Solvair Breeze

  1. SOLVAir®s Efficient Air Pollution Solutions For The Cement Industry

    With cement manufacturers becoming more environmentally friendly and switching to alternative fuels such as waste and industrial residues, HCl and SO2 in flue gas emissions need to be treated differently, yet still efficiently and cost-effectively. By injecting a sodium-based dry sorbent into the flue gases right before bag filters, the pollutants in the flue gases can be removed with the minimum amount of sorbent, with residues formed at minimum cost per ton of clinker produced.

  2. Industrial Boilers: The Economic Benefits Of DSI Using Dry Sodium Sorbents In Flue Gas Mitigation

    Wet scrubbers are often used at large boilers due to their high SO2 removal efficiency, but for small utility boilers, they could be expensive, and the resultant water from a wet scrubber must be treated before being released. Find out why DSI and dry sodium sorbents can be a cost-effective option, in this issue of the SOLVAir Breeze!

  3. Focusing On…Sodium Bicarbonate (aka Baking Soda) – Not Just For Baking!

    Environmentally clean, safe and easy to work with, SOLVAir®s S300/S350 sodium bicarbonate is highly effective in Dry Sorbent Injection, reducing SO2, SO3 and HCl up to 99%! 

  4. Unique Air Pollution Challenges Which Drive Innovative Solutions

    Challenges resulting from acid gas emissions can sometimes be overwhelming. From coal fired power plants and small incinerators, to waste-to-energy plants (and more), if air pollution challenges confront you, we can help find innovative solutions that work to make a difference. This issue of the SOLVAir Breeze focuses on these complicated concerns.

  5. Economical, Effective Solutions To Air Pollution Control Challenges!

    SOLVAIR offers economical and effective solutions to our customers’ SO2, SO3 and HCl air pollution control challenges - with demonstrated reduction levels as high as 99%!  Together with engineering companies and end users, we thrive on solving problems through teamwork! 

  6. Cleaning Up Air Pollution In The Changing Industrial Landscape!

    Initially focused on air pollution control in power plants, SOLVAIR’s reach has expanded to include  glass, metal, carbon black, and cement manufacturers, industrial boilers, pulp & paper mills and more.

  7. Where In The World Is SOLVAir Solutions!

    We’re global, and local! We’ve expanded our global presence to Asia and Latin America, but our local teams are still in place to help your plant meet acid gas regulatory compliance.  Find out why we’re working for the tightest acid gas regulations in the coking industry in China…and more…in this issue of the SOLVAir Breeze!

  8. The Road Ahead In Meeting The Challenge Of Evolving Regulations

    In air pollution control, evolving regulations and plant operating conditions might lessen the efficiency of your plant’s existing acid gas control equipment…always a challenge! This issue of the SOLVAir Breeze focuses on these complicated concerns. 

  9. What DSI Can Do For You!

    When it’s time to invest in an acid gas treatment system such as DSI, cost and effectiveness are usually high priorities. But… there are other advantages to DSI. Check out this issue of the SOLVAir Breeze to find out, for example, how DSI can help to achieve SO2 and HCl removal rates up to 98-99%, depending on industry

  10. An Acid Gas Emissions Solution With No Resultant Water Treatment!

    The reasons for choosing Dry Sorbent Injection with trona or sodium bicarbonate to treat acid gas emissions are many, but “no water” to treat at the end of the process is compelling.  Find out why in this issue of the SOLVAir Breeze — as well as the many other benefits of a sodium sorbent DSI system.