• LO-CAT®

    The LO-CAT® process is a patented, wet scrubbing, liquid redox system that uses a chelated iron solution to convert H2S to innocuous, elemental sulfur. It does not use any toxic chemicals and does not produce any hazardous waste byproducts. The catalyst is readily available and since it’s continuously regenerated in the process, less catalyst is used, more money is saved.

  • Portable Compass
    Portable Compass Ready to guide you wherever you go, this reliable, high quality liquid compass includes a velcro backing
  • GasVue TG-5
    GasVue TG-5 Laser Imaging Systems is now taking orders for the GasVue TG-5, a new technology for assembly line leak detection. This patented technology (US#4,555,627) is ideally suited for use at your product leak repair station.
  • Portable Gas Detector
    Portable Gas Detector The portable, battery-operated satellite is designed to detect and measure common dopant, corrosive and pyrophoric gases
  • Submersible Level Transducer
    Submersible Level Transducer The all-titanium Series 700T Submersible Transducer is suitable for marine applications with saltwater or brackish water conditions, and other water/wastewater applications that require a corrosive resistant transducer
  • Air Quality Consultation
    Air Quality Consultation Air Testing & Environment & Assessment
  • Thermo Scientific Model 84i Mercury Permeation Source
    Thermo Scientific Model 84i Mercury Permeation Source

    Thermo Scientific™ Permeation Source is the only permeation oven that fully integrates with the Thermo Scientific™ Mercury FreedomTM system to meet interim protocol QC and U.S. EPA regulatory requirements for Mercury Monitoring.

  • QS-9000 In 1994, US automakers issued a new, cooperative set of
  • RCRA/CERCLA Investigations Shield's staff designs environmental management plans that include various prevention and remediation services
  • Genetic Analysis Tool
    Genetic Analysis Tool The MBA 2000 system is a productivity tool for genetic analysis, biotechnology and
  • Fiberglass Flight
    Fiberglass Flight FMC Corporation developed a fiberglass flight for its rectangular sludge collector systems...
  • Custom Or Standard O-Rings And Seals
    Custom Or Standard O-Rings And Seals Custom or standard o-rings and seals meeting your exacting specifications for resilience, fluid, pressure, seat or
  • Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instrument Service Offerings
    Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instrument Service Offerings

    Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instruments provide world class monitoring instruments, systems and service. Tailored to meet our customer’s technical and budgetary needs, our expert service team can provide a wide range of services and support that will help our customers to maintain required up-time and data accuracy to meet federal, state and local air quality monitoring regulations.

