Type N RotoClone

Source: AAF International
Combining high-efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, low water usage and flexibility in one rugged, well proven piece of equipment.
The Type N RotoClone is the best solution to many dust collection needs. Combining high efficiency, low maintenance costs, simplicity, low water usage, and flexibility in one rugged, well proven piece of equipment. The Type N has solved thousands of dust collection problems. Although the basic operating principle has remained unchanged since it was introduced, many design enhancements have been made to provide greater efficiency and flexibility. High Collection Efficiency
Efficient operation is possible on a wide range of materials and particle sizes, including the small micron range. The unique airfoil design impeller provides such complete scrubbing of the dust laden air that fine particles are thoroughly wetted, expanding their mass. This increased mass makes the particles susceptible to the centrifugal forces acting upon them. This enables the particles to penetrate the water film and precipitate out of the airstream. Collection efficiencies of the Type N RotoClone are equal to or better than any wet dust collector in the industry with comparable energy consumption.
  • Efficient - Designed to maximize the cleaning effect of the energy used, the Type N RotoClone can be selected to operate at medium or high efficiency, using only the energy required to meet your project's needs.
  • Low Maintenance - Designed to provide years of service with minimal maintenance, the Type N RotoClone has no nozzles to clog. The only moving parts are the fan impeller and, if equipped with it, the automatic sludge ejector.
  • Low Water Usage - The sophisticated water level control keeps water usage to a minimum. In fact, with the optional Model A water level controller, there is no water overflow and water is added only to make up for that lost to evaporation or discharged with the sludge.
  • Rugged - Assembled of heavy gauge hot rolled steel, the Type N RotoClone is designed to give many years of satisfactory performance under normal operating conditions. For highly corrosive conditions, the unit can be fabricated of stainless steel or lined with coal-tar epoxy.
  • Proven - Thousands of Type N RotoClone dust collectors have been in service on a wide variety of applications since the basic type was introduced. Many have remained in service for decades.
  • Flexible - If efficiency requirements change, a simple modification to the water level control, along with appropriate adjustments to the exhauster, allows the Type N RotoClone to operate at higher or lower efficiency.
  • Versatile - The Type N RotoClone is available for automatic sludge ejection, manual clean-out, or sluicing; in sizes from 1,500 to 50,000 CFM; and, with or without a top mounted fan. It can be tailored to meet your needs.