Sludge Digestion Process

Source: Noram Engineering and Constructors Ltd.
VERTAD is a proprietary high rate aerobic thermophilic
VERTAD is a proprietary high rate aerobic thermophilic sludge digestion process. This technology is based upon the use of a vertically oriented in-ground reactor and developed in response to increasing worldwide awareness of environmental issues. The objective was to devise a sludge digestion system that would use less space, less power and be more environmentally friendly.

This process incorporates three separate digestion stages in a single reactor. Installed by conventional shaft drilling or shaft excavation techniques, the reactor is typically 100m in depth. The diameter of the shaft, nominally up to 3m, is determined by the quantity and waste strength of the material to be treated.

The high oxygen transfer rate of this process converts biosolids to "class A" stabilized and pasteurized material in a short time period in one self-contained reactor. The system can be designed to react automatically and respond quickly to increased loads, higher concentrations, and sudden surges. If required, the plant can be fully automated to reduce labor costs

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