Transmitter Monitors

Transmitter Monitors
The Strantrol 880 from Stranco, Inc. is a field-proven monitor and transmitter for municipal water and wastewater
N/Arantrol 880 is a field-proven monitor and transmitter for municipal water and wastewater disinfection applications. This system monitors functions such as biological nutrient removal (BNR), chlorination and dechlorination, ammonia control, and can be programmed to instantaneously report inadequate disinfection or chemical overfeed.

In drinking water facilities, the Strantrol 880 can be used in applications where chlorine or ozone is added for disinfection, such as monitoring disinfectant demand in prechlorination, intermediate chlorination and clearwell chlorination. It can be used for ammonia control and for monitoring chlorine residual in distribution systems. Similarly, the Strantrol 880 can monitor numerous individual processes in wastewater treatment plants, such as chlorination and dechlorination, BNR and aeration.

With the benefit of Stranco technology, the transmitter produces the most accurate and reliable redox signal possible. The output is either a 4-20 mA signal or a RS485 digital interface. This interface allows it to be daisy-chained to other RS485 compatible devices, including Stranco control systems. Custom software allows the Strantrol 880 to be integrated into a PC controlled system or can stand alone, with programmable high and low alarms. The Strantrol 880 comes in a NEMA 4x enclosure is available in a 120/250 volt AC version or 24 volt DC version.

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