Across The Wire

  1. Control Company Launches Dataloggers To Monitor Humidity

    Control Company announced today the launch of two innovative data logging devices, Excursion-Trac™ and Memory-Loc™, that monitor humidity and temperature, critical for environments where there is a necessity to prevent and control corrosion, condensation, mold, warping, or other damage of materials

  2. Aries Clean Energy's Gasification Project Cited In Regional And National Awards

    In the past week, the Aries Clean Energy downdraft gasification plant in Lebanon, Tennessee, has been the catalyst in two outstanding award programs

  3. NORMA Group Technology Helping To Reduce Diesel Engine Emissions

    The NORMA Group, a global market leader in joining technology, is winning new customer business with innovative urea-transport systems that help reduce diesel engine emissions

  4. Allison Transmission Introduces Next Generation Of Advanced Technology For Fully Automatic Transmissions

    Allison Transmission today announced its first nine-speed model at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta. The innovative, fully automatic transmission, for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, will be available globally and is targeted for release in 2020.

  5. MAP Energy Solutions Sign With True Green Capital Management For 37MW Massachusetts Portfolio

    MAP, a US-based development company currently focused on developing solar in the Northeast markets of Massachusetts, New York and Maryland, announced today the sale of its 37MW carport and ground-mount portfolio on commuter rail parking lots throughout the Greater Boston area to True Green Capital Fund III, L.P. ("TGC").

  6. CO2 Solutions Provides Update On Saint-Félicien Pulp Mill And Greenhouse Carbon Capture Project

    CO2 Solutions Inc. (the "Corporation") (TSXV: CST), leader in the field of enzyme-enabled carbon capture technology, today provided an update on progress at the Corporation's first commercial project with Fibrek General Partnership, a subsidiary of Resolute Forest Products Inc. (TSX: RFP) (NYSE: RFP), and Serres Toundra Inc.

  7. New Clean Diesel Technology For Large Engines, Heavy-Duty Trucks Offers Fastest, Lowest Cost Route To Emission Reductions In Northeast States

    Eight states in the Northeast are set to receive approximately $306 million as part of the emissions settlement from the Volkswagen (VW) Environmental Mitigation Trust

  8. Bureau Veritas Announces True AIR Certification Program To Verify VOCs In Products

    Bureau Veritas, a leading testing, inspection and certification provider for the consumer product industry announces its launch of True AIR

  9. Ameren Missouri Plans Major Expansion Of Wind, Solar Generation To Serve Customers

    Ameren Missouri announced today a forward-thinking plan to dramatically increase the amount of wind and solar generation to provide cost-effective and sustainable energy for its customers

  10. Genesis Research And Technology Group's Eco-Friendly Technology

    The environmental impact and cost of producing just one barrel of oil is enormous. The hydraulic fracturing or fracking process uses a large amount of precious water that, in the end, is dirty water