Tri-Mer Corporation Provides Comprehensive Air Pollution Control Solutions for Virtually Every Sector of Industry

Tri-Mer's focus is advanced pollution control technology combined with turnkey project delivery services.

The Tri-Mer complex of manufacturing, engineering, project management, and corporate services is located in Owosso, about 90 miles from the Detroit airport. Large scale semi-automated steel fabrication and plastics manufacturing is housed in multiple bays with over 200,000 sq. ft. of production capacity.

  • Over 6,000 air pollution control devices and systems have been built and delivered since the company was founded in 1960.  The majority are in the United States, with substantial numbers also in South America, Europe and Asia.
  • In-house manufacturing allows control of delivery schedules and quality assurance.
  • Turn-key project services shorten delivery times, enhance coordination, and provide customers with single-source responsibility for schedules and system performance.

Tri-Mer has fifteen lines of equipment, both wet and dry. The Catalytic Ceramic Filter system is the premier dry system for simultaneously controlling multiple pollutants, including PM, SOx, and NOx. Other Tri-Mer systems include Tri-NOx Multi-Chem, Whirl Wet Dust Collectors, Packed Bed Towers, Crossflow Scrubbers, Venturi Scrubbers, Odor Control Systems, and a broad range of auxiliary products, including tanks and specialty fabrications.  

The unexcelled performance of the technology and the timeliness of project delivery – within budget and on time – is the bedrock of Tri-Mer customer satisfaction. Multiple projects with established customers are the core of the business.

Tri-Mer support services include:

  • Pilot testing where needed
  • Pollution system design & engineering: mechanical, electrical, civil, structural
  • Site work, civil, demolition, and prep construction
  • CEMS and Controls
  • Regulatory agency support
  • Installation services
  • Performance guarantees
  • Aftermarket service

Tri-Mer Corporation understands the importance that progressive companies place on advanced engineering, precision manufacturing, and expert, on-time installation and commissioning.  Our commitment is to help you to master today's air pollution regulations in the most cost-effective way, and to simplify compliance with other clean air initiatives.  


SorbSaver Injection Technology for Dry Sorbent Injection SorbSaver Injection Technology for Dry Sorbent Injection

SorbSaver is a simple, cost-effective retrofit for dry sorbent injection / activated carbon injection systems

UltraCat Catalytic Filter System For DeNOx / Selective Catalytic Reduction UltraCat Catalytic Filter System For DeNOx / Selective Catalytic Reduction

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is the process of NOx reduction, or DeNOx, that occurs when a NOx source is mixed with ammonia and allowed to react at the surface of a catalyst.

UltraCat Ceramic Filter Systems For Waste Incineration, Coal Combustion, Boilers UltraCat Ceramic Filter Systems For Waste Incineration, Coal Combustion, Boilers

Tri-Mer Ceramic Filter Systems are 99%+ efficient for the collection of submicron particulates.

UltraCat Catalytic Filter Systems For Chrome / Hexavalent Chrome UltraCat Catalytic Filter Systems For Chrome / Hexavalent Chrome

Hexavalent chromium, Chromium VI, is one of the valence states (+6) of the element chromium. It is usually produced by an industrial process. Chromium (VI) is known to cause cancer. In addition, it targets the respiratory system, kidneys, liver, skin and eyes.

Multi-Pollutant Control – Control PM, SO2, HCl, NOx, Dioxins, HAPS With One Single System Multi-Pollutant Control – Control PM, SO2, HCl, NOx, Dioxins, HAPS With One Single System

UltraCat Catalytic Filters are composed of fibrous ceramic materials mixed with nanobits of proprietary catalyst.

Fume Exhausters For Metal Finishing And Chemical Processing Equipment Fume Exhausters For Metal Finishing And Chemical Processing Equipment

Tri-Mer Fume Exhausters have housings of solid polypro or PVC, so corrosion-resistance is high, and there is no risk of delamination. Impellers have a backwardly-inclined, non-overloading design.

Tri-Packs® Tower Packing Tri-Packs® Tower Packing

Tri-Packs tower packing provides maximum surface contact between gas and the scrubbing liquid by facilitating continuous formation of droplets throughout the packed bed. This results in high scrubbing efficiency, and minimizes packing depth.

Catalytic Filter Systems For Boiler MACT Compliance Catalytic Filter Systems For Boiler MACT Compliance

Boiler MACT Compliance for glass furnaces is assured with Tri-Mer’sUltraCat Catalytic Filter System.

Mobile Dust Collection Systems Mobile Dust Collection Systems

Tri-Mer offers production-scale mobile dust collection systems to demonstrate and document equipment capability, and generate comprehensive process operating data. This is an ideal tool for validating system performance, and eliminating uncertainties prior to making a capital investment.

Dust Collecting System Dust Collecting System

Tri-Flow dust collecting system filter elements have a multi-year service life, and are easy to maintain with an integral pulse-jet cleaning system.

Ventilation Dampers Ventilation Dampers

Ventilation dampers from Tri-Mer provide precise control of air flow for supply, return, outside and exhaust air applications.

Industrial Exhaust Hoods Industrial Exhaust Hoods

Tri-Mer industrial exhaust hoods are ideally suited for corrosive or volatile exhausts: mists, vapors, gases, aerosols and fine particulate.

Industrial Blowers Industrial Blowers

Tri-Mer offers industrial blowers for every task and environment.

