Technical Services

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Technical Services
Columbia offers a variety of technical services to support our clients
Columbia offers a variety of technical services to support our clients. Those services include method development, analytical consulting, forensic chemical analyses, litigation support, and electronic data management support. In addition, our Technical Services Group also provides the following:

Technology Development
Under the leadership of our Corporate Technical Director, Columbia funds a technical development effort which is charged with exploring innovative business approaches and technologies that will lead Columbia and our clients into the future. This program includes our Information Systems Group, which focuses on the automation of laboratory systems and information delivery to our clients. Another innovative development is our licensed P450 RGS technology which has led to low cost screening techniques using bioengineered human liver cells to assess environmental pollutants and their human toxicological impacts.

We routinely present seminars and technical presentations to our clients. The following are a few examples:

  • Laboratory overview
  • Project initiation
  • Chain-of-custody procedures and other sample requirements
  • Understanding analytical data and laboratory control reports
  • Detection limits and regulatory requirements
  • Understanding petroleum hydrocarbon analyses
  • ICP/MS and other "clean" techniques for trace metals
  • Determination of chlorinated phenolics in petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated matrices
  • Detection of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons using selected ion monitoring (GC/MS-SIM)
  • Hazardous waste testing
    (Client-specific seminars on other topics are available upon request).

    The Lab Link
    Quarterly, Columbia publishes the Lab Link, a technical newsletter that discusses topics of importance to the environmental community. Subscriptions to the Lab Link are free to qualified companies and individuals.

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