Product Showcase

  1. OPM 4000 Opacity / Dust Density Analyzer
    Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical OPM 4000 Opacity Dust Density Monitor is a high performance opacity monitoring system with double-pass transmissometer uses field-proven and time-tested optics and circuitry that is simple, yet accurate.
  2. Conductivity Sensor, Model 400
    The Model 400 and 400VP sensors are intended for the determination of conductivity in applications ranging from high purity water to clean cooling water.
  3. Monochloramine Measuring System
    The Model MCL is a complete system for the determination of monochloramine in fresh water. It consists of an analyzer (choice of Model 54eA or Model 1056), a 499ACL-03 sensor, and a constant head flow controller.
  4. Nox Analyzer, Model NGA 2000

    Emerson’s Rosemount NGA 2000 CLD NO/NOx analyzer module was the industry’s first modular chemiluminescence analyzer.

  5. Oxygen Flue Gas Analyzer, Oxymitter 5000
    Rosemount Analytical is the leader in oxygen flue gas analyzer technology. The Oxymitter 5000 integrates an oxygen probe and field electronics into a single, compact package.
  6. AquaCarb® CX Series Enhanced Coconut Shell-Based Activated Carbon

    An excellent alternative to coal-based activated carbon for removing disinfection by-products and tastes/odors from surface and groundwater sources.

  7. Thermo Scientific Monitoring Solutions Demonstration Trailers
    Ideal for on-site tours, the ambient or source solutions demonstration trailer can be scheduled for facility visits, demonstrations and/or educational sessions.
  8. Thermo Scientific Model 15i Hydrogen Chloride Analyzer

    The Thermo Scientific Model 15i Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) Analyzer utilizes gas filter correlation technology to measure the amount of Hydrogen Chloride in the sample.

  9. Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instrument Service Offerings

    Thermo Scientific Air Quality Instruments provide world class monitoring instruments, systems and service. Tailored to meet our customer’s technical and budgetary needs, our expert service team can provide a wide range of services and support that will help our customers to maintain required up-time and data accuracy to meet federal, state and local air quality monitoring regulations.

  10. Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries

    The Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries Air Samplers offer a robust, easy to use sampling system for single event or sequential sampling, as well as dichotomous configurations which give simultaneous measurements of PM-2.5, PM-Coarse, and PM-10 on 47mm filters.