Ventilation Dampers

Source: Tri-Mer Corporation

Ventilation dampers from Tri-Mer provide precise control of air flow for supply, return, outside and exhaust air applications.

They are ideal wherever cross ventilation is needed to satisfy IAQ requirements, and are highly effective for facilities with metal finishing, steel processing and similar operations.

Dampers are custom-fabricated from polypropylene, a resilient sustainable polymer with high flexural strength, and high moisture and chemical resistance.

Dampers are flanged, and can be mounted to a wall, allowing entry and exit, or flanged to a duct system.

Dampers can be set-up for manual activation, or fitted with electronic or pneumatic actuators to control the blade positions. Units mount easily to exhaust blowers.

Because Tri-Mer ventilation dampers are constructed of homogeneous, high-strength polypropylene, they resist mechanical damage. Unlike coated steel dampers, these dampers are corrosive-free. In contrast with fiberglass units, they will not delaminate, even after decades of service.