Stainless Steel Tanks Stainless Steel Tanks

Tri-Mer designs and manufactures stainless steel tanks and process vessels in the widest range of sizes.

Mercury Removal Mercury Removal

Tri-Mer’s UltraCat ceramic filter system is compatible with standard mercury removal techniques. Control of mercury is notoriously difficult: each instance is analyzed individually and customized solutions are engineered. A few general observations can be offered, however.

Particulate Emissions Control Particulate Emissions Control

Tri-Mer Ceramic Filter Systems are 99%+ efficient for the collection of submicron particulates. The typical level of PM emissions control at the outlet of Tri-Mer ceramic filters is 0.001 grains/dscf (2.0 mg/Nm3).

Chemical Storage Tank Scrubbers Chemical Storage Tank Scrubbers

Tri-Mer Chemical Storage Tank Scrubbers (aka "CST scrubbers" or venting scrubbers) are packed towers that reduce emissions of hazardous or corrosive vapors.  The systems use Tri-Packs tower packing, which provides maximum surface contact between gas and scrubbing liquid. This optimizes scrubbing efficiency, and minimizes the depth of packing depth needed for effective operation.

NOx Control NOx Control

For NOx control, catalytic ceramic filter elements are manufactured with nanobits of SCR catalyst embedded in the walls.

Removal For SOx, SO2, SO3, HCl, HF Removal For SOx, SO2, SO3, HCl, HF

UltraCat Catalytic Filter Systems have an option for dry sorbent injection of calcium or sodium-based sorbents (hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, trona) to control SO2, SO3, HCI and HF.

Shore Emissions Control System Shore Emissions Control System

Tri-Mer technology treats diesel emissions from a wide variety of stationary sources. These include generators, small power plants, and “mixed fuel” steam boilers or power generation installations. Please see for more information. A common “stationary” application is for ships at berth. Systems for treating this diesel source include barge-mounted and shore-mounted equipment, as explained below.

Environmental Enclosures Environmental Enclosures

Tri-Mer’s Tri-Flow meets the 5 requirements most important for an environmental enclosure in an industrial setting.

Gas Scrubbers Gas Scrubbers

Tri-Mer high-velocity spray venturi scrubbers are a preferred method for removing fine dusts from industrial air streams.

Mercury Scrubber Mercury Scrubber

Tri-Mer Mercury Scrubber provides up to 99.9% reduction in Hg vapor emissions.

Chrome Scrubbers Chrome Scrubbers

Tri-Mer’s C/E-1 Chrome Scrubber scrubs all chrome, including Cr6 and Cr3, at efficiencies of 99.5% or higher, regardless of input loading.

Dry ESP Alternative Dry ESP Alternative

When are ceramic filters the best-available technology?

Hot Gas Filtration Hot Gas Filtration

The hot gas filtration units in the Tri-Mer UltraCat system are unique.

Acid Fume Scrubber Acid Fume Scrubber

UltraScrub is Tri-Mer’s trade name for its cartridge-based acid fume scrubber.

Incinerator Scrubber Incinerator Scrubber

Q-Scrub Incinerator Scrubber delivers scrubber efficiencies of 95-99.99%. Systems can be engineered to guarantee any outlet rating.

Industrial Odor Control Industrial Odor Control

Tri-Mer systems are ideal where performance must be continuous.

Venturi Scrubber Venturi Scrubber

The high-pressure venturi scrubber is a well-known method for removing aerosols and fine dusts from industrial gas streams, particularly those with high humidity levels.

Downdraft Grinding Tables Downdraft Grinding Tables

Tri-Mer’s Wet Station Downdraft Grinding Tables feature a grated work surface and a height-adjustable workstation.

Mist Eliminator Mist Eliminator

Captures machining oil mists, cleans the air, reduces fire risk.

UltraCat UltraCat

Tri-Mer catalytic high temperature filters remove particulate (PM), NOx, SO2, HCl, and other acid gases treated at over 90% removal. The filters operate up to 1650°F.

UltraCat for Glass Furnace Emissions UltraCat for Glass Furnace Emissions

The majority of U.S. facilities seeking control of glass furnace emissions have chosen Tri-Mer UltraCat Catalytic Filter Systems.

Packed Bed Scrubbers Packed Bed Scrubbers

Tri-Mer packed bed scrubbers are ideal for the efficient removal of inorganic gases, odors, and fumes.

Crossflow Scrubbers Crossflow Scrubbers

Crossflow industrial scrubbers maintain stack emissions to specific ppm levels for all input concentrations. Specific outlet requirements based on percent removal can also be guaranteed.

NOx Scrubbers NOx Scrubbers

Tri-NOx Multi-Chem NOx scrubber system accommodates any combination of NO and NO2, including nitration-related NOx, which is typically high on the NO2 scale, and combustion-related NOx, which is higher in NO.

Fume Scrubbers Fume Scrubbers

Tri-Mer’s Fan / Separator is an all-mechanical fume scrubber that operates with 20% less brake horsepower than conventional fume eliminators.

Tanks Tanks

Tri-Mer specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of polypropylene process tanks for heavy-service use.

Specialty Fabrications Specialty Fabrications

Tri-Mer manufactures custom plastic fabrications using polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and PVDF.

Whirl / Wet Whirl / Wet

The system works by infusing the dust particles with water. The unique process mixes the two through a fixed-position dual opposed blade system. Once the dust-laden airstream and liquid are mixed, a tangential airstream is injected through the lower blade assembly to increase turbulence.


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