UltraCat Ceramic Filter Systems For Waste Incineration, Coal Combustion, Boilers

Source: Tri-Mer Corporation

Tri-Mer Ceramic Filter Systems are 99%+ efficient for the collection of submicron particulates.

They are ideal for waste incineration, coal combustion, biomass combustion, industrial boilers, biomass boilers, and emissions from mixed fuels such as chicken litter, tires, and municipal solid waste. The technology is also a solution for Cement and Lime manufacturers operating under CISWI regulations. Tri-Mer ceramic filters can meet the 0.0011 lbs/MMBtu requirement for Boiler MACT, as well as requirements for CISWI MACT.

Advanced low-density ceramic filter systems remove PM, SO2, HCl, dioxins and mercury in a single system. Particulate is removed to ultra-low levels (< 2 mg/Nm3, 0.001 grains/dscf), while other pollutants can be removed at percentages higher than 90%.

The Tri-Mer’s Catalytic Filter Systems offer significant advantages over conventional devices used to comply with Boiler MACT and CISWI MACT standards. These include:

  • Ability to handle hot gas streams, up to 1650°F
  • Non-selective capture of particulate, including heavy metals
  • Option to remove NOx at temperatures in the range of 350°F to 700°F

Tri-Mer filter systems remove gas pollutants that are generally treated with a wet scrubber or through high-temp SCR. These gases include SO2, HCl, HF, NO and NO2.

The acid gases are removed through Dry Sorbent Injection, generally using sodium-based powders such as sodium bicarbonate and trona. Oxides of nitrogen are removed through injection of aqueous ammonia or urea upstream of catalytic ceramic filters containing the embedded low-temp SCR catalyst.

The ceramic filters have proved effective on all types of particulate including submicron and ultrafine PM. Systems are manufactured to customer requirements in materials suited to the temperature of operation, including mild steel and stainless alloys. Systems range from to 100,000s cfm.

See our Boiler MACT page for more on the use of ceramic filters.

Tri-Mer Corporation, a technology leader in air pollution control, provides turnkey engineering, manufacturing, installation, and service of Catalytic Filter Systems.