• Industrial Hygiene Air Sampler
    Industrial Hygiene Air Sampler The Industrial Hygiene Air Sampler measures airborne particulate levels at work spaces where conformance to industrial hygiene standards are necessary
  • GasVue MG-30
    GasVue MG-30 The LI S GasVue MG-30 which shows you where your leaks are located in real-time on a TV monitor.
  • Site Operations & Maintenance As an integral element in the remedial action process, the Division extends its services to include site operations, maintenance and monitoring
  • Vehicle Management System
    Vehicle Management System Allowing the operator to monitor vehicles and drivers, the on-board computer and corresponding software is designed to be a comprehensive vehicle management system
  • WeedCat Aquatic Weed Harvesters
    WeedCat Aquatic Weed Harvesters Aquatic Weed Harvesters cut and remove nuisance aquatic plants
  • Vertical Packed Bed Scrubber
    Vertical Packed Bed Scrubber This Countercurrent Vertical scrubber is most commonly used
  • Single and Dual Gas Analyzer
    Single and Dual Gas Analyzer The Single and Dual Gas Analyzer offers a totally enclosed sample path that is not affected by ambient conditions
  • Syringe Filters
    Syringe Filters Puradisc syringe filters feature rugged construction, autoclavability, integrity testable (bubble point method)
  • Oil Detector A dual monochromator/fluorescence detector is equipped with a preparative flow cell (10-mm ID) that allows...
  • Warning Device
    Warning Device The functional, numeric concentration display of the MicroPac single gas measuring and warning device provides users with information
  • Weight Processors
    Weight Processors Tecweigh introduces their line of weight processors introduces their line of weight processors
  • BFHD Series of Bulk Bag Frames
    BFHD Series of Bulk Bag Frames The new Tecweigh BFHD Series of bulk bag frames
  • TF - Full And Hollow Cone Spiral Nozzles
    TF - Full And Hollow Cone Spiral Nozzles Features of the TF Series include high-energy efficiency, high discharge velocity, and clog-resistant performance
  • Data Management
    Data Management Columbia is an industry leader in analytical data management
  • New 8XX Series NOx Analyzers
    New 8XX Series NOx Analyzers The series CLD 8XX features two independent reaction modules, giving access to two analytical values
  • Pipeline Inspection
    Pipeline Inspection Utilizing custom designed tooling we can retrofit our robotic to perform task as well as inspection
  • Desiccant/Carbon Adsorption
    Desiccant/Carbon Adsorption PIONEER offers desiccant adsorption for separating undesirable substances
  • Cascade Refrigeration
    Cascade Refrigeration Lower the temperature, harder it is on the refrigeration compressor
  • <b>Eco-Tec's Electroplating Solutions &mdash; NickelPur&trade; & ChromaPur&trade;</b>
    Eco-Tec's Electroplating Solutions — NickelPur™ & ChromaPur™ Eco-Tec's NickelPur™ and ChromaPur™ REDUCE operating costs, REDUCE chemical purchases and REDUCE waste treatment costs. MAXIMIZE savings and quality!
  • Book on HIV in Wastewater
    Book on HIV in Wastewater The book "HIV in Wastewater: Presence, Survivability and Risk to Wastewater Treatment Plant Workers", provides
  • Continuous Particulate Monitor, Model 5014i Beta
    Continuous Particulate Monitor, Model 5014i Beta

    The Thermo Scientific Model 5014i Beta is an automated, continuous, ambient particulate monitor.

