News | September 12, 2007

Thermo Fisher Scientific Offers Reliable In-Situ Measurement Of Stack Gas Flows With Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Franklin, MA – Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, announces the Thermo Scientific TS Flow 100, an in-situ flow meter that performs no-contact measurement of gas velocities, gas temperatures and volumetric flow rates directly in stacks and ducts. The Thermo Scientific flow meter comes in two versions for power generation, chemical processing and other industrial applications: a cross-stack model and a single penetration probe type.

With the cross-stack version, ultrasonic transducers are mounted on both sides of the stack at a 45 or 60 degree angle to the direction of flow. These transducers alternately transmit and receive sound pulses with and against the flow direction. The Thermo Scientific TS Flow 100 measures the propagation time delay of the pulses and uses this information to calculate the velocity of the gas and determine the volume flow during operation.

The TS Flow 100 probe-type flow meter utilizes ultrasonic technology to measure stack velocities with a single stack penetration requiring just one platform for installation and servicing. The probe-type flow meter consists of the probe with a single transducer, an evaluation unit or control panel, and a connecting cable. The Thermo Scientific probe version is the only single-penetration flow meter on the market today.

Measurement with the Thermo Scientific TS Flow 100 is independent of the pressure, temperature and gas composition. In addition, the cross-stack model does not disrupt the flow through the stack, as no pressure-reducing components are installed in the stack. Flow is only minimally disrupted with the probe type.

"When utilities or other industrial sites need to monitor stack gas flow, they want a system that is, above all, accurate and reliable," said Michael Nemergut, marketing director for Thermo Fisher Scientific's Air Quality Instruments business. "But they also want a system that can be easily installed and that requires little maintenance. The Thermo Scientific TS Flow 100 delivers on both counts."

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SOURCE: Thermo Fisher Scientific