  • Static Mixer
    Static Mixer The Kenics HEV high-efficiency static mixer is said to provide pressure drops of up to 75% lower than standard mixers
  • Emissions Control Kit Engelhard Corporation’s ETX emissions control kit meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 0.10 g/bhp-hr total particulate matter requirement
  • Membrane Media
    Membrane Media PRISTYNE filter media is an expanded PTFE membrane laminate that uses a manufacturing platform similar to GORE-TEX
  • Voltage Motor Starters
    Voltage Motor Starters The voltage motor starters range from 1 to 7500HP with rating from 208V to 6900V
  • Dust Analyzers Micro Dust Pro
    Dust Analyzers Micro Dust Pro An incredible measurement capability from 1m gm-3 to 2500 mgm-3
  • MIDAC FTIR Spectrometer Gas Analysis System
    MIDAC FTIR Spectrometer Gas Analysis System The MIDAC FTIR Spectrometer Gas Analysis System has been used successfully to detect and quantify agents used in carbon sequestration at power plants using both amine and ammonia processes.
  • Mask Respirator
    Mask Respirator Moldex 8000 Series Respirator. Low maintenance & reusable
  • Odor Treatment Biofilter Design And Supply
    Odor Treatment Biofilter Design And Supply PRD Tech, Inc. designs, builds, and supplies its state-of-the-art odor treatment systems for municipalities and industries. These odor treatment systems can be designed to effectively treat gas flowrates ranging from 100 to 300,000 cfm.
  • Lab Furniture
    Lab Furniture The company uses this eight-page, four-color brochure to deliver a message of rapid order...
  • Servo Tank Gauge
    Servo Tank Gauge For use in the oil and gas industry, the servo-activated Model 770 STG servo tank gauge is a level transmitter that measures tank-based product
  • PCB Disposal
    PCB Disposal Electrical components that contain PCB laced with Dioxin can be safely disposed of in an HTT process furnace
    NEW X-CEL 9091 SEPTIC SEAL The A•LOK X-CEL Pipe to Tank Connector is a flexible connector specifically engineered to produce a positive watertight seal between a pipe entering a precast concrete septic tank and the tank itself
  • Test Kit for Aromatics in Soil
    Test Kit for Aromatics in Soil A rugged, lightweight case with cutout foam inserts, fifteen ampoules (5ml) of extraction reagent...
  • Seat Valve
    Seat Valve The Type 6038 2/2-way solenoid angle seat valve with direct acting switching mode is designed to permit nearly a full
  • Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor The Perfect Harmony line of medium voltage variable frequency drives uses a power circuit technology
  • TWIN-PAK filter design
    TWIN-PAK filter design The TWIN-PAK filter design from CECO Filters, Inc. offers a solution to aerosol mist emission
  • BRACYCLE<sup>®</sup>
    BRACYCLE® When solvent concentrations are relatively high, or the exhaust air stream is low volume, direct condensation is the preferred recovery method.
  • Cascade Refrigeration
    Cascade Refrigeration Lower the temperature, harder it is on the refrigeration compressor
  • VOC Monitoring System
    VOC Monitoring System The PureAire HC/VOC Monitoring System is designed to detect and measure volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons, benzene and other gases
  • Process and Storage Tanks
    Process and Storage Tanks Viatec's Dura-TekTm tanks, standard stainless steel line of large process and storage vessels, have the volume and physical dimensions...
  • Backscatter Particulate Monitor
    Backscatter Particulate Monitor The Model 300L backscatter particulate monitor is engineered to provide reliable, continuous, non-extractive particulate monitoring
  • Latitude Precast Agarose Gels
    Latitude Precast Agarose Gels Latitude precast midigels eliminate your gel prep time. Simply place the gel on the chamber, weight the gel with the supplied gel anchor
  • Adjustable Speed Drives
    Adjustable Speed Drives Featuring easy operation, pre-loaded parameters and a range of horsepower ratings, the AF-300 G11 and the AF-300 P11 are adjustable speed variable torque drives
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System
    Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System Huntington’s Complete Regenerative Thermal Oxidation System (RTOs) offers the most reliable
  • Stainless Steel Data Loggers
    Stainless Steel Data Loggers The new HT100 and HT120 high temperature data loggers feature a waterproof stainless steel case, which can
  • Ceramic Monolith Catalysts-VOC & CO Oxidation Catalysts
    Ceramic Monolith Catalysts-VOC & CO Oxidation Catalysts The PRO*VOC Series of custom made and off the shelf ceramic monolith catalysts are designed for the oxidation of VOC's
  • Deionization &mdash; Demineralization: <b>Recoflo&reg; Demineralizer</b>
    Deionization — Demineralization: Recoflo® Demineralizer Reduce costs, reduce space requirements, and produce high purity water with innovative Recoflo® technology. Eco-Tec’s Recoflo® Demineralizer offers proven efficiency, reduced waste generation, and low operating costs without the need for a mixed-bed polisher.
  • Hospital Professional Liability/Medical Malpractice The Hospital Professional Liability/Medical Malpractice unit of this company specializes in the design, placement
  • Module Software
    Module Software FingerPrint is a modular, rules-based software system designed to meet the needs of companies that use, generate, transport, treat, dispose, or recycle hazardous materials
  • AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System
    AmiPur®-PLUS - Advanced Amine Purification System

    REDUCE CORROSION! REDUCE COSTS! Eco-Tec's AmiPur®-PLUS Amine System continuously removes heat stable salts from amine solutions, ensuring stable, consistent operation of the amine scrubbing solutions.