  • Fiber Spot Repair
    Fiber Spot Repair This corrosion resistant fiberglass (Owens Corning Advantex) sectional Lining System is produced by SAERTEX. It uniquely...
  • Vortex Flowmeters The Hydro-Flow model 2200 flowmeter uses vortex technology
  • SDT-Xfi In-Circuit Emulator The SDT-Xfi's sophisticated hardware breakpoint system allows a wide range of target system bus conditions to be monitored
  • AIM APPLICATIONS SUMMARY AIM designs and manufactures World Class gas analyzers and complete systems for environmental monitoring
  • Catalytic Oxidizer Systems
    Catalytic Oxidizer Systems These units contain a catalyst section after the combustion chamber that allows the VOC's to be destroyed at a lower temperature
  • Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter The DF868 Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter is a fixed-installation meter based on the company’s TransPort PT868 Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter...
  • Rapid View Data Management System For Municipal Inspections
    Rapid View Data Management System For Municipal Inspections RapidView DMS is a complete data management software program custom developed for municipalities
  • Magnesium Oxide Chemical grade magnesium oxide is produced as 98% pure MgO in a broad range of chemical activities and sizings
  • Horizontal Access Door The re-designed J-AL horizontal access door, available in single or double leaf design, is well-suited to provide
  • Documentation EMS Manual Composition
  • Standard Field Test Kit
    Standard Field Test Kit Standard Field Test Kit
  • AquaCarb® CX Series Enhanced Coconut Shell-based Activated Carbon
    AquaCarb® CX Series Enhanced Coconut Shell-based Activated Carbon

    AquaCarb® CX series carbons from Evoqua, are a coconut shell-based activated carbon that includes both a high micropore and mesopore volume making this an excellent alternative to coal-based activated carbon for surface water treatment.

  • Monochloramine Measuring System
    Monochloramine Measuring System The Model MCL is a complete system for the determination of monochloramine in fresh water. It consists of an analyzer (choice of Model 54eA or Model 1056), a 499ACL-03 sensor, and a constant head flow controller.
  • Opacity/Dust Monitor
    Opacity/Dust Monitor The Model 550 opacity/dust monitor features an electronically modulated solid state LED to ensure stable operation
  • Pollution Control Stack Scrubbers
  • General Purpose Freeze Dryers
    General Purpose Freeze Dryers Virtis General Purpose Freeze Dryers are ideal for a variety of freeze drying applications and are available in a range of sizes.
  • Portable Gas Detector
    Portable Gas Detector The portable, battery-operated satellite is designed to detect and measure common dopant, corrosive and pyrophoric gases
  • Process Controller The USF820 data logging process controller is for integrated, cost-effective process control and monitoring
  • Testo Introduces Five NEW Pocket-sized Meters
    Testo Introduces Five NEW Pocket-sized Meters Testo, Inc., is releasing their revolutionary new STICKS specifically designed for the HVAC industry
  • Ceramic Heat Transfer Media
    Ceramic Heat Transfer Media The Flexeramic structured heat transfer media is designed to offer a large capacity with no increase in pressure drop in regenerative thermal oxidizers
  • Gas Chromotograph
    Gas Chromotograph The CHROMACHROM * S is a fully automatic gas chromatograph designed for the determination of common sulfur gases
  • EnvironmentNOW News Service
    EnvironmentNOW News Service A quick, easy, and cost-effective way to keep abreast of important developments in the environmental business world, EnvironmentNOW News Service saves you hours of research time by giving you the most important news - DAILY - leaving you more time to do your job and concentrate on your business.
  • Independent Monitors
    Independent Monitors Designed to display gas concentrations and indicate whether low- and/or high-alarm levels have been exceeded, the WorksAlone 6200 unit is an independent monitor that outputs a 4-20 mA control loop signal
  • Reverse Osmosis Elements The Filmtech TW30 low energy reverse osmosis elements are designed to operate in the pressure range of 75 to 125 psi
  • AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System
    AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System

    REDUCE CORROSION! REDUCE COSTS! Eco-Tec's AmiPur®-PLUS Amine System continuously removes heat stable salts from amine solutions, ensuring stable, consistent operation of the amine scrubbing solutions.

