Vanaire: Serving the Plating Industry

Source: VanAire
Vanaire describes itself as an industry leading in the design, manufacture, and installation of ventilation and air-scrubber equipment

Vanaire describes itself as an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of ventilation and air-scrubber equipment for the plating industry.

The company claims the largest engineering staff industry wide, with the expertise and experience to design systems that capture and remove fumes from the toughest metal-finishing and plating processes.

Every system it designs, says Vanaire, is custom-crafted to perform as efficiently and economically as the most up-to-date technology permits. Thus, it chooses to provide vertical or horizontal scrubbers with integral or remote sumps, depending on the customer's CFM and location.

Vanaire has two complete manufacturing facilities, one for fiberglass and the other for PVC, CPVC, and polypropylene. It says that being double-sited enables it to provide all of its equipment--such as scrubbers, fans, high-efficiency-mist eliminators, hoods, and ducts in materials best suited to the particular application. Vanaire offers FM-approved PVC ductwork.

The company cites its corrosion-resistant fans as examples of its products being the "best in the business." Each fan has a solid FRP close-tolerance inlet cone and FRP coated wheel.

Vanaire will provide a complete system--from hoods to ductwork to scrubber to fan. It also can completely automate its emissions-control systems with panels and controllers to set and maintain level, pH, ORP, flow, and pressure. Moreover, the company has the capability to install a complete system and provide field start-up service.

Product performance takes precedence at Vanaire. Its High Efficiency Chrome Eliminators have surpassed all MACT standards--even in California. (It has installed more than a hundred chrome systems.) Additionally, Vanaire has established a Quality Assurance program that meets the standards recognized by ISO 9000/9001.

This program and a comprehensive project-management program enables Vanaire to provide its customers with "Total System Quality," the company claims.

Vanaire, 10151 Bunsen Way, Louisville, KY 40299. Phone: 502-491-3553. Fax: 502-491-5182.