The NUCON F-1000-BBD

Source: NUCON International Inc.
The NUCON F-1000-BBD
Production line testing of charcoal filters
  • Production line testing of charcoal filters
  • In-place leak testing of large scale installed charcoal filters and filtration systems
  • By-pass leak testing of ship-board and portable filtration equipment
  • Leak testing of laboratory fume hoods and similar scavenger equipment and systems


  • Quick "warm-up". The Model P-1 is ready to run within 30 minutes of being switched-on
  • Direct/Continuous Vppb Real-Time Digital Readout of
  • Bromobutane
  • Automatic Sample Mass Flow Control With Digital Readout
  • Automatic "Over-Load" Shut-Off Protection
  • External "Zero" air filters. Eliminates need to open the instrument to change spent filters
  • Built-in Recorder Output (Optional Remote Readout)
  • Built-in Clock/Chronograph

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