  •  MODEL 540B
    MODEL 540B This unit gets two thumbs up from field users! The Geoprobe Model 540B, one of Geoprobe's most versatile utility units, has all of the standard features of its truck cousins
  • Parson Multi-Patch Parson Multi-Patch is a fast setting repair cement for all masonry surfaces.
  • MODEL 540U
    MODEL 540U Complete with the ruggedness and power of a standard Geoprobe unit but transferable from one carrier to another
  • Toxic Liquid Transfer Pump
    Toxic Liquid Transfer Pump Designed for the safe transfer of toxic, corrosive or expensive liquids, the MER series pumps incorporate a magnetic, sealless drive design that prevents leaking
  • High Energy Venturi Scrubber
    High Energy Venturi Scrubber The High Energy Venturi Scrubber is suitable to capture small particles between 0.5 and 3 microns
  • Scanning Software
    Scanning Software A variety of software programs is available for the Spectronic Genesys 2 and Genesys 5 UV/VIS spectrophotometers
  • Fiberbed for Mist Removal
    Fiberbed for Mist Removal When extremely small particles are present, the energy required for scrubbing will increase tremendously. If the particles are oil, acid mist, or a soluble salt, a Fiberbed may be the best answer.
  • Sewer Repair System
    Sewer Repair System Snap-Lock is a localized, no-dig repair system that renovates the defective section of a sewer
  • Process Particle Monitor
    Process Particle Monitor Engineered for process, baghouse, combustion and OSHA applications, the Model 109 microprocessor based non-compliance opacity monitor features push bottom calibration, path length correction and averaging
  • 15" Stainless Steel Air Cleaners
    15" Stainless Steel Air Cleaners TRUCKING AIR CLEANERS
  • Lifting System for Precast Structures
    Lifting System for Precast Structures The KEY•LOK lifting system is designed to provide a safe,
  • Thermo Scientific Monitoring Solutions Demonstration Trailers
    Thermo Scientific Monitoring Solutions Demonstration Trailers Ideal for on-site tours, the ambient or source solutions demonstration trailer can be scheduled for facility visits, demonstrations and/or educational sessions.
  • External Low Flow Dilution Probe
    External Low Flow Dilution Probe Engineered for extractive CEMS, the external low flow dilution probe consists of a passive barrel inserted in the process and a sampling enclosure located outside the process
  • Interface Meter Geotech manufactures the OS Interface Probe, which measures depths to hydrocarbons and water in monitoring wells and tanks
  • Self-Sealing Submersible Cable
    Self-Sealing Submersible Cable Designed for use with the company’s line of submersible water level sensors, the KPSI self-sealing cable prevents damage as a result of water incursion
  • Multi Channel Controllers
    Multi Channel Controllers The CN-4000 System Controllers provide concentration display, alarm activation, and power supply functions for field mounted gas sensing devices
  • Instruments for the Lab
    Instruments for the Lab "Environmental Lab...Plus!" contains 28 color pages displaying lab-analysis equipment...
  • New Hose End
    New Hose End A split ring, rotatable flange fits over and locks onto a
  • Underground Storage Tanks The Fibre-Shield tank is designed to eliminate corrosion-protection monitoring by providing secured underground storage.
  • Air and Gas Treatment
    Air and Gas Treatment Nuclear Air Treatment Removal of radioactive species, both vapor and particulate, from air streams in nuclear facilities is a NUCON specially.
  • Out of Stack Diluting Sampler With Inertial Filter
    Out of Stack Diluting Sampler With Inertial Filter This system provides continuous emission monitoring and gas analysis for severely contaminated stacks, ducts, and processes
  • Dual Input Controllers for Water Treatment
    Dual Input Controllers for Water Treatment Walchem introduced conductivity controllers used in the conditioning and treatment of water
  • Model 9450 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System
    Model 9450 Single Acting Meter,Mix and Dispense System Designed for production dispensing of two part reactive resin formulations with abrasive fillers which settle out of suspension...
  • Introducing New Accurate and Affordable Dew Point Transmitters
    Introducing New Accurate and Affordable Dew Point Transmitters Testo, Inc. is announcing the introduction of the FA200 series, accurate and affordable dew point transmitters
  • In Shop Overhaul & Rebuild
    In Shop Overhaul & Rebuild Rotary screw air ends, positive displacement and centrifugal blowers
  • Multielement Analysis Spectrometer
    Multielement Analysis Spectrometer The Model 4110 ZL is an automated, sequential, multielement analysis system using THGA technology
  • Wet Scrubbing System
    Wet Scrubbing System HYDROP is an advanced wet gas scrubbing technology that removes submicron particulate matter, including heavy
