products in a wide variety of applications. These NUSORB products include both activated carbons and impregnated carbons produced from a variety of raw materials.
  • Organic Vapor Monitor
    Organic Vapor Monitor The Organic Vapor Monitor uses a single charcoal sorbent wafer for collecting organic vapors.
  • Tank Vent Condensers
    Tank Vent Condensers TV Series exchangers condense vapors from low pressure gas streams — typically storage tank and reactor vents
  • Low Flow Well Purging/Sampling System
    Low Flow Well Purging/Sampling System Designed for low flow well purging and sampling, the System 1 Model 94000 is a 12V dc, portable oil-less air compressor package
  • Reverse Plus Fabric Filter
    Reverse Plus Fabric Filter The Airotech Enivornment reverse pulse fabric filter is available in a wide range of sizes and designs for efficient space saving configurations
  • VOC: Volatile Organics Biofilter Design And Supply
    VOC: Volatile Organics Biofilter Design And Supply PRD Tech designs and supplies the MultiPhase Biofilter for treating emissions of volatile organic Compounds (VOC). A wide variety of VOCs, which traditionally have been treated in thermal oxidizers, can be effectively treated using the MultiPhase Biofilter. These systems have been installed and are currently operating at Wood Product Plants, Chemical operations, etc.
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
    Scheduled Preventive Maintenance This program provides you with regular maintenance and the peace of mind your equipment is properly cared for
  • Continuous Skimmer The self-righting, self-adjusting Suparskim(tm) is engineered for continuous removal of floating layers...
  • Oil Spill Response
    Oil Spill Response This company offers equipment, complete system design and packaging, oil spill response equipment experience, and
  • Model 82i Mercury Probe Controller
    Model 82i Mercury Probe Controller

    The Thermo Scientific Model 82i probe controller is microprocessor-driven and connected by an umbilical to the stack probe and mercury converter. The controller automates probe calibration and dynamic spiking, and confirms auto dilution. It also monitors probe temperature, measures flow rates and pressure in the sampling loop, and enables automated filter blowback.

  • Environmental Manager's Compliance Advisor
    Environmental Manager's Compliance Advisor Five news services in one
  • Model 5030 SHARP Monitor
    Model 5030 SHARP Monitor

    The Model 5030 SHARP is a synchronized, real-time particulate monitor that combines light scattering photometry and beta radiation attenuation in one instrument. Now you can have simple, accurate, precise particulate monitoring at any time resolution.

  • Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers and Exhausters
    Rotary Positive Displacement Blowers and Exhausters National Turbine can provide a wide variety of PD blower and exhauster packages to meet your system requirements
  • Out of Stack Diluting Sampler
    Out of Stack Diluting Sampler This system is designed for applications where the use of EPM's in-situ dilution sampler is impractical
  • Flue-gas Analyzer The IMR 1400 P/PL portable, continuous-measuring, flue-gas analyzer comes housed in an aluminum case that accommodates spare parts
  • Illuminator FTIR Module
    Illuminator FTIR Module The MIDAC M4500 series is an ideal solution for dedicated instrumentation and custom sampling configurations. Adapting a conventional laboratory FTIR loaded with instrument features you simply don't use is costly, difficult, and complicated for novice and expert alike.
  • Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
    Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter Bailey-Fischer & Porter recently unveiled the Elsag Bailey Type EBTH Platinum Standard Smart Temperature Transmitter
  • 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
    3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95 3M(TM) Particulate Respirator 9210 and 9211, N95
  • Chemical Removal Services
    Chemical Removal Services Chemical removal services cleans up the fouling deposits from process equipment, tanks and other industrial equipment by circulating chemical solvents under controlled temperature, pressure and time conditions...
  • Industrial Gas Analyzers
    Industrial Gas Analyzers For years, MIDAC has provided customized solutions for demanding gas analysis applications. This accumulated experience uniquely qualifies us to provide "total solutions" for virtually any gas analysis need - from environmental to industrial process applications...
  • Storm Drain Filtration
    Storm Drain Filtration Most storm water inlets are covered with a steel gate at street level.
  • The Bilge Mate-e™
    The Bilge Mate-e™ Floats on bilge water to absorb fuel and oil leaks. Great for blocking scuppers for deck spills or anywhere large leaks or spills are a problem.
  • Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System
    Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System Model 860 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System
  • MLM (Multi-Layer Media)
    MLM (Multi-Layer Media) LANTEC's MLM (Multi-Layer Media) is the most efficient and cost effective heat-recovery media for regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) systems ever to be introduced on to the market
  • SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle
    SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle SAM - Pneumatic Atomizing Nozzle by BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.
  • Industrial pH/ORP Housing
    Industrial pH/ORP Housing Engineered for industrial wastewater, the InFit 764 industrial pH/ORP housing offers individual matching to the process
  • 'Tell Us' Form
    'Tell Us' Form May we assist you in solving your dust problems?
  • Phase Two Testing Whether a Preliminary Phase Two or a full characterization survey S&S can provide cost effective, timely and accurate testing of soil, water, air and building materials.
  • CLD 700 EL ht Chemiluminescence Analyzer
    CLD 700 EL ht Chemiluminescence Analyzer The CLD 700 EL ht two-channel nitrogen oxide analyzer is the Rolls-Royce model in our product range
  • Fury Line Tank Washers
    Fury Line Tank Washers The Fury Line of tank washers provides a solution for difficult tank cleaning problems
  • Mapping System
    Mapping System The GPS Pathfinder Pro XRS is a global positioning system (GPS) receiver designed to provide real-time submeter
  • Fixed-Mount Mixer
    Fixed-Mount Mixer Featuring a combination of large mixer characteristics in a small mixer size, the 5JTD fixed-mount mixer is a double-reduction gear-driven mixer
  • Gas Monitoring Transmitters
    Gas Monitoring Transmitters The explosion-proof Tox-Array transmitters feature chemically selective toxic, LEL and O2 sensors
  • EDR Radius Map Report
    EDR Radius Map Report This map-based report identifies sites with real or potential environmental issues.
  • Wringers
    Wringers Our heavy duty wringers are the easy way to recover fluids from pillows, socks and other absorbent materials
  • The Lighthawk- Model 560 Compliance Opacity / Dust Monitor
    The Lighthawk- Model 560 Compliance Opacity / Dust Monitor The software system for data-acquisition handling and reporting is designed to comply with requirements of the U.S. EPA
  • Sprint 2000
    Sprint 2000 The new Sprint 2000 has responded to the demands on gas safety and energy efficiency with versatile performance, ease of operation and low cost of ownership
  • XR Sample Cooler -- Controlled Temperature Air Stream Delivery Devices
    XR Sample Cooler -- Controlled Temperature Air Stream Delivery Devices Precise temperature control, Temperatures from -80°C to +100°C, ± 0.1°C temperature stability, Choice of two delivery line lengths...
  • Safe-T-Pallet Portable Spill Containment Pallets
    Safe-T-Pallet Portable Spill Containment Pallets Easily relocatable steel Safe-T-Pallets provide secondary containment for 55-gallon drums. Available in
  • Coatings Line
    Coatings Line Futura Coatings introduced FUTURA-THANE abrasion resistant coatings
  • Membrane Separation
    Membrane Separation Where required, PIONEER offers Membrane Separation systems for separating undesirable substances e.g. treatment of Natural Gas or Landfill Gas (CO2 Removal).
  • Bionaire Air Purifiers
    Bionaire Air Purifiers Bionaire Air purifiers bring ULPA air purification technology used in hospital operating theaters and semiconductor clean rooms into your home and office
  • Pump-efficiency Guide "A Guide to Energy Efficient Pumps & Pumping Systems" is a 12-page expositor of energy-efficient pumps and pumping systems...
  • Soil and Groundwater Services
    Soil and Groundwater Services This company offers a full range of services for assessment, monitoring and remediation of soil and
  • Custom Engineered Building Systems
    Custom Engineered Building Systems A manufacturer of silicone spray conveys filled canisters of product from their main manufacturing building into a
  • Free 68000 Software Flex-Sim/68K is ideal for developing 68000 based software algorithms in a simulated environment
  • WEFTEC 2000: Belt Press Simulator
    WEFTEC 2000: Belt Press Simulator Users can check their wastewater plant’s belt press performance with the Crown Press belt press simulator.
  • Barnes BP33A
    Barnes BP33A Submersible effluent pumps designed to efficiently handle septic tank effluent applications for the long term.
  • Cell and Colony Viewing
    Cell and Colony Viewing This new Scienceware Mammalian Cell-Colony Reader makes visualizing colonies, monolayers, plaques and foci in Petri
  • Explosion-proof Grinder Pumps
    Explosion-proof Grinder Pumps Mid Atlantic Pump and Equipment Company offers Myers' WG20 and WGX20 explosion-proof
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