Across The Wire

  1. AEREON Releases New Suite Of Standard, Low-NOx, And Custom Design Combustion Equipment For BioGas Markets

    AEREON, a leading supplier of environmentally-compliant air emissions control equipment and services, recently announced the release of an expanded catalogue of combustion equipment designed for BioGas applications

  2. Miami Mold Removal Co. Unveils New C02 Tech

    Miami Mold Specialist adds newest cutting-edge, eco-friendly mold removal technology to its arsenal

  3. Quotient Capital Recognizes Green Blockchain Technology

    In the 21st century, climate change has been a much-discussed topic by scientists from every corner of the world. The alarmingly increasing rate of global warming, mainly due to carbon emissions, has made 2016 the warmest year in history

  4. Blue Foundation Launches New Blockchain Currency To Stimulate Investment In Zero-Emission Projects

    Today at Blockchain Summit - Crypto Valley, Blue Foundation announced the launch of the Bluenote, a new blockchain-based currency to stimulate investment in zero-emission cities

  5. The Electric Vehicle Revolution Will Send This Super Metal Soaring

    After running a poor second to the internal combustion automobile for a century, the electric vehicle (EV) now looks very likely to win the race. At the beginning of the twentieth century, EVs were on track but they lost position to gasoline automobiles

  6. Honeywell To Provide Cryogenic Gas Processing Plant To EagleClaw Midstream Ventures

    Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that EagleClaw Midstream Ventures, LLC will use UOP Russell modular cryogenic equipment to process 200 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas at its gas processing facility in the Permian Basin in Reeves County, Texas

  7. Monsanto On Track To Become Carbon Neutral, Demonstrates Environmental Benefits Of Modern Agriculture

    As society, businesses and governments around the world face the complex challenges associated with climate change, Monsanto Company recently announced at COP23 significant progress toward making its operations carbon neutral by 2021, a commitment it made in December 2015

  8. Important Downtown Dallas Restoration Project Looks Up For Green Power

    A once-abandoned building on the edge of Downtown is being reincarnated as an eco-friendly, people-friendly mixed-use destination that offers coworking, loft living, green space, commercial office space and a coffee shop, and developers have been awarded a $300,000 grant to install a solar system to power the new venture

  9. Hengli Petrochemical To Use Honeywell Advanced Flare And Burner Technologies To Control Emissions

    Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Refinery Co., Ltd. will use Callidus advanced flares and low-nitrogen oxides (NOx) burner technology at its refinery and petrochemicals complex, one of the largest in China, at Changxing Island in Dalian City

  10. State Street Enhances ESG Products With New Data And Analytics Offerings

    State Street recently announced it has enhanced its portfolio of environmental, social and governance (ESG) offerings with the launch of ESGXSM, a new analytics tool designed to provide information to help clients bring transparency and standardization to their ESG investing