Business Wire

  1. Landscape Architects Outline Blueprint For Healthy, Climate-Smart, Environmentally Resilient Communities

    Climate change is intensifying the negative impacts of standard development practices and is putting people and communities across the United Sates at risk

  2. Evoqua Agrees To Acquire ProAct Services, Leading Provider Of Environmental Treatment Solutions And Services

    Evoqua Water Technologies Corp. recently announced one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries has signed a definitive agreement to purchase ProAct Services Corporation (“ProAct Services”), a provider of on-site treatment services of contaminated water in all 50 states from private equity firm Hammond, Kennedy, Whitney & Company Inc. and members of management, for $132M

  3. Clean Energy Provides Grant Application Support For 168 Near Zero RNG Trucks

    Clean Energy Fuel Corp. has facilitated the filing of grant applications for 168 heavy-duty trucks equipped with the latest near zero engine technology and powered by Clean Energy’s Redeem renewable natural gas, which will contribute to lowering emissions on Southern California roads, thanks to funding made available by the Carl Moyer Grant Program

  4. Occidental Petroleum And White Energy To Study Feasibility Of Capturing CO2 For Use In Enhanced Oil Recovery Operations

    Occidental Petroleum Corporation and White Energy announced recently that they have agreed to evaluate the economic feasibility of a carbon capture, utilization and storage project

  5. New Sustainability Report Highlights Ecolab’s Role As A Global Catalyst For Corporate Responsibility

    In its new annual corporate sustainability report, Catalyst for a Better World, Ecolab Inc. (ECL) highlights how it helps customers reduce water and energy use, ensure clean hospitals, hotels and restaurants, and safely produce the world’s food and energy

  6. Washington Gas Proposes Continuation Of STRIDE Plan To Accelerate Natural Gas Infrastructure Replacements And Enhancements In Maryland

    Washington Gas, a WGL Company, recently filed a 5-year plan with the Maryland Public Service Commission to continue progress in the Company’s Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement (STRIDE) initiative to replace aging pipelines in its natural gas system throughout the state

  7. Hydro-Québec And Central Maine Power Announce Another Major Milestone Towards A Historic Agreement To Bring Clean Energy To Massachusetts

    Hydro-Québec and Central Maine Power Company (“CMP”) a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc., jointly announced the successful conclusion of contract negotiations with the Massachusetts electric distribution companies (EDCs) for the New England Clean Energy Connect (“NECEC”) 100 percent hydropower project

  8. EDF Renewables Signs Agreement With Alliant Energy To Advance Iowa’s Renewable Energy Leadership

    EDF Renewables and Alliant Energy’s Iowa energy company recently announced the signing of contracts by which EDF Renewables will develop and construct up to 200 megawatts (MW) of the Golden Plains Wind Project

  9. Solidia Technologies Supports IEA’s Mission To Accelerate Adoption Of Carbon Capture And Storage Technologies And Clean Energy Solutions

    Solidia Technologies joined industry leaders recently at the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) Policy and Investment Workshop for discussions on advancing worldwide adoption of CCUS technology

  10. Harris Corporation Delivers Advanced Environmental Monitoring Sensor For Japanese Satellite

    Harris Corporation has delivered an environmental monitoring sensor for the Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite-2 (GOSAT-2), which will significantly enhance Japan’s ability to monitor greenhouse gases from space