SorbSaver Injection Technology for Dry Sorbent Injection

Source: Tri-Mer Corporation

SorbSaver injector
SorbSaver injector installed in UCF system duct

SorbSaver is a simple, cost-effective retrofit for dry sorbent injection / activated carbon injection systems

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Dry sorbent injection is widely used to reduce a range of pollutants. While these systems have a low capital cost when compared to alternative technologies, continued operation has shown the lance-based method of injecting sorbent involves inefficient mixing and dispersion, and frequent plugging within the lance creates a high maintenance burden. Tri-Mer’s patented technology minimizes or eliminates these issues, providing a cost-effective solution that produces immediate cost savings.

SorbSaver Advantages

  • Streamlined design for like-for-like lance replacement
  • Installation is external to duct - fits to existing flange and sorbent convey line
  • Requires no modification to existing DSI/ ACI systems
  • Uses boosted air for optimized mixing, dispersion, and duct penetration
  • Requires no lances; no equipment within duct
  • Significantly reduces maintenance and downtime
  • Adjustable for load variations

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