Venturi Scrubber

Source: Tri-Mer Corporation

The high-pressure venturi scrubber is a well-known method for removing aerosols and fine dusts from industrial gas streams, particularly those with high humidity levels.

Tri-Mer’s fixed throat venturi scrubber produces optimum acceleration of the gas, and shearing of the droplets. The resultant, larger “particle” is then removed from the gas stream and impinged on a separator downstream.

Separators can be cyclonic, mist-eliminating, or impingement tray. A fourth option, packed bed separation, is specified where additional absorption is needed.

A Tri-Mer venturi scrubber accommodates changes in process or flow volume through fixed throats that are interchangeable. The throats are the means for precisely controlling pressure drop. The Tri-Mer venturi scrubber will scrub corrosive dusts, flammable dusts, and high dust loadings at efficiencies of 95-98%.