Specialty Fabrications

Source: Tri-Mer Corporation

Tri-Mer manufactures custom plastic fabrications using polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, and PVDF.

From simple exhaust hoods to multi-stage indexing stations to turnkey manufacturing systems incorporating complex material handling, Tri-Mer has the resources and experience to meet your requirements.

Tri-Mer has a long track record in the manufacture of plastic fabrications for corrosive environments. We are a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant manufacturing equipment for industrial processes.

Tri-Mer’s Fabrication Group uses advanced CAD/CAM techniques to quickly and accurately allow design alternatives to be created and compared. Our manufacturing resources include in-house tooling, forming, and advanced extrusion welding systems for precision joining and assembly.

We also employ several proprietary processes unique to Tri-Mer to maximize structural integrity, and distribute stresses uniformly, on the largest plastic fabrications.

We specialize in applications where there are special limitations, such as the need for easy access, constraints on equipment height or footprint, or equipment with outsized dimensions (100' or more or depths to 40').

Tri-Mer combines the strength and resources of a large supplier with the service and flexibility found mostly with smaller entrepreneurial firms. We offer expert design assistance and consulting, and will respond quickly to your inquiries.

We are well-respected for our prototyping capability, and can accommodate production runs of all sizes.