News | March 28, 2012

Telops Introduces The Upgraded Hyper-Cam Weatherproof

Source: TELOPS

Telops, leader in the field of hyperspectral imaging systems and high performance infrared cameras for the Defense and Security, Environmental, Oil and Gas, and Industrial markets, is pleased to introduce the new and improved Hyper-Cam Weatherproof. The Hyper-Cam Weatherproof provides the same high performance hyperspectral imaging capabilities but benefits from an upgraded weatherproof enclosure.

Currently shipping, the Hyper-Cam Weatherproof has an extended temperature operating range which covers -20°C to 40°C and can be stored at temperatures anywhere between -40°C to 70°C. The complete system is IP 52 rated with a high resistance to rain and dust which enables users to benefit from high quality hyperspectral imaging without worrying about changing environmental conditions during field measurements.

This upgrade allows the Telops Hyper-Cam to be easily used in an even greater number of applications including standoff chemical detection and identification, military target signature analysis, flare measurement, leak detection and more. "Customers were asking for more than the laboratory hyperspectral imagers currently available on the market and we listened. The new weatherproof enclosure for the Hyper-Cam improves the experience of standoff hyperspectral imaging as it allows more flexibility for outdoor operations" says Marc-André Gagnon, Hyper-Cam Product Line Manager at Telops.

About Telops
Telops is a leading supplier of hyperspectral imaging systems and high performance infrared cameras for defense and security, environmental and industrial applications. Telops also offers R&D services for optical system technology development. In addition to providing specialized opto-electronic engineering services, Telops has also developed the new HD-IR 1280 High Definition Scientific Infrared Camera, the FAST-IR 1000, the first 1000 FPS Infrared Camera, the TEL-1000, and the powerful Hyper-Cam providing information rich data for a wide variety of applications. With Telops Systems, you will detect, identify and quantify remote substances previously invisible.