• Industrial Site Risk Assessment
    Industrial Site Risk Assessment AES has had immense success in the application of risk assessment techniques for the closure of industrial sites
  • Model 48i TLE Trace Level CO Analyzer
    Model 48i TLE Trace Level CO Analyzer

    The industry’s new best of breed. Our customers told us exactly what they’re looking for in a gas monitoring solution: reliability, simplicity and ease of use. The new iSeries platform delivers on all counts- and than goes a step farther

  • WF-18 Weigh Belt Feeder
    WF-18 Weigh Belt Feeder Tecweigh's WF-18 Weigh Belt Feeder is the food-grade weight belt
  • Performance Validation SoftCard
    Performance Validation SoftCard Spectronic Instruments, Inc.'s performance validation softcard for the Spectronic genesys 2 and genesys 5 spectrophotmeters enables...
  • Air Pollution Control Brochure
    Air Pollution Control Brochure This four-color, eight-page brochure describes the company's custom equipment for abating air pollution
  • Railroad Spill Control
    Railroad Spill Control Designed to provide spill containment at industrial rail sidings and locomotive maintenance facilities.
  • Methane Monitor
    Methane Monitor The Industrial Scientific Corporation’s MDU420 dual-range methane monitor is the portable instrument for monitoring the percentage volume concentrations of methane...
  • Slurry Pumps
    Slurry Pumps These hard metal slurry pumps are designed for industrial slurries such as fly ash, coal slurries, and bottom ash
  • Ozone Depleter Compliance Guide Ozone Depleter Compliance Guide provides vital guidance on how federally mandated CFC replacement affects everything from air conditioning and manufacturing processes to container and product labeling, and the viability of entire product lines
  • VOC Monitor
    VOC Monitor This handheld VOC monitor is capable of detecting low loevel pressure and volatile organic compounds in the parts-per-billion range
  • Carbon Dioxide Delivery System for Wastewater pH Control
    Carbon Dioxide Delivery System for Wastewater pH Control ERI supplies systems that control the delivery of carbon dioxide to wastewater pH control systems
    COMBUSTIBLE GAS DETECTION TRANSMITTER Bacharach Inc. manufactures the Sentinel Infrared Combustible Gas Detection Transmitter for use in hydrocarbon gas detection applications...
  • Total Chlorine Analyzer
    Total Chlorine Analyzer The Model TCL is a sample conditioning system used with the 499ACL-02 total chlorine sensor for the determination of total chlorine in water, including the determination of total oxidants in chlorinated seawater.
  • Model 200 Hydrocarbon Analyzer
    Model 200 Hydrocarbon Analyzer The new VIG Industries, Inc. Model 200 is a microprocessor based, oven heated total hydrocarbon & methane / non-methane analyzer for high accuracy, sensitivity and stability
  • Single Microplate Stacker
    Single Microplate Stacker The single microplate stacker is designed to speed the integration of microplate scintillation and luminescence counters with robotic laboratory systems
  • Structured Heat Transfer Media FLEXERAMIC structured ceramic heat transfer media provides a way for users to repack their RTO if they need more
  • Cantilever Pumps
    Cantilever Pumps The pumps range in size from 2" to 10" with heads ranging in excess of 200 feet
  • Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) and Clean Water Act (CWA) Compliance Modules
    Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) and Clean Water Act (CWA) Compliance Modules MIRS offers the WASTE container and manifest management module which handles "cradle to grave" waste tracking and reporting, including manifest, label and biennial report
  • Resin Trap Screens U.S. Filter/Johnson Screens resin trap screens were designed to act as a safeguard without disrupting process flow...
  • Dioxin Analysis
    Dioxin Analysis Dioxin and Furan are the common names associated with polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs) and polychlorinated dibenzofurans (PCDFs).
  • Pre-Print Labels
    Pre-Print Labels When you need custom production capabilities Imtec can create a solution that saves you time and money. Whether you need incremental barcode labels or full color log tags.
  • Single-Source Solutions
    Single-Source Solutions Viatec's concentration of resources provides single-source solutions to process equipment, industrial corrosion...
