WEFTEC 2000: Self-Cleaning Screen

WEFTEC 2000: Self-Cleaning Screen
This company will present the Center-Flo/RP screen at
This company will present the Center-Flo/RP screen at WEFTEC 2000. The continuous self-cleaning, filter-type screen not only removes debris from the waste stream, but also dewaters and compacts the debris. Its flow pattern allows the flow to enter into the center of the screen and exit out the bottom and two sides of the grid assembly. As the wastewater exits through the grid assembly, the debris is captured and transported up to the discharge point of the screen. The debris is then removed from the grid assembly via a spray system that washes the debris into the integral screw compactor. The debris is then dewatered, compacted, and transported to a transfer screw conveyor or trash container. The free water from the compactor flows out of the drain holes in the trough and returns to the wastewater stream. Features include:

•Removable screen panels with non-metallic inserts
•Direct drive system
•¼, 3/8 and ½-in. spacing
•Built-in compactor and bypass door
•Module frame design

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