News | April 6, 2021

World Energy And Community Fuels Partner To Speed Access To Low-Carbon Fuel Throughout California

Both Companies Broaden Scope of Reach Through Partnership

Boston, MA and Stockton, CA /PRNewswire/ - World Energy, a low-carbon fuel provider for the transportation sector, and Community Fuels, a leading advanced biofuel production and distribution company based in Stockton, California, today announced a partnership to enhance access to low-carbon fuels throughout California. World Energy, which owns and operates California's only sustainable aviation and renewable diesel fuel production and distribution hub in Los Angeles County, will provide feedstock for production and other advanced biofuels for blending and distribution to service Northern California customers.

Community Fuels has an annual production capacity of 22 million gallons of biodiesel. Its terminal operations will allow for the annual distribution of 85 million gallons of renewable diesel and biodiesel blends upon work scheduled for completion later this year. The company's plan to further expand the site's terminal capacity to 200 million gallons in 2022 to coincide with World Energy's increase to 360MM gallons of production and distribution capacity at its facility in LA. These investments will streamline access to the rapidly growing demand for low-carbon fuels, which reduce carbon emissions by as much as 89 percent. California currently consumes 3.8 billion gallons of diesel per year, yet has aggressive targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from all motor fuels by 80-95 percent from 1990 levels by 2050. This partnership is part of many tangible steps companies are taking to move the State toward achieving those goals.

"California is leading the global push toward zero-carbon transport. But Californians need the private sector to deliver the goods. World Energy is poised to play a big role in decarbonizing California, and that calls for ever-intensifying action now." said Gene Gebolys, CEO, World Energy. "The partnership we announced today with Community Fuels will help us reach statewide distribution so we can get to where our customers need us to be on their quest for zero."

"Our integrated production and terminal facility, combined with an ideal location at the Port of Stockton, makes us an excellent site for enabling production in California and distributing low-carbon products," said Bryan Yeh, CEO, Community Fuels. "The partnership with World Energy gives us exactly what we needed, a world-class partner who can deliver a reliable and quality source of feedstock and renewable diesel to help businesses make the transition to low-carbon fuels."

About American Biodiesel dba Community Fuels
American Biodiesel, Inc., dba Community Fuels, is a proven advanced biofuels producer. Its bio-refinery, laboratory and terminal are located at the Port of Stockton in California. Community Fuels' production facility has been producing commercial volumes of biodiesel since 2008, making it one of the most established west coast bio-refineries. For more information visit

About World Energy
World Energy exists to deliver ever better solutions at scale to those leading the push to lower carbon transport. We partner with suppliers and customers committed to net-zero goals who face the paradoxical challenge of growing while shrinking their carbon footprint. World Energy operates a growing network of eight production and 14 distribution hubs throughout North America focused on operating supply chains to reduce logistics-based carbon impacts. For more information, visit

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