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When it’s time to invest in an acid gas treatment system, cost and effectiveness are usually the two  top priority criteria.  But… how about simple and reliable process equipment and small footprint? Ease of retrofit? Process flexibility? Multi-pollutant capture?  Some or all of these benefits are why so many plants look to Dry Sorbent Injection with sodium sorbents to clean acid gas emissions. Find out a whole lot more…click here!

WHAT’S UP!  Regulatory compliance…still on the table!

When cost is an issue, DSI is a relatively low CAPEX solution that can provide exceptional results in the treatment of acid gases, helping plants achieve regulatory compliance efficiently and effectively. How effectively?  SO2 and HC l removal rates up to 98-99%, depending on level of pollutant and plant configuration!

Target Pollutants
For over 30 years, SOLVAir Select trona and sodium bicarbonate have helped eliminate or control SO2, SO3 (SOx), HCl and mercury (Hg) in acid gas emissions. Our understanding of regulatory compliance, expertise in Dry Sorbent Injection, and our ongoing independent field tests help customers meet their compliance goals, both effectively and cost-effectively.

Industries Served
From coal-fired power plants, cement, biomass and energy-from-waste plants to industrial boilers and waste incinerators and oil & gas producers, SOLVAir trona or sodium bicarbonate in a Dry Sorbent Injection system has effectively helped reduce or eliminate SO2, SO3 and HCl in flue gases.

SOLVAir® Products
SOLVAir Products, including SOLVAir Select 200 and 150 trona, and Select 300 and 350 sodium bicarbonate, are the direct approach for air pollution control. Whether in wet or dry scrubbers or Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems, these are the products your plant needs to clear the air.

The Responsible Care® Initiative
We are committed to sustainable development through the Responsible Care initiative, a policy adhered to by all Solvay companies, in every country in which Solvay has a presence. The Responsible Care initiative underscores our focus on continuous improvement in the health, safety and environment of our planet.

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