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  1. Cummins Westport ‘Moves To Zero’ With New Natural Gas Engines

    Cummins Westport Inc. ("CWI") announced today at the Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, California its model year 2018 dedicated natural gas engines for regional haul truck / tractor, vocational and transit, school bus, and refuse applications

  2. Dominion Virginia Power Plan Sees More Clean Energy

    The carbon footprint for a typical Dominion Virginia Power customer would shrink by as much as 25 percent over the next eight years under a plan the company presented today

  3. ENRGISTX Announces Innovative Energy Saving Solutions For Existing Power Plants Based On Shuangliang Eco-Energy’s Industry Leading Absorption Chiller

    Natural gas fired power plants, new or old, often operate at temperatures and altitudes above what are termed ISO conditions, 59°F and 60% humidity. As a result of these hot and humid conditions, the turbine generators used in these power plants lose a significant amount of the electric generating capacity potential of the plant

  4. Hog Farm Now Recovers 90% Of Its Phosphorus From Manure

    The hog industry’s first full-scale dedicated phosphorus ('P') recovery system has been commissioned at Storms Farm in Bladenboro, NC, capturing 90% of the farm’s total phosphorus from all the hog waste generated daily

  5. Pacifico Energy Commences Construction Of Japans Largest Solar Power Plant

    Pacifico Energy K.K. is pleased to announce the commencement of construction on Japan's largest solar power generation plant, the 257.7 MW (DC) Sakuto Mega Solar Power Plant in Mimasaka, Okayama

  6. USANA Goes Green For Arbor Day

    USANA employees joined forces with local nonprofit TreeUtah to celebrate Arbor Day on an ambitious project to plant trees in a local community park

  7. SoCal Business Leaders Send Open Letter To EPA Chief Warning Against Rollback Of Environmental Regulations

    Today the Los Angeles Business Council sent an urgent warning to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt that recent efforts to roll back climate change policies, including the Energy Star program, will damage our economy, slow job growth, and put the environment at risk

  8. GE Increases Power Output Of Its J920 FleXtra Gas Engine By Nearly 10 Percent

    As Germany transitions to greater energy efficiency through its Energy Transition plan, it looks to increase the use of natural gas to enable renewable energy and reduce emissions

  9. Toshiba Tec's Pioneering Carbon Zero Initiative Receives United Nations Recognition

    Toshiba Tec Corporation has announced that its pan-European Carbon Zero Scheme is an official partner to the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is now listed on its website

  10. GE Upgrades ProSolv Wax Inhibitor For Improved Flow Assurance

    GE recently announced an upgrade to its ProSolv WI8581 Wax Inhibitor for onshore and offshore oil and gas production. Wax inhibitors help oil and gas producers ensure an uninterrupted flow of crude oil. GE’s upgraded product is highly concentrated and winterized, which makes it extremely efficient and cost-effective.