  • Gas Monitor
    Gas Monitor Molecular Analytics introduces the StackMaster IMS for continuous monitoring of non-traditional gases and compunds in stacks
  • Solids Dewatering System
    Solids Dewatering System The Solids Dewatering System provides a method of management for systems producing less than 250 lb dry solids per day
  • Spray Coolers
    Spray Coolers The Aqua-Lator Spray Coolers supplement cooling ponds or cooling towers
  • Rotary Calciners
    Rotary Calciners Bartlett-Snow Rotary Calciners are manufactured for the continuous processing of material at high temperatures in an oxidizing, inert or reducing atmosphere
  • Speed Control Technology
    Speed Control Technology This coupling is for variable speed applications on pumps,
  • Element Analysis Software
    Element Analysis Software Finite Element Analysis is a tool that can predict deflection and stresses of general structures
  • Chip Grabber™
    Chip Grabber™ The Abanaki Chip Grabber removes chips and skims oil from coolant tanks and machine tool reservoirs. The unique design allows it to pick up steel chips, turnings and grindings from the bottom of the coolant reservoir as well as floating tramp oils from the surface
  • ISO 14000 Audit
    ISO 14000 Audit GreenWare’s ISO 14000 Audit software is a powerful and comprehensive audit tool, providing auditors with a complete set of audit working papers
  • Disc System The Disk Integrated Solvent Concentrator System (DISC) destroys volatile organic compounds and...
  • Medium Voltage Soft Starter
    Medium Voltage Soft Starter The MVC Series Medium Voltage Soft Starter, exhibited at the WEFTEC Conference, features a heavy-duty design with “real world” packaging suited to control pump motors as well as other medium voltage motor applications
  • P-Series Palletized Lockers
    P-Series Palletized Lockers Fast, efficient forklift loading and unloading characterizes this series of storage lockers. These lockers
  • RCRA/CERCLA Investigations Shield's staff designs environmental management plans that include various prevention and remediation services
  • Ion Meters
    Ion Meters Models 3340 and 3345 Ion Meters have on-line help to explain instrument functions and provide diagnostic information
  • Market Research Report “The environmental Industry: Market Forces, Strategies and Tactics Through 2000” is a market research report which
  • Alberta Sour Gas Report
    Alberta Sour Gas Report Alberta Sour Gas.xls is a Microsoft Excel application that produces two reports for the Energy Resources Conservation Board for the Province of Alberta
  • Airborne Fiber Monitor
    Airborne Fiber Monitor The FM-7400 monitors airborne fibers such as asbestos, mineral wool,
  • FGA 950 CO, NO, and , O<sub>2</sub> - Emissions Monitor
    FGA 950 CO, NO, and , O2 - Emissions Monitor The FGA 950 and FGA 950E analysers are designed for applications where Carbon Monoxide levels must be monitored as well as Nitric Oxide emissions
  • Spray Nozzle
    Spray Nozzle Diffused Gas Technologies, Inc. recently introduced the SN-lA foam control spray nozzle...
  • Coliform Test
    Coliform Test The Colilert-18 test is an USEPA-approved method for detecting total coliforms and E. coli in water
  • Safety Meetings Library on CD-ROM
    Safety Meetings Library on CD-ROM This revolutionary new reference tool is guaranteed to make safety training easier
  • Parson HydroFlex Gel PARSON HYDROFLEX GEL is a nonflammable, V.O.C. compliant chemical grouting compound which, when mixed with water, forms a water impermeable gel mass. PARSON HYDROFLEX GEL is a single component multi-ratio, low viscosity, high solids hydrophilic polyurethane gel used in sanitary sewer joint sealing, manhole water control and storm sewer sealing. It is environmentally safe and inert after cure.
  • PMC-Series Modular Palletized Storage Units
    PMC-Series Modular Palletized Storage Units Modular palletized materials storage units provide high-volume storage of 55-gallon drums or bulk materials via
  • Horizontal Drilling Pump
    Horizontal Drilling Pump Blackhawk Environmental Company introduces its Anchor Piston pump designed for horizontal drilling applications
  • Model 42i LS Low Source NO-NO2-NOX Gas Analyzer
    Model 42i LS Low Source NO-NO2-NOX Gas Analyzer

    Using chemiluminescence technology, the Model 42i LS measures the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from sub-ppb levels up to 100ppm.The Model 42i LS is a single Chamber, single photomultiplier tube design that cycles between the NO and NOX modes