  • High Volume Air Sampler
    High Volume Air Sampler The TE-5200 Tri-pod High Volume Air Sampler features an aluminum blower motor assembly
  • Lube Oils Vent Emission Control Systems
    Lube Oils Vent Emission Control Systems CECO Filters has engineered the Lube Oils Vent Emission Control Systems for many types of
  • Personal Coverage This company designs personal insurance program to fit the
  • The Challenge OLR Respirometer
    The Challenge OLR Respirometer The Challenge OLR Respirometer is a true "on-line" respirometer which will give you oxygen uptake rates for your treatment plant operations
  • Insertion Flow Monitor
    Insertion Flow Monitor The Insertion Flow Monitor is a rugged instrument for monitoring and totaling flows in full pipes of two-in. to 30-in. diameters
  • Quarter-Turn Ball Valve System The Type 265X modular ball valve system is designed to offer a variety of customized temperature, pressure, level and flow control solutions
    PIT HOG 7MAU SERIES DREDGES This dredge was designed and built for powerful, easy to control, effective dredging
  • Panel Instrumentation Catalog
    Panel Instrumentation Catalog The company introduces a new panel instrumentation catalog featuring indicators, controllers, transmitters, and calibrators
  • Danmark Sorbents
    Danmark Sorbents DanSorb Sorbent has an absorption rate of 25-30% more than all other Sorbent manufacturers
  • Landfill Remediation Services Landfill Remediation Services
  • XL-2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenizer
    XL-2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenizer The XL-2000 Microson Ultrasonic Homogenizer features a selector switch on the front panel
  • Multi-Stage System
    Multi-Stage System This multi-stage system is designed for contaminated gas
  • Model 660 Glass Manifold
    Model 660 Glass Manifold ESC Model 660 Glass Manifold provides integrators and site technicians an easy to clean, expandable sampling system...
  • Flow Control Drawer
    Flow Control Drawer The Baldwin Flow Control Drawer is designed for direct extractive stack Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems
  • Integrated System for Electrostatic Monitoring The Correflow ESM from Auburn International is the first integrated system to provide electrostatic monitoring
  • NOx Reduction Technologies Video The manufacturer now offers a comprehensive video on the NOx reduction technologies it offers for coal, oil and gas
  • The Met One Model 300 Series Rain Gauge
    The Met One Model 300 Series Rain Gauge The accurate measurement of rain and snow precipitation remains one of the most basic elements of meteorology
  • Here are some of the more common potential uses Assessing biodegradation characteristics of specific chemicals or chemical mixtures
  • Flow Monitor
    Flow Monitor Using a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor, the Model OCF-IV Open Channel Flow Monitor measures wastewater flow through flumes or weirs
  • Environmental Protection Week
    Environmental Protection Week Environmental Protection Week is your one-stop source for accurate, timely reporting of new and proposed legislation on pollution control and environmental policies.
  • Pilot Control Systems
    Pilot Control Systems Envirometrics can supply a pilot-scale baghouse, scrubber, air stripper, or incinerator for determining design parameters, process applicability, or the performance of new control techniques.
  • Field Service & Emergency Repair
    Field Service & Emergency Repair When you need it you need it fast and, you want it done right the first time
  • Environmental Law Handbook
    Environmental Law Handbook The fourteenth Edition of the Environmental Law Handbook is now available from Government Institutes...
  • M60STD 60
    M60STD 60 Powerful 6" cylinder with heavy duty 4" rod for extra long life
  • WS-2000 418 MHz Weather Station
    WS-2000 418 MHz Weather Station In 1996, RainWise introduced the first wireless, solar powered weather station for home use
  • OSEC® B-Pak On-Site Electrolytic Hypochlorite Generation Systems
    OSEC® B-Pak On-Site Electrolytic Hypochlorite Generation Systems

    The OSEC® B-Pak Skid System is a fully automated, pre-packaged on-site hypochlorite system designed for fast and economical installation, safe operation and easy maintenance. Skids are shipped completely piped, wired and tested.

  • Inorganic Nitrogen Reducer
    Inorganic Nitrogen Reducer Munox DN Hungry Bacteria helps reduce inorganic nitrogen such as ammonia...
  • EDR Sanborn Maps
    EDR Sanborn Maps EDR owns the largest and most complete collection of fire insurance maps in the United States.
