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Xiantao Zhengxin Group Introduces A Fully Automated Mask Production Line To Expand Production Capacity, Reduce Pollution And Contribute To Sustainable Development

Xiantao Zhengxin Group triples production capacity with its fully automated mask production machines

Xiantao /PRNewswire/ - Zhengxin Group (Zhengxin) is proud to introduce its new fully automatic mask production line to expand mask production capacity and start production in November. This production line triples Zhengxin's daily output of masks. In addition, the automatic production line adds a mask packaging function that reduces air pollution and ensures separate packaging for each mask.

Advantages of fully automated mask machines for businesses and consumers
The intelligent automatic mask machine replaced manual production; the workers just need to place the raw materials into the machine's conveyor belt. Following this step, the materials go through the mask-forming and packaging process automatically, remarkably saving the cost for production. Before installing the fully automated production line, Zhengxin's daily output of masks reached up to 50,000 pieces per day. After the introduction of the fully automated mask machine, the daily output of masks reached 150,000 pieces per day, drastically increasing efficiency while reducing overall costs.

In addition to bringing advantages to mask manufacturers, Zhengxin's fully automated machine also provides safety for consumers. The machine has a single-piece mask packaging function, which can provide a sealed package for each mask to block harmful particles in the air.

"By introducing a fully automated mask production line, we have not only increased relevant production capacity, but also brought better-quality products to downstream consumers," said Yang Ming, President of Zhengxin Group. The company is committed to providing products made from high-quality surgical and medical non-woven fabrics. The final products have passed domestic and foreign mainstream testing and certification such as SGS, CE, GB2626-2019, GB32610-2016. Zhengxin's quality control team has implemented strict procedures to ensure that each product meets international standards of excellence.

Degradable non-woven technology
Zhengxin has accumulated rich experience in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE) products and is a trusted partner of the government and hospitals. Mr. Danny Peng, CEO of Zhengxin Group, said, "We are full of confidence in the potential of overseas markets. Therefore, we have developed a degradable non-woven technology, which is widely used in our PPE product series. At the same time, the new production technology has improved the company's performance in energy conservation, emission reduction, and green and sustainable development. Zhengxin Group will continue to uphold its commitment to sustainable development and practice corporate social responsibility."

About the Xiantao nonwoven industry
Xiantao City is located in Hubei province, China. Shortly after China opened to the outside world, the non-woven products industry was opened through a foreign trade order. After more than 30 years of development, Pengchang Town in Xiantao City is now home to the world's largest non-woven product industry. With a total population of only 116,000, Pengchang Town produces 60 percent of China's non-woven products and occupies a quarter of the global market share.

About Zhengxin Group
Zhengxin Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of non-woven products, and its products are widely used in medical care and other fields. In 2021, the company's sales exceeded US$150 million and its products were exported to more than 180 countries around the world. The number of employees exceeds 1,000. Zhengxin Group attaches great importance to social responsibility and customer trust as the basis for its global strategy. The company believes that establishing an international brand, raising product awareness, and gaining a larger market share globally will be the keys to success.

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