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Source: Geo-Con, Inc.
The manufacturer offers this ProMAX 3D system either in the
Geo-Con, Inc.turer offers this ProMAX 3D system either in the field or in the office. The system is a Quality Control and Quality Assurance Software Application for Seismic Data Processing. Field tapes are processed to either provide quality assurance and parameter selection of ongoing field operations or to final stack and migration for interpretation. This interactive design includes 3D visualization tools that provide analysis and data quality control capabilities allowing users to quickly identify and correct data problems regardless of survey size. Other features include:

•Graphical 3D binning system
•3D interactive refraction statics
•3D interactive velocity analysis
•3D dip velocity analysis
•3D DMO to gathers
•3D DNO stack
•FXY decon
•3D FK Stolt migration
•3D phase shift turning wave migration

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