  • Chart Recorders
    Chart Recorders Bailey-Fischer and Porter, a unit of Elsag Bailey, is now offering the LineMaster and PointMaster 200, two German-made, Hartmann and Braun microprocessor-based
  • Combustion Analyzer The CA 40H Hand-Held Combustion Analyzer allows the user to monitor,
  • Electronic Autoradiography System
    Electronic Autoradiography System The electronic autoradiography system is used to detect contamination on the outside surface of nuclear waste transportation containers
  • Rubberizer Filtration Media Rubberizer patented products are now available in a variety of water treatment and filtration media. They are making headway in filtration applications saving material costs, labor and disposal volume by as much as 75%.
  • SO2 Generator
    SO2 Generator The Aqua SO2 Generator burns 99.9% sulfur which is odorless , efficient and clean burning
  • Alarm Monitor
    Alarm Monitor Adding alarm and status reporting to new or existing control and management systems, the Model 1570 SentriData is an ASCII alarm monitor
  • Micron Solids Removal System (MSR)
    Micron Solids Removal System (MSR) The Micron Solids Removal System (MSR) is manufactured with 100% long lasting and durable yet economical Polyethylene
  • Open Bottom Diffuser
    Open Bottom Diffuser Incorporating an open bottom design and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, the SS series coarse bubble plenum chamber diffuser can be used in wastewater treatment facilities requiring high volumes of air per diffuser for the generation of coarse air bubbles
  • WeedCat Aquatic Weed Harvesters
    WeedCat Aquatic Weed Harvesters Aquatic Weed Harvesters cut and remove nuisance aquatic plants
  • WEC Series Toroidal Conductivity Controllers
    WEC Series Toroidal Conductivity Controllers The new low cost CPVC sensor is perfect for applications below 180°F
  • Aqua Venturer CD-ROM
    Aqua Venturer CD-ROM Aqua Venturer CD-ROM is a public-education product that narrates the story of water, its treatment, and use throughout history-and its importance to life on Earth...
  • Transportable Emission Testing Systems These emission test trailers are customized, rugged and totally operational systems that satisfy a variety of
  • <b>Eco-Tec's Aluminum Finishing Solutions</b>
    Eco-Tec's Aluminum Finishing Solutions Cost effective systems that REDUCE chemical and waste treatment costs, and IMPROVE the performance of the finishing solutions. Eco-Tec offers products that enable aluminum finishers to continuously recycle etching, anodizing and brightening solutions.
  • Engineering Software
    Engineering Software Engineer's Aide SiNET combines Engineering Intelligence with advanced pipeline network analysis pipeline network analysis and CostPlus detailed equipment cost analysis
  • Curlex® RoadRunner
    Curlex® RoadRunner RoadRunner is a mechanically installed erosion control blanket system that has virtually rendered
  • Fume Incineration Systems
    Fume Incineration Systems We offer both thermal and catalytic type fume incineration systems
  • Video Inspection System
    Video Inspection System The QuickView digital video stick allows the user to view inside manholes and related wastewater and storm water lines
  • Drum Crusher & In-Drum Compactor The Model D-60 Drum Crusher & In-Drum Compactor crushes drums up to 85 gallons in size
  • Field Mount P/I Transmitter
    Field Mount P/I Transmitter This field mount transmitter performs pressure-to-current (P/I) conversions in the field
  • Belt Press System
    Belt Press System The Mark II Belt Press System is designed with ease of operation
  • Three Point Samplers
    Three Point Samplers RATA-3 Samplers are designed to perform relative accuracy
    BREEZE ISC SUITE BREEZE ISC SUITE is a sophisticated air quality modeling application with an integrated GIS system
  • Commonly Asked Questions about Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers Viatec offers a reprint of 9 commonly asked questions about its THERME2America Solefm PVDF fluoropolymer heat exchangers...
