Business Wire

  1. ADA-ES Reaffirms Activated Carbon Market Expectations
    ADA-ES, Inc., today reaffirmed its market expectations with regard to activated carbon (AC) for controlling mercury emission from coal-fired electrical generating units
  2. SolarCraft Helps Trione Vineyards Switch To Solar
    Novato-based SolarCraft announced today it has completed the design and installation of a 39.2 kW solar electric system for Trione Vineyards & Winery in Geyserville, CA. The winery’s new tasting room and production facility are now powered by the sun
  3. Cereplast Announces Results Of Greenhouse Gases Study Of Biopropylene
    Cereplast, Inc., manufacturer of proprietary bio-based, sustainable plastics, today announced that it has received confirmation of the low carbon footprint of its bioplastics-based Biopropylene resin
  4. Goldman Sachs And Blue Source Create Strategic Alliance To Market U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions
    The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., and Blue Source LLC today announced a strategic alliance that combines Goldman’s global leadership in commodities trading and financial risk management with Blue Source’s leading climate change portfolio
  5. GreenFuel Algae CO2 Recycling Project With Aurantia Enters Second Phase At Spanish Cement Plant
    GreenFuel Technologies Corporation, the leading developer of algae farming technologies that recycle greenhouse gas emissions, and Aurantia, SA today announced the second phase of their joint project to develop and scale algae farming technologies in the Iberian Peninsula
  6. Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc Receives Orders, Ships ThermaCat Level III Diesel Emissions Reduction Catalyst
    Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc. (ESW)announced today that the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary ESW Canada Inc. (ESWC) has received orders for its proprietary (3.)Level III diesel catalyst branded ThermaCat from International Truck and Engine’s “Green Diesel Technology” division
  7. Freescale Debuts World’s Most Powerful Automotive Microcontroller For ‘Green’ Engine Design
    Faced with soaring fuel prices and pressures to curb greenhouse gases, automakers are racing to design vehicles that deliver better fuel economy and reduced emissions
  8. HP Unveils Renewable Energy Research Initiatives; Pledges To Double Renewable Power Use By 2012
    HP, today unveiled renewable energy initiatives in its facilities, research and products to support a new goal to double the company’s global purchases of renewable power from under 4 percent in 2008 to 8 percent by 2012
  9. HayDay Farms Converts To Clean Fuel With ALT LNG
    Applied LNG Technologies USA, LLC (“ALT”) announced an agreement to supply liquefied natural gas (LNG) to HayDay Farms™ for use in their new fleet of state-of-the-art LNG fueled trucks used in the distribution of their feed products and in port delivery for overseas shipping
  10. Best Buy Sets Target To Reduce Carbon Emissions Across U.S. Operations
    Best Buy Co., Inc. has announced plans to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 8 percent per square foot across all U.S. stores and operations, including its corporate headquarters, fleet, and distribution centers, by 2012