Latest Headlines

  1. SCE Files Plan For Expanding Electric Transportation

    Southern California Edison, a leader in the transformation of the energy sector, has filed with the California Public Utilities Commission a wide-ranging planfor expanding electric transportation in its service area

  2. EPA Launches Technology Challenge For An Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor

    Recently, the U.S. EPA and its partners launched a technology challenge for an Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor. The total award pool for this phase is $55,000.

  3. SDG&E Aims To Reduce Air Pollution By Deploying Electric Vehicle Charging Throughout The Community

    America's transportation sector is the top source for producing harmful carbon emissions and in San Diego it accounts for more than half of all carbon emissions

  4. GN Released Oil Sludge Treatment Equipment New Technology

    As a leading solids and liquid separation equipment manufacturer, GN Solids Control started doing oil sludge treatment business from 2011. By gathering the experience in the field for last 6 years, GN was improving the technology for oil sludge treatment all the time

  5. 1st Comprehensive Cost/Benefit Study Of Climate Policies In San Joaquin Valley Finds Over $13B In Economic Benefits, Mostly In Renewable Energy

    Amid concerns about the economic and employment impacts of California's ambitious climate policies, the first comprehensive, academic study of their effects in the San Joaquin Valley has found a total economic benefit of $13.4 billion

  6. Constellation And Mohave Electric Cooperative Complete 13.8 Megawatt Solar Project

    Constellation, a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation and a leading competitive retail energy supplier, and Mohave Electric Cooperative (Mohave Electric) recently announced the completion of a 13.8-megawatt (DC)solargeneration project in Fort Mohave, Ariz

  7. Emerson Selected To Help Convert UK Coal-Fired Plant To Biomass

    EPH Lynemouth Power has awarded Emerson a contract to help convert the 44-year-old coal-fired Lynemouth Power Station to a new biomass-fueled power plant

  8. NCR Enters Into Agreement To Conclude Fox River Environmental Matter

    NCR Corporation recently announced it is resolving the Wisconsin Fox River environmental cleanup and related Superfund litigation by entry into a definitive consent decree with the United States Government and the State of Wisconsin, under which the company expects to finally conclude the longstanding matter

  9. Dam Breaching Undermines Washington State Measures To Reduce Climate Change Impacts

    Breaching the four Lower Snake River dams would undermine efforts by the states of Washington and Oregon to reduce CO2 emissions and forestall the detrimental impacts of climate change

  10. Sustainable Innovations' CO2 Conversion System Converts Greenhouse Gases And Renewables Into A Valuable Fuel With Huge Energy Storage Potential

    Sustainable Innovations, Inc. (SI) is developing an electrochemical system that addresses multiple challenges and opportunities in the energy supply marketplace