News | June 4, 2019

Warwick Group Joins The Environmental Partnership To Reduce Emissions In Its Oil And Gas Operations Performance

Oklahoma City, OK /PRNewswire/ - The Warwick Group ("Warwick") today announced it has joined the Environmental Partnership, a collaboration among ~60 US oil and natural gas producers to proactively identify and institute technically feasible, commercially proven solutions for emissions reductions. Warwick's operations team is primarily operating wells in Oklahoma, and has been built to be at the forefront of environmental stewardship through a commitment to sustainability and achieving a reduced carbon footprint. Through participation with The Environmental Partnership, Warwick has joined forces with industry giants such as BP, Chevron, Devon, Marathon, Shell, Total and others to implement and voluntarily enforce Environmental Performance Programs.

The Environmental Partnership Performance Programs require Operators of oil and gas wells to follow best practices for leak detection, repair, remediation and prevention of product emissions. These best practices include, but are not limited to, emission surveillance of all valves, fittings and production vessels; removal, replacement or retrofitting of high-bleed pneumatic controllers; and, the establishment of a program/protocol for emission reduction associated with the manual loading of liquids. Warwick believes these measures to protect the environment are both critical for all oil and gas Operators who strive to achieve best in class status within the Energy Industry and require minimal financial investment.

"Warwick's participation in the Environmental Partnership is part and parcel to our core belief that we are charged to be good stewards of the resources we develop. The energy industry should continue to develop and implement real, practicable steps to preserve and protect the environment. Today, hydrocarbons provide 85% of energy consumed worldwide. While more sustainable forms of energy may be developed in the future, the planet today is reliant on hydrocarbons to power the globe. Therefore, we at Warwick, believe it is critical that we produce them in the most environmentally responsible manner, despite whatever additional cost and operational processes this may involve. Happily, the additional cost is relatively diminimus, so this is a win-win for the planet and for our investors," said Kate Richard, Founder and CEO of Warwick Group.

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About Warwick Group
The Warwick Group ("Warwick") is an investment firm that manages alternative asset classes. The firm has approximately $2.0 billion in managed assets and has completed over 1,000 transactions since inception. Warwick aims to generate attractive investment returns across market cycles, driving growth and value creation, through the expertise of its world-class team. Warwick has approximately 70 investment professionals and invests its capital alongside its partners' capital. Warwick's largest platform, Warwick Energy Group, was founded in 2010 and is a premier provider of private equity capital in the US energy industry. Current investments of note include creation and ownership of the largest private company in the cores of the STACK and SCOOP oil fields in Oklahoma, and upstream and midstream assets across 70,000 acres in the Eagle Ford Shale oil field in Karnes and Live Oak Counties, Texas. Previous divestitures include assets located in the Midland Basin in Texas, the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, the Fayetteville Shale in Arkansas, the Delaware Basin in Texas and the Bakken Shale in North Dakota. Current Warwick Energy Group funds are focused on investment in low-cost oil basins in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.

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