The Eco Badge Smog Patrol Kit

Source: Vistanomics, Inc.

The Eco Badge Smog Patrol Kit
1) Eco Badge with colormetric label; One Hour Test Blocker; vinyl strap with clip;
2) 8 5/16's x 3 13/16's inch Colormetric chart with conversion table;
3) five (5) chemically treated filter papers (known as Test Cards);
4) Ozone fact sheet from the American Lung Association; instruction sheet ; and a vinyl filter pouch inside a convenient zip lock pouch designed for use in a personal size three ring binder. The E Badge gives a one hour peak and eight hour exposure reading calibrated in a range of 10 to 350 ppb (parts per billion).

Overall measurements: 5 3/8's" x 8 7/8's"

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