  • Rebuild & Optimization Services
    Rebuild & Optimization Services MEGTEC's online parts ordering service allows you to find the replacement parts you need to keep your equipment running.
  • "Performance Parts and Service" This four-page, four-color announcement lays out the company's capacity to provide solutions...
  • Industrial Water Treatment System
    Industrial Water Treatment System The GRD2000 is a new way of designing, specifying and
  • Funnels and Accessories
    Funnels and Accessories Rugged, steel Ultra-Funnels meet new EPA Closed Container Regulation 40 CFR 264.173.
  • 205 Multi-Gas Monitor
    205 Multi-Gas Monitor This accurate and affordable Multi-Gas Monitor is ideal for testing the Air Quality in offices, meeting rooms, schools or anywhere poor air quality may affect work performance
  • New Arm Advance Control
    New Arm Advance Control Innovative Arm Advance Sentry arm control greatly reduces the need for operator adjustments
  • Wastewater Systems
    Wastewater Systems These wastewater treatment systems range in capacity from 5,000 gpd to 1>Mgd and are ideal for small
  • Inspection Products
    Inspection Products Some of our custom products are adaptable to many of the camera systems on the market today
  • Pollution Prevention Services
    Pollution Prevention Services The company provides a number of pollution prevention and waste minimization services
  • Solid Waste Incineration Systems
    Solid Waste Incineration Systems Crawford Incineration Systems are available for Medical, Industrial, Commercial, Light Municipal and Marine Applications from 25lb / 11kg to 1000lb / 455kg per hour standard capacity configuration based on 10,000 BTU/lb average heat release waste.
  • Oxygen Sensor
    Oxygen Sensor The new DO6000 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is for aquaculture
  • Professional Services The Professional Services Division of this company specializes in the design, implementation and maintenance
  • Dust Collector Filters
    Dust Collector Filters The seamless tube Beane Bags are circular knit fabrics consisting of a “loop pile” surface
  • Pesticide Product Labels on CD-ROM The U.S EPA is making available images of its pesticide labels as an ongoing...
  • Spectrometer
    Spectrometer The AAnalyst 100 spectrometer includes a double-beam optical system, automated wavelength and slit selection, a burner system, and a large sample compartment
  • ISO 14001 Features EMS Program Development and certification audits.
  • Wastewater-treatment Systems Flyer This single-page, 4-color flyer describes the company's wastewater-treatment capabilities. These include the manufacture of ...
  • Electric Hammer Driven System
    Electric Hammer Driven System The depth penetration of the Rotary Hefty System is
  • Virtual Laboratory Tour Software This CD-ROM program offers a virtual tour that allows you to experience the
  • Industrial Hygiene Services Industrial Hygiene Services are essential to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Low Flow Well Purging/Sampling System
    Low Flow Well Purging/Sampling System Designed for low flow well purging and sampling, the System 1 Model 94000 is a 12V dc, portable oil-less air compressor package
  • Membrane Emulsion Separator
    Membrane Emulsion Separator The ultraaqua emulsion separator treats and disposes of contaminated compressor condensates, producing water's...
  • Digital Moisture Balance
    Digital Moisture Balance The CSC Digital Moisture Balance can be used on waste water sludge and filter calve...
  • SeaKem GTG agarose Performance tested for separation and manipulation of DNA >1 kb
  • IRC Sludge Dryer Literature
    IRC Sludge Dryer Literature A new technical brochure has been published, “Dragon Dryer Technology Turns Sludge Into Gold"
  • Single Gas Monitor
    Single Gas Monitor The multi-Sense system offers a single gas monitor that can also accommodate multiple sensors on one unit for common or discrete relay control
  • Particulate Monitor/Data Logger
    Particulate Monitor/Data Logger The personalDataRam is a small, versatile aerosol monitor/data logger that provides real-time measurement and
  • In-Stack Cyclone
    In-Stack Cyclone Designed to EPA Method 201A specifications, the PM-10 In-Stack Cyclone is available in stainless steel, Teflon, or Teflon-Coated stainless steel
  • RB20 Blower Package
    RB20 Blower Package

    Designed to accompany the RB20 Roll-Off Carbon Adsorber, the RB20 Blower Package is a skid mounted unit with integrated fan, motor, prefilter, control panel and outlet damper.

  • Commercial Electric Meters
    Commercial Electric Meters Programmable to configure custom communications schedules, the commercial Epsilon Electric Meters can record load or other data at configurable intervals
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