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  1. Trump Administration Sued For Failing To Protect Hawaii’s Cauliflower Coral

    The Center for Biological Diversity sued the Trump administration today for failing to protect cauliflower coral around the Hawaiian Islands. The bushy, shallow-water coral species has been devastated by ocean warming triggered by human-caused climate change

  2. Two CEMEX Cement Plants Earn EPA's 2019 Energy Star Certification

    CEMEX USA, a building materials company that provides high-quality products and reliable service to customers and communities across the U.S., today announced two of its cement plants—Miami and Brooksville South—achieved the United States' Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) ENERGY STAR® Certification for 2019, recognizing CEMEX's efforts in energy efficiency and sustainability

  3. Farmers Step Forward To Draw Down Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide On More Than 10 Million Acres

    Indigo Agriculture, a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, announces that farmers have submitted more than 10M acres of cropland to The Terraton Initiative, a global effort to draw down atmospheric carbon dioxide through agricultural soils

  4. California Will Hit Climate Targets More Than 100 Years Too Late If Current Pace Of Emissions Reductions Holds

    California will meet its 2030 climate targets more than three decades late, in 2061, and could be more than 100 years late in meeting its 2050 target if the average rate of emissions reductions from the past year hold steady, according to a new study tracking more than a decade of environmental and economic indicators in the Golden State

  5. Evoqua Announces Acquisition Of Majority Stake In Frontier Water

    Evoqua Water Technologies recently announced a majority investment position in San Diego-based Frontier Water Systems, LLC.

  6. UNEP Lays The Groundwork For Cleaner Soil In Serbia

    Fourteen former industrial sites have been shortlisted for remediation under the first-ever nationwide effort to improve land management in the Republic of Serbia.

  7. Encore Green Environmental Launches New Mexico Pilot Program In Keeping With Governor Grisham’s Sustainability Goals

    Agricultural company Encore Green Environmental announces their pilot project in New Mexico with John Norris of Norris Ranch. This pilot will transform oilfield by-product/produced water into water that has been scientifically cleaned to match the surrounding soil, in order to increase grassland growth

  8. Bloom Energy And EnergyPower To Supply Reliable, Renewable, Zero Carbon Electricity From India’s BioWaste

    Bloom Energy and EnergyPower, recently announced a joint effort to deploy an integrated solution for supplying clean, reliable power to local Indian businesses

  9. AMAALA Partners With The Prince Albert II Of Monaco Foundation, The Centre Scientifique de Monaco And Oceanographic Institute To Protect And Preserve Marine Environment

    AMAALA, the ultra-luxury development situated along Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast, which is focused on integrated wellness and healthy living, signed a partnership agreement on Friday 27th September with The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Centre Scientifique de Monaco and Oceanographic Institute

  10. Chevron Sets New Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals

    Chevron Corporation has established new goals to reduce net greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity from upstream oil and natural gas.