TRI / Form R Reporting

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TRI / Form R Reporting
TRI / Form R Reporting
TRI / Form R Reporting

To comply with the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) reporting requirements, MIRS™ offers the following solutions:

FORM R stand-alone module

  • SARA Title III Section 313 compliance: guides the user through the Form R / Form A process and avoids over- or under- reporting
  • Step-by-step guidance: leads the user through chemical identification, usage, release determination, exceptions, and exemptions FORM R Screen: Track hazardous chemicals reportable under SARA Title III, Section 313
  • User-friendly: selection tables throughout, with pertinent type-of-use codes and release calculation equations to greatly simplify Section 313 compliance
  • EPA-Approved every Year: MIRS™ is the only system which produces both
    printed and magnetic media Form Rs approved by the EPA before the deadline every year since 1988
  • Large chemical database: includes all listed Section 313 toxic chemicals and 6000 category chemicals that are not individually listed by the EPA
  • Chemical-category locator function: helps the user find and combine the Section 313 category chemicals
  • Special-condition qualifier: allows users to include or exempt certain reportable chemicals
  • Mass balance feature: accounts for all chemical usage
  • Tabulates chemical usage and release inventory
  • Integrates with AIR and WASTE modules: Automatically transfer Air Release from the optional AIR module and Off-Site Transfers from the optional Waste module

INVENTORY add-on module
  • "Real time" chemical inventory tracking by location or container: tracks transactions by location for physical inventory, purchase, usage and inventory transfers; alternative version for tracking amount by container
  • Inventory calculations: calculates usage, average and maximum quantities for any specified period of time
  • Year-to-date reports: generates year-to-date inventory level reports and projects reportable chemicals based on annualized amounts
  • Year-end reporting: generates material summaries and integrates with other MIRS™ modules for year-end Tier, Form R and other compliance reporting, with automatic inventory unit conversion to "pounds"

MIRS™ offers flexible, modular software solutions for SARA, TRI, CAA, CWA, RCRA and DOT waste handling, MSDS management and OSHA Hazard Communication.

Let us simplify your life. MIRS™.

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