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  1. Cummins Inc. Supports Launch Of EPA Cleaner Trucks Initiative

    Cummins Inc. announced its support of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) efforts to develop a national low NOx (nitrogen oxides) rule for on-highway heavy-duty engines

  2. Innovative North Texas TEXpress Lane Operator Embraces Renewable Energy

    LBJ Infrastructure Group (LBJIG) and NTE Mobility Partners (NTEMP) have created some of the most sophisticated traffic tollways in the United States, including nearly $7 billion in three North Texasprojects: the 13 mile LBJ Express, 13 mile North Tarrant Express and the 10 mile I-35W

  3. Earthly Labs Debuts As Technology Provider For Small Scale Carbon Capture

    Earthly Labs, a new public benefit corporation dedicated to reducing carbon dioxide emissions from small scale emission sources, today announced the availability of CiCi™, a plug-and-play carbon capture technology for craft brewers

  4. Breakthrough Fuel Cell Promises To Abate Methane/Noise Problems At Well-Heads

    FCET (Fuel Cell Enabling Technologies, Inc.) has taken major steps toward bringing its breakthrough fuel cell technology to oil and gas well-head sites, helping solve the dual problems of methane emissions and noise pollution that plague many of these sites

  5. CDP: European Oil Majors Spending Up To 7% On Low Carbon But Wider Industry Needs To Step Up

    European oil & gas majors including BP, Eni, Equinor, Total and Shell are investing the most in low carbon but the industry's spend as a whole remains relatively low at only 1.3% of total capital expenditure (CAPEX) in 2018

  6. Local Company Has The Solution To Microfiber Pollution

    Plastic microfibers from our clothing are in our waterways, food, drinking water, and even beer according to many recent studies. Much of this pollution problem starts in our homes when we do laundry as thousands of tiny fibers are shed in each load of laundry.

  7. 9 Billion Gallons Of Jet Fuel Saved / 95 Million Tons Of Carbon Dioxide Eliminated

    Aviation Partners, Inc. (API) and Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) announced today that its unique Blended Winglet and Split Scimitar Winglet technologies have now saved the world's commercial and business jet operators an estimated 9 billion gallons of jet fuel, resulting in a corresponding global reduction of over 95 million tons of CO2 emissions

  8. ROUSH CleanTech Launches First Available Near-Zero Emissions Engines Fueled By Renewable Propane

    ROUSH CleanTech, an alternative-fuel technology company, revealed that its 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour engine can operate on renewable propane. It’s the first available engine for renewable propane that brings emission levels to “near-zero” as defined by California Air Resources Board

  9. Keel Laying Ceremony For 'Water-Go-Round', Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine's Flagship Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vessel

    Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine (GGZEM), announced today the beginning of construction of the Water-Go-Round, the first-of-its-kind hydrogen fuel cell boat

  10. Caldwell Cassady & Curry Named Patent Licensing Counsel For Midwest Energy Emissions Corp.

    The Dallas-based intellectual property and business litigation firm Caldwell Cassady & Curry has been retained to lead the patent licensing efforts for Lewis Center, Ohio-based Midwest Energy Emissions Corp. (OTCQB: MEEC), a national leader in mercury emissions control