WS-2000 Computer Interface with WeatherView32

Source: RainWise Inc.
The Computer Interface consists of a small microcontroller with a WS-2000 radio receiver, data storage RAM, and a serial port for communication with a host PC
The Computer Interface consists of a small microcontroller with a WS-2000 radio receiver, data storage RAM, and a serial port for communication with a host PC. The Computer Interface receives the weather data via radio from the WS-2000 rooftop sensor package, and logs the data.

The Computer Interface will record all weather data, around the clock, independently of the host PC. The recording rate is adjustable from once per minute to once per hour. At the 20 minute rate, the data RAM will hold one month of weather information. At midnight, the Computer Interface logs the daily and monthly rainfall, and daily maximums and minimums for temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, and barometric pressure.
Connecting the Wireless Computer Interface to a dial-up modem will permit access to remote locations such as camps and summer homes, and provide both current and historical information.

Computer Interface Software

WeatherView32 software for Windows is included with the WS-2000 Computer Interface. This software will automatically upload any logged data from the Computer Interface into a weather database on the PC's disk. In addition, the software will continuously display the real time weather data on the WeatherView instrument panel.
In addition to the real-time display, the WeatherView software provides a wide variety of tables and graphs for viewing the weather database. The program has a calendar display which shows the temperature, rainfall, wind speed, and barometric pressure extremes for any month in a compact form.
WeatherView32 will upload the current or historic weather data to a web server for inclusion on a web site.
WeatherView requires a 32-bit Windows system, such as Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT. WeatherView32 is available only on CD-ROM.

Upgrades: All Computer Interface units are compatible with the current version of the WeatherView software. See the WeatherView web site for details.

Add-On to Existing WS-2000 Systems: A computer interface can be added to any WS-2000 Wireless Weather Station. Interfaces for the original 49 MHz version of the WS-2000 are still available; please specify when ordering.

Direct Interface: The WS-2000 Computer Interface has a simple ASCII command protocol, allowing the weather data to be accessed using any communications program.

Modem Information: General instructions for configuring an external modem to operate with the WS-2000 Computer Interface.

Serial Connection Diagnostics: RainWise provides a simple terminal utility to test the serial connection to the WS-2000 Computer Interface on a PC running Windows 95, 98, or NT.

Optional Sensors: When used with a WT-2000 sensor package, the Computer Interface outputs constant values for rainfall and barometric pressure. The WeatherView software can be configured to show the data from an optional humidity sensor, or to hide the data for sensors not included with the WT-2000.

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