Product Showcase

  1. Downdraft Grinding Tables

    Tri-Mer’s Wet Station Downdraft Grinding Tables feature a grated work surface and a height-adjustable workstation.

  2. Mist Eliminator

    Captures machining oil mists, cleans the air, reduces fire risk.

  3. UltraCat

    Tri-Mer catalytic high temperature filters remove particulate (PM), NOx, SO2, HCl, and other acid gases treated at over 90% removal. The filters operate up to 1650°F.

  4. UltraCat for Glass Furnace Emissions

    The majority of U.S. facilities seeking control of glass furnace emissions have chosen Tri-Mer UltraCat Catalytic Filter Systems.

  5. Packed Bed Scrubbers

    Tri-Mer packed bed scrubbers are ideal for the efficient removal of inorganic gases, odors, and fumes.

  6. Crossflow Scrubbers

    Crossflow industrial scrubbers maintain stack emissions to specific ppm levels for all input concentrations. Specific outlet requirements based on percent removal can also be guaranteed.

  7. NOx Scrubbers

    Tri-NOx Multi-Chem NOx scrubber system accommodates any combination of NO and NO2, including nitration-related NOx, which is typically high on the NO2 scale, and combustion-related NOx, which is higher in NO.

  8. Fume Scrubbers

    Tri-Mer’s Fan / Separator is an all-mechanical fume scrubber that operates with 20% less brake horsepower than conventional fume eliminators.

  9. Tanks

    Tri-Mer specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of polypropylene process tanks for heavy-service use.

  10. Specialty Fabrications

    Tri-Mer manufactures custom plastic fabrications using polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and PVDF.