The Mercury Freedom System

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ensure complete regulatory compliance with unattended, true continuous monitoring. The Thermo Scientific Mercury Freedom System integrated mercury emissions monitoring systems measures elemental, ionic and total mercury in exhaust stacks from coal-fired boilers, waste incinerators, cement kilns and other industrial combustion sources.

Regulatory compliance peace of mind

  • Meets U.S. EPA 40 CFR Part 75 requirements with true continuous monitoring
  • Get ahead of the curve and be prepared for increasingly stringent regulations with the highly sensitive direct cold vapor atomic florescence technology

Easy to own and operate

  • Reduced umbilical temperature extends life of umbilical line and reduces service needs
  • Split umbilical available as separate cold/hot lines which can further extend umbilical life
  • No expensive consumables
  • Modular design allows for easy access to equipment and reduced maintenance time and cost
  • Highly sensitive cold vapor atomic fluorescence analyzer requires no wet chemicals or costly gold amalgamation concentrator
  • Rack-mountable components integrate seamlessly into most existing stack monitoring configurations
  • No argon carrier gas is required, saving space and expense

Expect the best in performance

  • No interference with Bromine
  • Dilution-based measurement
  • High sensitivity
  • Consistent performance in harsh conditions

The Mercury Freedom System is a complete integrated solution comprised of an analyzer, calibrator, probe controller, and probe/converter and is now available with the Model 84i Mercury Permeation Generator.  For more information visit our website