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  1. 7-Eleven And Honeywell Collaborate To Reduce Carbon Footprint With Solstice® N40 At Stores In The United States And Canada

    Honeywell and 7-Eleven, Inc. today announced the adoption of Honeywell Solstice® N40 (R-448A) refrigerant as 7-Eleven's standard for remote condensers supporting their refrigeration cases installed across the United States and Canada

  2. Toyota To Reduce Emissions From North American Operations By Up To Forty Percent

    Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) is committing to aggressively reduce its carbon output in the United States by entering into Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs)

  3. Indigo Calls On Innovators To Apply For The Terraton Challenge And Present Solutions That Accelerate The Drawdown Of One Trillion Tons Of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Into Agricultural Soils

    Indigo Agriculture, a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, announces the launch of The Terraton Challenge, a call for entrepreneurs and innovators to accelerate the sequestration of one trillion tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide into agricultural soils

  4. Maxar Chosen By NASA To Integrate Pollution Monitoring Payload On An Upcoming Commercial Satellite

    Maxar Technologies recently announced that it will integrate and fly NASA’s Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) instrument on a 1300-class satellite in geostationary (GEO) orbit

  5. Tier 4 Low-Emission Locomotives Begin Work On California Northern Railroad

    Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) recently announced that two new U.S. EPA Tier 4-compliant low-emission locomotives completed trials and are now in service on its subsidiary California Northern Railroad Company (CFNR)

  6. Multi-Lactobacillus BARU Developed By GSL-BIO Showed Excellent Effects On Environmental Improvement

    BARU, the multi-lactobacillus developed by a Korean microorganism company GSL-BIO, has been proven to improve water quality drastically

  7. NIH Study Links Air Pollution To Increase In Newborn Intensive Care Admissions

    Infants born to women exposed to high levels of air pollution in the week before delivery are more likely to be admitted to a newborn intensive care unit (NICU), suggests an analysis by researchers at the National Institutes of Health

  8. Air Liquide To Deliver Hydrogen For Thyssenkrupp’s Pioneering Project For Lower Carbon Steel Production

    Air Liquide and thyssenkrupp Steel, a world leading supplier of carbon steel flat products, join forces in a pioneering project to develop lower carbon steel production

  9. Phytonix Corporation Unleashes A New Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDU) Technology To Combat Climate Change

    Phytonix Corporation (Px) is proud to announce its recent success in developing breakthrough technologies to reduce harmful industrial emissions

  10. Domini Raises Investor Support For No-Deforestation Bill

    Last week Domini Impact Investments called on members of the California State Senate to pass legislation that would ensure that public purchasing avoids negative impacts on forests. The California Deforestation-Free Procurement Act, AB572, would mandate No Deforestation, No Peat, and No Exploitation (NDPE) policies, certification, and public disclosure from specific state contractors and subcontractors. We drafted a letter to members of the Senate committee reviewing the legislation, coordinating sign on by investors representing $400