  • Vacuum Potting System
    Vacuum Potting System Sheepscot Machine Works offers a line of vacuum potting systems in response to an increasing demand for dispensing environments that are free of air. Applications include potting/encapsulating of connectors, coils and other electronic components...
  • Track Mat
    Track Mat The heaviest, thickest and most absorbent barrier mat available
  • Nurse Pads for Aggressive and Hazardous Liquids
    Nurse Pads for Aggressive and Hazardous Liquids These pads are designed to absorb....
  • 1301
    1301 High performance FTIR with little set up time and easy user interface
  • Dissolved O2 Analyzer Water Online Product Release The EXA DO400 Dissolved oxygen (DO) analyzer system was developed ...
  • WEFTEC 2000: Filtration Technology
    WEFTEC 2000: Filtration Technology These treatment plants consists of two 8-ft.-dia. stainless steel filter vessels containing the manufacture’s patented
  • Heavy Duty Truck Filter Crusher The Model P-200L crushes all spin-on, heavy duty truck filters
  • WEFTEC 2000: Cleaning Device
    WEFTEC 2000: Cleaning Device This weir and launder cleaning device for clarifiers is a motorized rotating brush system that effectively cleans the
  • Venturi Scrubber System Utilizing the kinetic energy of gas for the removal of fine particulate matter, the Venturi scrubber can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with chemical absorption packed tower scrubbers
  • Drum Scales
    Drum Scales Model 4020™ Electronic (digital) DRUM Scale with 4-20ma standard. NEMA 4X indicator box and solid PVC base...
  • Type STT04
    Type STT04 Bailey-Fischer & Porter introduces its latest handheld smart transmitter terminal, the Type STT04
  • Resource Recovery
    Resource Recovery The manufacturer has been involved in the design of systems
  • Orbital Shaker Platform
    Orbital Shaker Platform The Spindrive orbital shaker platform transforms magnetic
  • MGB1000 Micro Gas Blender
    MGB1000 Micro Gas Blender The MGB1000 Micro Gas Blender is a convenient device for generation of ppb to ppt blends in a diluent gas.
  • Liner
    Liner DURA PLATE 100 Liner is an environmentally safe alternative
  • Oil Contaminant Screening Tool
    Oil Contaminant Screening Tool Designed for use in a plant, the Navigator is a compact and lightweight oil contaminant screening tool
  • Ethylene in Air Monitor
    Ethylene in Air Monitor The KAPPA-5/E-003 gas analysis system is ideally suited for direct determination of ppb to ppm levels of ethylene in
  • Onsite Plant Services (Operations Consulting)
    Onsite Plant Services (Operations Consulting) Optimizing plant operations performance raises new questions and requires new approaches as plants face depleted budgets for upgrades or new generation, and competition with other divisions for scarce O&M dollars
  • PMC-Series Modular Palletized Storage Units
    PMC-Series Modular Palletized Storage Units Modular palletized materials storage units provide high-volume storage of 55-gallon drums or bulk materials via
  • SDT Series - Downdraft Table
    SDT Series - Downdraft Table Designed to increase workers’ productivity and ensure a cleaner working environment by providing an efficient dust collection system that is ergonomically designed for operator comfort.
  • Travelling Bed Filter System
    Travelling Bed Filter System The Series 200-F automatic indexing travelling bed filter removes submicron size particulate, aerosols and odors
  • Custom Booms, Blankets and Pillows: For Sheen and Spill Control Because PetroGuard is unequaled in the absorption of oil products
  • TC-99 Color/Tannin Removal "TC-99" has the highest capacity of commercial sorbents for the removal of negatively charged tannic and humic compounds
  • Oxygen/Combustibles Analyzer
    Oxygen/Combustibles Analyzer Featuring two probes with temperatures up 1500°F and 3200°F, the Model 306 oxygen/combustibles analyzer is a microprocessor based instrument
  • 205 Multi-Gas Monitor
    205 Multi-Gas Monitor This accurate and affordable Multi-Gas Monitor is ideal for testing the Air Quality in offices, meeting rooms, schools or anywhere poor air quality may affect work performance
  • Super-Reg® Environmental Compliance in [Your State]
    Super-Reg® Environmental Compliance in [Your State] Now, with the push of a few computer keys you can understand and comply with YOUR state and national environmental regulations with complete confidence
  • Barcode Scanner Advanced Instruments, Inc. has added optional barcode capability to the Model 3300 micro-sample osmometer
  • Bioremediation Respirometer The O2/CO2/CH4/H2S/CO Respirometer measures oxygen uptake plus CO2 ,CH4 H2S, CO production...
  • SeaKem GTG agarose Performance tested for separation and manipulation of DNA >1 kb
  • WBL300 Boiler Controllers
    WBL300 Boiler Controllers The WBL series controllers will hold the conductivity steady as a rock even with variations in steam demand or other variables