Industrial Blowers

Source: Tri-Mer Corporation

Tri-Mer offers industrial blowers for every task and environment.

Belt Driven

These blowers have a rigid polypropylene or PVC housing with a backwardly inclined fan impeller coated with an FRP material to resist corrosion, or an alloy impeller.

Tri-Mer designed and manufactured exhaust blowers have been subjected to extensive testing, both in-house and at third-party laboratories. Performance factors are guaranteed.

Industrial blowers are available in Arrangement 9 or 1 configurations, with custom configurations available. These exhaust blowers are standard equipment on all Tri-Mer scrubbers.

Direct Drive

Direct Drive industrial blowers feature a corrosion-resistant, polypropylene housing; internal and external support members are also rigid polypropylene. Polypropylene is superior to fiberglass and similar materials where structural integrity and impact resistance must be combined with exceptional resistance to corrosion and mechanical stresses.

Tri-Mer Direct Drive industrial blowers are custom-engineered based on the application. In centrifugal design, capacities are up to 150,000 acfm.

Optional materials include PVC, polypropylene, fiberglass, 304 and 316L stainless steel, and mild steel. Variable frequency drive options are also available.

Tri-Mer industrial blowers have a long history of high reliability under punishing conditions. Tri-Mer also supplies laboratory exhaust fans for lower-capacity air-handling.