News | February 17, 2017

Xplore Fulfills Initial $1.3M Order To Enable World's First Android Tablet-Based Vehicle Safety And Emissions System

New Automated Vehicle Safety & Emissions Initiative will utilise Xplore XSLATE D10 rugged tablets to increase information security, technician mobility, process efficiency and accuracy during inspection of consumer vehicles

Xplore Technologies Corp. recently announced that it has fulfilled an initial $1.3M order for its XSLATE D10 tablet PCs and is in the process of deploying them as part of the first rugged tablet-based vehicle safety and emissions system ever built for a public or private-sector emissions safety program.  The completely mobile system, which is also the first to leverage an Android device, exclusively relies on Xplore XSLATE D10 fully rugged tablet PCs to power the field and back-office workflows of vehicle safety and emissions programs across the United States.

By April, inspection stations will be equipped with the D10-powered system in the first statewide deployment of this transformative new Automated Vehicle safety and emissions Program, which was engineered – and is being implemented – in cooperation with North America’s largest provider of decentralised and hybrid inspection program services.  In addition, State Patrol officers will be utilising the D10 rugged tablets to conduct their routine audits of the inspection stations and ensure compliance with government-mandated vehicle safety testing practices. 

Brett Gross, ANZ Sales Director of Xplore noted: “Xplore has always been on the forefront of rugged tablet innovation, and for 20 years we’ve been committed to the engineering of transformative tablet-based mobility solutions for both government and private sector entities worldwide. It would be an understatement to say that this impressive vehicle safety and emissions system – built upon the rugged tablet form factor – is just another first for both the mobile computing industry and vehicle safety and emissions sectors. It is a complete game-changer: Not just for the inspection industry or the states that will be leveraging it, but also for the millions of consumers who are mandated to undergo these annual inspections per vehicle registration requirements. It’s proof that Xplore rugged tablets continue to maintain widespread applicability, especially in markets where purpose-built mobility solutions are the only way to satisfy specialised workflow criteria.  It is truly an honor that Xplore was the only rugged tablet OEM that was chosen to execute this pioneering technology initiative. We’re thrilled that we are the first to move our partner’s initial design concept to a fully-executable solution on a mass market scale, and we know that this current statewide deployment of our tablet system is just the first of many.”

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SOURCE: Xplore Technologies Corp