News | April 14, 2011

Thermo Scientific Announces The Release Of Partisol iSeries Air Samplers

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, is proud to announce the official release of the Thermo Scientific Partisol iSeries Air Samplers. Designed around the success of their predecessors, the new Partisols incorporate the already EPA approved sampling system with the well known iSeries software platform and an updated hardware configuration.

The Partisol iSeries platform is comprised of 4 different models, the 2000i Air Sampler, the 2000i-D Dichotomous Air Sampler, the 2025i Sequential Air Sampler, and the 2025i-D Dichotomous Sequential Air Sampler. These manual samplers offer a robust, easy to use sampling system for single event or sequential sampling, as well as dichotomous configurations which give simultaneous measurements of PM-2.5, PM-Coarse, and PM-10 on 47mm filters. All four configurations operate using a majority of the same spare parts for their large assemblies through a common platform which allows for easy parts ordering, stocking, and repair. The updated modular hardware configuration provides 2 minute repair times for major assemblies by utilizing slide rail systems. In addition, the iSeries software provides an enhanced user interface and easier connectivity through serial, Ethernet, or USB ports. A total new package, the iSeries Partisol Samplers improve the overall operator experience as a staple in the ambient monitoring network.

The previous versions of the Partisol Series will continue to be offered for sale and supported by Thermo Scientific for a short time. A formal Discontinuation Notice will be sent out to announce the last date of instrument availability for purchase and the term of Service and Support.

SOURCE: Thermo Fisher Scientific