Latest Headlines

  1. Keeping Plastic Out Of Our Oceans

    The Plastic Soup Foundation has been at the center of efforts to stop the plastic pollution of our oceans. Efforts to remove macro-plastic waste have begun and are highly visible

  2. Air Liquide Announces The 3 Winners Of The 2018 Scientific Challenge

    Three winners were rewarded at the end of the 2018 Scientific Challenge organized by Air Liquide, out of more than 132 proposals from 34 different countries

  3. EPA's Response To Society Of Environmental Journalists

    This week several media outlets misrepresented EPA's new FOIA regulation, and were forced to correct their misreporting.

  4. Eneco Holdings, Inc. To Spark Fuel Revolution With Low-Price, High-Concentration, Scalable Hydrogen-Generation Technology

    Eneco Holdings, Inc. is committed to the research and development of eco-friendly fuel technologies that reduce emissions of greenhouse gases

  5. The Government Palace Of Chile Installs Power Knot LFC Biodigester To Sustainably Manage Waste Food

    Power Knot, the market leader in products that process waste food in commercial foodservice operations, has installed a Power Knot LFC biodigester at the Government Palace of Chile

  6. Fressko's Eco-Friendly Water Bottles Part Of The Six Rs To Prevent Marine Plastic Pollution

    Fressko, which makes eco-friendly water bottles, knows the six Rs can make a dent in fighting marine plastic pollution.

  7. 'Breathe Easy' Summer Campaign Asks Everyone To Work Together To Improve Air Quality During Ozone Season

    Friday marks the first day of Summer, which kicks off a season of outdoor fun, festivals and BBQs across our region.

  8. Lenzing Group To Become The First Carbon Neutral Fiber Producer In The World

    Lenzing – The Lenzing Group, a recognized leader in climate action, member of the CEO Climate Leaders Group of the World Economic Forum and a signatory to the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, will drastically reduce its CO2 footprint.

  9. Laser Method Promising For Detecting Trace Chemicals In Air

    Researchers have developed a new laser-based method that can detect electric charges and chemicals of interest with unprecedented sensitivity.

  10. Best Buy Sets First-Ever Goal To Help Consumers Reduce Their Carbon Emissions And Save Billions On Utilities As It Commits To Further Reduce Its Own Carbon Use

    After reducing its carbon emissions more than 50 percent, Best Buy is committing to achieve an even greater impact.