  • Side Scan Sonar Product Line The EdgeTech Side Scan Sonar product line incudes the Model 560D Side Scan Sonar Processor and the DF-1000 Digital Control Interface
  • Liquid Biocide A single-feed, stable, bromine-based, liquid biocide, the STABROM 909 can be used for disinfecting
  • Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Liquid Measurement
    Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Liquid Measurement Designed to measure liquids in pipe sizes from 2 to 100 in., the Sono-Trak clamp-on transit time ultrasonic
  • Dynacalibrators
    Dynacalibrators VICI Metronics Dynacalibrators allow you to verify the accuracy of analytical data from air pollution monitoring, industrial hygiene surveys, odor surveys, and other instruments measuring gas concentration
  • External Low Flow Dilution Probe
    External Low Flow Dilution Probe Engineered for extractive CEMS, the external low flow dilution probe consists of a passive barrel inserted in the process and a sampling enclosure located outside the process
  • Soft Start AC Motor Control
    Soft Start AC Motor Control The LC5 Series soft start control is designed for installation between an existing electromechanical starter or contactor and the motor
  • Gas Diffuser
    Gas Diffuser Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. introduced a new line of ceramic gas diffusers
  • ElectroCore Particulate Separator The ElectroCore™ -Particulate Separator is a stand-alone device for product recovery or emissions control
  • Enclosures
    Enclosures Carlon Circuit Safe NEMA 4X enclosures are designed for durability, structural integrity, easy modification, and
  • Environmental Site Assessment Finally....environmental software that does everything to help you create your PHASE ONE report except collect the data
  • Wastewater Systems
    Wastewater Systems These wastewater treatment systems range in capacity from 5,000 gpd to 1>Mgd and are ideal for small
  • Manhole Inserts
    Manhole Inserts Parson Manhole Inserts are made of high density polyethylene and have been proven effective in reducing or preventing surface water inflow to the collection system, through the manhole lid
  • Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers
    Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers Viatec's line of THERME2-America fluoropolymer heat exchangers include: Immersion Coils, Shell & Tube, Bayonet, Therme-ProcessorsTm...
  • Sonabox Acoustic Enclosure
    Sonabox Acoustic Enclosure The Sonabox is an acoustic enclosure designed for the use of all Misonix sonicators.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading
    Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions trading is being considered by many public and private leaders as a practical way to reduce, and eventually reverse, the potential impacts of global warming. While the system for quantifying and trading in GHG credits has not yet been finalized, EMCON/OWT, Inc. is helping landfill owners in the United States and internationally to prepare themselves to act on opportunities that may arise when a trading system is in place.
  • Computerized Stack Sample Control Unit
    Computerized Stack Sample Control Unit The Model 31C-200 Computerized Stack Sampling Control Unit is designed to be used in sampling systems for collecting data for various Isokinetic EPA Reference Methods
  • Ultra-Urban Filter The Ultra -Urban Filter with OARS OnBoard is a low-cost BMP that helps meet NPDES requirements with effective filtration, efficient application, and moderate maintenance
  • Solids Dewatering System
    Solids Dewatering System The Solids Dewatering System provides a method of management for systems producing less than 250 lb dry solids per day
  • Heated Head Stack Probe
    Heated Head Stack Probe The Model 30/40 Series Heated Stack Probes are used for filtering particulates from the stack or process gas
  • Custom Booms, Blankets and Pillows: For Sheen and Spill Control Because PetroGuard is unequaled in the absorption of oil products
  • Microwave Stirrer
    Microwave Stirrer With this new Scienceware microwave stirrer, liquids can be
  • WEFTEC 2000: Chemical Process Controller
    WEFTEC 2000: Chemical Process Controller The model 1099 chemical process controller has recently
  • Level Switches
    Level Switches Series LS-1900 magnetically operated float switches are for high, intermediate or low liquid level...
  • Chiperator™ Chip And Coolant Separation System.
    Chiperator™ Chip And Coolant Separation System. The air driven Chiperator vacuums and filters old cutting fluids loaded with chips from machine sumps, tanks and parts washers
  • Material  Handling Systems
    Material Handling Systems Material handling systems provide the link between your raw material storage and the manufacturing process
  • Aw-2k CEMS
    Aw-2k CEMS The AW-2K is the first of its kind to use micro-technology, compact PLC's, and PC's to achieve low cost, accurate, and reliable stack gas analyzing system. AW-2K uses the latest technology such as thermoelectric coolers and chillers, miniature infrared, and electrochemical analyzers to build a system for the new millennium.
  • Membrane Separations
    Membrane Separations Users of membrane separation processes, including reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration,
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